The New Adventures of
Buffy Summers
By April

AUTHOR: April (

DISCLAIMER: Neither Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor The New Adventures of Robin Hood are mine. They belong to their creators.

SUMMARY: In the Buffy timeline, this takes place just a few days after the season 3 finale. The ascension was stopped and Faith turned back to the side of good just in time to help. I am in total denial about Angel leaving the show, so he's not. For Robin Hood, it takes place sometime after the Bombs Away episode.

DISTRIBUTION: Anyone who wants it, go ahead, just let me know where it’s going.


SPOILERS: Anything up to the end of season three is fair game, excluding the stuff about Faith and Angel, and the poison arrow. There is some reference to Primeval and the power that Buffy draws on, but nothing other than that.

AUTHOR’S NOTES: For those unfamiliar with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I suggest you start watching! Hehe. Anyway, the basic plot is that there is a girl called Buffy, and she is the Chosen One, the one girl in all the world with the strength and power to stop the vampires. She lives in Sunnydale CA, which also is the Hellmouth, a center of power for evil. Her mentor is called her Watcher, and his name is Giles (he’s the only one of her friends that is really mentioned). Angel is a vampire cursed with his soul and the two are in love. However, whenever Angel experiences one moment of happiness (as he did when Buffy and Angel slept together on her 17th birthday) his curse is broken and he becomes the soulless demon that he is. The Master is vampire that Buffy died at the hands of, but with CPR survived; Acthala is a demon that could bring hell to earth, opened by the blood of Angel’s demon side, and closed when Buffy sent the recently recursed Angel to hell. The Ascension was the Mayor becoming a giant 60ft snake defeated when Buffy blew up the school at her graduation. This is just the basic plot of the Buffyverse, if you have any questions, email me and I’ll answer them.


Chapter One

The sparking gold light faded in an instant, and Buffy reached blindly for Angel's firm grip as she surveyed their new surroundings. They no longer were on the streets of Sunnydale on patrol. They seemed to be in a clearing of sorts, filled with grey mist and a huge winged dragon.

"Angel!" Buffy managed to get out. "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

"Do not be frightened, my friend here will not harm you. Please, enter," said a voice that was both in the air and in their heads.

Angel led the way, keeping Buffy close behind him. They followed what seemed to be a sort of path into an opening in the rock, and stepped into a rather welcoming room. The furniture was handmade and various herbs and such items were hanging over a cluttered workbench. Sitting at a table was an old man, who rose easily as they entered. He was thin, with white hair, but he had kind eyes that gave a hint of the knowledge hidden underneath.

"Angel. Buffy. It is a pleasure. I do apologize for taking you away like that, but the need was an urgent one."

"Who are you and why did you bring us here?" demanded Buffy, rising to her full Slayer height of 5'4".

The man nodded sagely. "I understand now why you are called the most powerful slayer in history. It is an extreme honor. I am Olwyn."


"Buffy." Angel placed a gentle hand on her arm. He was beginning to get an understanding look on his face, if a still confused one. "Olwyn was said to be a minor wizard during Merlin's time at the round table. Later, he was said to have guided Robin Hood at times."

"You're joking." She paused. "You're serious."

"Angel is indeed correct. Trouble is brewing in England. The world, in fact is in great peril. This is why I have called you two here. The Slayer and the soulful Angelus."

"Why us though?" asked Angel.

"Your experiences my boy. You two have faced demons no one else has, or even knows about. That knowledge is invaluable to this fight."

"Yea, but why not choose this time's slayer?"

"I'm afraid, in this instance she would not be of any use. She is rather new and has not been slaying for long. Also, as she, like most others of your type, is a loner, and does not work well with others. You, my dear, are the exception. You have a core of friends who supportand know who you are, unlike any other Slayer in history. This gives you your strength. Anyway, at the moment she is occupied in the Holy Lands."

"So what do we do? What kind of evil are we facing here?"

"That I can not tell you; for that I do not know. What must be done though, is you earn Robin's trust. . . "

"Um, wizard-dude? Slight problem. Angel's slight allergy to the sun?

How can he . . . " she stopped as Olwyn began muttering a few words, head bowed, as his hands gestured about.

When he was done, Olwyn gave the two of them a knowing smile. "Not any longer. Angel, you are still a vampire. However, my spell has corrected your gypsy curse, as well as make you able to do things your brethren would usually not be able to do; while your abilities remainintact." Angel and Buffy were both silent in awe and shock. His smile still present, he gave them both small bundles, which they looked at in confusion. "Clothing," he said simply. "You might want to change into it."

