Forever Young
Chapter 7

Olwyn placed his finger over his mouth to tell the girls to be quiet, then appeared behind them.

"What's going on?", Jenny asked. Diana looked at Olwyn.

"Is, is that Robin?"

Olwyn explained, "That's the sorceress that turned Robin into a boy. She wanted him to forget his love for Marion, so he could be hers. I need your help to break the spell."

"What can we do?", Diana wanted to know.

Jenny added, "We're just two girls from the future."

Olwyn corrected them. "That's what you think. In the 17th century, my descendants decided it was safer to stop practicing magic than to risk being accused of witchcraft. They gave up their powers to live mortal lives. However, you still have some powers." Jenny remembered how Will's knife mysteriously moved when they were trapped.

"Then, if we all work together, we can break the spell," she said. They joined hands, watching Robin and Zoe still holding each other. Concentrating, they tried to put images into Robin's mind. A boy and a girl running through a castle and dancing in a garden. Robin let go of Zoe and started to shake his head. He thought he heard a voice "All other love is like the moon, which comes and goes like flowers on a plain."

Suddenly, he looked around, and noticed Olwyn, Diana and Jenny. He realized he was in the courtyard of Locksley Castle. "How did I get here?

Olwyn, what's going on? Who are those girls?"

Zoe interrupted. "You old man, how dare you interfere!"

Robin turned around to see Zoe. "Where have I seen you before?"

"Robin, you are supposed to love me," she screamed.

"Robin, she had you under a spell, get away from her," Diana yelled.

"Will someone tell me what's going on!" Robin was frustrated.

At that moment, Marion, Will, MacGregor, Tuck and Little John ran from the castle.

"Robin's himself again," Little John said.

"Thank God," added Tuck.

"No one move," Zoe waved her arms. "Robin Hood will be mine. You can't stop me."

"You can't make someone love you," Jenny called out.

"Zoe you are a powerful sorceress. There is much good you can do. Come with me and be my apprentice," Olwyn told her.

Robin walked over to Zoe. "That would make me happy. I could never truly love you."

Tuck joined them. "You went looking for help years ago. We can give it to you now."

Zoe looked at Robin. "Is that what you really want?" She tried one more time to put him under her spell. When it didn't work, she agreed to go with Olwyn. "Will you at least visit me?" Robin nodded yes.

Olwyn looked at Diana and Jenny. "Are you ready to go home?"

Diana pouted. "But I wanted to see Robin Hood's camp. We left so quickly."

Robin looked at Olwyn. "Can they have some time first?"

"Bring them to the big oak tree in 2 hours," he replied. Olwyn and Zoe then disappeared.

MacGregor ran to Robin and gave him a hug. "It's good to have you back, my boy."

"Now will SOMEONE tell me what happened. And who are they?" Pointing at Diana and Jenny, Robin was growing impatient.

"You have no memory of what happened," Marion asked him.

Will laughed. "Yer were a boy again. And them girls showed up out of nowhere from the future. We went ter Olwyn for ‘elp, and yer took off for the castle."

Tuck continued. "You wouldn't believe your father had been killed."

"And we had to fight flying pots and other magic all night looking for you in the castle," Little John told him.

"We can fill you in on the way back to camp," Marion said.

Robin then looked at the castle. He never returned in the years since he ran away.

"I have to look around. I won't be long," he told the others. They walked back into the castle. MacGregor went over to Robin.

"Do you want me to go with you, Robert?" He felt he let him down, first by not telling him he survived; then when he couldn't recognize him due to Zoe's spell.

"I'll be alright. I have to see what happened," he told him. Slowly Robin went up the stairs. He walked into his father's room, not believing how the soldiers destroyed it. He remembered the happy times he spent in the castle with his father. He tried to hold back the tears when he saw how his family crest was torn to shreds. When he noticed his mother's broken bracelet on the dresser, he took it.

Next, he went into his room. Once again, he wanted to cry. He walked around the room, seeing the book on the floor-the one he was reading when he fled his room to find Prince John's soldiers in the courtyard. He picked up the book and placed it on the dresser. He saw the pieces of his ring. Then, he noticed a velvet box. Opening it he found his mother's ruby ring. His father had given it to him when he turned 16-it was for him to pass on to the woman he would marry. Robin put the bracelet in the box and placed it in his shirt.

Robin decided to let whatever torches and fires that were lit, burn themselves out. He went downstairs to find everyone waiting by the main door. Robin saw Marion holding the saddlebag meant for her 16th birthday present. "Where did you find that?"

"She found it," Marion pointed to Jenny, "Her name is Jenny, and that is her friend, Diana." They all walked into the courtyard.

