Just another Normal Night?

By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Five

Robin was surprised to find several of the Princes Guards in the pub, so early in the morning. There were at least six of them sitting in the pub. Each man was emptying their mugs of ale. He realized they were there, because of the early morning arrival of the Prince.

"Keep your head down, and don’t talk to anyone," Robin whispered to his companions. Lowering his head, he began to lead them out of the pub.

They had managed to make their way to the center of the pub, without notice until…

"Here now wench," a deep voice rumbled. "Can you fetch us a mug of ale." A guard roared out, as he grabbed Sally.

"Let her be!" Little John snarled, as he grabbed the mans wrist, twisting it back. Hearing the altercation, the other five guards flew up. Knocking their chairs to the floor, Robin let out a curse. All eyes were now on the small party, something they were trying to avoid.

Will jumped to the man that grabbed Sally. He slapped Little John’s hand away, as he chuckled. "Don’t mind ‘im. ‘E’s a little jumpy with the Prince comin’" Poking the guard in the ribs with his elbow, he whispered. "Confidentially, I ‘ears ‘e used to work in the Princes castle. Now they got ‘im out ‘ere, cleaning up after the ‘orses."

"What happened?" The guard asked, wondering what the large man could have done to offend the prince.

"’E got a conscious, I ‘ear tell that’s a death sentence, if you wants to work for the Prince."

All guards nodded their agreement at this statement, they knew all to well, what happened to a man with a conscious. Little John pulled Sally protectively behind him.

"That’s right," Will laughed, "Try to protect the wench. I swears ‘ortense, you should ‘ave been an outlaw for Robin Hood."

Pulling their chairs up, the guards slowly began to sit down, "If he was, we’d show him a thing or two." The guards all chuckled.

"Yeah," another man shouted. "I’d love to get me hands on that outlaw Robin Hood. I hear tell, the Prince has upped the reward for his capture to 1,000 gold crowns."

"Really?" Will sung out, "What ‘as he put on the other outlaws?"

"Come on…Aloysius," Robin hissed through clenched teeth. "Time to go."

"Oh most of them have at least 500 on their stinking heads," An immanciated guard roared.

"Wot about Will Scarlet?" Will asked, as Robin clamped a hand on his arm.

"Will who?" The guards all asked. Will pulled himself out of Robin’s grip. "Will Scarlet!" Will shouted, "You means to tell me you never ‘eard of ‘im?"

"Al, we have to go, now!" Robin shouted, as he grabbed one of Will’s arms. Little John grabbed the other. Will’s legs kicked out, as he fought to pull himself out of their hold.

"Wait a minum, I want to knows why they don’t know who Will Scarlet is." Will grunted, as he tugged on their hold. Sally and Eric flew to the door, throwing it open. Sally let out a cry of despair, as she saw Sir Henry standing in the doorway.

"Oh Sir Henry," Sally nervously laughed, "It’s nice to see you again," She shouted, "Where is your lovely wife?"

Robin released Will, Little John dragged him to a dark corner. Stooping down, to hide his height, he pulled the hood on his cape to cover his eyes.

"What’s going on here?" Sir Henry asked, his dark eyes roved around the pub. "You men aren’t suppose to be drinking!" He roared.

Each guard, reluctantly slammed their mugs of ale down. "Get out of here, the Prince has arrived!" Sir Henry roared, as he stormed into the pub. He stopped, when he spotted the man he left guarding the prisoners.

"I thought I ordered you to keep watch over Robin Hoods men." He stopped in front of Robin, crossing his arms across his chest in anger.

"I heard the Prince had arrived," Robin quickly replied. "I was coming to ask you when you wanted me to bring those Sherwood scum to the Prince."

Robin stood his ground against Sir Henry, hoping that he would believe the lie. He noticed the tall man eyeing him suspiciously.

"Wait a minute," Sir Henry sighed. His hand moved up, he pointed an accusing finger at Robin’s face. "Wasn’t that patch on the other eye?"

As Sir Henry said this, the door leading to the back flew open, two guards rushed in, "Sir Henry, the prisoners have escaped!"

