Blood on the Moon
By the Outlaw List Writers

Part One
By Virginia Cavazos

Nathan wiped the spill left on his bar to his Inn. Letting out a tired sigh, he gazed out the window, he could see the sun just setting. During the day, he knew it was going to be one of those nights. He had to throw out three patrons. The moon was to be full tonight, the crazies always seemed to be out at this time.

Finished cleaning up the spill, he heard the door to his inn slam open. He looked up to see five figures walk in. The first one he noticed was a VERY tall man, which lingered at the back of the troupe.

He saw two men gazing around his Inn. They seemed to be in their mid twenties. One was tall and lean, the other was short and very muscular looking. The other two in the group were women. One looked ancient, the wrinkles on her face told the inn owner that she had to be pushing 100. While the other woman was quite the opposite, her young face was unblemished.

Her bright brown eyes winked at Nathan, as she caught his eye. It was when they began to take off their capes, that Nathan slammed his rag on the bar. He knew immediately they were gypsies!

His father warned him to beware of gypsies; things always seemed to disappear when they were around. Stepping around the bar, he stormed towards the small group.

"How do you do," the tall lean man pleasantly said, as he extended his hand. Nathan hesitated giving this man his warm greeting back. Glancing at his empty hand, the tall man shrugged his shoulders, giving Nathan a large, toothy grin.

"I am Shawn, this giant here is Keith," The tall man bowed his head, lifting up, Nathan shuddered, as he could swear his eyes glowed, like an animals.

"I am Jack, at your service!" The short man said with a bow at the waist.

"Our two lady companions are Zoe," Shawn pointed to the wizened woman. "And our dear, and beautiful, Elizabeth."

Again, the younger woman gave him a quick wink.

"I don’t want any trouble here," Nathan warned them.

"And you won’t get any, my dear man," Shawn said in defense.

"We are just humble travelers, here to remove the dry dust of the road from our parched throats. Surely our gold is good here?"

He shook his purse. Nathan’s eyes lit up, as he heard a jingle. He never heard of gypsies that carried gold with them.

"If you want, I have a place in the corner for you, it’s quiet, and large enough to accommodate the five of you."

"We are most grateful," Elizabeth whispered. Nathan shivered at the sound of her beautiful voice. She extended her hand, he greedily took it. Gently laying a kiss on the back of it. She pulled his hand forward, leaning over, he was shocked to feel her kissing his hand! He jerked, away, as he heard something fall in the pub.

He let out a yip, as Elizabeth’s long nails drew blood.

"Oh, I’m so sorry," she gasped. "Let me have a look at that."

She gently took his hand, gazing in fascination at the blood oozing from his wound. "I’ll be fine," Nathan mumbled. He was shocked to see Elizabeth lean over, slowly licking the blood that flowed from the wound.

"Not now Elizabeth," Nathan heard Shawn hiss.

"Sorry," she sighed, as she released his hand.

"Excuse me!"

Nathan looked up to see another tall man standing in the doorway. His blonde hair hung past his shoulders. "Excuse me, please," he said again.

"Oh, sorry," Shawn said, as he ushered his people to the side.

They silently watched, as the tall man slowly walked into the inn. He was followed by a rotund friar. All jerked their heads to the side, at the large cross, that hung on the friar’s neck. Once he passed by, Shawn’s eyes lit up, as he saw a young, auburn haired woman slip into the inn.

It was when a tall man with long, brown hair, stepped into the inn, that froze the five travelers.

Suddenly, he stopped near the doorway, the muscles on his shoulders noticeably tensing. Glancing around, his dark brown eyes locked on the five gypsies. As he was about to step closer to the small group, a voice cried out.

"Robin, are you coming?" The tall blonde giant shouted.

His mouth bit his moustache, they saw his left eyebrow raise in suspicion. From the way he held himself, they knew this man to be their leader. Slowly nodding his head, he whispered, "Good day." He then rushed over to his traveling mates.

"Did you feel it?" Elizabeth gasped.

"I have to go…NOW!" Zoe panted. Her face was pinched in pain. She hurried her companions out the door. Before Shawn closed it, he glanced back to see the young man staring at him. Quickly he slammed the door, to join his companions.

They stood just outside of the Inn, the two men, and Elizabeth holding their hearts.

"Never have I smelled a sweeter mortal," Elizabeth sighed.

"It was all I could do to stop, from taking him right in the inn!" Jack gasped. "That’s the one I saw on the road earlier."

"He looks like a dangerous man. Someone we should be careful around," Keith rumbled.

Shawn looked to the elder woman for advice. "What did you feel Zoe?"

The wizened woman slowly shook her head, as she still tried to catch her breath. "Never have I felt so sickened by the goodness in a man. This old witches heart has never felt anyone so full of life as he."

"Then perhaps he is a danger?" Elizabeth said.

"If he is, then we will handle it, as we have always done in the past," Shawn coldly declared.

"We’ll find out soon enough, when we visit an old friend of mine," Zoe cackled.

"Look!" Jack said, as he pointed to the horizon. The clouds were just parting, revealing a full moon.

"I have to go!" Keith roared, as he ran down the streets of the small town, and into the forest. Minutes later they heard a wolf baying.

"We must hurry and find your friend Zoe," Shawn said, " I hope she can help us, as you stated."

"Oh, she’ll help us," Zoe snickered. "We share a common bond, both of our hearts are as black as night. She’ll help us, I have kept a dark secret of hers. You see, there is only one witch in the land, that is more powerful than I, and that is Mortiana!"

"Let us go then," Shawn declared.

He turned to see Elizabeth lingering in the doorway, her head laid back. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy.

"I can smell his blood from here," she whispered. "It is as sweet as honey. I know his will be the sweetest blood we have ever tasted."

"We must go Elizabeth," Shawn gently said. "If Mortiana helps us, as Zoe thinks she can. Perhaps this man can be your new playmate?"

"Oh yes!" Elizabeth giggled, her eyes glowing in joy. "He looks strong, I hope he lasts longer than my last one," she said with a frown.

Shawn stepped up to the window of the Inn, he searched for the one the blonde giant called Robin.

Robin was sitting in one of the corner booths. He still, could not forget the cold chill he felt, when he passed by the gypsies that stood by the door. As they continued to stare at him, he felt drawn to them. Hearing Little John’s call to him, woke him up. As he waited for his drink to be delivered, something caught his eye.

Searching the inn, he froze, as he saw one of the young men standing in the window, staring at him. His eyes were so hypnotic, he felt as if he were drowning in them. Shaking his head, his eyes knit in anger. He saw the same anger mirrored by the man in the window, before he turned away.

Shawn stepped back, Elizabeth saw anger and confusion in his eyes.

"No man can break free from my gaze!"

"Perhaps he is not an ordinary man?" Elizabeth sung out.

"Let’s go!" he snarled. Storming down the unpaved road. Elizabeth skipped down the road, singing in a young girl’s voice.

"Night has come, and so have we.
Hide your young, Run and flee.
Look for the sign, it spells your doom.
The sign will be, Blood on the Moon."

End of Part One

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