The Greatest Warrior
By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter Three

Part Eleven

The day was spent in training. It turned out that Alan was quite good with the quarterstaff. Robin was having a difficult time with him. Alan used a special quarterstaff. There were very sharp blades embedded on each end. Robin had to watch out for them as Alan whipped the quarterstaff around. Alan almost caught him in the legs with the blades several times. At first, Cho was worried that his warrior would be harmed by the sharp blades, but he knew his King Richard had to learn how to defend himself against every weapon.

However, this one was particularly dangerous. It took quite sometime for Robin to think up a defense against the bladed staff. In the end, he found he was able to defeat Alan easily. Robin found a flaw in Alan’s fighting style. His grip on the quarterstaff was weak. Robin would hit the quarterstaff hard, sending vibrations through the staff and causing Alan to loosen his grip. It was then easy for Robin to knock the staff out of his hands. Alan was unable to figure out how Robin was able to defeat him, repeatedly. It was not until the end of the day that Cho explained to him why.

After hearing the explanation, Alan started to look at Robin with admiration. He began to realize that there was more to this man. Informing Cho of his thoughts on King Richard, he just laughed at him.

"You English men are soft. He is just a slave to be used, a warrior. You must never think of them as anything else. If you do then you will loose your effectiveness as a trainer. That is why my warrior will win this tournament. I still follow the old ways of my land. You people want to train them your way. In the end I think I will finally win this tournament." Placing his hands on his hips, he had a satisfied grin set on his face.

"Who will win the tournament?" Alan loudly asked nodding his head towards Robin.

Cho’s smile fell as he glanced around. The other trainers heard what Alan and Cho was talking about. Staring at Robin, some of them nodded their heads in agreement. Cho was a good trainer, but Robin was good on his own. They knew he would be just as effective a fighter with any trainer.

"The training is over for the day!" Cho exclaimed in anger. Grabbing Robin’s arm, he pulled him out of the ring. Showing the others that he was in charge of this warrior. He was the master. As he stormed out Curtis watched from a distance. A small grin was blossoming on his face. His eyes twinkled as he nodded his head to the other trainers. The time was almost right. Once he felt it they could act effectively, he would become the number one trainer…with the number one warrior.

"I’m hungry!" Ox moaned to Curtis.

"Well then Ox lets go eat."

"When do I get to hurt King Richard?" Ox cracked his knuckles in glee.

"Soon Ox, very soon. Once you get rid of him, we will be back to being on top. You liked that didn’t you." Ox smiled down at Curtis.

"Yep I like that a lot. I can’t wait!" He slammed his fist in his palm. Grinding it to emphasize what he was going to do to Robin.

"Me neither," Curtis whispered. His reason, however; were totally different from Ox's.

After Cho and Robin ate supper, they went back to the room. Cho was silent the whole time, not speaking to Robin once during the meal. He was bothered by what Alan said. He had to shake his head of such thoughts. King Richard was good. But it was his training that would make him better. He had to train him harder, make him the best. Only Cho knew how hard it would be to defeat men from his country. King Richard was the chance he had to finally reach the top of the tournament. That in itself, was an achievement.

As they entered the room, Robin prepared himself for the night. Taking his shirt and boots off, he laid the studded gauntlets on the floor. Picking up the sheets, he found they were still damp from the morning. He let out a tired sigh, knowing that he still had to use them. He sat on the floor, covering himself with the damp sheets. He waited patiently for Cho to finish his prayers and shackle him up for the night.

Once again, when Cho was finished with his chanting, he restrained Robin for the night. He immediately went to bed. Quickly blowing out the candle, he fell asleep. Cho's silence worried Robin. It was hard enough being held captive here. Now the man that held him was bothered by thoughts of Robin not needing him.