"Great," Robin sighed, "Charade’s over!" Robin cried out, as he pulled the patch off. He threw his cape to Sir Henry, as he pulled his sword from its sheath.

"Allow me to introduce myself," Robin said, with a taunting laugh, and a half grin on his face.

"Robin Hood!" Sir Henry hissed, as he threw the cape to the floor. He back peddled away from Robin, dragging his sword from its sheath.

"I see my reputation precedes me," Robin chuckled, as he moved forward, his blade meeting Sir Henry’s with a clatter.

"A little help gentlemen," Robin called out, as he found he had to defend himself against three men. As two of the Princes guards decided to join the sword battle.

Little John and Will immediately threw their capes off. Little John picked up a table. Hefting it on his shoulders, he threw it to the door, that led to the back room. It crashed against the door, Little John continued to grab the tables, they flew towards the door, until he blocked the way for more guards to enter the fray.

"I’ll show you who Will Scarlet is," Will shouted, as he ducked the flying tables. Coming up to one of the Prince’s guards, he ducked a sweeping blow. Dropping to the ground, he rolled towards the guard, slamming against his legs. He fell down, Will pounced on him, it only took a few quick rabbit punches to his stomach, to quiet the guard down. Will was delighted to find four daggers on the guard, Will tucked away three, he kissed the fourth, "Nice to see you darlin’," He sighed, "Let’s show them ‘ow well we work together."

Searching the now crowded pub, Will saw Robin struggling to keep Sir Henry away. From the way Sir Henry handled the blade, Will could tell the man had extensive training in swordplay.

Spying one of the guards sneaking up on Robin from behind, Will pulled his knife back, letting it fly to the guard. It landed in his hand, forcing him to drop his sword.

"I never misses wot I aims at," Will shouted, as he ran towards the fallen guard. He picked up the sword he dropped. Spinning it in his palm, he swung the blade back and forth, catching it on the mans trousers. He stumbled, as they fell to his ankles. Will slapped the man on the rump, with the cold blade.

"If they ask, tell them you were defeated by the great Will Scarlet," he chuckled, as the man stumbled away.

Blocking one exit, Little John worked on opening the other. He spied Sally and Eric struggling with a guard, trying to enter the pub. Grabbing a staff, that was sitting to the side, he spun it in front of him, as he rushed the guard.

"Get back!" he shouted to Sally and Eric, as he ran forward.

Sally dragged Eric to the side, Little John stopped his quarterstaff. Planting it on the floor, he jumped up, using it to vault forward. He rammed his feet into the stomach of the guard. He let out a gasp of air, as he fell to the ground. Lifting the staff, Little John slammed it on the guard’s head, knocking him out.

"Come on Robin," Little John shouted, "Finish Sir Henry, and let’s go, the way is clear."

"I’m working on it," Robin huffed, as he was blocking a blow, aimed for his head. He was surprised at the skill Sir Henry possessed with the blade.

"You are not leaving this pub," Sir Henry panted, he pulled his blade to the side. Sweeping it across, Robin leaped in the air, avoiding the deadly blade. "I’m not going to allow you to make me look bad, in front of Prince John."

Robin cocked his head, throwing Sir Henry a half grin, he chuckled. "Ah, but that is what I live for," He grunted, as he lunged forward with his sword. Sir Henry expertly blocked his blow, pushing Robin’s sword to the side. He quickly lunged forward, forcing Robin back.

"I must say," Sir Henry gasped, as Robin leaped over a fallen table. "You do have a certain raw skill with the blade. Of course you will never be as superior with the sword as I am."

"Really?" Robin chuckled, as he dodged a hacking blow by Sir Henry, "Coming from you, I consider it a compliment."

"It’s a compliment that will be short lived," Sir Henry snarled, his blows with his sword quickened. Robin found he had to change to a defensive mode. His sword arm began to sting, by the force of the blows.

"I will defeat you Robin Hood, that is a promise," Sir Henry roared, as he drove Robin back.

"Sorry Sir Henry, not today," Robin said, with a wink, and a grin. Spinning around, he leaped on the bar behind him. Planting his feet, he jumped back. Landing behind the shocked Sir Henry, he swept his blade across. Catching Sir Henry on the knuckles – he forced him to drop his sword.

