The Mystery Around the Legendary Three.
By Minx
There is said that when England is in need of justice three women will be born to fight for justice for all who lives in England. It doesn’t matter if they are Norman’s, Saxons or Celts. These three women are all three Celtic by birth and there hearts are pure. One of the three is a sorceress, she is the daughter of a god and a half god, it was said that she was even more powerful than Olwyn himself. The second of the three women was a Celtic priestess. She was said to be worshipping the goddess Brigitte and was an expert in medicine. The last of the three was said to be a warrior. She can handle a sword as no other woman and is also well known with a whip. All three of them are virgins. Nobody remembers the prophesy until know when the legend is about to come true.

Chapter one
“How it all started”

It was a rainy day in Sherwood Forrest. Robin and his gang were on the road to help a village nearby Sir Guy’s castle. Guy had been slaughtering the villagers because they couldn’t pay the tax. Because Guy had to pay of his dept’s to the prince the villagers were punished double hard. Nobody remained sparred, even children were beaten up.
Robin Hood was very upset when he saw all this.

“Little John, you come with me. Marian and Tuck, go help the villagers.”

“Why do I have come with you Robin? I know that you can look after yourself.”

“I just want to be sure that there are no soldiers left, so that they can’t attack us by surprise.”

“What a mess is it here, Tuck do you have extra bandages with you?”

“Of course do I have extra bandages with me Marian.”

“Good, I need some help here, this wound is bleeding big time.”

“So all done we are finished here Marian, let’s go to the others.”

“All right, I’m coming I just have to put my stuff back in my saddle bag.”

Tuck and Marian went up to the hill where Robin and Little John already were waiting for them.

“Hi Rob, everything all right?”

“For now yes Marian, but we have to get out of here as fast as we can. I have the feeling that Guy won’t stay away for long.”

“So all set? Let’s go then.”

Chapter two
“Is it just a voice or not?”

Back at camp

“Hi Chloe, how was your day off?”

“Great, I had even time to buy some new clothing for the festival tomorrow.”

“Is that festival tomorrow?”

“Yes, you didn’t forget it did you?”

“Actually I did, but if I work hard and all night long I should be able to finish the decoration.”

“I hope that you succeed the decorations are one of the most important elements of the festival.”

“What’s wrong with Marian? asked Robin who just saw Marian running to her hut.”

“Oh, she forgot that the festival is tomorrow.”

“That is typical something for her to forget the spring festival.”

That night Marian was working very hard on the decorations for the spring festival. She was just finishing the last decoration when she heard a voice: Three are meant to be together. Come to Druid’s grove and all will be revealed. Marian decided to listen to that voice and took off to Druid’s Grove. Leaving the decoration where it was.

Somewhere in England

“Roanda we have to prepare the festival activity’s for the goddess.”

“I’m coming in a second. I just need to finish my dress.”

“All right but hurry up we don’t have all day you know.”

“I’m doing it as fast as I can, it’s not my fault that the girl decided to take a swim in the lake without knowing how to swim.”

“I know but we really need to hurry if we don’t want to upset the goddess.”

“Hey! There you are Roanda. We were wondering if you were coming.”

“I’m here now so let’s get started.”

“Brigitte, goddess of light,
Let your wisdom lead us,
Let your enemies suffer,
And let your glory warm the land,
I ask of you to help and guide us through the darkness that surround us,
I’m yours Bridgett o mighty goddess.”

After the holy ceremony had taken place the Roanda went back to her tent.
Suddenly she heard a voice out of nothing: Three are meant to be together. Come to Druid’s Grove and all will be revealed. She took her stuff and headed in the direction of Druid’s Grove.

Somewhere in a forest in Ireland

“Felicity I need your attention if you want to learn something more about magic.”

“Yes, Aunt Mab.”

“All right then, what is the spell for insanity?”

“Thoughts are strong minds are weak,
Insanity will come to you whether you hide or seek.”

“Very good, I’m impressed. I didn’t think that you could pull it of. Now let me see how far the practice for magic through mind is coming. Can you make a horse appear just by thinking of it?”

Felicity thought strongly of a horse, how beautiful it looks and how fast it is. After a second or two, a beautiful fast horse stood in the room.

“Great job, I think that you are now ready for some real magic.”