Cho was an old man compared to the others. Maybe they would try to take him from Cho? In his heart, Robin hoped so. The other trainers were his fellow countrymen. They would be easier to sway for an escape. Cho came from a foreign country. Robin had no idea how Cho lived his life. Not knowing the mans life, he had no concept of how to get to him emotionally. But he did know how his own people lived. He would be able to talk them into letting him go. If not that, at least soften them enough to let their guard down. Once that was done, he would be gone from here. With Jean, Robin reminded himself.

He couldn’t forget the Swordmaster. Laying his head down in his arms, Robin prayed that something would happen soon. His body ached so from all it had been through the past few days. He longed for his bed in Sherwood, dreamed of spending a quiet day with his friends. As Robin tried to sleep, he heard Nero coming to him in the darkness. He felt his warm body lay next to him. Reaching around he stroked the large dog's head. Nero moaned softly, in a contended way. After a few minutes, Robin fell into a healing sleep. Each night he looked forward to it. It was the only relief he had in this prison. The only escape from this nightmare.

The next few days began as the rest. Cho would begin the day tending to Robin. Cleaning him, and caring for his sore body. Robin spent the days as Cho predicted. Eating, fighting, and sleeping. Robin’s muscles hardened with each succeeding day. His body became more toned, more battle ready. It was on the sixth day into his training, that Curtis felt that the time was right to teach this new warrior a lesson. Each day the trainer's anger increased by Cho’s new warrior. With each day in training, it became clear that no one here would be able to defeat Robin. It was on the sixth day of training when Curtis slowly walked up to Cho and Alan. Cho was training Robin to defend himself against a weapon from Cho’s country. It was an innocent looking weapon. Two sticks attached in the middle by a chain. Cho called it a Nun Chuck. Curtis heard Cho instructing Robin as he approached.

"I cannot train you how to use these weapons. That takes years. But I can show you how to defend yourself." Cho then flung the weapons in the air. Robin had a small mace with him. This he did know how to use. He tried to block the weapon the way Cho instructed him to do. The first few times Cho had been able to get within Robin’s defenses. The small sticks stung when they hit him. He flinched each time the sticks made contact. Cho made sure to hit the same spot every time. It was starting to get sore on Robin. He flinched with each hit.

"Block the pain!" Cho yelled to him.

"When I hit you, you must block out the pain. The tournament is only eight days away! You must use what I have taught you!" He came into Robin again, catching him in the same spot. Robin jumped up as it slammed into his right shoulder. The last few days Cho stepped up his training. At first, he would hold back his blows, when he hit Robin. Now he was giving his all into it. It was blatantly apparent that Cho was trying to make a point. He wanted to prove to the others that he could still train a fighter.

"Cho seems a little upset this morning." Curtis mentioned to Alan as he walked up to the training ring. Alan ignored Curtis, staring ahead at Cho. Trying to remember the moves, he made with the foreign weapon. He had seen Cho only use it with Ralph. When he first saw it, he was amazed at the way Cho used it. He hoped he would be able to show him how to fight with such a weapon. Finally noticing Curtis, he softly replied.

"Hmm oh yes. He does seem to be aggravated about something this morning."

Robin cried out again, as Cho was able to hit him. Cho threw the weapon on the floor in anger. His brow furrowed in rage. Coming up to Robin, he violently grabbed his arm.

"You are not concentrating!" He was getting more impatient with Robin in the last few days. The main fight was a little over a week away now. He expected him to be able to block out the pain by now. "You must not forget what you went through in that room." He raged on. His eyes narrowed as he said in a deadly voice. "If you have forgotten I can remind you!" Robin actually flinched when Cho said this. He could never go through that again. He would rather kill himself. The look in Robin’s eyes told Cho that he had inspired him. Releasing his arm, Cho went back and picked up his weapon. As he turned to begin the lesson, again Curtis called out.

"Oh Cho! I forgot to tell you. The Master said that she wanted to see you, and your dogs, by the stables this morning." Cho’s back faced Curtis, not turning at his words. The disrespect was evident. With suspicion in his voice, he answered back.


