Full Moon
By Rapidash  and Virginia Cavazos

Chapter 1

The day was a pleasant one in Sherwood Forest. The Children were playing, the women were washing or cooking, and the men were hunting in the forest with the great Robin Hood!

The fair, and beautiful Maid Marion, the strong Little John and the ever trustful monk Friar Tuck, were practicing their sword play. No one could overcome the skillful Marion, until Robin came and asked her, "May I have a try Milady?" he gave her a courteous bow, holding back a large grin.

"Any time Milord," Marion answered back with a bow of her head, and flourish of her sword. Dragging his sword from its sheath, Robin held one hand above his head, as he slowly circled Marion. With a grin, and a chuckle, he flew into the attack. It was an exiting battle to be seen, but in the end. Robin's strength won out…or so he thought.

As Robin lay his sword on her shoulder, she started to giggle.

"You really don't want to harm a helpless maiden, do you kind sir?" She batted her eyes at him, looking as helpless as he knew she was not.

Raising his eyebrow in suspicion, he replied. "I'll have to think about it!" He knew Marion would never give up a fight so easily. He glanced over to where his friends were standing, he was surprised to find they had left.

"Now I wonder why they left?" Robin mumbled. Marion shrugged her shoulders and giggled again.

"Do you have the answer?" Robin curtly asked, becoming angry that she knew a secret he did not.

"You really want to what it means? Well, I told them I saw someone taking a bath in the river." She spun around, Robin's sword fell to the ground. She quickly walked away, giggling, "I said he had the cutest dimples!"

Robin's face turned a beet red. "Marion Fitzwalter!" He gasped out in shock. Marion couldn't stop laughing. She ran from Robin as she choked out. "Well you do!"

Running after the fleeing Marion, Robin tried to grasp her arm, she ran quickly to her horse and shouted a challenge.

"Catch me if you can!"

She galloped towards the camp, Robin was close behind her. As he reached the camp, she was sitting around the wood fire waiting for him.

"....and then I came back home!" he heard her exclaim

"What did you tell them Marion?" Robin blinked at her. A wicked grin passed her lips as she haughtily replied.

"Only that I thought I saw a young boy bathing. But they think I was wrong."

Her eyes curved in delight as she said, "I told them it must have been a boy, that thought he was a real man and his name was Ro..."

She couldn't finish her story, because Robin was trying to get her. She let out a giggle of delight, as she jumped up, and ran around the small group that sat by the campfire. All the people were laughing and gazing in delight at the perfect couple, playing like two little children.

When Robin couldn't get her he gasped, "And I know a maid, called

Marion, that could stand a good spanking!"

"Oh no Robin! You wouldn't dare!" Marion gasped in alarm.

"Oh wouldn't I," Robin snarled, a playful glint in his eyes.

They ran around the camp until they were both exhausted. They plopped near the campfire, each one trying to catch their breaths.

Marion was thinking about the loving look in Robin's eyes as he was running after her. She heard John ask.

"Were you able to defeat Robin?"

"Did you have any doubt?"

From the delighted look on both of their faces, Little John knew that neither won, yet neither lost.

"I'm going to bed," Marion yawned. When Robin was about to answer her they heard a loud and long howling drifting in through the night. They immediately knew it was a wolfs howl.

Chapter 2

"Is there a Full Moon?" Marion cryptically asked.

They all stared at her as she briskly said, "I have to go, I have to find him!" she murmured.

"Who do you need to find, my child?" Tuck asked carefully. But Marion didn't answer his question she only replied, "I need a horse!"

"You can't go out now, Marion it's cold in the forest tonight" John was holding her by her arms and was trying to calm her with his gentle words. "Wolfs howling are often heard around here!"

"But not this kind! Now let me go!" Marion exclaimed. She continued to struggle until Robin shouted.

"Hold her, it could be a trap!" Then he softly said, "Marion, if you are searching for something, then let me help you!"

"No, this is my problem, you can not help me!"

Robin was shocked as he saw anger in her eyes. He never imagined he would be giving the order he was about to give.

"I am very sorry Marion, but it's for your own good. I'm ordering you to stay."

"You can't do that, I can take care of myself!" Marion yelled at him. She struggled as the men carried her to her to her hut. She couldn't blame them, they were following Robin's orders. A half-hour later Robin came to her door. Two guards were posted by her hut. He jerked, as he heard the sound of a heavy object bouncing on her walls. It was not a good time to speak with her. Telling the guards they could go, Robin slept the rest of the night, in front of her hut.

As the sun was rising, its warm rays flittered through Robin's camp. Feeling it's warmth on his cheeks, he slowly opened his eyes. He spied Tuck slowly walking towards him.

"You can get some rest now Robin, I'll stay here!"

