Echoes of the Past

By the Outlaw List Writers

Part Two
by Ginnie Callahan

"But...but it was only a story" muttered the Friar leaping to his feet in shock as the drums were clearly audible now.

The four outlaws gathered close together now all holding a weapon of sorts.
Robin looked slowly around them noticing a dull light in the distance and quickly noting to the others that the sounds appeared to be coming from that direction.

"It would only take a second to saddle the horses" John whispered looking at the animals in the distance. The first thing he noticed was that even the horses had stopped grazing and were pulling at the bridles to gain freedom and flee the eerie sounds.

"'re too close to Sherwood not to check this out Little John,"
Robin re-sheathed his sword and picked up his bow slinging the quiver of arrows over his back, "We'll just take a little stroll over towards that light and see who our visitors are."

"How did I know he would say that" the blond giant sarcastically commented hoisting his quarterstaff over his broad shoulder.

“Has Robin ever let us down?" Marion laughed a nervous laugh following behind their leader as they formed a single file line walking towards the glow in the distance.

"I have one question, Tuck" Little John again resumed whispering as they crept through the dense woods, "was it a coincidence that you picked tonight to choose that particular story?"

"  What is the date John?"

"I believe its.." The words caught in the large mans throat, "The 31st?"

"Right again"  Tuck replied drawing to a stop with his comrades.  The beating of the drums came to a quick halt but the silence was not for long. "Oh Holy Mother of God..."

They proceeded, listening closely to the soft human voices.  The chant was becoming louder and louder, the words repeating over and over .."Raise the dead, oh great and mighty Bahl.. Raise the dead, oh great and mighty Bahl"

The drums resumed their beat in rhythm with the chanting.  The voices had a musical quality, almost hypnotic.  As the four outlaws reached the source of this mystic ceremony they could but observe silently in horror.

In this clearing in a ring of trees was a large fire that seemed to rise and fall with the rhythm of the drums.  Surrounding the fire in a ring was a group of white robed hooded figures, hands outstretched dropping powder into the fire causing the flames to leap and play before them.  Standing on a tall rock behind them was a white clad figure, a large Celtic medallion hanging round his neck. He was staring at the ground, clenching a long wooden staff with a clearly recognizable rams head on it with two large green emerald eyes that appeared to be glowing as the chanting continued.

"Bahl, our great and glorious god.  Keeper of life and death, ruler of the underworld, hear us now" this tall majestic figure shouted. "We offer you this sacrifice this All Hallows Eve. To ensure the opening of the gates to the underworld allowing your demons to again walk this earth"

With this the four concealed figures watched, as a young girl clad scantily in a sheet was drug from behind the statuesque rock bound and gagged by two additional henchmen to stand before the speaker.  As the man on the rock looked up, Robin and the three gasped as they realized that the speaker's eyes glowed a bright red as well as the others clad in white robes.

 The chanting became louder, the fire grew and grew and the drums echoed as a horn blasted in the distance.  At this precise moment the capped figure on the rock leapt down withdrawing a long curved blade from his robe with an identical rams head handle as was on the staff.  Accepting a golden goblet from one of his followers, he dipped the blade into the thick red fluid and painted it on the girl's lips.

Robin then realized that the girl was drugged or under some type of trance and knew not what was happening to her. The robed leader stroked her face with the blade allowing the tip to follow the lines of her body until the point was centered over her chest.  Then starting to chant in a language not recognizable to our group, the figure pulled back the blade preparing to thrust it into the young girl's heart.  Robin knew he must do something but there was no time to try to work out a plan and thus leapt from his cover shouting, "Stop"!

The end of Part Two

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