"She really didn’t confide in me," Curtis sang back. "Just said to make sure Cho saw her this morning with his two mutts. That is you…isn’t’ it?" Curtis looked at Cho’s back with a smirk.

Turning, Cho saw the smirk still on Curtis’s face. For the past few days, he didn’t like having King Richard out of his sight. Alan however had been a big help. Cho could see that his interest in learning how to be a trainer was earnest. It had been a long time since that had happened in this country. He felt he could trust King Richard with Alan - if the Master did wanted to see him. After all, he was The Masters brother. He wouldn’t let anything happen to King Richard. She had a big investment in the fight.

"Very well," he reluctantly answered. "Alan you watch King Richard." Alan looked was surprised. Cho actually trusted him guarding his greatest warrior.

"Don’t worry Cho." Alan said eagerly. "I’ll make sure I keep up the training until you get back."

"Just watch him until I get back," Cho told him. Dropping his weapons on the ground, Cho stormed out of the ring, calling out. "Nero, Caligula come!" The two dogs came to his side. Cho then briskly left the Arena, heading towards the stables. With Cho gone, Curtis had to act quickly now. He didn’t have much time before Cho and his dogs would be back. Curtis motioned to Ox, who then slowly came towards the ring. Entering the ring, Alan walked over to where Robin stood. He picked up Cho’s weapon along the way.

"Finally found something you don’t know how to use." Alan chuckled to Robin, as he came up to him, swinging the weapon. Robin gave him a sly smile.

"Perhaps," he grinned.

Alan grinned back at him. Robin felt more relaxed when around Alan. Not like when he was with Cho. In the past few days, he had grown to like the young man. As he was about to mention it, the hairs on the back of his neck rose. Robin knew this feeling all to well. In Sherwood, it usually meant that he was in trouble.

Glancing behind Alan, Robin could see Ox slowly coming into the ring. His eyes transfixed on Robin. His look was that of a predator. As he advanced into the ring, Robin started backing up; he quickly scanned around the ring. There were three more fighters entering it from different sides. Their trainers remained outside the ring. As Robin started backing up, Alan noticed his furtive glances. Quickly turned around, he saw four fighters coming towards them.

"What's this all about?" Alan shouted. He stood protectively in front of Robin.

"Don’t interfere Alan," Curtis yelled out. He remained outside of the rings perimeter. "They only want to see how good this King Richard really is."

Alan started backing up with Robin, nervously shaking his head. "Don’t do this Curtis. If The Master finds out you’ll be in trouble."

"Were not going to hurt him…much!" Curtis cried out.

"Yeah, not much," Ox chorused. The other fighters were closing the circle that surrounded Robin. Their trainers were barking out orders, telling them to attack Robin. Alan was scared out of his wits. He glanced back at Robin, letting him know how frightened he was. His eyes were wide with fear. In all the time he had been a trainer, he never felt afraid as he did now. Robin winked at Alan, giving him a reassuring smile. Choosing Curtis to speak to, Robin tried to appeal to them.

"Look, I’m here against my will. Why fight me?" He kept the mace swinging. He tried to keep the fighters at bay.

"What you don’t understand KING RICHARD," Curtis shouted. "Is that some of us are not here against our will. Some of us are here to win that purse. There's a lot of gold at stake at that tournament, and I intend to win it."

Robin could tell by the greedy look Curtis’ eyes, that there was no talking his way out of this. He was a threat to the trainer's men, a threat that had to be eliminated. Well if it was a fight they wanted, it was a fight they would get.

"Go Alan, get some help," Robin softly said. His dark brown eyes concentrating ahead, focusing on the impending battle. Robin knew that Alan would just be in the way. "I’ll be all right," he assured him.

"You sure?" Alan asked. Robin nodded his head.

"Go!" He said. Alan never hesitated. Dropping Cho’s weapon, he ran towards an exit. Ox tried to grab him as he fled from the ring, but he was to quick. He disappeared out the exit. Curtis’ smile grew when Alan left. He was one less man to worry about.

