Blood on the Moon
By the Outlaw List Writers
Part 7
By Christine

    Elizabeth toyed with her long hair, tauntingly twisting it, as she eyed Robin. He lay with a trace of blood on his lips, his eyes glassy and distant.

"The first feast is the most important for any vampire. Its where you taste the blood of your own and are fully reborn.  You will get used to the fatigue I'm sure." Elizabeth's tongue teased him, passing through her surprisingly crimson lips.

     Her smile mocked him. She ran her icicle fingers along his jaw, pulling his gaze up to hers.  Robin stared back, still feeling the frigidness of her blood coursing through his mouth. The taste lingered like a lover, not wanting to say good night. Her cold eyes bore into his.  Pulling his gaze from hers, Robin stared at the veins in his wrist. They seemed to be more pronounced now.

"A that what I am?" Robin was dazed by the night’s events. The taste in his mouth was weaker now, but still there. He couldn't help but to concentrate on its fragile wisps.

"You are still weary from your feasting."  Her voice seemed to be distant singing to him.

"You didn't answer ..." To tired to finish, Robin was engulfed in an icy wind. His eyes half lowered, he saw Elizabeth smiling seductively at him, her mouth tasting him with his name. He felt himself slipping backward into a spiral of darkness, hearing nothing but the entrancing voice, singing his name.


    A tremor began in Robins left hand. Soon it spread through out his entire body, sending him into a violent spasm. Little John grappled with Robin’s arms as he tried to hold him to the bed. As quickly as it began, Robin lay silent.  Little John let his arms linger on his for a moment longer, to be sure the seizure had ended.  Robin’s eyes were fluttering wildly. Little John moistened a compress Tuck had left behind. His eyes calmed down as the compress was laid on his forehead Fighting back more tears, John braced himself for another seizure.

    " Look for daylight’s key in the darkest night.  Seek the sliver of darkness in the light." Olwyn’s words raced through Tuck's mind as the trees blurred together. The clearing was almost up ahead.

"Tuck do you have any idea what you're looking for?" Marion was now lagging behind Tuck as he pulled ahead.

" Con la luna di rossa e un celio di nero, lo scuro di notte  non ha vedrá la
luce di mattina." Tuck did not slow down and kept going.

"What does that mean?" Marion was desperately trying to keep up with Tuck's horse but again, he pulled ahead.

"With a moon of red and a sky of black, the darkness of the night will never see mornings light." Tuck stopped short. Marion allowed herself to catch up to Tuck. He was silent and starting ahead. They had reached the clearing. The easternmost part of the forest. Tuck dismounted and headed for the center clearing. Marion stood back, unsure  if she should follow. His cross held securely in his left hand, Tuck raised his right and began to chant:

Un figlio di Dio, sono un messaggero. ( A son of God, I am a messenger)
Dammi un sengo. (Give me a sign)
Aiutarmi Dio. (Help me Lord)

Marion watched as Tuck chanted. Clouds appeared and clouded the eerily empty sky.  Tuck held his cross high above his head. Marion could no longer hear the words as wind rushed through her ears. The trees were violent, whipping their limbs toward the center of the clearing.  Her eyes half squinted, Marion saw a divine light appear. A radiant white, it glowed with blinding intensity. She could still hear Tuck chanting but could not understand the words.  The wind began to die down and Marion could understand Tuck's final line of the chant.

Aiutarmi Dio. (Help me Lord)

The cross still raised above his head, Tuck's gaze was captured by the blinding white light. He began to lower the cross. Exhaling deeply, Tuck's right hand moved to his forehead, to his stomach, to his right pect and, finally, to his left pect. Afraid to move, Marion closed her eyes and slightly bowed her head. Her brown eyes opened again to see the white light gone and Tuck holding an object in his hands.


    Robin was calm now, the calmest he'd been all night. Little John sat on the right corner of the bed and stared at his friend.  Emotionally exhausted, Little John closed his eyes briefly.

”How much more do you have to go through before Tuck finds what he needs?"
Little John asked to the bedpost.

End of Part Seven

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