The Greatest Warrior
By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter One
A Fateful Decision

Part Four

Robin checked each entrance and exit. He could see a guard posted at every one. He knew there was no escape for him here, perhaps somewhere else? Nearing the center of the courtyard, Robin could see a huge ring sectioned off by a small lip. Looking beyond the ring, there were seats circling the entire courtyard, to accommodate spectators. When the fighters noticed the Master had entered the arena, all fighting stopped.

"Ox!" She called out.

From the far side of the arena, a large man heard her call. He made his way towards the Master. A smaller man leading him there.

"Well, what do you want?" the smaller man asked. He was easily half the large mans size. Robin's immediate impression of the man was that he looked like a rat. Pointy noise, beady eyes that darted in a calculating manner. Ox took his place behind the smaller man. He waited for the smaller man to do his talking. Ox stood taller than Robin and twice as wide. He was totally bald. Robin saw old and new scars dotted on his body. He also noticed that his body was all muscle. Robin jerked, as he was roughly pushed towards Ox.

"I want Ox to fight this man Curtis!" the Master stated.

"I don’t think so. Ox had a hard bought just two days ago. He still hasn’t recovered." Curtis looked up protectively at Ox. Ox just glared at Robin.

"I want to mess up that pretty face!" he roared.

Angered by the remarks, Robin made about him, he spat out. "You know I’m getting a little tired being called that!"

Ox slowly smiled at Robin. Bringing his hands up, he cracked the knuckles on one hand, then the other. He then said with a smirk.

"And what are you going to do about it...pretty boy?"

Cocking his head, Robin half smiled up at the man. Winking up at him he cried out. "This!"

Robin leaped into the air flying over Ox to land behind him. He brought up his hands and pulled the chain of the manacles over his head. Ox quickly tried to grab the chain, but Robin was quicker. He pulled the chain to tight for Ox to grab. Robin placed his foot in the middle of Ox’s’ back and pulled tight on the chain. Ox clawed at the chain, trying to loosen it.

Curtis was livid. He was seeing his bread and butter being defeated by some upstart! Running behind Robin, Curtis brought out a long thin spike and jabbed it in Robin back. The spike hit a point in that sent excruciating pain throughout his body. Unable to endure the agony he released Ox. Ox fell to the ground dragging in breaths of air. Keeping the spike inserted in Robin, Curtis yelled.

"Now Ox. While I have him!"

Ox rose and whirled around to face Robin. He was clutching at his back, trying to pull the pick out. Ox reached down and grabbed Robin by the shoulders. Bringing his leg out he was about to break Robin’s back on his knee, when he heard the Master shout out.

"Ox! Enough!"

"He humiliated my man!" Curtis yelled back in protest.

"You cheated!" Cho returned.

"All of you be quiet!" the Master roared.

A hush came over the arena. Ox slowly placed Robin on the floor. Robin clutched his back where the spike was inserted. He quickly pulled it out. The pain ceasing, he felt weak in the knees; but he maintained his stance. He did not wanting to show any weakness to the crowd of deadly people around him. The Master was smiling from ear to ear as she approached Robin. She ran her long nails along his face. Robin looked down at her. She had the look of a cat finding a mouse.

"Cho!" she called out. Never taking her eyes off of Robin.

Cho ran up to stand beside her. "Yes Master?" he humbly said.

"You have three weeks to get him ready for the main battle. Can you do it?" She still stroked her nails along Robin’s face. Robin had an uncomfortable feeling about the intentions of this, Master.

"Yes Master, the three week will be more than sufficient!"

"Good!" she purred at Robin. "You’re going to make me a lot of money." Having a thoughtful look she asked.

"What’s your name?"

Robin looking defiantly at her as he said. "King Richard!"

The Master started to Chuckle. "You hear that Ian. It’s your cousin!"

She came in closer to Robin and whispered.

"You get away with that for now. Only because I know what Cho is going to put you through."

Turning she started walking away. Ian followed after her. As she headed out of the courtyard she called back.

"Three weeks Cho. In three weeks I expect my Greatest Warrior. King Richard! I like that!" She then disappeared back into the monastery.

End of Part 4

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