"That's okay Ox. Let him go; we don’t need him. We got what we want." Ox's gaze returned to Robin. This is what he waited for since this King Richard first came to the arena. Ox’s fingers clenched in and out, at the prospect of having Robin’s neck in them.

Robin readied himself, he flung the mace in the air. Giving the men a quick smile, he nodded his head at Ox.

"I'm here Ox, come and get me!" a cocky half grin graced his face.

Ox roared and came at Robin. Robin swung the mace at his’ legs, hoping to bring the strong man down. He would have succeeded, if not for the threat of the other three men. Robin had to change his defense. Bringing the Mace at a full swing, he tried to catch Ox and one of the advancing warriors. As Ox neared him, Robin jumped to the side, avoiding the mace. Unfortunately, he missed Ox's legs. He clutched the mace with both hands, pivoting on his heels, he swung it hard into the shoulder of an advancing fighter. The spikes of the mace dug into his shoulder. The attacker cried out in pain, as Robin pressed in the mace and pulled it across his chest. His shoulder mangled, the man clutched it in agony. Falling to the ground, he cried out for his trainer.

Robin had no time to catch his breath; two fighters were advancing on him. He whirled around, throwing the bloody mace at one. As the man ducked, Robin ran to him. Jumping on his back, he kicked at the other fighter, catching him on the chin, stunning him. The man Robin stood on collapsed under his weight. Robin jumped down, grabbing the man he had kicked, by the shoulders. He then pulled the man towards him. Robin fell back to the ground, pulling the warrior with him. He dug his studded gauntlet into his chest as they fell.

Once Robin’s back hit the ground, he planted his feet on the attacker's stomach. Bending his knees, he straightened them out, throwing the warrior towards Ox. He caught him full in the chest. Letting out a grunt, he tumbled down. Robin quickly stood up. Needing a weapon, he searched for one. He spied Cho’s lying on the ground where Alan dropped it. He made a lunge for it, but was unable to reach it. He was knocked down by one of the fighters.

"Go get him Bull!" One of the trainers yelled out. Evidently, his man had scored a hit on Robin.

Robin rolled on the ground, away from Bull. He quickly stood up, running back to where Bull was standing. Robin jumped into the air. Spinning around he locked his leg out, reaching out with his heel. He pulled it across Bull's chest. The spur on the heels of his boots deeply scored his chest. Bull grabbed his chest in pain. As Robin came back to the ground, he braced himself in front of Bull. Robin then pulled his arm back and hit Bull full in the face with the studded gauntlet. Spit and blood flew as he tore open Bull's mouth.

The large man fell to the ground, stunned by the blow. Robin whirled around, trying to get his bearings. He quickly scanned the area, to assay how much damage he had done. The first man lay a few feet from where Robin was standing. He wasn’t going to be a problem anymore. The hit Robin scored on him with the mace had torn his shoulder open. His trainer was now running into the ring, to care for his man. Bull was in bad shape, lying a few yards from the other fallen man. The spurs on Robin’s boots were sharp and wide. Blood was pouring out of the multiple wounds. Bull lay on the ground stunned his face unrecognizable. His trainer was also running to him, crying out to Curtis in anger.

"You said no one was going to get hurt Curtis!" He ran to his man. All his hard work. His man would never be able to fight in the tournament.

The third man was now slowly rising. He was still stunned by Robin’s blow. His chest now bloody from the small puncture wounds due to Robin’s gauntlet. He clutched his jaw, moving it back and forth to feel if anything was broken. Only Ox remained unhurt. Robin slowly moved toward the remaining two fighters.

*** *** ***

While Robin was in the arena - fighting for his life, Cho just reached the stables where the Master was waiting. Curtis was not lying. She did want to see him, but there was a little catch.

"Why did you bring those mutts with you?" Her eyes were brimming in anger. "I told Curtis I wanted to see you alone."