"Thank you Tuck!" Robin yawned, as he pulled his stiff body up. He stretched his arms above his head. He really was tired, the hard ground proved to be very uncomfortable. He hardly slept at all, between worrying for Marion's strange actions last night, as his earthen mattress. It was a wonder he slept at all.

He entered his hut, his bed had never looked so comfortable as it did now. When he began dusting the dirt from his pants, he heard Tuck screaming for him.

A fast as he could, he rushed towards Marion's Hut, but it was to late. The only thing he could make out was Marion's horse galloping out of the camp, with Marion on it.

"She can be so stubborn some times!" Robin angrily shouted.

Knowing there was no way he would be able to stop her, he decided to try and keep the day as normal as possible. As he was eating breakfast, Sean informed him that a friend Marion' s had arrived.

Luisa held a piece of paper in her right hand. She gave it to Robin. Taking it, he began to read it

Robin, coming back soon as I can, if you see a wolf don't kill

him, wait for me!

Your Marion

As night fell, Robin was lying in his bed and thinking about Marion. He recalled when he saw her the first time at Queen Eleanore's ball.

She was wonderful! With every year that passed, she grew more beautiful and stronger.

He would forever love her. His, yes…his wonderful Lady Marion.

The next day Robin was disturbed from his sweet dream, by Little John's loud voice.

"Robin, a wolf has attacked our animals, he took two sheep and one hen! Two men found some tracks left by the beast. Should we follow them?"

Robin couldn't say no, it was riskier to allow the wolf to kill their animals. The men hunted after the raging animal and soon found it. The wolf was standing by the top of a waterfall. The river of Sherwood Forest flowed into the little pond.

"Marion asked that I wait for her to come back. The note said not to harm a wolf, if I see one. I don't think this is the wolf she was searching for. If she was searching for this wolf, she should have found him in one night."

Cocking an arrow on his bow, he let it fly. It flew true, higging the wolf on the arm. In that moment came the shout, "No!"

It was to late, the wolf fell into the waterfall. They saw it struggling; then going under the waters of the fast moving river.

"M…M…Marion!" he stammered.

Marion tried to avoid his apologizing eyes, as she hissed, "I hate you, Robin Hood!"

With these words, she climbed off her horse and rushed to the camp. Robin sat by the pond for a long time, starring where the wolf dissapeared.

When he came back late afternoon, he asked Tuck, "How is Marion?"

"Not good, she cried the whole afternoon and wouldn't see anyone."

Tuck was very sad. When Little John, Tuck and Robin were sitting around the

Campfire, they saw the door of Marion's hut open.

She held a sack in her hands. Robin stood up and asked her, "Where are you going, Marion?"

His answer was silence. Robin repeated his plea, but Marion continued to stare at the ground. It was not until Tuck asked her, that she gave them her answer.

"I am going to visit some friends, I am not coming back until tomorrow!"

She quickly dissapeared into the dark night.

Chapter 3

The next day Robin visited Olwyn. After he passed through the illusion of the Dragon, he entered Olwyn's home.

"I was waiting for you."

Olwyn was sitting next to his glass ball. Robin nodded with his head and began to tell him the whole story of the wolf and Marion. When he finished, Olwyn began his explanation.

"Now I will tell you the story about Marion and the Full Moon. When she was a young girl of sixteen years, her father found a young female wolf. They called her Silver Moon. One day Silver Moon birthed two little wolf cubs. The birthing was hard, after they were born she died.

One wolf they called Asta Moon and the other Full Moon. After two months a wild dog killed Asta Moon, only Full Moon survived.

Marion grew up with him, for her he was like a big brother. For her father, he was like a son, he loved this Wolf like Marion. When her father died, he wished that Full moon learned how to survive in the wildness. Marion helped Moon to learn to hunt and taught him all the things that a wolf should know. Then she let him go his own way. This happened just before she came to your group, Robin.

Now Robin knew what he did to Marion. He went back to camp when a rider came and told him, that the Lord of Londoncher, had captured her. Robin immediately set off to Londoncher's castle.

It was late at night when Robin saw the two waving flags, on the tops of the four towers; that sat at the corners of the castle.

There were two large men guarding the huge gate. First he took the first guard out of his place, overpowered him and put his clothes on. When he passed through the garden, he heard Marion screaming. Gazing through a large window, he saw Marion held by several guards and a man he knew to be Londoncher; starring at her.

"Lady Fitzwalter! I heard that you were beautiful, but to see that you really are. It is hard to believe! Oh, sorry my name is Lord Mark of Londoncher!"

"What do you want, Sir Londoncher? Why have you captured me?"

"Maybe I can answer that question in my bedroom?" Londoncher kissed her chin. "Dress my bride, I want her to look appropriately," he ordered the guards.

"On my death bed!" Marion hissed.

"Either way, you will end up on a bed," the lord hissed through his teeth. "Take her away!" The guards had to drag her out of the large room, and down the corridors.

