Blood on the Moon
By the Outlaw List Writers

Part 11
By Carolyn

"Enter his dream world?" John repeated, baffled. "How are we supposed to do that?"

But Olwyn was already gone. Friar Tuck stared blankly at the spot where Olwyn had been standing a moment ago. "Stupid wizard, always disappearing in a cloud of smoke when things get tough," he muttered under his breath, "We came out here for this?"

"Well what now?" Marion asked, trying to hide her growing fear. The sun was setting and she knew that wasn't a good sign, especially when dealing with vampires. She couldn't bear to think of Robin suffering through another night like last.

Seeing the helpless looks on his friends' faces, Tuck decided to take charge. "Olwyn said, one of us must enter his dream world and help him fight. Now I don't know what that means, but I do know that when Olwyn says something, it usually comes true. So let's all look around the cave, maybe there's some kind of magical portal to Robin's dream world or something."

The three of them searched through Olwyn's belongings, looking for something that could help them enter Robin's dream. Little John eyed Olwyn's alchemy table, wondering if he'd be able to make a potion... But no, that wasn't something to mess around with if you didn't know what you were doing.

He looked at Olwyn's dragon, snoring peacefully at the mouth of the cave, hadn't he heard something about getting super powers by bathing in dragon blood? Nah, probably an old wives' tale, and anyhow he just didn't have the heart to hurt such a magnificent creature, Olwyn wouldn't like that... Aha!!! John spied a small collection of wooden stakes and dried garlic cloves. Hopefully it wouldn't come to this, but it never hurt to be prepared...

Tuck searched through Olwyn's ancient books and scrolls, hoping to find some clue as to what was going on. Of course everything was written in some strange runic alphabet - Tuck wished they'd taught this stuff in divinity school, it would have come in handy right about now. But he had learned some of the symbols, maybe he could decipher some of this...

"Five... large... mushrooms..." No, that was some kind of recipe (but it sounded delicious, he must ask Olwyn to translate it for him... Another time...) Putting the recipe book aside, he saw an ancient leather-bound volume with a familiar pagan symbol on it... A star inside a circle - a pentagram. Wait a minute... No, a pentagram star had five points, this one had seven... What the...??? Crossing himself, Friar Tuck opened the book and began to read.

Meanwhile, Marion had wandered off to the darkest recess of the cave. Partly in search of anything that could help Robin, and partly to hide her tears from the others. She was heartbroken over the thought of losing Robin, and felt stupid for crying when she should be helping him. She just needed to be alone for a minute, and pull herself together, and then she'd be fine...

Wandering farther into the darkness, Marion found herself in a narrow passage that led to a small antechamber. The walls and ceiling were covered in natural purple crystals, and the floor was mostly submerged in a pool of midnight blue water. A magical glow filled the room, it looked even more beautiful through Marion's tears.

Overcome with grief, Marion knelt by the pool, unable to contain her emotions any longer. "I'm sorry, Robin, I love you," she sobbed. As she sat there crying, her warm tears dropped to the surface of the cool water, and mist began to rise up and fill the room. Marion looked up, surprised, and hidden in the mist she thought she could see dark figures, gathering in a circle... Hearing far-off voices, Marion sat perfectly still, listening as they began to chant:

"Night has come, and so have we.
Hide your young, Run and flee.
Look for the sign, it spells your doom.
The sign will be, Blood on the Moon."

"WHAT WAS THAT???" Little John asked, heart pounding with fright, hoping desperately that the blood-curdling sound that had sent chills down his spine was only a wolf howling.

Tuck looked up from his book, his face ashen. "Oh my God. Tell me the sun hasn't set." They rushed to the entrance of the cave, but it was too late, they were met by a creepy darkness. In the moonlight the forest looked sinister, as if the trees themselves were evil. Closing his eyes and crossing himself, Friar Tuck summoned the courage to look up into the night sky, already knowing what he would see.

The moon was full…and dripping blood!

"Come on, let's get the others, there isn't much time left," Tuck said, hurrying inside. Then he noticed Little John was still staring up at the moon, paralyzed with fear. "JOHN!!!!" He yelled, pulling his giant friend back to the cave. "Marion!" he called, "We have to leave! Now!!!!"

"Marion?" He asked again, uncertainly. Looking around the empty cave, he asked John, "Where's Marion?"

"And where's Robin?" John asked, staring in disbelief at the empty bed where his friend had been resting.

End of Part Eleven

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