Cho was confused, he recalled the look that Curtis gave him as he told him the Master wanted him. It was a curious look. A look he had seen on Curtis many times before. Unfortunately, he was too concerned by King Richard’s training to notice it. He now knew that Curtis was up to something.

Why did he tell him to go to the Master with both dogs? It was then that it dawned on him. Once he took the dogs with him, it only left Alan to protect King Richard. Cho felt the blood rush up to his face in fury. Curtis wanted his Greatest Warrior! Quickly turning, he ran back into the Monastery. As he raced towards the arena, he yelled out.

"NERO, CALIGULA GO TO KING RICHARD! Protect him!" The dogs dashed on ahead. As Cho turned a corner, he bumped into a very frightened Alan.

"Richard!" he gasped. "Curtis is trying to kill him."

Cho flew down the corridor, yelling back to Alan. "Tell your sister!"

Alan stumbled out towards the stables. When he quickly informed The Master what Curtis was up to, she was enraged. She also headed towards the Arena. Her eyes were full of fury. Alan knew that look all to well. She was going to kill someone today. He hoped it wasn’t him.

*** *** ***

Robin now faced only two opponents, having quickly eliminated the other two. Ox was coming at Robin from the left side. The other man from the right.

"Get him Ox!" Curtis yelled out.

"Get him Ram!" the other mans trainer encouraged him.

Robin let out a taunting laugh, "Are all of you named after animals?"

Ox roared as he rushed Robin. Robin waited for the last second before he ducked. Ox fell over his prone form. Loosing his balance, Ox landed head long on the floor. The other man rushed towards Robin, his head held low. Now Robin knew why he was called Ram. He tried to move off to the side. To avoid Rams impending hit, but he was jerked down by Ox. He reached up from the floor and grabbed Robin’s arm. Robin kicked Ox's chest with the tip of his boot. After a few blows, Ox released Robin from his grip, but it was to late. Ram scored a hit on Robin’s stomach. Robin clutched his gut - his breath was knocked out of him. Taking quick advantage, Ram moved behind Robin and grabbed his arms. Clutching them tightly, he jerked him back.

"Get him Ox!" Ram cried out. He brought up his knee in the middle of Robin’s back, stretching Robin’s arms back. Robin squirmed to get out of the vise grip that Ram had on him.

Ox rose from the ground. Coming up to Robin, he gave him a wicked smile. He slowly ground his hand in his palm. It was then Robin noticed; that Ox was wearing a glove with short studs at the knuckles.

"I’ve been waiting a long time for this pretty boy!" He let out a deep chuckle. He wanted to take his time with Robin…make him suffer. Try as he might, Robin couldn’t break Rams hold. Remembering Cho’s training, he readied himself for the impending beating. Ox drew his hand back and hit Robin full force in the stomach. Robin let out a whoosh with the blow. Ox then began to rain blows on Robin's battered body, as Ram held onto him. Robin was relentlessly pummeled on his chest and stomach. He tried to block out the beating. His thoughts concentrated on remembering what Cho had taught him.

The blows suddenly stopped. Robin’s head hung down, his sable hair hung over his face. He was breathing painfully. Each breath was a chore to him. Ox pushed his hand into the sable curtain. Grabbing Robin’s chin, he pushed Robin’s face up. The hair parted to reveal Robin’s face. His eyes were glassed over in pain. Ox heartlessly smiled at him.

"Now I get to mess up that pretty face," he said with a chuckle.

Ox drew his fist back. He flexed his fingers, anticipating the finishing blow.

"Hurry up," Curtis warned Ox. "I can hear them coming!"

Ox could hear what Curtis had said, but he still took his time. He wanted to relish this moment. Unfortunately for Ox, it was the biggest mistake he made in his life. For it was then that two enraged dogs ran into the arena.