A little while later, Buffy emerged from behind the screen that had been set up. Angel had changed before her, discarding his dark pants and shirt for a pair of dark buckskin pants and a black leather tunic that accentuated his strong arms and torso. Buffy had replaced her simple sundress with a tight green tunic with a low neckline and lacing up the front, with what seemed to be capped sleeves. Black leggings encased her legs, covering what the short green skirt did not, and she'd kept her black knee boots, as well as the two cherished pieces of jewelry Angel had given her.

Olwyn seemed to nod his approval. "Two horses wait outside with everything you need."

Although it seemed to be a dismissal, Buffy did not turn to go. "How do we find Robin Hood?"

"He'll turn up. Have faith of that." With a wave of his hand, they were suddenly outside in the filtered sunlight coming through the trees of the forest they seemed to be in. They were outside. In the sun.

There was heavy silence as Angel turned his head up to the brightness, his eyes closed, savoring the warmth. From her place beside him, Buffy looked up at him, enjoying the way the sunlight played against his features, finding that his pleasure made her just as happy. Then he looked down at her, a gentle smile upon his face.

It seemed eons before he spoke. His hand came up to gently caress her cheek, and she leaned into his touch, her eyes never breaking contact with his. "You were wrong. You're beautiful in the sunlight."

Buffy gave a delayed reaction of an excited squeal and flew into his embrace, holding him tight as she buried her head against his neck. "Angel, I can't believe this!"

After a long cherished moment was held between them, Angel pulled back and covered her lips in a gentle kiss. Reluctantly, they drew apart before it could become more passionate, but then, no more than their entwined hands would allow.

The horses were tethered nearby, dark brown steeds that were magnificently matched. Both were saddled, with weapons attached to the saddles, as well as full saddlebags. Drawing closer, they inspected everything. Each had one change of clothes and a bedroll, as well as a large pouch of coins and some food.

The weapons were crudely elegant, the workmanship comparable to some of the more expensive weapons Giles had in his weapons locker. The swords Angel and Buffy both eyed warily though. Angel found a small set of daggers, while Buffy found a collapsible crossbow and bolts to go with it. Laughing, they both pulled out the stakes that had been included as well.

"Can you ride?" Angel asked anxiously as they prepared to go.

"Well, I can sit on a horse. I've done that much at the zoo."

"It’s easy enough. Just remember to keep your heels down, to sit straight and to let the horse know who's in control. Pull the reins right to go right, left to go left. Pull back to stop. Ready?" he asked. She nodded and his hands slipped around her waist to lift her up. Once she was in place, he mounted his own horse.

"Angel? How do we know where to go? Its not like we have a map of the area."

"We don't. We'll find our own way. Just have faith like Olwyn said."


"Robin." Marion's voice was laughing as they rambled through the village square.

"What?" he asked, his voice indignant.

"You were flirting."

"I was not."

"Well," Marion conceded," she was flirting with you and you were enjoying it," Marion finished, speaking of the petite red head that had been selling a range of baked goods.

"Robin!" Little John's voice bellowed across the square as the hulking figure rushed toward them, a worried frown on his face.

"John? What is it?"

"Robin, Tuck....dead body...all...come on!"

Marion took charge of the situation. "Little John, take a few breaths and slow down. Then try again."

There was a pause as John tried to catch his breath. "He found a dead body. Its awful Robin." The three friends then hurried off to Tuck. They found him and about half a dozen bystanders milling around a stiff form of a peasant man, his waxen skin a mottled blue.


"Robin, Thank God. Come here. I have no evidence of what killed this man other than this." Tuck gestured to two puckered puncture wounds at the man's neck.

"My God," murmured Marion, crossing herself. "What could have done this?"

"It resembles a snake bite, but nothing I have ever heard of."

Buffy's gaze moved from the body to the four now taking control of the situation. The one who'd found it was kneeling, garbed in a piecemeal outfit of rough fabrics fashioned as a heavy robe. He was round, with thinning hair and a kind face. The other was a huge mountain of a man who towered over all around him with twinkling eyes and long blonde

hair. A staff was held in his hand.

The woman who had come was attractive in a red tunic much like her own, but without the leggings. A thick gold necklace lay upon pale skin, and her auburn sweep of hair was tousled curls. A coiled whip was tied to her waist, visible under the cloak tied around her throat.

The fourth was a man in a green outfit similar to Angel's . He was well built, and tall, with a powerful presence. Long, thick mahogany hair fell past broad shoulders. Warm brown eyes were studying his surroundings and locked with hers for a moment before Tuck called to him.

Friar Tuck. Little John. Maid Marion. Robin Hood. It was really true. Buffy's eyes widened and she looked across the group to where Angel stood. He gave her a nod and they each turned to leave.

They didn't get far though before there was a shout, followed by the sound of pounding hooves. Angel signaled to her, mouthing the word "Twenty".

Buffy looked to the four legends. They had each stood, hands on weapons, with the exception of Tuck, and had moved to the entrance of the wide side alley.

