Blood on the Moon
By the Outlaw List Writers

Part 3
By Diana

    "Robin, where are you going?," Marion cried out.  Robin ignored her as he inched his way across the floor.  She ran around him, and tried to block the door.  Robin tried to push her out of the way, but Marion was steadfast.
Marion stared at Tuck and Little John, silently pleading for help.   She didn't know how much longer she would be able to stand her ground. Little John walked around the room, looking for something.  Tuck walked over to the door.
    "Robin, can you hear me. What's happening to you?," Robin was still struggling with Marion.
     "Get out of my way. I must leave," Robin mumbled in a trance-like state.  Marion looked into Robin's eyes. They were dull, not the deep, rich brown she was used to.
     "Are you seeing spirits again?,"
     "I must leave," he repeated.  Tuck was concerned.
    "I hope this doesn't have anything to do with his ordeal with the Druids."
    Little John noticed something behind the bar.  Pointing to a staff, he looked at Nathan
    "Can I borrow that?," he asked.  Without thinking, Nathan handed Little John the staff.  The handful of other patrons at the inn were watching the scene at the door, and he wanted it to end.  Little John came up behind Robin and hit him on the back of the head with the staff.  With a huge thud, Robin hit the floor.  Marion got down to make sure he wasn't hurt badly.
    "Gee, I'm sorry Marion. I didn't know what else to do."  Little John felt terribly about hitting his friend.  Tuck took the staff and returned it to Nathan.
     "Do you by any chance have two rooms for us tonight?  Our friend is not usually like this.  When he was a boy, he saw his father murdered. Something happened today to bring back all the bad memories.  I think he, and all of us, just need a good night sleep," Tuck said.
    "There are two rooms at the end of the hallway upstairs. One is smaller than the other.  If the lady is staying by herself, you may want to give her that room.," Nathan told him.
    "Bless you sir.  We will be no trouble," Tuck said, assuring him as he waved to Little John and Marion.  Little John picked up Robin to carry him upstairs.  Tuck opened the door to one of the rooms.  Little John walked in and placed Robin on the bed.  Marion followed.  Looking sadly at Robin she placed a blanket over him.
    "Watch him closely, and get me if anything happens," she told them, sternly.  Tuck walked Marion to her room.
    "Don't worry, he should be his old self by morning.  This was a trying day for him.  Now rest, my child."  Marion wanted to believe Robin would be alright, but ‘where is Olwyn, when Robin needs him' was what she was thinking.
    Back in their room, Little John and Tuck agreed to take turns keeping an eye on Robin. He laid still for a long time, but then he started to stir, clutching his blanket.  Little John ran to Tuck, slapping him on the shoulder.
    "Something's wrong with Robin.  Should we get Marion," he whispered. Tuck shook his head.
    "No, let her sleep. It looks like Robin is having a bad dream.  After today it's no wonder."  In his sleep, Robin heard voices. One sounded like his father.
    "Robin, Robin, come to me. I need you," the voice said.  Once again he could see the soldier approaching his father, ready to kill the Earl.  There were cries of help all around him.  He saw Sir Guy holding his sword over Marion.  There were people, young and old, running from burning homes.  He saw the face of the young woman who lost her life during the Druid ceremony.
    Robin tossed and turned.  Tuck grabbed a cloth, wiping the sweat from Robin's forehead.
    Less than a mile away from the inn, the five gypsies sat by a campfire.
"Zoe, do you have control over him yet?," Shawn yelled, angrily.  Hours had passed since they saw Robin and he still hadn't joined them.
    "It is not that easy.  There is goodness all around him, inside and out!," Zoe snapped back.  "So when will our guest arrive?," Jack sarcastically asked.
    "I'm getting hungry," Elizabeth whined.
     "If you don't all be quiet, he'll never get here. Keith, make sure they let me do my job," Zoe said annoyed with the others.
    Robin's eyes opened, and he sat up on the bed.
     "I must leave," he chanted.
    "Oh no you don't," Little John said, trying to restrain him. But Robin showed unusual strength and pushed Little John away.  Robin got up. When Little John blocked his way, Robin punched Little John in the jaw, knocking him to the floor, unconscious.  Clutching his rosaries, Tuck ran over and stood in front of Robin.
    "Robin, please wake up," Tuck said.
    "Get out of my way. I must leave," Robin chanted, pushing Tuck into the table.  Tuck fell to the floor, unconscious as well. The noise woke Marion. She ran from her room to Robin's room.  Opening the door she saw Tuck and Little John lying on the floor.
     She froze as she saw Robin's eyes were now as red as that night's moon. A wolf howled in the distance as Marion heard Robin in a monotone voice.
    "Get out of my way.  I must leave," he mumbled.

End of Part Three

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