Echoes of the Past

By the Outlaw List Writers

Part 8
by Laura Feltyberger

     The Celt kept up his fight with Little John as if he thought he actually had a chance of knocking down the blond giant.  Every time the Druid attacked Little John would knock him aside like a branch that had gotten in his way.  Olwyn’s voice sounded in John’s ears again.

     “Little John, your salvation is within yourself.  Use it!”

     “Olwyn, I don’t know how!  Tell me how!”

     But there was no response from the ancient sorcerer.

     The Druid rose once again but did not attack immediately.  It seemed he was catching his breath, maybe forming another plan to get the upper hand on his opponent.  Little John saw a nimbus of dark light begin to envelop the Druid, pulsing as if it breathed life along with it’s host.  John felt the crackles of energy mere seconds before he reacted purely on instinct.

     The Druid threw a black bolt of lightning directly at John, aiming for his heart.  John instinctively threw up his arms to protect himself, and the bolt was deflected as easily as if it had met a stone wall.  He had only moments to marvel at the sight before another bolt came straight at him.  He threw up his hands again to deflect the bolt, and it exploded harmlessly a foot in front of him.

     “So now I know how to defend myself, but how do I stop him?”  John muttered to himself.  He fended off another barrage of bolts, watching the seething black energy writhing around his enemy.  He noticed that the man threw the bolts with one hand only, his right.

      John made a fist with his right hand and felt the tingling sparks gathering in his hand.  He opened his fist and sensed more energy gathering there.

     The Druid’s eyes widened fractionally when he saw the blue-white energy radiate from Little John.  The light ball that he’d gathered in his hand grew in strength and the Druid fought the urge to run.

     John tentatively raised his hand and with a forceful gesture directed the energy bolt at the Celt.  White hot lightning streaked across the short distance and seared the Celt to his core.  John did not stop his attack, but kept the lightning flowing as he fought back.  The Druid’s faculties faltered; his synapses shorted out and ceased to function, the man dropped to his knees.

When the Celt’s body finally hit the ground, the combination of the blue shock that hit him from the floor. The white hot blast that John continued to produce, and shards of the fallen Druid’s own splintering black halo created a vortex that seemed to draw everything around it into it’s gaping throat.

 John fought it’s powerful draw, then looked upwards to where he could see Robin, Marion, and his own helpless body still at the mercy of the Druids.  He threw himself headlong into the vortex.

     Olwyn’s voice sounded again in his ears:  “Remember this place, remember what you have within you.  Combine your strengths and bring the lost back to the light!”

     John smelled the earth and crushed grass beneath him.  His eyes popped open and he easily jumped to his feet.  He came face to face with the Druid leader, blue-white light sparking in his eyes and energy tingling at his fingertips.  He smiled.

     “Hey, Robin, guess what I learned how to do?”

End of Part Eight

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