Echoes of the Past

By the Outlaw List Writers

Part Four
by Diana Siciliano

    From a distance, Marion and Tuck saw what was happening.  "Tuck why did you stop me from going with them?,"  Marion said, sounding upset.

    "If we went, we would be helpless too.  This way we can come up with a plan to rescue them.  I pray for that poor girl who wasn't so lucky," Tuck said.  Marion and Tuck watched as the forest seemed to come to life.

    "R-R-Robin, I don't like this," Little John said, sounding frightened.

    "You have to stay calm, John, in order to think of a way out of this.  Remember, we're in this together," Robin tried to comfort his friend. Thinking of his other friends, he added,  "I just hope Marion and Tuck are safe."

    Tree branches turned into arms, that reached down to their roots.  When the trees lifted themselves from the ground, hooded figures emerged.  The chanting and pounding of the drums grew louder as more walked up from the earth.  As they appeared, they walked towards the Celts' leader, forming a circle around him.  He was standing on the rock, over the body of his victim.

    The last to arrive walked over to Robin and Little John instead.  He looked at them, nodded his head.  He then went to the others.  The circle opened and he proceeded to the rock, and climbed on it to join the Celts' leader.  Then the leader pointed to the frozen outlaws.

    Little John turned to Robin. "I wish I knew what they were doing."

    "And I wish I paid closer attention to my tutors when I was supposed to be studying Celtic History and Gaelic," Robin told him.

    Four druids turned and started to walk towards Robin and Little John. They reached into their robes and took out some rope. Robin and Little John had their hands tied behind their backs.  After each druid held one of the outlaws by the arm, Robin and Little John could feel their feet move.  They found themselves being forced towards the circle.

    "Tuck, quick give me your robe!," Marion was now frantic.

    "What?," Tuck gave her a puzzling look.

     "It will be big on me.  I can pull the hood over my head, join the group, and get Robin and Little John out of there. Do you have any other ideas?,"  She said, growing impatient.

    Tuck untied his belt, and pulled the robe over his head, handing it to Marion.  She made sure her whip and sword were secured on her belt, and put on the robe.

    "Godspeed," Tuck called as she ran off to help her friends.

End of Part Four

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