“What do you mean?”

“I give you my own book of spells, it’s the strongest magic in the world. You have the strength to become even more powerful than Merlin.”

“You mean that I can become the strongest sorceress in the world?”

“Yes, my dear, but be aware for Olwyn he is a pupil of Merlin and a very powerful wizard.”

Whispering: “Three are meant to be together. Come to Druid’s Grove and all will be revealed.”

“What was that?”


“That sound it looked someone said something to you.”

A little bit louder: “Three are meant to be together. Come to Druid’s Grove and all will be revealed.”

“There it is again.”

“I heard it now too, I guess you should listen and go to Druid’s Grove.”

“I’m not sure, maybe it’s a trap?”

“Just go and promise me to be careful.”

“I promise. Can I go now?”

“Yes, go and don’t mess with mortals.”

“Bye Aunt Mab!”

“Goodbye dear.”

Mab watched as Felicity mounted her horse and went on her way to Druid’s Grove. She knew that the legend was about to come true, because Felicity was one of the three.

Chapter three
“Where are those girls?”

Sherwood forest

“Marian, Marian, were are you?” Robin shouted trough the compound, “Little John, have you found her yet?”

“No, but her horse is gone and she didn’t sleep in her bed last night.”

“Something very strange is going on. Let’s go see Olwyn and tell him what is going on.”

“Good idea, I'll let Tuck know where we are and then I will come with you Robin.”

“That’s fine with me.”
Olwyn’s cave

“Olwyn, I need to speak with you.”

“I’m over here Robin, what seems to be the problem?”

“Marion disappeared last night and I have a strange feeling about this.”

“I see. Let me think for a minute.”

Olwyn used one of his magic tricks to find out what had happened to Marian last night.

Suddenly he heard a voice saying: “Three are meant to be together. Come to Druid’s Grove and all will be revealed.”

Olwyn took one of his magic books and found finally the page where he was looking for.

Robin and the rest of you, you should hear this. ”There is a legend that say’s that there will be three women who will help the people to stand up against tyrants and they are all three of Celtic birth. They will be called when the time is ripe by a voice inside their head’s.”

Robin walked to his mentor and asked: ”But Marian isn’t Celtic, is she?”

“I don’t know what she exactly is Robin, but I know one thing and that is that she isn’t Norman or Saxon.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because she never answered if she was Norman or Saxon and I asked you all that question when I saw you for the first time.

“So there is a big change that she is Celtic, but if that is true than why didn’t she just let us know?”

“I’m sorry Robin, but I just don’t know what to think of all this.”

“So I guess I don’t know as much as I thought about her then, right?”

“Right Robin, but I think that you all will find out soon what the real character of Lady Marian is.”

Robin stood by the entrance of the cave thinking for a little while when he said: “Olwyn do you know where she is?”

“Not exactly Robin, but I think that she is went to Druid’s Grove. You must go to Druid’s Grove alone Robin, there are strange things happening there and I’m afraid that Little John and Tuck will not survive out there.”

“All right I will go alone. Tuck and Little John go back to camp and tell me immediately if she comes back.”


“Yes Tuck?”

“Take this cross with you and be careful.”

“I will Tuck, all right let’s go.”

Olwyn watched as his pupil went of to find the woman that he loved so much.
Somewhere in England

“Do you know where Roanda is?”

“No, I didn’t see her after the ceremony.”

“Well she didn’t sleep in her bed last night and I can’t find her anywhere.”

A bright light appeared

“Don’t seek to the one that is called Roanda. She went to Druid’s Grove to fulfil her destiny for she is one of the three.”

“What do you mean all mighty Brigitt, we don’t understand.”

“You don’t have to understand until it is time for you to understand.”

The light disappeared again.

“Well let we just wait until she returns.”

“I agree, besides we can’t do much for her now.”

Chapter four
“Druid’s Grove, just a creepy place or not?”

Druid’s Grove

“What kind of place is this? I should never have left without Robin, but it’s a little late for that now. I wonder were I must go to now. I can’t see hardly a thing with out a torch.”

Suddenly a deer stood behind Marian.

“Hi, are you lost?”

While saying that Marian stroke softly the deer’s head. The deer beached her to follow him to a cave into the heart of Druid’s Grove.

