The Birthday Party
By Minx

Chapter five

Robin awoke in a dungeon, with his feet and arms chained to a wall. He had to focus really hard before he had a clear vision again. But next to that he had a huge headache and he heard someone walking in the dungeon. He turned his head around to see who it was.

Guy slowly opened the door and walked into the dungeon. He had just reserved word that one of his man had seen Marian in his village. She would be soon hear, but it was now the time to wake Robin up and taunt him with the fact that he had been captured quite easily. As Guy walked down the stairs of the dungeon he saw that Robin was watching him.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't poor little Fitzsooth who's sitting hear all chained up," said Guy with a wicked laugh.

"I told you before Guy, I don't go by that name now a days," retorted Robin angry.

"Oh really? I always seem to forget it. But you don't have to see me much longer dear Fitzsooth. Marian is on her way to see me. She thinks that by coming to me I shall set you free. However I have other plans with you. As soon as Marian is safely in my castle I have a carriage waiting to transport you to Prince John's castle so that you can entertain him as well before you die."

"Why would Marian come to you, she knows that she can't trust you."

"Ah, but you see I wrote her that if she didn't came to me you would be turned over to Prince John. Either way I'll win."

"You're insane Guy, she doesn't love you and she never will, why do you keep pursuing her, if she doesn't want to marry you."

"That's where you're wrong, she loves me and has proven that by kissing me."

"As I recalled Guy you kissed her, she didn't kiss you and didn't even try to kiss you when she was in your room. In fact she came to tell you that she doesn't love you and....."

Before Robin could finish his sentence Guy hit him in the face. As Robin was working back his jaw a soldier came in for Guy.

"Sir Guy I believe that the lady where you were waiting for has arrived at the gate."

"Well, Robin, I'm gone meat my soon to be wife and until that time have fun with the rats," and with that Guy walked laughing out of the dungeon leaving Robin behind.

Marian was waiting for a while at the main gate when she saw Guy appear at the castle wall with more than a dozen guards.

"Hello, my dear Marian, how are you doing?"

"I'm doing fine Guy," said Marian with a voice that was as sweet as honey.

"I know that you're coming for Robin, but it would be so much easier if we talked inside the castle walls."

"If you don't mind it Guy I would like to come in for a little talk, but I am a very busy woman so make it short."

"Of course my dear. Now man, open the gate!"

The gate was opened and Marian rode in. Roanda and Felicity followed her through the gate and hid themselves behind a pile of hay.

While Marian would keep Guy busy, Little John, Tuck and a small group of

amazons climbed over an unguarded spot on the castle wall. When they were over the castle wall, they slowly sneaked down to the courtyard while making sure that nobody of the guards spotted them.

When they finally made it into the castle, was Tuck having a sight of relieve. "Glad that this part of the plan is over," he said.

"Tuck, which way should we be heading now," asked Chelsy who also had come to help Robin.

"Well according to Marian there is behind the ballroom a secret door behind the tapestry that leads to Guy's private dungeons. Not even Prince John knows about this."

"Well let's go and see if Robin is still there," said Little John.

Back at the gate Marian was trying to steal as much time as possible, but Guy had had enough.

"Take the dear Lady to her quarters he shouted to his man."

Marian had expected nothing less and decided to warn Guy.

"Guy if you know what is good for you and your men, I would strongly suggest to call them back."

"And what will happen to me if I don't do that?"

"You'll see what happens then," said Marian with a sinister laugh.

Guy didn't call his man back and they kept approaching her when they were less then twenty feet away, Marian pulled out her sword. That was also the cue for Roanda and Felicity to appear from behind the pile of hay.

To bad Guy I was hoping that for once you kept your word," and with that Marian, Roanda and Felicity shouted the names of their goddesses and became the legendary three again.

Back at Prince John's castle Mortiana was watching her crystal ball to follow the events at Guy's castle, when prince John came storming in. "And, how is he doing?" asked the prince excited.

"Not well, his guards don't stand a change to the legendary three and the amazons are helping Little John and Tuck to free Robin Hood."

