Echoes of the Past

By the Outlaw List Writers

Part 10
By Sandy Neumann

         The earth beneath their feet started splitting.  They backed away from the cracking earth.  The Druid leader disappeared behind the smoke coming from the largest crack.  The other Druids started chanting loudly.

         From the earth, the red light became shadowed as a figure emerged from the hole.  As the figure became clear; Robin and the others mouths dropped open.

The earth stopped trembling as the cloaked man stepped onto solid ground.  A sneer could be seen forming on his lips.  His dark eyes bore into Robin.

        "I always knew he came from hell," Robin muttered.

         Little John, Tuck, and Marion could not believe who they saw before them.  It was another Robin, or so they thought.  He pushed back his hood to reveal his long hair and devilish brow.  This man looked like Robin, but a darkness seeped out of his whole being.

         "I's told you'd never be rid of me." Jacobi's smirk made Robin cringe.  Jacobi's eyes turned to Marion, who seemed to have gone into a trance.  "Ah, your Beloved!"

            Robin became infuriated at any thought of Jacobi coming near Marion; his mind raced with hate and anger.

        The Druids chanting grew more intense as Jacobi moved closer to Marion.  The Druids were now in full control of Robin's thoughts.

End of Part Ten

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