At the same time in another part of Druid’s Grove Ronda arrived.

“Well so far so good. Brigitt goddess of light please show me the way to the place were I must be.”

As soon as she said those words a bright light appeared and shone on a small cave nearby. Roanda decided to enter the cave and to see what was there.
In the cave stood another woman, she was very beautiful, but she also seemed to have no idea what she was doing here. So Roanda went to her and introduced herself with: ”Hi, I’m Roanda, who are you?”

“My name is Marian Fitzwalter, have you any idea what we are doing here?”

“No, the only thing I know was a voice who was calling me.”

“Did that voice perhaps also said:” Three are meant to be together. Come to Druid’s Grove and all will be revealed.”

“Yes, I heard the same thing.”

“I guess that there has to be a third person who should come here too.”

Just as Marian spoke these words a third person appeared.

“Hi, everybody, I guess we are all invited for this big party. My name is Felicity and I’m the pupil of Queen Mab my aunt.”

“Hi, my name is Marian and this is Roanda. Did you also hear that strange voice?”

“Yea, but it should have been better timed. I was just finishing my homework.”

“What kind of homework are you talking about Felicity? “Marian asked with some curiosity in her voice.

“Oh the usual stuff Marian. A little bit of spells with some hand and mind magic.”

“So, you are a witch,” Roanda said a little bit surprised, because she thought that all the witches were old and ugly, while Felicity was young and beautiful.

“More a goddess because I’m immortal.”

“Well I don’t like magicians very much, but I’m glad that you aren’t as strange as Olwyn the mentor of a friend of mine.”

“Did you say Olwyn?”

“Yes, why?”

“My aunt told me to stay away from him as far as I could, because I’m not strong enough yet to beat him so that he will leave me alone and doesn’t interfere with my business.”

“Well stick with me and we both will stay out of his way.”

“Are you with us Roanda?”

“Of course, but I wonder why we were sent to this spot in the first place?”

“Well let’s find out,” said Marian.

After a little while they found three hand prints in the wall. By each print stood a symbol. The first symbol was a medicine bag, the second symbol was a book of spells and the third symbol was a sword and a whip. Under those hands and symbols was an inscription with the words: Three are now together, place your hand above the symbols and see what happens.

“Did you reed that inscription? It says that we should put our hands in to the symbol that fits our description of the prophecy. The book of magic spells fit’s Felicity the medicine bag fit’s you Roanda and the sword and whip fit’s me,” said Marian in a whisper.

“Well let’s do it,” they all said in unison.

So Marian placed her hand above the symbol with the sword and whip, Roanda placed her hand above the medicine bag and Felicity placed her hand above the book of magic.

Suddenly the entire cave beacon to shake and a wall opened so that the three woman could pass.

“I think we have to go through it,” said Roanda unsure.

“There is only one way to find that out and that is to try it,” said Marian.

As soon as the three woman had past the wall, it closed itself again so that nobody could disturb the three woman who were inside of it.

Meanwhile by the entrance of Druid’s Grove

“Olwyn I need your guide. The fog is everywhere and I don’t know were she is.”

Olwyn materialised before him and said: “The last time I sensed her was in a cave with two other woman, but then they all disappeared and I couldn’t sense any of them any more.”

Suddenly a black light came out of the sky and Queen Mab appeared together with Brigitt and Morrigan.

“Robin Hood and Olwyn go back what is happened now will help you in the fight against tyranny, because the prophecy is about to come true,” said Bridgit.
Morigan then said: “After the reunion of the three has taken place the one that you called Marian will return to you.”

“They come only together when there is need for their help, but they stay with their beloved so that nobody knows what their true identity is, except the ones they love,” said Mab.

Chapter five
“Mystery revealed.”

In the cave

“See that fountain? It’s beautiful, isn’t it,” said Marian to Roanda.

“Yes, it is, but we can’t get out the same way as we got in. So whatever we are meant to be doing we find it out here,” said Roanda, with concern in her voice.

“I think we are about to get our answer,” said Felicity pointing to the bright light that kept growing until three goddesses were standing before them.

“Mab,” questioned Felicity, “What are you doing here Aunt?”

I’m here to guide you Felicity to your true nature and Morigan and Brigitt are here to guide Marian and Roanda to their true nature."

