Robin's Soliloquy
By Diana

To rob or not to rob- that is the question:

Whether 'tis better to suffer At the hands of Prince John,
Or, lay out a series of tricks And, by them, rob him. 

To rob, to steal-Always-and by robbing to say we stop
The pain and countless wrongs Done by the fair prince-'tis a right People desire to be corrected. 

To rob, to steal-Perchance to eat. Ah, there's the snag,
For if it's stealing, what price may be paid, When my band and I take a risk that Maybe  accounted for.  

Well that's one Risk I have to take for King Richard.
For what peasants endure the turmoil of the time, The Prince's injustice, the nobles' snide remarks The unreturned love of fair maidens, the hanging of innocents, The Sheriff's pursuit of bribes, and other problems That the poor endure each day,
When they themselves might seek money With empty threats?  

Who would survive, The immense taxing rule under the Prince,
But the fear of getting caught, The royal castle unvisited where
No peasant dare go, raises adrenaline And makes us rob the rich And to help others with the plunder?

Thus good intent makes heroes of us all, thus the look on the Prince's face Is reflected with humorous thought, And riches of great variety and value With that fact my bow takes aim
And lets my desire lead the way.

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