Echoes of the Past

By the Outlaw List Writers

Part Three
by Tasha

Robin’s heart thudded in his chest in echo of the drums as he hurtled towards the rock.  He didn’t know whether his companions had followed, he just knew that he had to do something.

The gathered Celts stopped their actions, and stared blankly at the invader.

Their leader’s head snapped up from his evil task.  His glowing eyes bored into Robin, bringing him to a halt.  Throwing the girl to a minion, the leader strode to the top of the rock and roared.  His voice had an unearthly quality, like that of a dragon.  Fixing Robin in his glare he pointed a claw-like finger towards him and muttered deeply under his breath.

“Ty cafos byghan mynnes gwaya!”

Robin was suddenly unable to move.  His breath caught in his chest and he was powerless to tear his eyes away from the scene on the rock.  He heard Little John close behind him.

“Robin, I can’t move!” he gasped.

“Me either.  Just don’t panic.”

“How… how do I do that?”

Robin had no answer for him.

Satisfied, the leader turned back to his victim.  The assembled Celts converged on Robin and Little John, circling them and swaying in time with the drum.  Robin fought to turn his head, but couldn’t move it.  He hissed at Little John.

“John.  Where’s Marion & Tuck?”

John could just barely hear him through the noise.  “I don’t know.  I thought they were behind me.  I can’t see…”

“I know.”

“Robin.  What do we do?”

Pray, Robin thought as he looked up at the drugged girl on the rock.  Her head lolled to one side, and she whimpered, unconsciously cowering away from the menacing figure.

“Bahl!” He screamed to the sky in his unearthly voice, pulling a glinting blade from the sheath at his side, and raising it towards the sky.  “We implore thee!  Return to us! Raise the dead, bring the darkness back to the world!”

Robin closed his eyes.  He could not watch as the knife plunged downwards into poor victim. The girl didn’t even scream.  Where were Marion and Tuck?

The drumming around them reached a crescendo, and the crowd picked up the chant, “Bahl, Bahl, Bahl.”  Robin couldn’t believe what was happening.  It was like insanity, or a crazed dream, but as the ground started to shake, he knew it was real, and it wasn’t good.

End of Part Three

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