Some time later, and several screams and blossoming bruises. They dragged her back to the Lord.

Robin silently sighed in joy, for she looked like an Arabian Princess. He tried to think of a way of rescuing her, as they dragged her down the corridor. The Lord ordered them to bring her to a special room. Robin would have to wait until she was alone in the room, to rescue her.

The room Marion was unwillingly brought to was Londoncher's bedroom. Robin had no trouble finding it. He just followed the sounds of Marion screaming at the guards.

Searching outside of a open window, he found a small ledge. Climbing out, he slowly inched his way down the ledge, until his ears found the room Marion was held in. Gazing through a stain glass window, he saw he was looking into Sir Mark's room.

He could see Marion lying on a bed, but she couldn't move because she was bound to the bedposts. Londoncher was sitting next to her.

"Now then my dear, to your question. You see, I want to do something very special with you!"

He slowly leaned over, whispering into her ear, "Do you know what that is?"

As Robin saw Londoncher leaning over, it looked as if he was kissing her! That was all Robin needed to see.

Clutching the stones surrounding the window, he swung his legs back. Bringing the forward, he crashed through the window.

Londoncher gasped out in shock, as bits of glass flew towards him. Seconds later an enraged outlaw followed. Robin's brows were twisted in rage. Londoncher was totally unprepared for the attack. Robin grabbed the Lord by his frilly shirt, pulling him off the bed. He backhanded the Lord, once…then twice. Releasing him, he jumped in the air, and kicked Londoncher so hard, he flew over the bed and collapsed on the cold, stone floor.

"What did you do that for?" Marion asked him.

"I came to rescue you," Robin panted.

"What makes you think I wanted to be rescued?" She snapped back.

"Oh I see," Robin jumped on the bed, he lay next to the bound Marion. "You like being tied up on a bed." Wiggling his brows, he whispered into her ear. "Kind of like that bondage thing, don't you?"

"Robin Hood, untie me!" Marion growled.

"First hear me out," Robin now had a captive audience. He needed to tell her how he felt, and now was the time to do it.

"Marion, Olwyn told me of Full Moon." Gazing deep into her eyes, he whispered. "I am so sorry for killing him. If I could, I would give my life, to bring him back. If you still decide to leave Sherwood, then I promise, I will not try to stop you."

Marion glared back at him, not a word passed her lips. Finished with what he wanted to say, he silently began to untie her.

She leaped from the bed, landing next to the Lord; she gave him a good swift kick.

"Something to remember me by, Darling!" she hissed.

Spinning around, she saw Robin quietly leaving the room.

"Robin," she called out. He hesitated at the door, keeping his back to her.

"Oh Robin, I do forgive you," she sighed.

She rushed across the room, they both locked in a tight embrace.

"I'm sorry Marion," he whispered into her ear.

"Let's go," she said, "Before the Lords men wonder why it's so quiet."

As they walked down the corridor Robin said, "Will you be that loud at our honeymoon?"

"Only if you forget to tie me to the bed," she said, with a giggle.

Successfully sneaking out of the castle, they swiftly rode back to Sherwood.

Marion was shocked, when she saw Olwyn was waiting for them. For standing by his side was a wolf.

"Full Moon, you're alive?"

"That is correct Marion, thanks to my cursed magic," Olwyn said with a scowl. It was something Marion said about him many a time. "I was able to bring him back to life, but now he want's to go to another place. He wants to return to the forest. He knows this place only has room for one soul that loves you with all their hearts, not two."

The wolf loped to Marion. She squatted before him. He reached over and licked her tear stained cheeks.

"I love you, Full Moon," she softly said. "You take care of yourself."

He let out a small yipe, as if to say he understood her. He looked up and gave Robin a warning growl.

"Don't worry Full Moon, I'll take care of her," Robin said, with a chuckle. He placed his arm protectively on her shoulder.

That was all Full Moon needed to see. Marion never knew it, but her father had told him years ago to watch out for her, to take care of her. He had always worried about her since she joined this human. Now that he met him, he could feel the love he had for his Marion. Giving a slight bark of approval, he quickly ran into the forest.

Stopping at its very edge, he turned around, letting out a howl so loud. That everyone in camp could hear it.

As he saw Marion wave good bye to him, he dissapeared into the forest.

Marion lay her head on Robin's shoulder, as she began to cry tears of sadness. Full Moon was the last remnant of her father. With him gone, his death was now final to her.

She let out a relieved sigh, as she felt Robin gently massaging her shoulder. He was her equal in so many things, her companion, her brother of the heart, and soul.

Thanks to Full Moon, she now realized that. In the coming years, she would catch glimpses of him. But things would never be the same between them. Her father had received his wish. Marion was safe in the arms of the man she loved.

And Full Moon was back where he belonged. In the place Marion, Robin and he loved so dearly…Sherwood Forest.

The End

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