The Birthday Party
By Minx
Chapter three

The next day was gray and cold. It rained from time to time, but that didnít bother Sir Guy of Gisborn. He had thought of the perfect plan to make Marian his wife and blame the other outlaws for Robins death. He would take Robin, when he got to his village to protect the peasants from his wrath, prisoner. After he got Robin he would sent a note to his own village so that they could tell the friends of Robin that he was willing to trade Robin for a huge amount of money; that Marian had to bring by herself and lay it in front of the main gate, otherwise he would die in front of their eyes. As soon as she got there, he would capture her by one of his men dressed as an outlaw and after he got her he sent Robin towards Prince John and keep Marian and the ransom money. The plan was simple and obvious and that made it so brilliant, because Little John and Tuck would never expect this. Sir guy got up from his chair, and walked towards the window that was above the garden. As he looked out of the window, he noticed how lonely the garden looked.

"Soon," he thought, " I will get my revenge on Robin and will I fill this garden again with the laughter of Marian and all of our children."

In the castle of London, Prince John couldnít believe what was happening. His witch was for the first time not able to help him out and solve problems he had with the legendary Three and Robin Hood. He also knew that as soon as those two "problems" would team up he could forget the throne of England as well.

In the compound was a heated discussion busy. Marian tried to get Friar Tuck so far that he would buy some new clothes for the Queens Birthday party, while Tuck found that his clothing was most appropriate for such an occasion.

"Come on Tuck, for the past few years that Iíve known you, you always wear that old robe."

"Marian for the last time, this robe helps in being humble."

"You donít have to be humble at the party."

"Come on you guys," said Little John, "why donít you two settle?"

"What are you talking about?" said Marian sarcastically.

"Yes there is nothing to settle about, I donít want new clothes and Marian thinks that this robe simply canít do."

"Why donít you take the faire with you Marian so that he can pick out his own outfit and Tuck you cant wear a robe in front of the Queen mother."

"Well alright than," said Tuck, "When do you want to go Marian?"

"Right now, letís go because I want to be back before noon."

Little john watched Marian and Tuck ride out towards the village and walked back to his tent.

In the village Marian and Tuck were looking for the proper clothing for Tuck. After a couple of hours searching they finally got an outfit for Tuck that they both agreed on. Tuck was going to wear a couple of black pants, a white blouse and over the blouse he would wear a leaves green, waistcoat. Tuck was at first a little bit awkward, since it had been over 16 years that he wore normal clothes. But when Tuck took a bag of coins out of his robe to pay for his clothes Marian stopped him.

"Tuck, why donít you get the horses, Iíll take care of the payment."

"But MarianÖ," mumbled Tuck

"Donít argue with me, just do it. Iíll meet you in front of the shop."

As Tuck walked outside he could hear Marian take a couple of coins out of her own bag. A couple of minutes later Marian walked outside and handed over Tuckís clothes. She mounted her horse and rode away without saying one word with Tuck in her wake.

Little John had just finished his meal when Tuck and Marian arrived at camp. He saw Tuck walking towards him with his new clothes underneath his arm.

"Hi friar, did you get yourself a new outfit?"

"Of course I did. I canít get in front of the Queen wearing an old robe."

"Did Marian agree?"

"She picked it out. She really has taste."

"I hope that my clothes are just as beautiful as yours."

"Knowing Marian they will. But know I got to go. There are some berries waiting met my name on them."

"See you later then Tuck," said Little John with a wicked gin.

Robin watched from a distance as Little John and Tuck parted. He walked towards the cook tent to meat with Marian and have dinner with her.

"Robin you look troubled, whatís wrong?" asked an concerned Marian.

"I was just thinking Marian, what time should we leave tomorrow to be in time for the Queen?"

"If weíll pack in the morning and leave at noon, we should be in time at the church in London to meat Felicity and Roanda."

"But where would we be staying for the night?"

"The queen expect use in the evening so that is not a problem."

"Thatís good to know, because I donít like the idea of being so near prince Johnís reach."

"Well letís get dinner and have a good nights rest, because we are gone need it."

The next day was cloudy. As agreed the outlaws rode out of camp at noon. Marian rode next to Robin in front while Tuck rode next to Little John. After they took several short cuts that Marian told them they reached London. When they reached the church Roanda an d Felicity where already waiting for them. Marian jumped down from her horse and ran towards her two companions. Robin, Tuck and Little John dismounted as well and watched the whole display. After a couple of minutes Robin interrupted the three.

"And Marian are you going to introduce us to these two lovely girls?"

"Sorry Robin, this here is Roanda and this is Felicity. Felicity and Roanda meat Little John, Tuck and Robin the one that we are protecting."

As Roanda looked at Little John, he started to blush.

"Uh oh," said Felicity softly to Marian. "Looks like Roanda got Little John on the hook."

"You canít be serious, again?"

"Yep, this could be a very interesting party."

"Felicity can I ask you a question," asked Tuck.

"Of course.í

" What do you do when you donít have a mission from one of your goddesses?"

"Iím working on my magic, while Roanda is a Celtic priestess for the goddess Bridgett. So you see we do have a personal life next to being the legendary three, but I have the most fun when we fight together to protect Robin."

"Why do you three protect him."

"Well he is the savior of all, also the Celts, and it is our job to keep him out of the claws of a couple of people and gods. But shouldnít we get to the castle before it gets dark."

"Youíre right, letís go," said Marian and she mounted her horse and rode towards Queen Eleanorís castle with the others in her wake.

Back at Prince Johnís castle guy was waiting for the prince. After a couple of minutes, the prince appeared with his guards. "So Guy, I heard that you had a plan to eliminate that cursed thief of Sherwood."

"Yes your majesty, I do, would your highness allow me to explain my plan?"

"Go on man, explain. I didnít come hear to have a drink with you."

Guy started to explain his entire plan through the detail and also asked permission to make Marian his wife.

"Why do you want Marian as your wife? Sheís annoying, doesnít tolerate man, hates youÖ"

"I know that but taking her from Robin would only cause him more pain and I get a beautiful wife and beautiful children."

"I see, well in that case you can have her but there is still a flaw in your plan. You see Robin is recently protected by three women that call themselves the legendary three. If you want to get to him, you have to find a way to get rid of these women. But there is a big problem one of the woman is a female warrior that is even stronger than an amazon. Now her fighting technique's are the same as Marian's. My guess is that they are one and the same so if you want to have my niece you have to make sure that she doesnít get help from the other two."

"Did you say niece!" shouted Guy through the room.

"Sit down man and yes Marian is my niece unfortunately, but she doesnít know it and I intend to keep it that way."

"But how?"

"Out of my mothers first marriage a daughter was born. She was mothers first child. She grew up, but at the age of fourteen her father died. My mother remarried my father, but when my mother got pregnant again she ran away not able to handle it. A couple of years later we heard from her. She was married with the Celtic lord Fitzwalter and had became a Celt herself. But it was not until Marian was born that she showed herself. It was quite a shock for Richard and me when we saw this woman and a baby girl that was our half sister. My mother was incredible happy with finding her first born and from that moment on she has watched over Marian. My mother promised Jean not to tell Marian that she was related with us until the time was there and she doesnít know it until this day on. But Guy remember that as soon as she learns that she is related to me she can abuse her power and take the throne. I count on you not to let that happen."

"Your highness can count on me, I shall make sure that my plan succeeds."

"Guy one last thing, take a couple of my soldiers with you to take the blame of you and be careful. Marian's claws are fare more deadly then they appeared to be."

Prince John watched Guy leave the castle and then turned around to see if his witch could help Guy with his plan.

End of Chapter 3

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