Echoes of the Past

By the Outlaw List Writers

Part 11
By Christine

    Jacobi was slithering ever closer to Marion, his eyes an unholy look about them.  She backed away,  weak at the knees and bewildered by the stranger.

"I was right , you are quite the laydee..."

A low hiss escaped from Jacobi's mouth and he edged  closer still.  The Druid's chanting became a monotonus rumbling, walking inside Robins ears.  As the chanting became louder inside his head, Jacobi was inching ever closer toward Marion.  In his minds eye, Robin could see Jacobi forcing Marion into a passionate embrace.

Trying to fight off the stranglehold on his mind, Robin dove between Jacobi and Marion.  Tackling Jacobi in the legs, Robin tried to get him on the ground. The Druids chanting intensified, sending Robin into a mental spasm. He couldn't believe  what his mind was forcing him to see.

    The chanting of the Druids now became an incessant pounding in his ears as he and Jacobi wrestled on the ground. When Jacobi touched Robins face, a horrifying scream erupted from Robin. The skin on his face was being bathed in an acidic burning. Little John grabbed his staff and pried Jacobi off Robin, trying to help but it was too late. The flesh on Robins face was badly burnt.

As Little John tried to take on Jacobi himself, Robins mind was projecting the Druids bidding once again. The chanting of the Druids became a gritty, hollow rumble, encompassing Robin. Helpless as he was to prevent Jacobi, he crawled hopelessly toward Marion, trying to protect her from the dark eyed evil that now lunged toward her.

End of Part 11

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