"All hail in the name of Conakur!" shouted the leader, a man dressed in gruesome armor, his face covered by both gashes and healed wounds, or his helmet. His troops had dismounted, and weapons drawn, they began to stalk peasants that had drawn back in fear.

"Who is this Conakur?" asked Robin, calling out as he stepped to challenge the group.

The leader glowered at him. "He is the prince of all that is evil. He will rule this world and all in it, you worthless fool."

Robin pulled his sword. "We might have a slight problem with that."

In response, the leader motioned with a hand, and the twenty troops rushed the four.

While trading blows with three, Marion called out. "I don't like these odds Robin!"

"Just keep fighting! And watch your back!"

Angel turned to Buffy. "I think this is our cue."

"What was your first clue?" she asked as she brought up her crossbow and locked a bolt in place. "You'd better go help Tuck. I'm going to make these odds a little more even."

Angel nodded, then ran to assist the friar as movement caught Buffy's eye. One of the troopers was sneaking up on Marion, blade raised. Without thinking, the crossbow came up and the bolt flew, thudding through the guy's back. Marion turned, surprised, looking for her savior. She caught a glimpse of moving green, but no more.


Tuck had fallen under the advance of two soldiers. Silently, he crossed himself, knowing it was the end. Closing his eyes, he waited for the final blow. It never came. Peeking out from one eye, he looked up in shock to find a tall gentleman he had never met, trading expert blows with his attackers. After a few minutes of fighting, he finished them and turned to Tuck.

"Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, God bless. Thank . . . you. Who . . . "

"Angel! He's getting away!" yelled a woman's voice.

The man turned quickly, his eyes following the leader's retreat. Tuck watched the man's movements intently. Instead of moving to follow though, the man turned to see another stranger surrounded by 4 of the remaining 7 still on their feet. Tuck thought he heard the man give a guttural growl as he rushed across the square.


Robin straightened as he finished off his last opponent. Sheathing his sword, he was drawn to the small, and only remaining battle taking place.

"Who are they?" asked Marion, as she came up beside him.

He shook his head, not answering. He watched as the woman finished off her last attacker. Her partner was struggling with his, and she seemed to survey the area. Then, suddenly, she did a series of flips that each began with a handstand. As she stood, her foot stomped and a crossbow came off the ground into her hands. Aiming she paused.

"Angel! DUCK!" she yelled as she pulled the release.

Robin noticed that her companion did not hesitate in his reaction. He fell to the ground, just as her bolt hit its target. As he rose, she approached him. He said something to her and then seemed to inspect a wound on her arm.

"She's beautiful." Robin turned his head to acknowledge Little John.

"He's not bad either," commented Marion.

Shaking his head, Robin studied the pair. The man was tall, around his height, if

not taller, with defined muscles. Dark hair was short and spiky, unusual for the favored preference of longer hair. He had fought well, with speed and agility, the sword held easily as if the small battle was an everyday occurrence.

The girl, he remembered had fought much the same way, with no caution, just a deliberate, almost casual way. Her aim had been deadly. She was a small figure, about the size of Marion, and slender, but in peak physical shape. Blonde hair framed an attractive face.


"Good shot by the way," said Angel, as he straightened after he'd insisted on inspecting a small cut on her hand. "Oh, yeah. Thanks." She squirmed uncomfortably. "We're being watched."

Angel seemed startled for a minute, then gave a slight nod. "They're headed toward us. Remember Buff..."

"I know Angel. We don't tell them the truth about us. We're traveling from Ireland. And you're my husband," she said, repeating the story they had decided upon on their ride into the village. She giggled and grinned up at him. "I could enjoy this. But Angel. I have to take care of that body. It’s going to rise eventually."

"We'll find a way . . . to work this out," he added as the four legendary figures came into hearing distance. "We'll find shelter before tonight."

"Excuse us," said a warm timbre. "You two fought extremely well. We want to thank you for helping us."

"Don't worry about it. We enjoyed it. Helping those who need it is always time well spent." Angel clasped Robin's extended forearm in a shake. "I'm Angel . This is Buffy, my wife."

"Angel, Buffy. These friends of mine are Little John, Friar Tuck, and Marion Fitzwalter. I am Robin of Locksley. Commonly called Robin Hood. You are strangers to these parts, correct?"

Buffy spoke. "Yeah. We've been traveling, taking care of local mishaps and problems. Lending a hand before heading home to settle down."

"Ireland I suppose," said Tuck. Buffy turned sharply to the rotund friar, her eyes wide. "Your wedding bands," he elaborated. "Claddaghs. Commonly used rings used by those when a priest was unavailable."

