Blood on the Moon
By the Outlaw List Writers

Part 8
By: Mary Bell

     Robin lay there feeling himself fall farther and farther into the deep trance evoked by the mysterious and beautiful vampire.  As Elizabeth sang she watched Robin slide into the stupor required to finish his initiation into the dark world of Nosferantu.

She was amazed at the strength of his blood for his virtue was so pure she had to fight to keep herself from swooning. In all her years as a vampire, she had never come upon one such as he and she intended to make him hers. She sang his name enticing him into a deeper trance, it would not do for him to come fully awake while she finished the preparations for his complete transformation into a creature of the night!

     Marion watched in awe as Tuck stood perfectly still with the object clenched tightly within his hands.  As she moved to see what it was, he hid it within the folds of his cloak.

"Tuck, what is it?"

Tuck looked at her with a look of absolute fear within his eyes.  He had finally realized the magnitude of what they were dealing with and was terrified for Robin.

Marion was stunned by the look on his face and began to take the item from within the confines of his cloak.  Tuck swiftly backed away from her seeking hand and made for his steed.

"We must hurry, Marion, for Robin has little time, if we are to save him from a life of eternal darkness and evil!"


     Little John was still awake watching his dear friend fight for his life.  He felt so helpless to aid him in this most critical of battles.  All he could do was watch his friend wage war against the demons threatening to envelope him.

Three more times during the night Robin's body had shaken so violently, that it took all of Little John's strength to hold him to the bed.  After each episode, John was shaking visibly from the effort.

After each occurrence, Robin became so pale that John was unsure if he lived.  His lips had turned almost white and were drawn in so that his teeth were visible between them.  It wasn't until after the fourth bout of convulsions that John noticed that two of his teeth seemed longer than normal.

As he stepped closer to examine them, Robin bolted upright in bed and grabbed him around the throat!!!  Little John looked at his friend and saw his eyes were black as night and had an eerie glow!!!

End of Part Eight

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