Forever Young

By Diana

Chapter 6

"You beat me again," Diana grunted. "You LET me win our first match."

"No, I didn't," Robin replied. "It was a while since I played. My father and Master MacGregor have been very busy lately, and the servant's children don't know how to play."

As Diana reached for the game pieces to put them back in order, she heard a small voice cry out "What are you doing?"

"I'm setting up for another game, Robin. Don't you want to play again?" Diana gave Robin a puzzled look.

"I didn't say anything," Robin said just as confused. Diana looked at the chessboard. The black king and white queen seemed to be having an argument. "I had you in check," the queen said.

"No, you didn't," the king yelled back. Diana shook her head. "I think

I've had a long day. I better get some sleep."

"It is getting late," Robin agreed. "Let me put more wood on the fire to keep the room warm all night." After setting the fire, Robin took a tapestry from the wall, and handed it to Diana. "Here, you can use this as a blanket." Diana held the tapestry, marveling at the artwork. It was not faded like the ones she had seen in the museum.

"Gee, at the museum, you're not allowed to touch these." She lay on the bench, hoping to wake up in her own bed.

"I'll be over by the window if you need anything," Robin called as he sat on a chair. He, too, was hoping it was just a dream. His father would awaken him in the morning, and Master MacGregor would give him another lesson after breakfast. "There's no way all this could have happened. I can't be all alone," he thought as he closed his eyes. Hearing Diana’s heavy breathing, he turned his head to gaze at her. She looked so sweet and innocent, sleeping on the bench. Standing, he quietly walked over to where she lay. Leaning over, he gently kissed her on the cheek, "Thank you for being there for me," He whispered. Diana rolled over on her side, a large grin grew on her face, she let out a contented sigh. Robin walked back to his chair by the window. Taking up a vigil to protect his new friend from the dangers that lay in his castle.


"Hey Tuck. What was that sorceress talking about? She said she knew you," Little John asked.

Tuck explained. "Several years ago, a young lady came to the church where I was studying. She said she had special powers, and was being chased by some evil women. She asked for protection. The elders didn't believe me, and turned her away.

"She must have something to do with Robin's condition, and those girls being here," Little John said. "She was mad with you. Robin must have done something to really upset her too."

"We better keep looking. Everyone in the castle is in danger," Tuck added.


"Do you think we'll ever get out of here?" Jenny gave Will a worried look. "As long as me name is Will Scarlet yer will." Will hoped Jenny believed him. He was having doubts himself. "If only I could reach me knife, I know I could cut these chains."

Jenny stared at the knife at Will's side. She started to wish it was in his reach. Their arms were chained to the wall, but to their sides, not over their heads. If the knife was a little higher, Will would be able to grab it. She knew from the stories she read, Will has handy with a knife. Suddenly, a draft came through the floor. The sheath containing Will's knife moved up his side, until the handle touched his hand.

"Wot," Will shouted in surprise. "How did that ‘appen?" He was able to grab the knife, and cut through his chains. Then he freed Jenny, who gave him a hug. Will smiled at Jenny, and winked. The he grabbed her arm and the two ran to the top of the stairs, and opened the door. Little John and Tuck were standing on the other side.

"You're not going to believe what we've been through," Little John yelled.

"I bet me story is stranger than yors," Will replied.

As the four outlaws exchanged the stories of how their nights, Marion and

MacGregor entered the room. "Any luck," Marion asked hoping.

"No, but a lot of strange things have been happening here," Tuck said.

"You've been having troubles, too," MacGregor added.

"Where do you think they could've run off to," Jenny wondered aloud.

Marion and MacGregor looked at each other. "The study," they exclaimed in unison.

Tuck looked at them. "Excuse me."

"I often found Robin in the study reading when I would visit the castle,"

Marion told them.

"And I had to go there to get him for many of our lessons." MacGregor smiled at the memory. "It's upstairs. Let's go"

The six headed upstairs and down the long corridor. Marion opened the door. A big sigh of relief was let out by all as they noticed Robin and Diana asleep.

"They had the best idea of all," Marion said. "Why don't we just stay here. That fire will be good until morning."