Nero headed straight to Ox. Following closely behind, Caligula took on Ram. It only took them a split second to reach their intended targets. Nero immediately bit Ox in the back of the leg. Tearing at it, he hamstrung Ox. He fell to the ground clutching his ankle, and screaming in agony. Caligula flew into the attacked against Ram. Ram released Robin as the dogs entered the arena. He tried to run away from the raging dogs. The dogs capability to protect were known by all. Caligula leaped in the air, trying to tear his throat out. Ram brought his arm up in defense. When Robin was released, he fell to the ground. Pulling in deep breaths, he tried to get his breath back.

Watching the whole scene from outside the circle, Curtis' face flushed ash white. His mouth hung open in shock. Ox was finished, he was useless to him. No man could recover from that kind of wound. His chances for winning the tournament were now gone. His mind began to race. If his man was gone, then he would need another. Curtis could see King Richard on the floor, clutching his stomach. He was hurt, but it appeared to be superficial. Maybe he would recover in time for the tournament?

Yes, Curtis thought; it was his only chance to win the tournament. He had to have King Richard. To get him meant, that he HAD to kill Cho. That was the only way he would have the best fighter. Curtis started backing up slowly. The two dogs were satisfied with crippling the two attackers. They scanned around for any more threats to Robin. Curtis kept his head down, trying not to make eye contact with the dogs. The dog's content that Robin no longer was threatened, returned to him. Guarding him until their master returned. Curtis backed up to stand by the entrance to the Arena. He waited for Cho to come through the large entrance. He knew Cho wouldn’t be far behind his dogs. Taking his dagger out he silently hid next to the entrance.

Robin was having a hard time catching his breath. He clutched his stomach with both hands as he was kneeling on the floor. The two dogs now protectively surrounded him. The other trainers backed off. Ram lay on the floor. His arm was torn to shreds. Ox just moaned in pain, clutching his ankle. Robin reached up and pushed the hair out of his eyes. A quick look around showed him that Curtis was standing by the doorway. He held a small dagger in his hands. Robin immediately realized that this was all a plan to kill Cho. Curtis wanted Robin for himself. Killing Cho would do that. Robin had to do something to help Cho. His thoughts raced, as he tried to think of a way to help the very man that caused him so much pain and suffering.

The dogs were near him, but they wouldn’t listen to him if he told them to attack Curtis. He had to try something else. He needed a weapon. Searching the area, he spied the weapons that Cho was using. Robin tried to crawl towards it. Nero quickly came to his side. Using the large dog as a crutch, he made his way towards the weapons. Grabbing them, he turned to see Cho just entering the arena area. Curtis was about to throw his dagger towards Cho. Robin whirled the small weapons over his head and threw them at Curtis. They hit him square on the arm. Curtis cried out in pain, as he dropped his weapon. Hearing his cry, Cho turned to see the dagger fall to the ground. Curtis’ blood chilled at the look that Cho gave him.

Cho ran to Curtis. Jumping up into the air, he hit Curtis square in the chest with both feet. Curtis fell with a whoosh! Standing over him, Cho reached down and grabbed him by the shirt; pulling him up. Cho quickly searched for King Richard, to make sure he was all right. He saw Robin kneeling on the ground, clutching his stomach in pain. The two dogs were guarding him. Content that his warrior was safe now; he turned his attention back to Curtis. He wrapped his hand around Curtis’s throat. Slowly he started squeezing. It was then that The Master entered the Arena.

She was absolutely livid! Ian and Alan were following in her wake. She quickly tried to survey the damage that was done. One mans shoulder was torn from a mace. Bull had long deep wounds along his chest. Ram lay on the floor, his arm torn to shreds, and Ox! One of her best fighters! It looked as if his ankle was torn out.

"See what's wrong with Ox!" she ordered Alan. Jabbing her finger at the injured Ox. Alan ran to him to examine him. He had hidden intentions, he wanted to stay out of the path of his sisters wrath. Hearing a commotion to the side, The Master turned to see that Cho had Curtis in a death grip.