"Damn you!" Sir Henry hissed, as he shook his hand.

"I don’t think you are you speaking of your Prince John, because, he is already damned." Robin called out, as he ran towards the exit. Little John and Will Scarlet were waiting for him.

"Wot took you so long," Will said, with a twinkle in his eye.

"I could have been here sooner, if one of you would have helped me," Robin, complained, as he shoved his sword in its sheath.

"What, and spoil your fun?" Little John chuckled.

"Let’s get out of here," Robin said, as he saw Sir Henry picking up his sword.

As they ran out of the Pub, Robin spied Prince Johns’ carriage pulling up. He had only three men guarding him.

Running towards the carriage, Robin leaped on the lead horse. Standing on its back, he jumped on the next, horse. Grabbing the reins, he jerked the coachman off the carriage. The man tumbled on the ground.

"Get out of here, Sally," Little John ordered her, "We don’t want you or Eric to get in any trouble because of us,"

"But…" she began to argue back, "No buts, go now," Little John shooed her and Eric away, using his bulk to hide them from the Princes vision.

"What the devil is going on here!" Prince John roared, as his head poked out of the carriage door. Will Scarlet grabbed the door to his carriage. He sputtered, as he was dragged out.

"Release me," Prince John snarled.

"Will do Johnny, just as soon as we knows that your men will let us get away." Will said, as he placed the blade of a knife he had stolen, across Prince John’s neck.

"Help me!" Prince John gasped.

"Now Will," Robin scolded him, as he jumped down from the horses back. "Is that any way to treat royalty?"

"Oh, sorry abouts that Robin, sometimes I forget me etiquette. I meant Prince Johnny."

"There you go," Robin sung out.

"Robin Hood," Prince John sputtered, "You and your men were suppose to be locked up in a small cell, waiting for execution."

"Sorry to disappoint you, your highness," Robin said with a curt bow. "But my men and I just don’t like prisons. I hear it’s bad for the health." Robin said, with a wink of his eye.

"Sir Henry?" The Prince screamed, "Where the bloody hell are you?" He ranted, as his face turned a beet red.

"Release him," Sir Henry snarled, as he ran from the pub. The Lady Elena was close behind.

"Uh uh," Robin tsked, "We don’t let him go, until we leave this shire, with our necks intact."

"Help me," Prince John wailed, as Will dragged him towards the carriage. Little John grabbed one of the guards, as he sat astride on his horse. He threw him towards Sir Henry, who ended up ducking the flying guard. Robin procured the other guards horse, he was pleased to find the guard actually handing his horse to him.

"Do something, you idiot!" Elena hissed, "You can’t let them get away!"

Will pulled out one of his blades, pulling it back, he released it. It cut the reins that the third guard held. His face flushed white in fear, as he saw Will with a knife in hand. He leaped off his mount, running into the sleeping town.

"Let’s go," Robin curtly said, as he took Prince John from Will.

Will ran to one horse, while Little John mounted the other. Both men brought their horses to where Robin waited with Prince John. Little John held the reins to the third horse in his hands.

"As much as I’ve enjoyed this get together," Robin chuckled, "We really have to be going."

"Stop them!" Prince John shook, as he shouted to Sir Henry.

"If I do, he’ll kill you, your highness," Sir Henry hissed.

"That’s correct…your highness," Robin mimicked Sir Henry’s voice to perfection.

"Damn you, Robin Hood," Prince John said in a deadly whisper. Robin backed up Prince John, until he was near his mount. "Until we meet again, Sir Henry." Robin gave him a nod of salute.

"You promised me Sir Henry! You promised me you would give me his head on a silver platter." Prince John spat out in anger. "If you don’t stop him now, I swear. I’ll take your title away. I’ll give you the job of the Sheriff of Nottingham. You’ll spend the rest of your miserable life trying to catch him."

Sir Henry stayed rooted, he feared Prince John being injured, but what he feared the most, was Will Scarlet. For he had two knives held ready to fly to his heart.