Morigan stood and said:” As you had all seen each one of you has their own special skill. Marion a fighter, Felicity a sorceress and Roanda a priestess. All of these skills combined makes you invincible. You are the chosen three to fulfil the prophecy to help the fighter Robin Hood in his search for justice. Felicity your connection with Robin Hood was through Olwyn the mentor of Robin Hood and the pupil of Merlin. And your connection Roanda with Robin Hood was trough your family that was onceprotected by him and his men. And now I will come to you Marian, your connection with him is the strongest and exist in many way’s he’s your best friend, he holds your heart and you are one of his men.

We will train you all when it is time, but for now it’s just enough to make you all a part of this prophecy by holding a traditional Celtic ceremony in your honour.

The three woman were suddenly surrounded by fairy’s, trolls, unicorns and other mythical creatures. After the dancing fairy’s and the singing trolls the three woman had to drink a bitter liquid that made them see each others history and past, so that they knew more about each other and respect each other.

After those horrible images Bridgit said:” Now you now each others past and each others present, you should know that you share the same future with each other. Go home now and think about what you have learned and what you have done. When the time is ripe we will visit you and prepare you for the tasks that you must do for the sake of justice.

The cave wall opened itself again and the three woman says good bye to each other and then went to their horses who were standing outside the cave.

Marian saw Robin standing by the exit of Druid’s Grove.

“Robin smiled at her and said, "Hi, warrior what took you so long, how was the party in Druid’s Grove?”

“Just fine, to bad you didn’t come to join us," joked Marion.

“I bet it is, can we go home now Marian?”

“Well, all right but I hope that you will allow me to cook tonight?”

Robin thought at first that she was serious but as soon as he realised that she was joking, she was gone and was now a mile ahead of him. So he let his horse go faster to catch up with her. As soon as he was with her she gave him a very mysterious look and said joking, ”I guess that you aren’t so fast as you are, I think that you are getting old.”

Robin heard this and wanted to slap Marian’s horse on its back, but he missed and almost fell out of the saddle.

“See,” joked Marian, “I told you that you were getting old.”

Robin shook his head and said: “Someday you will pay for this joke but we should be going home now.”
Back in the camp

“Hi, Robin and Marian you are just in time back for the festival,” said Tuck.

Marian shook her head and said, “Sorry Tuck, but I’m tired so count me out for tonight.”

Little John said questioning: “What’s up with Marian, she never missed a party before.”

“I know, first thing I will do tomorrow is to talk to her about it, but for now let’s party,” said Robin with a smile. He knew what ever had happened to Marian in Druid’s Grove it surely had exhausted her completely.

After the party Robin went to Marian’s hut to check on her and he found her in a very deep sleep and a smile lit up her face. Whatever had happened to her it had eased the weight that she carried with her after a part of her family had died.

Chapter six
“The training of a warrior.”

The next morning a voice woke Marian up.
It was Morigan: “I’m sorry Marian but we have to start with your training now, because soon Robin will be in a greater danger than he can handle by himself. A warlord named Black Death has been hired by John to get rid of Robin and the rest of you, so time is of the essence’s.”

“I understand. I’ll dress myself and than I will come with you.”

“Go to the lake Marian and search for a spot that is marked with your symbol. I will be there waiting for you.”

Marian sneaked out of her cavern and walked towards the lake. She made sure that nobody followed her, because that would only cause trouble for her. She was than also glad when she was out of the sight of the compound. She knew she had to walk a couple of miles, but taking her horse out of the stables was to obvious and would make to much noise.

After walking for a while she finally reached the lake. She searched the area to find her own symbol. Eventually she found it near a bush. Suddenly the symbol began to glow and as soon as the light touched Marian her clothes started to change into a black, more suitable outfit. After the light disappeared Marian walked to the lake to look at herself. She wore now black pants with a black top and she wore around her neck her own Celtic symbol. Her boots were black with silver ornaments and her hair was worn lose on her shoulder. On her back she had two swords, in her boots were two long daggers and on her hip she wore her whip.

Marian turned after looking at herself around to find Morigan. Morigan was now standing in the same circle were Marian had stood just a couple of minutes ago.

