Echoes of the Past

By the Outlaw List Writers

Part Six
By Paddy

Before Marion could run away, the same power, which had already disabled Robin and Little John, came over her and deprived her of her ability to move. Her heart and soul filled with horror, disgust and fear finally forced her throat to reveal a scream. What she had seen before, the two skeletons and the imagination of John and Robin being turned to one of these frightening Celts,  were too much for her to bear. In her motionless state she went unconscious.

Probably this was the best, which could happen to her. Both Robin and Tuck in the distance had no more Celts in their minds. Now their thoughts and sorrows were with John and Marion. They both knew that Marion had only lost consciousness, but they had no clue about Little John. The Celts themselves had become very quiet. No more drums, no more chanting. Obviously they had even forgotten about their victim, whose lifeless body still lay on the large rock. In horror and shock they all looked down at the loose bones on the ground.

Suddenly their leader exposed from the crowd and slowly walked towards Little John's limp form on the ground and their former member. For the very first time Robin found something like uncertainty in the druids lifeless eyes. Yet still he couldn't move.

"Dear friends, now it's up to them. They'll both fight the fight of their lives."

"What does that mean," Robin suddenly heard himself saying. Slowly the druid turned around and looked deeply into Robin's clear eyes.

"That is your decision. There are only two possible ways. One of them will come back. Either you or I will mean," the druid said and was about to turn away again, when again Robin heard himself saying something.

“I don't understand."

"The one who disturbed the ceremony, destroyed the link between our man and yours. Now they are both prisoners in a world between the underworld and ours. Everything is now up to the two of them."

Little John woke up with a bad aching in his head. Confusedly he checked the surrounding. There was nothing but a bright, sort of blue light. He looked down to his feet and saw nothing. There was absolutely nothing. Actually there wasn't even nothing. Then he took another look around and saw another man lying on the ground in the distance. Slowly he walked towards the person that still seemed to be unconscious. He didn't dare to touch the still form on the invisible ground. John just kept on hoping that the other one would wake up soon and tell him, where they were.

Some time later, a half eternity for John, the stranger began to stir. It took another eternity until the stranger's face became visible. When John realized that something was going on, he looked up, but couldn't believe what he saw.

End of Part Six

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