Robin and his band bump into a mysterious group
as they entered an Inn, to rest for the night. Robin
immediately felt that something was not right, with
this unusual looking group.
His feelings were right, for this group of travelers,
were in search of a special mortal. 
A mortal that has a pure soul, and a heroic heart.

Immediately, they knew that Robin was that mortal. 
Soon Robin would be fighting for his immoral soul,

as he is introduced into the world of the Undead!

 Part One
By Virginia
Part Two 
By Joan
Part Three
By Diana
Part Four
By Judy
Part Five
By Paddy
Part Six 
By Tasha
Part Seven
By Christine
Part Eight
By Mary Bell
Part Nine
By Ginnie
Part Ten
By Hayley
Part Eleven
By Carolyn
Part Twelve 
By Laurali
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