"Drop him Cho!" she spat out. Her anger was mounting.

Cho didn’t hear her, or didn’t want to. He kept squeezing Curtis’ throat tighter. Curtis' face was now turning a deep purple. The Master angrily drew out her whip. Pulling it back, she hit Cho in the center of the back. "Release him!" she shrieked.

Feeling the sting of the whip, Cho slowly released the pressure on Curtis’ throat. As he released him, Curtis fell to the ground gasping for breath.

Alan shook his head in disgust as he finished examining Ox. He called out to his sister, not wanting to be near her when she heard the bad news.

"He's been hamstrung by the dogs!" Alan remained near Ox’s side.

The other trainers were slowly starting to leave the arena. None of them wanted to stay around and see what The Master was going to do to Curtis. Ox just moaned aloud in pain. He was smart enough to know his career, as a fighter was finished. Alan headed towards Robin, to see how badly he was hurt. The two dogs however wouldn’t allow him to get close enough to examine him.

"Cho, call off your dogs!" Alan cried out. "King Richard is hurt."

This immediately woke Cho up, he had a duty to his warrior. He ran towards Robin. Curtis was now forgotten. He had to attend to his warrior. The dogs moved back as their master cared for Robin. As Cho examined Robin, the Master slowly walked towards where Curtis was sitting on the floor. Her muscles tense, her eyes scanned the damage that was done. She tried to calculate how much money was lost today. She pulled the whip back and forth with each step. The cracking echoing in the empty arena. Curtis stayed where he fell after Cho released him. He was massaging his throat. He looked up, when he heard The Master hiss.

"Do you see what you have done Curtis!" Her face was contorted in anger. "I have three fighters injured. One that is of no use to me, and the best one I have might not be able to fight in time for the tournament!" The last words rang in the empty arena as she screamed them out. All the other fighters and trainers had gone. The only ones left were the injured and their trainers. Bulls’ trainer looked up from his mutilated man.

"He told us he only wanted to hurt him a little Master. I didn’t know my man would be injured!" Bulls Trainer held onto him, he was still unconscious.

The Master was now beyond anger. Her only thought now, were of revenge and retribution.

"You’ve cost me a lot of money Curtis. If King Richard does not recover in time, you’ve cost me everything!" She paced the floor, trying to think of a proper punishment for Curtis. She didn’t want to kill him, not to quick. She wanted him to suffer for a long time. She pulled the whip back and forth along the floor. Ian chose to stay by the doorway. From past experience, when she was this angry something terrible was going to happen.

"Please Master," Curtis pleaded. "I only wanted to have the best fighter. I knew Cho was to old to handle the new man. I wanted to train him for you, so we could win that fight." The Master stopped in her tracks. She smiled at him. Not a smile of happiness, the smile she gave him froze him to the pit of his soul.

"You’ve always had a silver tongue Curtis. Always been able to talk yourself out of a bad situation."

"Believe me Master I did it for you. Please believe me!" Curtis pleaded with her. She came up to Curtis, gently patting him on the head. Ian quickly left the arena. He didn’t want to see what The Master was going to do next.

Cho helped Robin to stand. He placed Robin’s arm on his shoulder. Alan did the same. With Alan’s help Cho started exiting the arena with Robin held up in their arms. The two dogs followed, blood stained their paws and mouths. As they were exiting the arena, they heard The Master say as they left.

"I’ve always liked silver Curtis. I think I want that silver tongue."

Cho and Alan carefully walked down the corridors with the injured Robin, supporting him as they slowly walked to Cho’s room. They stopped briefly when they heard Curtis’ blood curdling screams. The Master had exacted her revenge on Curtis. For her it was a fit payment. Cho nodded his head in satisfaction. They then proceeded again. Cho’s only concern now was making sure his Greatest Warrior was not harmed severely. If he were, then Curtis would want to embrace death, because Cho would make his life a living hell.

End of Part Eleven

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