"Is there any possibility that Guy will win?"

"Not with these odds but maybe can help the," and with that Mortiana

disappeared to help Guy against the legendary three.

When Mortiana reappeared at Guy's side the fight had already begun.

"Mortiana," shouted Guy excited, "maybe you can help us to defeat that witch," while he pointed to Felicity.

"I'm sure of it," said Mortiana and walked down to the fighting area to face Felicity.

In the meantime Little John, Tuck, and the amazons had found Robin's cell.

"Guy's am I clad to see you said Robin, but where is Marian?"

"She's keeping Guy busy while we free you," said Little John while he opened the door with force. Chelsy went immediately to Robin's side and started picking the locks. It took just a few minutes of lock picking when Robin was being freed from his metal prison.

"We really should get going now," said one of the other amazons.

"You're right, said Robin while he took the leaders role again, "besides Marian might need our help."

And with that they left the dungeon and made their way to the courtyard.

At the courtyard was the fight progressing for the side of the good guys. Marian had just finished one of the last soldiers of guy and made her way towards him. Mortiana was losing her battle with Felicity and Roanda made sure that the number of soldiers stayed low and waited for the group that was saving Robin.

As Robin appeared on the courtyard, was Marian fighting with Guy. While she parried every move he made she said to him: "If you don't listen to me then you'll fight me and if you would look around you would see that right now you're losing."

"Guards!" roared Guy, "Go to the dungeon and kill Robin Hood."

"I don't think that that will be necessary," said Robin as he stood behind Guy with a sword pointed at Guy's back. "Now call of your soldiers, you've lost."

"Never said Guy and he drove a small knife into Robins shoulder.

Before anyone else could react Marian took one of her own knives and plunged it into Guy's stomach. After that she walked to Robin and helped him on to his horse. As she mounted her own horse she could see the others starring at her but she turned around, took the reigns of Robin's horse and rode to queen Eleanor's castle. The others watched the couple leave and mounted their horses as well to return to queen Eleanor's castle.

At the castle walls Mortiana watched the group leave and then disappeared to report to prince John, who would be very upset when he heard what had happened.

Queen Eleanor was looking out of the window of the throne room when she saw Marian riding through the gate while she was holding the reigns of Robin's horse. By the look on Robin's face she could tell that he was in pain. Eleanor send immediately amazons to help Robin to his room.

Robin was a couple of minutes later in his room and lying on the bed while Tuck and Roanda where examining him. Marian was waiting outside the room when queen Eleanor walked towards her.

"Marian how did it happen that Robin was injured, the plan was waterproof?"

"I know, but Robin was supposed to get to the horses and leave, instead he was trying to be a hero and confronted Guy. Guy didn't take that and plunge a knife into his shoulder."


"I plunge a knife in Guy's stomach, happy now?"

"You did the right thing, but there is another reason why I came to see you. I want that you go back to Sherwood and live your life as normal as possible. That is the only way to keep our secret, because I know that prince John won't be thrilled to find out that you know about this side of the family."

"I wouldn't want it in any other way." As Marian finished her sentence Tuck came out of Robin's room.

"Marian you can come in now, we are finished with the patient."

"Thank you Tuck," said Marian as she followed Tuck into the room.

Roanda was just finishing with putting her stuff in a saddlebag while Robin laid a little bit numb on the bed. Roanda who saw that Marian was in the room made a sign to Tuck to follow her and left the room.

Marian stood now alone in the room and walked to Robin's bed. She sat down on the chair next to the bed and remained silent until Robin spoke.

"What are you going to do know Marian, will you come back to Sherwood with us?"

"Yes Robin, I will be coming home. But I think I should leave know to let you rest."

"I rest better when you are here with me," said Robin while he fought back his smile.

"No I really should go and besides I have to help the amazons with the preparations for the ball tonight. Oh yes, before I forget it you're clothing for tonight lay next to your saddlebags."

Robin watched Marian leave the room and close the door. "Tonight," he thought," can I finally dance again with the one person that really matters to me. "And with that he fell a sleep.

End of Chapter five

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