The Birthday Party
By Minx

Chapter 6

The sun had just set when Robin was awakened by Marian. "Hi, how do you feel?"asked Marian softly."A little bit stiff, but that doesn’t keep me from going to the ball. How long was I out?"

"All afternoon, the party is just starting, so I suggest that you should get dressed."

"I will, what are you going to do?"

"I have to take care of a couple of thing and then I will get dressed for tonight myself."

"Let we then just say that after I get dressed and have spoken to Little John and Tuck I’ll come to your room."

"That’s a deal, see you later Robin," said Marian as she walked through the door and closed it behind her.

Marian went down the stairs and through the door that led to the throne room to help the amazons with the decorations. As they were finishing up, queen Eleanor walked into the room. "Oh my, it’s beautiful," she sighted, "But Marian you really have to get upstairs and change, the other guests can arrive any minute."

"Who are they?"

"That’s a surprise my dear, but now hurry up." And with that Marian left the room.

Robin had just finished his hot bath after he had visited Tuck and Little John, who already had finished changing. He was now putting on his clothes and drying his hair. After he was finished he turned around to watch himself in the mirror and stared at his reflection. The clothes fitted him perfectly and the colors made his hair look more sable brown and his eyes looked even deeper brown. He took a tie and tied his hair back. After he was finished he walked out of his room and went to the room of Marian. Marian was taking a bath when a serving maid entered the room. "The queen has ordered me to help you get dressed," she softly said.

"That’s all right, just give me a minute to get out of bath."

"Of course my lady, I bring you your dress and after you’re finished putting on the clothes I shall put up your hair."

The serving maid helped Marian to lace up the ties of her dress and started brushing her hair.

"You know, my lady, you have very beautiful hair, it’s incredibly soft."

"It’s nothing, you just have to put a little bit of oil in your hair to make it soft. That’s the secret of the ladies."

"Is that really though?"

"Yes by most of the ladies is the soft hair not natural so this is a perfect solution."

"Thank you for sharing this secret, I always had problems with my hair."

"Ask the queen for the oil, she wouldn’t mind giving you a bottle."

"That I shall do, but know let’s decide what to do with your hair."

As the maid worked on Marian’s hair, Marian was thinking about Robin. Suddenly someone knocked on the door.

"Come in," shouted Marian.

Robin opened the door and walked in. He saw Marian sitting in front of a large table while a maid was working with her hair.

"Hi, Robin, how does the outfit fit?"

"Great, thank you Marian for the clothes."

"My pleasure, do the clothes that I bought for Little John also fit?"

"Yes, there were no problems with them."

The maid finished Marian’s hair during this conversation and left as quietly as she had come in.

"Why did she leave?"

"It could be an order by Queen Eleanor."

"That is a possibility, are you ready Marian."

"Just a second can you help me with this necklace?"

"Of course," said Robin and he laid the necklace softly around her neck and closed it while his fingers laid the necklace perfect around her neck.

"You look very beautiful Marian," Robin said with a light blush on his face.

"As do you my lord, but we should get going before queen Eleanor wonders where we are."

Robin led Marian through the door and towards the ballroom.

Tuck and Little John were already enjoying the ball and a couple of young ladies were hanging around Little John. Felicity was talking to a couple of amazons, who also helped with the rescue of Robin and Roanda was having an interesting conversation with a young lord that also was interested in medicine.

As the evening proceeded Little John asked Roanda for a dance. She accepted on the condition that he would keep his hands off her body and didn’t try to hold her closer to him while dancing then she allowed. Little John, who was happy to have a dance partner, he accepted those conditions without any problem.

Queen Eleanor was wondering where Robin and Marian were when the announcer spoke out loud again. "Presenting Robert of Loxley and the Lady Marian Fitzwalter."

Many young ladies had to catch their breathes at this announcement. Was the most handsome and most wanted man here under them? Robin felt really proud as he walked with Marian down the stairs and to the throne of queen Eleanor.

I thank you, your majesty for inviting us to your party," said Robin humbly. "Thanks for coming you two, now go and have fun.

After Robin and Marian had stepped down, the queen stood up and spoke to the crowed. "I don’t want to see anybody get hurt today and that also replies to these two."

When the band set in a tune for a new dance robin and Marian walked to the dance floor to dance. Queen Eleanor watched the couple that seemed so right for each other. She wondered how long it would take before those two would finally be married with each other. She hoped that it wouldn’t take much longer since the two were crazy at each other.

The night proceeded quietly and peacefully. At midnight Robin and Marian walked out of the crowd and into the garden. They sat down on a small bench that looked over a lake. Together they stayed there for a long time enjoying the peace until Robin spoke.

"Marian I know that this hasn’t been an easy time for you but I have to know. Will you always stay with me even when Gisborn tries to take you away?"

"Robin I have always been a part of you and I shall always be a part of you. Not even a thousand Sir Guys could ever change the way how I feel about you."

"Then it is alright, and with that he kissed her under the pale light of the moon.

Back inside the friends of Robin and Marian where looking for them. "My queen, said Roanda," have you seen Robin and Marian.

"Yes I did, but I think it would be wise to give them some privacy." said the queen while she stood up and called it a night. All the other lords and ladies followed her example and left the room to retire in their quarters. Leaving the friends behind, they looked at each other and also decided to go to bed.

The next morning the group of outlaws left for Sherwood and the legendary three split up again.

When the outlaws arrived at the camp it was almost time for dinner. The people of the camp were happy to see their leader back in one piece. Later that night the four most notorious outlaws made plans for the next day to robe a carriage of a rich lord. Things are truly back to normal in Sherwood again.

The End

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