Deprived Lives
By Paddy
Chapter One

Robin ran as fast as his feet would carry him. Prince John’s soldiers were close behind him now, with General Cole in the lead. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his back and he stumbled and fell. The pain in his back increased, when his body hit the ground with a sickening thud. Soon the soldiers were close and Robin tried to run away, but he couldn’t. His body just wouldn’t follow Robin’s order to run and to run away quickly. A shadow fell over Robin’s body and as he looked up, he was forced to look straight into the laughing face of General Cole.

"So we finally got you. The price on your head is mine and Prince John will gladly pay it." Robin just gave him the evil eye and was rewarded with a kick into his back. Robin cried out in agony.

"You know, this suits me fine," General Cole said. "Robin Hood – the prince of thieves laying at my feet, unable to run away or defend himself." He paused. Then continuing. "Soldiers, get him. We’ll take him to the prince’s castle."

"I don’t think you will," suddenly a female voice interrupted him. General Cole quickly turned on his heels to look at the most beautiful and scary woman, he had ever seen. She wore a long black dress, which underlined the paleness of her face. Her long black hair fell down to gently kiss her small waist. Her deep, dark brown eyes looked filled with determination at him.

"Let this man go, or fear the consequences," she insisted.

"Why should I," Cole laughed out loud at her order. "You are not in the position to order, you know," he said, still giggling.

"Well, I don’t think you are in the position to order. This will be the last time, I ask you. Let this man go or fear the consequences." Cole only started to laugh harder about her words.

"Obviously you don’t know, who you are talking to. I’m General Cole, General of his royal highness’ army of Prince John. So, do you still think, you are to give me any commands?" he asked, still unable to stop laughing. The strange woman’s eyes shot daggers at him. She knew that Cole had never had a chance.

"Soldiers, take her and Prince John’s special friend Robin Hood prisoner. His royal highness will be very please with m.... us."

"You can’t win this, you know," the strange woman warned him.

"I’ve already won," Cole declared and headed off to his horse.

"You’ve just lost your life," the strange woman whispered, only so that she could hear it, while one of the soldiers bound her hands behind her back. She knew that the bonds couldn’t keep her under the control of the soldiers and General Cole, but she had to go with them, if she wanted to save Robin Hood. They threw the unconscious Robin over a horse and the strange woman had to sit with one of the soldiers on his horse. She didn’t protest or anything, but stayed calm. She knew that she was right.

An hour later they arrived at the castle of Prince John. Proudly General Cole stood before the prince.

"Your highness, I guess I have something that will please you. I’ve taken a strange woman prisoner and along with her, your greatest enemy Robin Hood himself."

"You did great, General Cole. You will be rewarded for ...." Prince John’s words came to a halt, when four soldiers brought the two prisoners into the throne hall. His eyes opened wide with fear and he could barely breathe.

"You’ll die for this Cole. You’ll die for this."

"Hello Johnny Boy," the woman said. "How are you doing?"

"Lady Sarianna! I am so sorry about this. Guards free her immediately."

"Thanks Johnny, but it won’t be enough. Free the man as well," she ordered.

"Milady, I can’t do this! He is my biggest enemy. He’s Robin Hood."

"I know that Johnny. But you know what will happen, when you don’t obey me. So do as I said, or fear the consequences." Prince John gulped hard and gave one of the soldiers a wink to release Robin.

"You know what you have to do with your General, but actually I don’t want him to die. Give him a good scare and it will be enough. Well, Johnny, I’m off," she grinned. Prince John’s whole body was trembling by the fear he felt. Sarianna took the limp form of Robin into her arms and disappeared into a black light. Seconds later she was gone.

Sarianna had taken Robin to her castle, hidden in the deepest part of Sherwood Forest. She brought Robin into a huge room, in the middle of it was a huge bed. Softly she laid him down on his chest. She went over to a small table and took the scissors, which were placed there. Sarianna made her way back to Robin and started to cut his tunic down. She worked very slowly, since she didn’t want to hurt him any more. When she had finished taking off his tunic, she examined his wound. The arrow was still in it and she knew, that it wouldn’t be an easy thing to get it out, without causing any more damage. She opened the drawer of the nightstand standing next to the bed. It was filled with medical instruments, dressings and many small pots filled with various ointments and a bottle of pure alcohol. Sarianna took a clean strip of cloth and the bottle with alcohol out of it. Carefully she opened the bottle and dropped some of the alcohol onto the cloth.