"Sounds like a good job, Sir Henry," Robin chuckled, as he shoved Prince John on the ground, leaping on his horse, he gave Sir Henry a salute. "Until we meet again…Sheriff."

Kicking his heels on the horse’s flanks, Robin rode off, with Will Scarlet and Little John following behind him.

"See you around, Sheriff," both men laughed out.

Sir Henry ran to Prince John, picking him up, he was pushed down to the ground.

"Damn you!" Prince John roared, as he shook an accusing finger at him. "You promised me you would give me Robin Hood and his men. I put good money into this pub to set this up."

Prince John began to pace in a circle. Spouting out ways he was going to take his revenge out on Sir Henry. "Please, your highness," Lady Elena ran to the Prince, she pleaded with him. "My husband did capture them, he had them imprisoned most of the night. It was the incompetence of his men, that allowed them to escape. I’m sure if my husband had the proper men, he would have delivered Robin Hood himself into your hands." She purred.

Prince John gazed into the blue eyes of Lady Elena, patting her on the hand he sighed. "Not even your beautiful face can save your husband now my dear," he cooed.

"Come here!" Prince John ordered him.

Sir Henry slowly walked to the Prince, he heard his men exiting the pub. Glancing back, he saw them squinting in the sunlight. They stumbled out, making him look far worse.

"Kneel!" Prince John hissed.

Sir Henry fell to his knees, in front of the Prince. He pulled his sword from its sheath, placing it on Sir Henry’s shoulder, as he proclaimed loudly for all to hear.

"I do hearby strip you of your title. You no Longer will be known as Sir Henry de Falcumberg, your title will now be the High Sheriff of Nottingham. As a punishment for you, you can retain your title, only when you bring to me the head of the outlaw Robin Hood. Is that clear?"

"Perfectly," the new Sheriff coldly replied.

"Then rise, Sheriff of Nottingham."

Lady Elena moved to stand by her husband’s side, her face twisted in anger. She was now the wife, of a lowly sheriff! She swore, if she had something to say about it. His demotion would not last long.

As the Prince walked away, Lady Elena whispered to the new Sheriff.

"It shouldn’t be hard, my love. All you have to do is kill Robin Hood."

"Oh yes, my love," he chuckled, as he tightly clenched his fist, drawing blood. "But before he dies, I will make his suffer. For the humiliation I have had to live through."

"Are you coming, Sheriff?" Prince John called out.

"Yes, sir," he hissed back. Every time he was to be called Sheriff, it was a dagger thrown into his heart. It reminded him of the defeat he suffered today. A defeat he was sure to use as an incentive to capturing Robin Hood.

The Prince left the town before evening fell. The new Sheriff followed soon after, needing to learn of his new duties. The town of Williamshire grew silent. The black cat was boarded up, the Yellow Griffin now remained the only pub in town.

That night a party was held, in celebration of Robin Hood’s defeat of the new Sheriff of Nottingham. In the back of the pub, there sat a special table. Three hooded men were given special attention. Sally and her children stayed by the table. Making sure the men’s mugs were full.

Sally let out a jolly chuckle, as she heard Will Scarlet loudly say, "You still ‘aven’t told me why you never gave me that special brew."

Eric finally told Will, that he never gave him the potion, because they loved him like an Uncle. They didn’t want to lose that special friendship, if he became their father. This brought a tear to Will’s eye, pulling them all into a great, big hug – ala: Little John, he let them know that he cared for them also, as if they were his own.

They left the pub that night, making many new friends. They knew they would need them, for Robin now had a powerful new enemy. This enemy would soon learn, that Robin would fight bravely against any man that instilled their will on the weak and the poor.

Robin would not be a man that he could easily defeat, for the Sheriff now fought a legend.

His name was Robin Hood, and he has now met his evil counterpart,

The Sheriff of Nottingham.

The End

Special Note: I give permission for any of the writers to use this Sheriff in their stories.
This sheriff is skilled in sword play, has a wicked heart. His amorous wife is something that
will be a thorn in his side, as well as Robin's. Have fun guys, he's new and VERY fexible.

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