Buffy smiled gently at the friar and gave a nod. All the while, her mind was racing. So in Angel's mind, they really were. Glancing up at him, she noticed he avoided her gaze.

"Robin, maybe we should do something about that body," suggested Little John, glancing backward toward the alley.

Robin nodded. "Perhaps we should find out if he has family around here. Tuck, Marion, ask around. Little John, find a shovel. We're digging the grave."

"Robin?" asked Buffy, before he could walk away. Already she looked up to him.

"Ah yes. It was nice to meet both of you. Thank you for your help."

Angel shook his head. "You’re still going to need it."

Robin gave him a confused look, but then a smile lit his features.

"Come on then."

As they followed the two men, Buffy spoke just loud enough for him to here. "And here I'd thought you had left Cryptic Guy mode in the past." She paused. "Or is that the future?"


Marion handed the skein of water to Buffy, who was sitting beside her. "Well, this is interesting."

Buffy gave a small laugh, for a moment, remembering another time, in another graveyard. Little John, Robin and Angel were at the moment, shoulder deep in a six-foot long ditch. Tuck was off preparing the body.

Robin pulled himself out and headed to them, taking the bag that Marion handed him. "Maybe you two should get in there and dig."

Marion shook her head. "I don't think so."


"Nope. I was raised an old fashioned girl. I believe the men dig the graves and the women have the babies."

Marion laughed quietly as Robin retreated. Inclining her head to Angel, she turned to Buffy. "So how long have you two been married?"

A small smile played at her lips. "Just over a year. It’s been hard, but I love him more everyday. What about you and Robin?"

"Me and ...? Oh, we're not... I mean ...."

"You love him though, right?"

"Of course." Marion's voice was so quiet, Buffy wasn't even sure she heard her right.

"And he loves you. It’s obvious. So why haven't you done anything about it?"

Marion shook her head. "It’s hard. He has the responsibility of being Robin Hood. We can't put ourselves ahead of the common goal."

Buffy nodded. "It’s hard, but some things are worth it." Off of Marion's curious look, Buffy decided to elaborate slightly. "When Angel and I met, it seemed like everything possible was trying to keep us apart. It took so much to overcome that and all the problems that followed. Love is strange. You don't really have a choice in the matter of who you love."

Marion nodded slowly. "Don't I know it."


"Angel, why didn't you tell me?" she asked, later that night. They had gone along to a local inn with Robin and the others after burying the body. They had eaten a simple dinner with them before heading to their private room. Buffy had enjoyed the company, especially Marion's. The two had connected easily, laughing the entire time the men had dug the grave. They had found from the owner of a bar that the man had stopped in the night before, and had left a little after dusk.

"Tell you what?" Angel answered, looking out the window to the falling dusk.

"About our rings."

"Buffy, I didn't think you'd . . . it was the only kind of vows I'd ever be able to take to you. Then we . . . and then I was going to tell you, but . . ."

Buffy silenced him by placing her fingers to his lips. "You didn't think I would want to? Angel . . ."

"You had just turned 17. I didn't want you to make such a big commitment."

"But you were willing to make it. Why not let me?" Her hand moved to cup his cheek. "I told you once that when I looked into the future, all I saw was you. My feelings haven't changed."

"Buffy, maybe it isn't such a good idea to do something that we might never have again."

"All the more reason, don't you think?" She asked quietly, taking his hand and leading him to the bed. "I want to be with you always Angel. It might be selfish of me, but I don't care. If circumstances change when we go home, I want the memories. I love you Angel."

"I love you." Angel pulled her into his arms gently, and leaned down to kiss her.

Their lips met cautiously at first, then as their passion grew, the kiss became more urgent.


Buffy stirred in Angel's arms where she had dozed. For a moment she relished being in his arms and being able to really enjoy it, without worry of if his demon would return to terrorize her. She contemplated waking him up or going back to sleep when she realized the sun had set. "Oh damn."

"Buffy?" Angel opened his eyes sleepily, looking down at the Slayer laying in his embrace.

"The sun set. He's going to be rising soon. I have to go take care of him." Buffy began to disentangle herself from his arms to dress.

As she moved for the door, he rose and reached for his pants. "I'll go with you."

"Uh-uh. The two of us both leaving the room would look odd. You stay here. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine."

Angel crossed the room and enveloped her in his arms, placing an urgent yet gentle kiss to her lips. "Be careful Buff. This is a different time."

"And I'm still the Slayer."

"Take your sword with you too. And if you're not back in less than an hour, I'm coming after you."

Nodding, Buffy slipped from the room, and strode quietly down the long dark hall. Stealthily, she made her way past the dozing men at the counter, taking a sigh of relief as she stepped out into the cool night air. Leaning her head back, she stared up at the sky, relishing the starlight sky, unhindered by the unnatural lights of the city.

End of Chapter One

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