"Emilia," she yelled. "Emilia come, I need a hand." Only seconds later the door opened and a young girl came in.

"At your service, mother."

"Emilia, help me tend to this man," Sarianna ordered.

"Who is he?" the girl asked her mother.

"He’s a good man. His name his Robin Hood. You might have heard of him," Sarianna smiled at her daughter.

"I only know that Prince John doesn’t like him. Who shot him?" Emilia asked.

"The Prince’s men," Sarianna sadly shook her head. "I guess he’ll never learn."

"Why doesn’t he keep the promise he has given you so long time ago? I mean, he should know, that you are much more powerful than him."

"He keeps thinking, that I’d probably forget about it one day."

"I see. Now how can I help you, tending to poor Robin."

"Just give me a hand and give me the things I’ll need. I must be quick now, because I’m afraid he is dying."

Emilia smiled at Sarianna. She loved her mother so much. They knew they were different from every human and non-human being on the surface of this earth and that’s why they had to hide in the deepest part of Sherwood. But she had never given up the hope, that one day they would live as all the others did.

Sarianna took the alcohol moist strip and started to clean Robin’s wound. She felt him stir under the sensation of pain, the alcohol inflicted on his wound.

"Emilia, hold him down. He’s not to move." Emilia nodded her head. She leaned in with her whole weight, but even in his unconscious state, Robin seemed to be stronger than her.

"Mother, I can’t hold him back," she said, afraid that Robin would be damaged more, when moving.

"Okay, I’ll give him a herbal tincture which will put him into a deep sleep. Just hold on another moment," she pleaded with her daughter. Emilia tried as hard as she could, but had less success. Sarianna returned with another small bottle in her hands. It was filled with a dark brown liquid. Quickly she opened it and poured some of it into Robin’s mouth, then forced him to swallow.

"This should help," she said and waited until the tense in Robin’s body ceased.

"Quick now, he’s becoming weaker. I can feel it," Sarianna said in horror and started the terrible work she had to do. She took the knife with the sharpest blade and made the wound, Robin already had, a little bigger, for it would make it easier to get the arrow out of his hot, burning flesh. That his skin was so hot, was no good sign, since it was the evidence of a heavy infection of flesh. Emilia carefully pulled the skin around the wound aside, so that Sarianna could take a closer look on how bad it was.

The arrow had been of an enormous length and most of it was stuck in Robin’s flesh. Emilia handed her a small saw, so that Sarianna could cut off the little piece of the arrow, that still looked out of his back. Very carefully she did it, but the difficult part was still to come. Sarianna gave Emilia two long metal sticks and ordered her to push them into the wound and to widen it with them, so that Sarianna had enough space to get the rest of the arrow out. She pushed two fingers into the wound and grabbed the arrow by its head. Slowly and very carefully she started to pull it out of the wound and tried to make sure, that the arrow-head didn’t hurt any of the muscles more than necessary. Finally she had managed to get the arrow out of Robin’s flesh completely and a sigh of relief was already about to leave her throat, when a stream of deep, dark red blood flooded out of the wound.

"Emilia, quick! Give me more cloth!" she ordered as she pressed her fist against the wound, leaning in heavily. Quickly Emilia ran to the other side of the bed to grab some more cloth and handed it to her mother.

"What can we do now? Do you know how to stop the bleeding?"

"Give me the ointment, placed in the right corner of the drawer," she told her. Emilia did as she had been told and gave it to Sarianna. She took quite a big amount and smoothed it over the wound. Soon the bleeding stopped. Next, Sarianna closed the wound and dressed it.

"We’ll have to wash him," she muttered, when she looked at the lifeless form of Robin. But she was not sure at all, if Emilia was already old and still strong enough to help her with this. She decided that it would be better for her daughter not to do it. In her eyes she could see, that Emilia was exhausted anyway.

"Emilia, go and get Curvenal. I need him to help me."

"Will you still need me?" she asked her mother, looking tiredly out of her dark brown eyes.

"No. Go get some sleep. You’ll have to help me later again."

"Good night, mother," Emilia smiled and left the room. Soon Curvenal came and joined Sarianna.

"What’s your wish, Milady?"

"Help me wash this man," she said. "Get some warm water, towels and a shirt for him to wear. Curvenal nodded and left the room. Ten minutes later he came back, with the requested things loaded up in his arms. He tossed them down on the bed, so that they had it near them when they would need the things. Only the water dish was placed on the nightstand. Together Sarianna and Curvenal undressed Robin completely. Then she took a wet cloth and started to rub the dried blood off Robin’s body. With Curvenal’s help, she was finished after thirty minutes and then dressed Robin in a long, light white shirt. When they were done, Sarianna pulled the blankets over Robin’s body and then they left him, so that he could rest, sleep and heal.

