Echoes of the Past

By the Outlaw List Writers

Part seven
by Hayley

Below John was nothing but a bright light, but above him was the scene that he had just left. It was like being deep inside a pool of water looking up. He could see Robin down on his knees in front of the druid leader, Marion’s body lying still on the ground and most freighting of all his own body slumped up against the large rock.

Before John had time to fully take in what was truly going on the strange man ploughed into John, trying to knock him over. John stood his ground and sent the guy flying. When he landed on the white floor it looked like a bolt of blue lighting blazed though his body. Again and again the man came at him and every time John sent him flying away.  Each time he hit the floor the lighting struck, it would have killed a live man many times over.

"You know I can keep this up all day, but at some point it's going to get boring" John told the Celt

"Well the only way that I can get back is if I bet you here"

"Then I guess you and I are going to be here for a while"

Once more the man charged John this time John reached out a large hand on the end to one of his long arms and placed it on top of the man’s head, stopping him from reaching him. John stood like this for a few minutes enjoying watching the man try in vain to hurt John.

"LITTLE JOHN" a voice said in a firm tone

At the sound of his name Little John let go of the man and looked around him to see where the sound had come from. Very slowly a shape began to form in front of him, as it got clearer the shape began to speak again.

"Little John, we do not have time for you to play around with this man"

"Olwyn is that you"

"Yes John, now finish the fight and get back to the living world to help the others"

"But how, every time hit him, he keeps coming back"

"John, you have it within you. Just look inside yourself"

End of Part Seven

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