"We better hurry if we want to get back to camp for breakfast," Little John was feeling hungry.

"Andrew will you be joining us," Robin asked.

"I better get back to my other students." He looked at the girls. "Good luck to you, too. It was a pleasure meeting you." MacGregor bowed to them, then got on his horse and rode off.

"Marion, can Jenny and Diana ride with you?" Robin asked.

"Jenny can ride wiv me," Will winked. He picked Jenny up and climbed onto his horse. Marion helped Diana onto her house and got on behind her. Robin, Tuck and Little John got on their horses. They rode through the broken gates and back to camp. Everyone took turns telling Robin what happened.

After breakfast, Will asked Jenny to go for a walk. Robin then called Diana over to talk with her. "I understand you kept me company in the castle."

Diana spoke quietly. "It was fun. We played chess. You said you hadn't played for a while, and I learned some moves I might be able to use to beat my brother. Not everyone gets to play chess with Robin Hood."

"In the weeks before the castle was taken, my father and Andrew were very busy. I guess they knew we might be attacked and were trying to prepare the guards." Robin remembered. "I think it's time to find Jenny and get you girls home. Would you like to ride with me this time?"

Diana jumped up and down. "Yes! Yes!" She thought how Marion, and the legend, was right. Robin Hood was very handsome.

Will and Jenny got on one horse, while Robin and Diana got on his gray one. Marion, Tuck and Little John came to say good-bye to the girls.

"Marion, I want you to come too," Robin called out.

Marion got her horse, and they rode out of camp to meet Olwyn by the big oak tree. He was waiting for them when they arrived. Will got off his horse, then helped Jenny down and gave her a hug. "I don't like sayin' good-bye or any mushy stuff. Take care of yorself. I'll always remember the pretty girl with the funny accent. I'm ‘eading back to camp." Jenny felt sad as she watched Will ride away.

Robin got down from his horse, helped Diana, then took her and Jenny over to Olwyn. "I hope you enjoyed your stay in Sherwood," Robin told them.

"We'll never forget," Jenny said.

"As soon as I get back, I'm reading my Robin Hood books again," Diana told him.

"I don't believe people wrote about me." Robin was amazed. He was smiling as he walked away.

"It's time," Olwyn announced. He gave Diana and Jenny both necklaces similar to the one he wore. They would be reminders of their adventure. As

Olwyn talked to them, Diana turned around. She tapped Jenny on the shoulder as she noticed Robin and Marion standing under the big oak. Robin reached into his shirt and took out a velvet box. Both girls smiled as they saw Marion throw her arms around Robin and kiss him. Then Olwyn waved his arm. Diana and Jenny found themselves alone in the forest. "There you are," a male voice called.

"It's my father," Jenny cried out.

"You missed breakfast," Diana's mother told them. "We have to hurry or we'll miss the tour bus. Today, we're visiting Locksley Castle."

"WHAT," Diana and Jenny shouted together. They were only gone a couple of hours. No one knew they had traveled back in time.

The bus stopped in front of the castle gates. A woman got on. "Welcome to Locksley Castle. I'm your guide, Virginia. Locksley Castle, where Robin Hood grew up, was attacked and partially destroyed in 1180. For many years, it was deserted. When Robin Hood's land and title were given back to him by King Richard, Robin had the castle restored to its former glory."

As they were taken through the castle, Diana and Jenny wanted to tell everyone that they had been there. They kept whispering to each other every time something reminded them of the time they spent there.

"This was the room that belonged to Robin Hood's father, and next is room that was Robin Hood's as a boy. It is believed he was in this room when the castle was attacked." Virginia was explaining. "We have one last room to look at. Everything there dates back to the 12th century."

"The study," Diana was heard to say.

"How did you know?" Virginia looked up.

"All these old castles had studies, didn't they," Jenny quickly said.

As Virginia opened the door, Diana noticed a familiar tapestry on the wall. Then she gasped. There was a boy who looked just like the young Robin Hood sitting by the chess set.

"What are you doing here," Virginia scolded the boy.

"I'm sorry Miss Cavazos," he said. "I'm just waiting for my cousin."

"Robbie, are yer in ‘ere?" a voice was calling.

"That accent!" Jenny turned to see someone who looked like Will walking into the room.

"We're very lucky today," Virginia told the group. "That boy is a descendent of Robin Hood and Marion; while this gentleman here, his cousin, is a descendent of Will Scarlet. They usually don't come around on tour days."

Diana leaned over and spoke into Jenny's ear." Can you believe we were here with Robin and Will?"

"Yes, but no one else would," she smiled. Then they both picked up their necklaces "But we'll always have our memories of Sherwood."

The End

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