When Robin woke up, he felt a terrible pain covering his entire body and the center of this pain seemed to be his head. His head was burning and his mouth dry from thirst. Next to his bed a strange woman was sitting. In some way he thought, that there was a dangerous aura around her. With all his might he tried to be quiet enough, not to awaken her, but it was too late. The woman woke up and looked straight into his own opened eyes. When she saw, that his eyes were no longer closed, a smile kissed her pale lips.

"You’ve slept a long time, young man," she welcomed him.

"What is your name?" Robin asked her weakly.

"I am Sarianna." She got up from her chair and went over to the table standing by the wall. A jar was placed on it and she grabbed it. Then she went back and sat down next to Robin on his bed.

"Drink this," she ordered.

"What is that?" Robin asked her, hesitating to drink the bad smelling brew.

"It’s a tea that will help you to sleep and ease the pain," she explained. The promise that the pain would go away, convinced Robin to do as he was bid. Quickly he emptied the jar and to his surprise it wasn’t as bad to his taste, as it had been to his nose. Only moments later he drifted off into a deep, dreamless and painless sleep. When Sarianna was sure, that Robin was asleep, she left him alone. Walking through the long dark corridor, she was on her way to Emilia. Eventually she came to her room. 24 hours had passed, since she had sent her daughter to get some rest and it really surprised her, that she found her still asleep. Smiling she went towards her daughter and laid down next to her on the bed. Softly she caressed her daughter’s black hair.

"Emilia," she whispered into her ear. "Emilia wake up." The girl stirred under the soft touch of her mother’s loving hands, but didn’t seem to wake up.

"Emilia, it’s time to wake up. The sun has already set. I need you to do something for me."


Same time, different place


Marion went wild with concern for Robin. He hadn’t come back in days, though he was only supposed to be away for a half day. Friar Tuck and Little John wassn’t any less concerned, but they knew that Marion was easily exaggerating. But only caused by her fear and her concern for Robin. The two men knew that very well and so they had to try to calm her a little.

"Marion, I’m sure he’s fine," the friar tried to calm her. "You should be used to it, that Robin is sometimes away longer, than he told us he would be."

"Yes, and most likely those times something happens. No, I know it. There is something wrong," she said, stubborn as she was.

"Marion, sometimes even a man like Robin Hood needs some time off," Little John argued. And he knew, that Marion knew that he was right. Sadly she shook her head.

"I’ll never understand how you can stay so calm at such times. I’m going nuts."

"We see that," the friar and Little John said in unison. Marion blushed a deep red, but had no time to shoot her answer back. A white light suddenly started to shimmer right where they were sitting and from it, a young girl appeared. Stunned from fear and surprise, the three of them sat on their trunk, mouths opened wide, as well as their eyes.

"I am Emilia, daughter of the Lady Sarianna Devonshire," the young girl said, smiling at them. "I was sent here to inform you about the whereabouts of a man they call Robin Hood," she explained the reason for herself being there with them. When Marion had recognized the meaning of her words, the shock left her immediately and her mind started to work again.

"Where is he, how is he doing, is he well?" The questions flew out of her mouth.

"Slow, Marion," the friar scolded her. "Let the young lady catch her breath."

"The man they call Robin Hood was injured by an arrow of the soldiers of the man they call Prince John. My mother, Lady Sarianna tends to him and as soon as he will be well again, she’ll bring him back to your compound."

"What are you saying? He is injured? Bring me to him!" Marion yelled out loud.

"I’m sorry Milady, but this is impossible. None is to know where the Lady Sarianna of Devonshire lives. I cannot bring you there," Emilia said determined.

"You can’t hold me back to get to my Robin!!" Marion cried out, as panic welled up in her.

"I am sorry, Milady, but it is impossible." With that said, the young woman disappeared into the same shimmer of light, as she had appeared from only moments before.


Back at Devonshire Castle


Sarianna returned to Robin’s room, after she had sent her daughter away to the outlaws’ compound. When her look finally fell on Robin’s pale form on the bed, her eyes went wide in both shock and fear. The young outlaw was pale, and yet she could see the terrible fever and its heat streaming out of Robin’s tortured body. Sarianna ran over to him and laid her hand down on Robin’s burning forehead. To her surprise, she found Robin’s eyes watching her. He was awake!