There were two other chairs in the room. Jenny and Marion sat down to go to sleep. Little John took the oil lamps off two tables, He placed the tables in front of the chairs so the ladies could rest their feet on them. Then he, Will, Tuck and MacGregor laid down on the floor. Everyone hoped the morning would bring a solution to their problems. There was a high-pitched squeaking noise by the window behind Robin. "This castle is full of creaks," MacGregor told them. No one noticed the sleeping mouse under Robin's chair.

By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter 6b

As they all slept, Robin began to have a dream. Unknown to him, it was a dream suggested by a small mouse that sat under his chair. He dreamed of his father, he was in trouble, the castle was being stormed. Robin rode behind his father out of the castle. His father forced him down, ordering him to leave. Robin insisted he stay, he would never leave his father in such a time of need. His father was angry with him, he again ordered him to leave the castle.

Robin refused to leave, he let out a cry of agony, as he saw his father surrounded by the Princes guards. Robin had to help him. Standing from the chair, he ran out of the room. Oblivious to all that were in the room, rushing down the stairs, he pushed the doors to the castle open. He ran outside of the safe walls of the castle, the sun was just rising. As the warm rays hit a small mouse that was following Robin, it suddenly turned into young woman that Robin trusted with his life.

Robin blinked his eyes, he was standing in an empty courtyard, the princes men were not here. His father was no where to be found. He slowly turned around as he heard a familiar voice sing out.

"Robin," his face lit up in joy, finally seeing a familiar face. "Marion!" He called out in joy, as he rushed over to her side. He stopped before he reached her, as an old man suddenly appeared before him.

"Careful Robin," Olwyn warned him. "That woman has evil designs for you."

"Go away Old man!" Zoe/Marion snarled, "Robin Hood has no memory of you."

"Then perhaps he has a memory of this?" Olwyn made a large sweep of his hand, with a sprinkle of gold light, Robin found himself standing before his father. " Father?" His eyes narrowed in suspicion, "They said you were dead."

"You are in trouble, my son." Olwyn said in Robin’s fathers voice. "You must stay away from that woman, she wants to harm you."

"Don’t listen to him Robin," Zoe/Marion pleaded with him, "He’s not your father."

Robin stared at the man that stood before him. He looked like his father, he sounded like him. How could he be sure?

"I don’t know who to believe." He moaned out, torn between his father, and someone that he only recently began to love.

"Robin," Zoe sighed, her eyes filling with tears. "Please believe me, that man is not your father." With Robin’s will weakened, she began to work her spell on him. "Come to me Robin," She sung out, her spell of love working its way into Robins confused mind. His eyes clouded over as he walked towards Zoe. "Marion?" He sounded like a lost child.

Zoe opened her arms to him, "I am Zoe, your true love Robin," She changed before him. To reveal the woman he had met weeks ago. But this time it was different, he began to feel a longing for her. The curve of her face, her smile, it was something he wanted to see more of. "Tell me Robin, that you want to spend eternity with me."

Robin hesitated at first, he vaguely remembered someone else, but that memory of the woman was fading fast. "Yes," an elder Robin whispered, as he fell into Zoe’s embrace, giving Olwyn a smug look, she held tightly to Robin, her plans of making him hers were coming to an end.

Olwyn knew his magic was not strong enough to fight off Zoe’s. He needed help, closing his eyes, he called for it, from an unexpected source. Jenny woke up with a start, she could swear she heard someone call out her name. Searching around the room, a pleased smile parted her lips. As she saw Will Scarlet lying close to her, she really grew to like the rogue, but with her time with him, she knew he was to much of a rogue to stay with him.

Letting out a disappointed sigh, she searched the dark room for Robin. She became startled when he was no where to be found. The voice in her head cried out again, someone needed her help, rising from the chair she slept in, she headed towards the door. She was surprised to find Diana going the same way.

"You hear it too?" She asked her, Diana slowly nodded her head. "Let’s go find out who’s calling us."

Both girls rushed down the stairs, finding the main door open, they ran out into the courtyard. They both skidded to a stop as they saw Olwyn standing in the courtyard, what surprised them the most, was to see Robin being kissed by a strange woman!!!

End of Chapter Six

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