The Birthday Party
By Minx

Chapter two

Marian just stepped inside the cave when she saw that Roanda and Felicity were already there. It had been over two months since they last seen each other and they had really missed each other.

"How are things going with you two?" asked Marian with a broad smile on her face.

"The same, as before we were put together, but I really missed you Marian and you two Felicity."

"I feel the same about it," said Felicity while she had sparkles in her eyes from the joy of seeing her friends again.

"I guess I missed you both, but unlike you two it has been a very busy time, so I hadnít much time left to be sad from missing you both."

"We know that Marian, but it still feels good to be back together said Felicity. I agree with you said Marian with kindness in her voice."

"Me too, itís good to be back here, I really missed this place."

"Well letís get to business, what did you want to tell us?"

"First things first Felicity. How did you knew that I had something to tell you."

"Message from my aunt, I was supposed to pick Roanda up and wait for you in Druidís Grove."

"Very well than, Iím invited to attend to the birthday party of Queen Eleanor and I wanted to ask you if you would like to come too. Robin, Little John, and Tuck are coming as well."

"Great that sounds like we are finally getting some fun in our lives," says an excited Felicity.

"So youíll do it then?"

"Of course weíll come, wait for us in six days in front of the big church in London. Felicity and I will be there."

"Thatís settled then, I will meet you two in front of that church in six days. I have to return home now so Iíll see you two later. Goodbye!"

"Goodbye!" shouted Felicity and Roanda in unison to a disappearing Marian.

When she was out of sight Roanda and Felicity returned home themselves.

The next day was beautiful and warm. The sky was bright and the sun shone with all its power. It was almost autumn and the leaves started to become yellow, brown, and red. Robin was just enjoying the soft breeze and the beauty of the nature when he heard Sean screaming. As soon as Robin got to Sean, he saw what the problem was. The children had bound Sean to a chair and were now playing Robin Hood, while Sean was evil Prince John in the eyes of the children. Sean tried desperately to get free, but the children wouldnít let him go. After a couple of minutes watching Sean plead with the children, Robin felt sorrow for him and decided to get the children to let him go. Sean saw Robin standing nearby and began now to plead with his leader.

"Please Robin, I really need to do my work, can you help me out here?"

Robin, who had problems not to laugh said, "Why should I help the most despicable man in all of England?"

"Please Robin, donít do this to me."

"HmmÖ. What do you think children, should we have mercy on him?"

"Nooo," shouted the children, "He has to pay for what he has done."

"What should he do then to pay for his crimes. Do you have an idea Thessa?"

"Maybe he should serve the poor people so that he knows what hard working is?"

"Sounds like a good idea, but I donít think that anybody would want him as a servant. Why donít we let him go?"

"WellÖ all right," said little Tom, "weíll set him free."

After Robin had saved Sean from the children, he searched for Marian. It was such a lovely day that he wanted to ride with her towards the lake, because he had hardly spent time with her after she became Morriganís warrior. He found Marian asleep in her tent. Robin decided to wake her and called softly her name. After a few minutes she opened her eyes and stared right into his.

"Good morning," said Robin to a still very sleepy Marian.

"Good morning to you to," yawned Marian while she rubbed her eyes.

"I was thinking, do you want to ride with me towards the lake?"

"Just you and me?"


"Then I would say, count me in. I had hardly seen you these past two months. Iíll meet you by the stables."

Robin nodded and kissed her softly on the forehead, then he left her tent. He

Walked towards the stables to wait there on Marian, when Little John stopped him.

"Robin I know that it isnít my place to ask you this, but why do you think that queen Eleanor would sent an amazon to our camp, just to deliver a message, while she could also sent a normal messenger."

"I donít know Little John, but I got the feeling that there is something going on between those two, that we arenít allowed to know."

"I hope that it is something good and not something that could destroy the friendship between Marian and us."

"I hope so too, because I donít want to lose her. But lately it seems impossible to me to know how she feels and what sheís thinking. I really donít get her."

"Well if anyone is able to figure her out, then it is you. Youíre the only person who can open her up, because nobody else is that close to her here at camp. Not even the other woman at camp know anything personal about her. She always protects her past and doesnít talk about it to anyone."

"I know, but I think that we have to be passionate, sheís been trough a lot and my guess is even more than we know about."

"Now I have another question for you."

"And that may be?"

"Where are you going to?"

"Iím going towards the lake with Marian. Iíve hardly seen her lately."

"Well have fun, Iíll watch the camp until you come back."

Robin made his way to the stables, were Marian was waiting for him. She had saddled two horses and as soon as she saw Robin walking towards her, she mounted her black stallion. After Robin had mounted his grey stallion, the two of them rode out together towards the lake to spent there the rest of the day. The ride took about a half and a hour and when they got there it was already past noon. The sight by the lake was breath taking and Robin was glad that Marian was there to see it with him.

"God she looks so beautiful standing in the sunlight," he thought to himself. Marian stood a few paces away from him and closed her eyes. She remembered the time she had spent here training to become the warrior she now was.

"Where were you thinking about," asked Robin when she reopened her eyes.

"I was thinking about the time that I was trained here by Morrigan."

"Bad memories," Robin asked when he saw her face fall.

"No, good, It seemed as everything fell in place as I got further in my training. I was meant to become one of the three, but lately Iím a bit confused between my feelings and my duties. I donít know why, but I think that at some point it has to become clear to me again what I want. Does this make sense."

"Yes it does, even I wonder sometimes if Iím doing the right thing. I think that that belongs to the position as a leader or a superior warrior like yourself. But I know one thing certain."

"And that is?"

"That I love you very much."

With that Robin bent his head and brushed his lips over hers. Slowly one arm found his way around Marian's back and the other cradled the back of her head. Robin pulled her softly closer and deepened the kiss. Marian stopped resisting and kissed him back with all the love and passion she felt for him. But as soon as Marian got the feeling that it was on the edge of going further she softly broke the kiss and pushed Robin playfully away from her body.

"Why did you do that?" asked Robin still heated from the kiss.

"Now is not the time nor the place, Robin, just accept it.

"Of course I will, just come and sit next to me and enjoy the moment."

As Robin and Marian were sitting underneath a large oak they were talking about the time they were just a couple of children. As the night fell, Robin and Marian headed together to camp to spent the rest of the evening and night.

End of Chapter two

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