"How are you doing, young man?" she whispered, trying to hide the concern in her voice.

"As if the biggest castle of England could be placed in my head." He was even afraid, his head would explode.

"You’ve been through a lot, young man and you’re running a fever. Rest. You’ll be better soon." Her soothing voice made Robin calm down some.

"Who are you?" he asked, his voice barely rose above a whisper.

"A friend," she told him, but Robin couldn’t hear her anymore. Sarianna was glad that he had at least woken up for a short moment. It was a good sign, though she didn’t have much hope for him. Though none could recognize it from the outside of her, she was furious. If the man they called Robin Hood would die, then Prince John would have too, along with the murderer of Robin Hood. The man was just too important for the world and he just couldn’t die. And there was still something to come for him, he had yet no idea himself. But Sarianna knew. He would be the one to save her kind, only with the love and the purity of his heart. Now it was time for her to go. Sarianna was hungry, but she didn’t look forward to what was coming up to her. She would have to kill someone, and that was something, she hated about being one of her kind.


Same time, different place


Prince John was furious. He just couldn’t believe, that she had told him to let his biggest enemy escape. She was just so ignorant, not even thinking about the wishes, of other human beings.

"I’ll get her for that," he shouted angrily at one of his man.

"Well, actually I don’t think that you’ll have to get me, because I’m already here," Sarianna said from behind. "Johnny, when will you ever learn, that I am the one with the power, not you."

"How could you just order me to let him go?! I need that man dead, because only a dead Robin Hood is a good Robin Hood."

"Johnny, Robin has to live and you are not the one to kill him."

"Who else? You?"

"No, no one is. And obviously I have to warn you once again. If you should ever try to hurt him again, you’ll die. And that’s not a threat, that’s a promise. And you know, that I keep my promises," she said with a threatening voice.

"I will obey you," Prince John promised.

"I have the power over you, Johnny. Just keep that in your mind." And with it said, she was gone, once again.

"Bitch," Prince John snarled through clenched teeth. "She’ll never know, just how important it is for me, to get that outlaw." Prince John was as angry as he had never been in his life before, when Lady Claudia dared and entered the throne hall.

"My Prince, how about some nice comforting hours?" she smiled her sweetest smile at him. Prince John’s eyes went wild as he stormed towards poor Lady Claudia and slapped her across the face.

"Prince John!" she yelled as tears welled up in her eyes. "Why did you do that?"

"Because you deserve it," he yelled at her and stormed out of the throne hall, only to leave a stunned Lady Claudia, who rubbed her burning cheek.


Marion was furious about the young girls visit. She just couldn’t believe that she was not allowed to go to her Robin. Maybe someone would know, where the castle of that strange Lady Sarianna of Devonshire was? Marion decided to ask Tuck. He just had to know it, since he knew everything.

"Friar," she yelled through the sleeping compound. "Friar, I need your help." Her voice was still very loud, when she entered the friar’s hut. Tuck had already been sleeping and now he made a huge tired yawn.

"What is it Marion?" he asked her, another yawn leaving his throat.

"Friar, do you know anything about a hidden castle here in Sherwood?" she demanded.

"Yes I do, but you’ve heard what the young lady has said. We’re not allowed to get near the castle, for good reason. Marion, it’s just too dangerous."

"What is it that is so dangerous about the castle. If the castle itself is dangerous, then Robin is in danger too."

"No, he isn’t."

"Why are you so sure?" Marion asked, tears of anger welled up in her eyes.

"Marion, vampires live in that castle and they are protected by the Lady Sarianna. She is the one who also protects Robin, he is safe with her."

"How can you be so sure? You know, we’ve had that vampire thing before and each of them like the sweet taste of Robin’s blood."

"That’s true," the friar admitted. "But Sarianna is not a real vampire. Something went wrong during her transformation and so she never became a real vampire. That’s why she can be seen during the days or why you can see her reflection in a mirror. And she needs Robin, that’s for sure. Those of her kind who live with her in the hidden castle, don’t want to be vampires and so does she. Obviously she needs Robin to help her to become a mortal again, but I have no clue in which way she’ll need him." He paused, then continued with the most soothing voice he could force his throat to release. "She won’t hurt him that’s for sure. I promise."

"And you are sure, that she won’t harm him in any way?" she asked Tuck. He took the trembling and shaking Marion into his arms.

"Yes darling, I am. Don’t worry and get some rest. You look as if you could need some. I’ll take you to your hut," he said, his fingers caressing her soft brown hair.