“Do you like your new look, Marian?” asked Morigan with some doubt in her voice.

“I love it, it’s perfect for me,” said Marian.

“All right then, let us start with your training. First we much get you into shape. I want you to run nine miles on a normal rhythm and after that you will run one mile as fast as you can. I will see how good you are already by looking at the time that you have been running. Now go!”

After the ten miles of running

“Here take this to cool yourself. You did a great job. You are already faster than I hoped you would be. I want you to walk a half mile so that your body can adjust itself again. I will come with you now.”

While they were walking, Marian was wondering why speed was so important. She decided to ask Morrigan why she had to run so much. “Morrigan, why is it so important that I’m fast?”
“Because, you need the speed first and later on comes the strength. You see, it is important that you can handle your weapons very fast so that your opponent gets confused and is easier to defied.”

“I understand, are Roanda and Felicity also getting trained for our task?”

“No Marian, they know already enough to fight him by using their own techniques. They only need to discover those gifts. You on the other hand, you already know about the secret power that dwells within you. You only need to know how to use that power, because nobody ever taught you that. So there is a difference between you and the other two. Felicity and Roanda will only be tested so that they also discover the power.”

“Now, let’s work on your concentration Marian. I want you to close your eyes and make your mind crystal clear. As soon as you succeed you will open your eyes and split this block of wood in half. Remember not to lose your concentration while doing it because then you will fail the task.”

So Marian closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind she saw in her head incredible beautiful things flashing her mind and suddenly there was nothing but emptiness in her mind and the only thing she was focused on was the wooden block. She reassess her hand and as soon as it touch the wooden block, the block was broken in half.

“Very well, it’s enough for today go back to the compound and rest. Tomorrow we will go further with the training. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you this if you put your sword on while calling my name you can change between these clothes and the clothes that you wear in the compound. Go ahead and give it a try.”

Marian obeyed and did what Morrigan had said as soon as she finished the name Morrigan she was wearing her own clothes and weapons from the compound, only the sword was forever changed. After finishing the transformation Marian turned herself around to face Morrigan and said: “I will be here tomorrow when the sun rises.”

“All right, I will be waiting for you tomorrow.”

Back in the Compound

“Hi Tuck, have you seen Marian today? I can’t seem to find her anywhere,” said Robin with a worried tone in his voice.

“No, but her horse is still in the compound, so she couldn’t be far from the compound,” said Tuck. He trusted his instincts that told him not to worry too much about Marian.

At the same moment the lookout warned that Marian was near the portal.

“I guess Robin that you will have your answer as soon as you talk to Marian,” said Tuck while he was smiling at his leader. No matter how good Marian could take care of her own Robin always tried to protect her.

Marian walked trough the gate while she was thinking about a hot meal and a good night’s sleep. She didn’t think about the fact that Robin would be furious at her for being a day away. But he was. As soon as she met him he said with anger in his voice that he was expecting her at the stream by the compound by nightfall. He wanted to speak with her alone so that nobody would interfere in their conversation.

Marian went first to her hut to sleep a little bit. She asked Jean to wake her for dinner so that she could meet Robin at the stream in time. But Marian didn’t wake up when Jean tried to, so Jean decided to let her sleep. After dinner Robin asked were Marian had been, so Jean said that she hadn’t been able to wake Marian up.

Robin went to Marian’s hut to see if Marian was awake. He found her in a very deep sleep. She hadn’t even changed her clothes, Robin decided that it was the best for her to let her sleep and went to his own hut.

The next week every thing went on in this way. Marian went out all day and when she came back in the compound she was broken.

Robin didn’t know what to think of it. Marian didn’t have time for their course nor for him and when he wanted to talk to her she was asleep or gone. He was getting suspicious and thought that she might change her thought’s about the course. So he decided that he wanted someone to follow her when she went of on her own to spend the day’s in the woods.

Marian on the other hand thought that Robin didn’t find it a problem that she was away during the day. She knew that the warlord was coming closer and closer so she needed to hurry.

Felicity and Roanda succeeded their tests and they were waiting for Marian to finish her training.

Sean was send by Robin to follow Marian, so he made sure that she didn’t know that he was following her or so he thought.

