Blood on the Moon
By the Outlaw List Writers

Part Nine
By Ginnie

Little John gasp for breath under Robin's strength as his fist tightened around the large mans throat.  "Robin, please."  John managed to gasp grabbing at his arm but felt the words die on his lips as he stared deep into Robin's huge pools of black that replaced his soft warm eyes.  His hands dropped limply to his side as Robin released his grasp, John finding himself turning his head and leaning forward to reveal the whiteness of his throat craving the feel of Robins mouth on his skin.

"Tonight you will be mine" came a voice from Robin's body, a deep voice unrecognizable to John but sending him deeper and deeper into Robin's power.

"Yes, I am yours" John mumbled as Robin reached up grabbing him by the back of his head and pulling the giant over to him.  Just as he was to sink his teeth deeply into Little John's neck the door burst open with Friar Tuck rushing in, his dark wooden cross extended in front of him.

"Ab praetereo abi in malam rem as subst" chanted Tuck not knowing what he would get for a response.

The flame of the candle in the corner flared up causing the room to be filled with a glowing red.  The sashes on the window flew open; wind ripping in followed by gray swirling ghostly figures crying out as if in pain. Robin shrieked out upon seeing the cross,  shielding his eyes releasing Little John and backing up on the pallet further and further until he could go no further in the corner.  Little John's body hit the floor with a sickening thud lying there staring at the ceiling obviously unable to do anything else.

"Be gone or die" he bellowed in that same earth shattering voice he had spoken prior  to Little John in.

"Ab praetereo abi in nakan ren as subst" the Friar repeated disappointed that he was not getting the response he desired.  "Antiquo addo aegrotatio!" He pulled from beneath his robes a vile which he opened and tossed some of the contents upon Robin's face.

Robin screamed out grabbing his face extending his left hand towards Friar Tuck.  The holy man saw what he was doing and grabbed Marion throwing her to the rush covered floor with seconds to spare as a bolt of lightening flew from Robin's fingertips.  He screamed again an unearthly scream and fell to the bed.

Little John stirred, but the three remained lying on the floor afraid to move.  The candle flame returned to its normal state.  The smoky figures retreated outside the window, sashes slamming shut after them.   Darkness and quiet were all that remained.  Robin's still form could be seen in the candlelight, as he appeared to be quietly sleeping.

"He appears to be sleeping the sleep of the dead," Tuck said softly.

"Oh Tuck, surely you could think of better wording then that" Marion reprimanded. "Are you alright John?"

John sighed rubbing the side of his neck where two marks were apparent but the skin remained unbroken.  "Yes, I think so.  But I am still trying to figure exactly what happened here tonight".

" I think Tuck is really the only one who knows" the warrior woman  exclaimed" What did you say to him Tuck and what was in that vile that it had that much power?"

"Simply 'Be gone Satins workers' and ' Leave this body' ", he explained "The  vile was one that proved very effective once before when being involved with the underworld.  They contained the tears of Bran the Blessed.  I just hope they were not too effective"

He leaned over the young outlaw studying him in concern.  Robins breathing was even though his face was covered with sheen of sweat.  Tuck sat on the bed gently fingering the outlaws lips lifting them to see two protruding teeth still firmly in place as he noticed sunlight slowly beginning to stream between the shutters on the window illuminating the outlaws white face.  He sat back and sighed.

"Our work is done for now but it is far from over.  Our Robin has been visited by vampires and from the looks of things, they are working hard at making him one of theirs"

"Vampire!" Marion jumped back in horror, "Robin?  But why?"

"Because his blood is pure.  Untainted by the worlds vile and corruption. Obviously they have not finished their work as he still is breathing after that ordeal, but I am sure they will not stop trying.  We must awaken him and keep him awake.  As he has not been away from us long enough for them to perform their ceremonies, they must be visiting him in his sleep.  I suggest we awaken him and take shifts sleeping.  As the sun is up and he is still all right, we are safe for now.  They will not try anything during the daylight hours."

Marion looked down at the man she had known most of her life peacefully slumbering on the pallet. "We have fought many various enemies together, but I am so afraid we have finally confronted one we can not conquer.  It would be Robin's life that would be forfeited if we fail."

Tears spilled onto the auburn haired woman's cheeks as she tried to reach up and wipe them dry with the back of her hand before any of her friends noticed, "God give us the strength and ability"

"Amen" Tuck replied putting his robed arm around her in consolation.

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"How DARE that pompous Friar interfere with my work!"  shouted Zoe as they rushed for the Moslem in the distance "The sun rises and we almost had a worthy mate for Elizabeth.   It will take the powers of Mortiana and Sabrina to overthrow this challenge.  When the sun sets, that will be our first task.  To have the two twins reunited and pay a visit to their old friend Olwyn.  Then we can all feast on this powerful Robin Hood and what a treat that will be."

"We'll feast with pleasure and sing with glee, soon Robin Hood will belong to me" Elizabeth giggled as she skipped into the caves and out of the sunlight.  Curling up on the stone coffin and drifting off to sleep all she could smell was Robins sweet blood remembering how wonderful it was to have him drink from her neck and seeing the cold red liquid run from his lips "Soon you will belong to me for eternity."

End of Part Nine

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