"Tuck? Do you mind me staying with you? I can’t be alone now," she pleaded with him.

"Sure don’t. I’m here for you, young lady," he said and rocked her into a deep, dreamless sleep.


Devonshire Castle


Sarianna took good care of Robin. His fever had increased and his holy body was burning like fire. With her special skill, she could see the heat emitting from Robin’s torn body. Sarianna was the only one of her kind graced with that special gift. She could see every torture and pain, a creature suffered from. Sometimes those visions were small, and Sarianna almost called them cute, but others were that huge, cruel and frightening, that Sarianna’s heart refused to beat. That was another thing, that made Sarianna special. She carried a beating heart in her breast, instead of a dead, cold stone, which once had been red, warm and living flesh.

Sarianna was so different from all the other vampires and she knew that very well. Sometimes that fact made her heart ache so intensely that she just wanted to die. It was a pain inside of her, so strong, that it deprived her of breath. And now, that this wonderful man Robin Hood was laying before her, so weak and vulnerable, she felt that pain inside of her grow again. The vision of Robin’s pain frightened her and she knew, that in case the fever wouldn’t cease within the next 24 hours, Robin had no more chance to survive, well at least very little chance. Sarianna took a cold damp cloth and washed the swear from Robin’s face. He looked so at peace and yet she knew, that he had a hard time, fighting the demons inside of him. Sometimes he stirred and his head rolled on the pillow when he suffered a nightmare. But their were no more signs, that anything about his condition would change soon. Sarianna stayed at Robin’s side, until she heard the door being opened behind her. Emilia entered the room.

"Hello, mother," she smiled at Sarianna.

"Did you find Robin’s friends?" She asked her daughter.

"Yes I did and I told them anything you wanted me to tell them, but I’m afraid there is a problem," Emilia muttered.

"What problem, Emilia? Did you have to use your powers to get back here?"

"No Mother. A different problem, but awful as well. I’m afraid Robin Hoods mate will cause problems."

"He has a mate?" Sarianna asked in disbelief.

"Not really. They love each other, but they are just too stubborn to confess."

"Do you want to tell me something with that?" Sarianna asked her daughter. She knew that the ideas of her daughter, had always been the best.

"Lady Sarianna," Emilia began. It was actually the first time, that she had called her mother like this. "I think it would be a great support for the process of Robin of Locksley’s healing, when his love would be with him."

"You know that none is to come to my castle. I hope you didn’t invite her." Sarianna was still surprised about how her daughter had called her.

"Sure not, Mother. But I felt that she could help him to heal."

"Wait, you said you could feel it?" Sarianna asked her in surprise.

"Why yes mother. I just felt it in my heart."

"You were not supposed to have one. But obviously, now that you can feel such things, you are more human, than I ever thought." Sarianna was grateful for that. She knew that her daughter had always felt quite uncomfortable about being a vampire.

"Do you know what a wonderful daughter you are, Emilia. I love you," Sarianna said and hugged her daughter tightly.

"Now go and get that woman. I hope she can help Robin."


Sherwood Forest - The Outlaws Compound


Marion lay asleep in her hut, when Emilia appeared. Without making any noise, Emilia went towards the sleeping form on the bed and softly awakened her, by shaking her by the shoulders.

"Lady Fitzwalter, wake up. We need your help," Emilia said. Marion stirred and surprised by the voice of a stranger talking to her, she opened her eyes very quickly.

"You again. Tell me, what about Robin?"

"Soft Lady Fitzwalter. Soft. Do you trust me?" Emilia demanded.

"How could I trust you? I don’t know who you are. I only know that you have Robin and that makes me feel quite uncomfortable."

"Marion, you have to trust me. So, do you? Do you trust me?" Emilia demanded once again, but this time she looked deeply into Marion’s eyes, just as if she wanted to hypnotize her.

"Yes, I do," Marion stuttered.

"Then take my hand," Emilia ordered. Marion did as she was bid and took Emilia’s pale hand. Emilia smiled and then waved her hand in a big circle. Moments later they were gone.


Devonshire Castle


Anxiously Sarianna waited for Emilia to arrive with the Lady Fitzwalter. And luckily she didn’t have to wait long for Emilia arrived with Marion only thirty minutes, after she had left Devonshire Castle. Marion needed some time to acclimate with the surroundings, but finally she recognized Sarianna. Marion’s eyes opened wide in fear, since the stranger scared her to death. From head to toe she was a black column, the black of her form only to be interrupted by her white face. Sarianna recognized the frightened look of Marion’s eyes.