Marian knew from the beginning by the compound that someone was following her. She decided to get rid of him just before the lake so that he or she wouldn’t do it anymore.
Just as she thought he kept following her. As soon as she was on the right spot she jumped up to the tree and waited till he passed the tree. Then she jumped out of the tree on top of him and put her knife to his throat. While Sean was spewing mud and sand she asked:” And now are you going to tell me why you followed me here Sean!”

“ Robin told me to follow you so that he knew what you are up to all day. He was worried.”

“That’s his problem. I don’t want anybody to follow me especially not you. I have enough on my mind already, just go home and forget that you ever saw me here. And tell Robin that if he ever does this again, HE CAN GET LOST IN THE FORREST!”

“Now go, and tell only Robin this message, otherwise I come after you, remember it.”

After Sean went back to the compound, Marian went to the lake to finish her training. She made it perfectly to the test and for now she was ready for the warlord.

When the sun set, Marian went to the cave in Druid’s grove to meet there her friend’s, so that they would be ready when the time came to save Robin Hood from Black Death.
Back at the compound a furious Robin was pacing up and down.

“I can’t believe that she actually said that. I was just worried about her.”

Tuck, who was listening to his furious leader and friend, shook only his head and said:” Robin you know how Marian is when you are getting worried to much about her. She probably said those things to make sure that you won’t let your guard down.”

“I know that Tuck, but I still can’t believe that she actually threatened me, because I send someone to follow her.”

“Well Robin, you went a little far with your protection. Maybe she needed some time on her own. I’m sure that this reaction wasn’t meant to be so cruel. Just don’t be to harsh on her now, when she comes back. Just give her some time.”

“Thanks Tuck I think that I will take her with me tomorrow when we will distribute the food that we recently have taken.”

“Do that and you will she that everything will work out just fine, Robin. Believe me.”

“Good night Tuck”

“Good night Robin.”

Chapter seven
“ Silence before the storm with a battle in the end.”

After Marian finished her test she decided to head towards Druid’s Grove to meet Roanda and Felicity. While she entered the cave in Druid’s Grove Robin headed towards the lake to see if Marian was there.

When Robin arrived by the lake Morrigan materialised in front of him.

"Robin Hood stay for the next week inside your camp and don’t rob anyone. Especially not Prince John. If you don’t listen to this you would probably die by the hand of Black Death. I warned you this time because the enemy is very strong, do what I said. And another thing Marian will be fine, don’t you worry about her, she is trained well by me.

After that Morrigan vanished into thin air.

Great thought Robin, now I have to bore myself to death in my own camp, and get sick of worries about Marian.

In Druid’s Grove arrived Roanda and Felicity. They went also straight to the cave to meet Marian.

Two day’s later was it time to fight against Black Death

The three woman had agreed that Marian would stay back until Black Death himself would decide to attack them. They didn’t want to spoil the surprise element. So they waited by the entrance of Druid’s Grove so that Mortiana couldn’t spot them and warn Black Death.

“Are you sure that this technique will work Felicity?”

“No, I’m not Marian but this is our best shot and besides you are our secret weapon against that rotten warlord.”

“I know’ I just hope that Robin will follow the advise that Morrigan gave him. I don’t want him to see me like this, at least not now.”

“I understand, Roanda did you make that sleeping powder?”

“Yes I did, let’s just hope that it is enough too knock Prince John out for a couple of hours so that he can’t recognise us.”

“Be quiet you two I think that I hear someone coming and I also think that it’s Black Death.”

“How can you hear that?”

“I can’t, but I know that Robin doesn’t smell like a death carcass.”

“That’s a good point, Marian,” said Felicity with a big smile on her face.

Just a couple of minutes Black Death and Prince John with his Royal escort and Mortiana came into view of the chosen three.

“Well Roanda let’s go, Marian, wait until Black Death tries to attack us.”

Roanda and Felicity road from there hiding place too meet with Prince John.

“Hello, My dear Prince of England. Why do you honour us with a visit near Druid’s Grove?”

“I don’t need to answer to a peasant girl and especially not to a rude peasant girl. But maybe you can entertain Black Death together with your older sister.”

“Let me put it this way my dear prince. Good night”

“What have you girls done with my minion,” screamed Mortiana.

“Nothing, let’s say it’s magic.”

“Reveal yourself or I will sent Black Death towards you.”