"You must be Lady Marion Fitzwalter," she smiled. "I am Lady Sarianna of Devonshire and I guess you’ve already met my daughter Emilia. But we shouldn’t talk. Robin is waiting for you."

Sarianna took a step aside and opened the way for Marion’s eyes to discover her Robin laying on the bed. Marion’s face turned white as she saw Robin laying so pale and weakly on the huge bed. As fast as her shaking feet would carry her, she ran towards her love and let herself fall down next to him on the bed.

"Robin, oh my god! What have they done to you," she whimpered. Marion turned her head around, so that her for an explanation and help searching eyes could meet the ones of Sarianna. The ancient vampire went towards the pale Marion. When she came to the bed, she sat down.

"Marion, I know it is hard for you to see this. But I swear, that I’ve done everything to help him. My only fault was, that I came too late to save him from the prince’s man. As I did so many times before," she said with a very low and sad voice.

"What do you mean with as I did so many times before?" Marion asked her curiously.

"Robin was hurt so many times before and every time he got hurt, it was my fault, because I wasn’t there to help him."

"Milady, what makes you think, that you could always save him? I mean, not even his closest friends can."

"The thing is, that I tried to protect Robert of Locksley from the day on, when his mother gave birth to him. I know what happens in the future, but I cannot change anything about the events to come. So actually I used my powers to lead Olwyn to Robin Hood, by reminding him of the words of Merlin. I knew that Olwyn was the one to bring Robin on his way. And I also knew that Robin was the chosen one. Well, on the day Robert of Locksley was born, Prince John almost died. I paid him a visit and promised him, that he would live. But for a price. He had to give his life in my hands, which means that I could put an end to his life, whenever I think the time has come. So, one promise he had to give me was, that he would let Robin Hood live. But he keeps on forgetting about his promise, or better he thinks, that I forgot his promise." Marion had listened very carefully to Sarianna’s words. But there was one thing, she just couldn’t understand.

"Why did you save Prince John’s life? He caused so many deaths. You’ve just told me that you know the future, so you should have known that as well. Tell me, why did you let him live?" Marion had become furious. Obviously this woman was the reason, why they had to go through all this.

"Marion, I know that you can’t think of any reasons, which could be important enough to let this man live. And you are right with it. But unfortunately, those days England had come to a point, where people didn’t care about each other anymore. They didn’t care, when one of them died. They killed and stole as if it would have been nothing. The world had become worst, because everything they had, was for them too normal. And they had to be punished. It wasn’t my decision, I only obeyed my orders. Now Robin and Prince John were meant, to bring the people of England back on the right way. It’s cruel, but it had to be done." Sarianna explained, not able to hide her own feeling of guilt in her dark brown eyes. She would have never expected Marion to understand. But against all odds, Marion understood.

"I guess you hate me even more now, don’t you?" Sarianna carefully asked.

"No, Milady, I don’t. I know that Robin always believed in a higher power and will. And so do I. I’m just grateful that you are there to protect him. And if you fail, it’s not your fault. Life goes strange ways, you know," Marion gave her a reassuring smile.

"Thanks Marion," Sarianna sadly smiled at her. "Now would you help me dressing his wound again?" Marion nodded her head yes. "Oh and Marion, call me Sarianna. I hate to be called Milady," she smiled and then they started with their work.

While working on Robin, Marion thought about the woman, she had just met. Firstly, Sarianna had frightened her, but with her soothing voice and her honest words, Marion’s fear was soon gone. She knew that Sarianna had to be a really strong woman, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to go all through this, without breaking down.

Soon they were finished with dressing Robin’s wound. Sarianna gave Marion a smile.

"You did well, Marion."

"Well, when you live with a man like Robin Hood, you’ll get a lot of practice," Marion smiled back at her.

"Marion, I guess you’ll need something to eat and some rest. This emotional stress exhausts you."

"I can’t ..." Marion tried to argue, but Sarianna wouldn’t allow her.

"Marion I know it. I have more powers and abilities, that you know of. One of them is, to see when something is wrong with somebody and you are at a terrible lack of food and sleep."

"I won’t leave Robin, but if you insist, I’ll eat and sleep. But again, I won’t leave Robin." Sarianna smiled at Marion. She could understand it so very well, why Marion was just so stubborn. Her love for Robin made her stubborn.

"Okay, I’ll tell Curvenal to bring you some food." Sarianna smiled at her and then she left the room.

End of Chapter One

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