“All right you stupid little witch. You think that you can take us on but look inside you books and look for the three and everything will be clear to you.”

Felicity and Roanda took off there cloaks and revealed there masks. They both knew that they had tricked the witch again. But Mortiana wasn’t defeated that easily. She just screamed:


Suddenly they were surrounded by soldiers and amongst them was Black Death.
That was Marians’ sign. She rode out off the bushes and faced Black Death. Black Death on the other end didn’t know what hit him. There he was and suddenly a black warrior came out of the woods and faced him. By the looks of that warrior he or she had to be good. Just when he wasn’t sure if he had to attack the warrior or not the warrior drew two swords and attacked him. He could barely escape the two swords.

Now he drew his own sword, but as he drew it he felt cold steel piercing his cold and black heart. The soldiers turned and ran and Mortiana stayed behind to watch over John.

Marian rode to them and said: ”Let this be a warning the next time I will kill him.”

Then they turned and road towards Druid’s Grove.

Mortiana watched them go and thought: ”This time you won but next time I wouldn’t be sure of that. I’ll go to Olwyn and convince him to destroy these little warriors. He can’t refuse because they’re no friends of his pupil Robin Hood.”

Felicity heard those thoughts and thought:” That’s were you’re wrong, we can’t be defeated that easilly.”

Chapter eight
“Saying goodbye is hard but explaining things is even harder.”

“Until the next problem Marian and take good care of Robin for us !.”

“Goodbye Felicity and Roanda, I shall miss you,” said Marian as she watched Felicity and
Roanda heading home.

Marian knew she had to go back to the compound eventually, but right know she wanted to stay in Druid’s Grove for a couple more days so that she could decide what best way of explaining what she had become to her friends and Robin. Her friends wouldn’t give her a hard time, but she knew that Robin wasn’t that easily convinced and she was sure that he would watch over her again as if she was a fragile little lady. She just couldn’t accept that behaviour anymore.

She wanted him to see her as a companion instead of a lady.
Back in the compound

Robin couldn’t stand the waiting anymore and rode out together with Tuck and Little John.

“Robin are you sure that Marian is in Druid’s Grove ? I mean the last time we were there Tuck was being attacked by some sort of magical creature.”

“I’m sure John, besides what harm can it do just to look if she is there.”
Back in Druid’s Grove

Marain was walking towards the stream so that she could fresh herself after the battle with Black Death. After that she went to her horse and let him also wade in the stream. Then she laid her head on the grass and starred up to the sky. She found it amazing that the entrance of Druid’s Grove looked so sinister while on the back of the cave a little peace of heaven was greeted. Marian just closed her eyes and listened to the song of the birds.

Robin, Tuck and Little John were by the entrance of Druid’s Grove. As they rode further it looked as if the sky became more bright and when they were near the cave they even heard birds singing.

Robin knew that he couldn’t enter the cave so he rode around to see if Marian was there. While he rode around the others were standing in front of the cave to see if Marian would came out.

Just as Robin was about to ride back he saw Marian lying in the grass with a beautiful horse next to her. Robin went to her and woke her up with a wet kiss on her lips. What he hadn’t expect was that Marian immediately woke up and stood up to face him.

“Robin what are you doing here? I thought that you were told to stay back in the compound.”

“I know, but I just went mad thinking that you would be hurt.”

“Robin, stop seeing me as a little lady that can’t take care of myself, I’m not like those lady’s on court or something like that and I surely wasn’t chosen if I couldn’t take care of myself.”

“To me you are fragile Marian and it is my job to protect you.”

“When do you get it through your thick head that I’m a superior warrior like yourself and that I’m not weak. You might like to know that I had a high amazon rank and an even higher warriors rank back at queen Eleanors’. I’ve been in combat and Eleanor just lied when she said that she hadn’t completed my training, she had. But the last time that she saw me she said that I was precious. I didn’t know then what she meant but now I do. I’m a warrior that’s been chosen when I was born by Morrigan. I hope that you can accept me in this way and not as a lady, so please forgive me if I was rude the last month, but for me it was necessary to be free and live my own live.”

“I forgive you Marian“ and with that Robin bent his head and kissed her long, deep and passionate.”

THE END? (or not?)

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