Forever Young

By Diana

Chapter 5

Robin grabbed one of the torches Will had set up while the others were hunting. He and Diana walked up the castle stairs. Suddenly, Diana froze. A huge spider was spinning a web. "Get me out of here," Diana said through her teeth. Robin grabbed Diana by the wrist, and pulled her towards him.

"I hate bugs too, Diana," Robin whispered. As they walked , Robin told Diana what each of the rooms had been. When they reached the end of the hallway, Robin opened a door. Except for the cobwebs and dust, the room had not changed. Diana noticed stacks of leather-bound books. "This is the study," Robin told her. "It's where I'm tutored."

"I have to go to school," Diana grumbled.

"I wonder why this room isn't like the others. I guess the soldiers didn't come in here", Robin said.

"They probably couldn't read," Diana giggled. They walked around the room. There were rolls of parchment, quills and ink on a shelf. Diana pointed to a table by the window. "Hey, the knight and bishop are in the wrong squares."

"You play chess!", Robin exclaimed. "Let's have a match." The two sat at the table. Robin was by the black pieces and Diana took the white. The board was made of oak, and the pieces hand-carved. "This is much nicer than the set I have at home," Diana remarked, as she moved the pawn up 2 squares to start the game. Neither of them noticed the mouse in the corner of the room.

Little John and Tuck headed for the kitchen in case Robin and Diana decided to eat without them.

"Look out," Little John yelled. A gold pot was twirling towards them. As Tuck got out of the way, Little John grabbed the pot. They looked at each other.

"This is weird," Tuck said.

"There's definitely magic involved here," Little John added.

"Well, the food is still here, so they didn't come this way," Tuck observed.

"Where to next?", asked Little John.

Marion and MacGregor headed towards the weapons room.

"Robin may want to see if there are any swords left in the castle,"

MacGregor commented. Marion smiled as she thought of growing up with Robin.

"I remember Robin complaining he couldn't keep his sword in his room until he was a knight." They were surprised to see weapons still there. Marion looked around the room. "We could use some of these. Maybe we can bring them back to camp."

"If you can carry them out alive," a strange voice was heard to say. MacGregor and Marion turned to see three figures, all white with transparent eyes, swinging swords.

"I hope you're up for a fight," MacGregor called out, as he and Marion reached for their own weapons.

Will and Jenny headed downstairs.

"Maybe they're ‘iding in a tunnel and plan ter run off in the mornin'," Will thought aloud as he reached for a torch.

"We have to get back to Olwyn in the morning," Jenny reminded Will.

"Hopefully he's found a way to return Robin to his right age, and Diana and me back to the 20th Century."

"Do people in yor time know about us?", Will wondered. As Jenny nodded, Will continued. "And wot do they say about the great Will Scarlet?"

" He's an expert knife thrower, and one of Robin Hood's most loyal followers. Oh, and he's supposed to be handsome." Jenny told him, trying not to laugh."

" Wot, I'm not ‘andsome!", Will pouted. Jenny just smiled back at him.

They reached the bottom of the stairs, and Will held the door for Jenny.

"After yer, my laydee." Will and Jenny were startled as the door slammed behind them. Will tried to calm Jenny. "Don't worry. I'll protect yer." Will went to take Jenny's hand as a rattling noise echoed around them. Chains on the wall seemed to have a life of their own. Four reached out and each grabbed an arm. Both Jenny and Will were pulled against the wall. "Don't fight it luv. If I can't get us out, the uvvers will find us in the mornin'."

"Morning won't come soon enough for me," Jenny sighed.

By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter 5b

Little John and Tuck walked silently down a long, dark corridor. Tuck groaned as Little John stepped on his heels for the fifth time. Whirling around Tuck hissed, "Little John, I won’t have any skin left come morning."

"I’m sorry Tuck," He apologized, "But that flying pot really frightened me."

"Me too, Little John, but we have to find out where Robin and Diana ran off to."

Circling Little John, Tuck pushed him ahead this time. Coming to a large, closed door. Little John hesitantly opened it up just a crack. Peeking his head in, he saw nothing unusual. Pushing the door wider open, both he and Tuck walked into a large sitting room. Both men were surprised to find the room bright, warm, and cozy.

They stepped in, coming up to a blazing fire. They spread their hands out over the flames, trying to take the cold sting out of them, when they were startled, as the door slammed behind them. Whirling around, they heard an evil cackle of a woman echoing in the chambers.

"That voice sounds very familiar," Tuck said, as he stepped into the center of the room.

"It should FRIAR!" The voice screeched out, as a large tapestry flew towards them. Both men ducked, as the laughter began again. "We have met before, you and I, but you did not help me then, even when I pleaded with you."

"Who are you?" Tuck called out. Falling on the floor, as a chair slammed into his back. Little John rushed over to help him.

"Was I such a inconsequential moment in your life for you to have forgotten me?" She snarled, as the broken pieces of the chair flew up. Flying to the fire, they ignited, and flew around the room. Setting flame to anything that it touched.

"I’ll eliminate you, as well as the others. Then I will posses Robin Hood’s heart, he will no longer love the faire Marion, but Zoe, the greatest sorceress in the land!"

Tuck and Little John ran for the doorway, they jumped back as it ignited in flames. "Zoe!" Tuck pleaded with her, "I remember that day now." He called out to her. "You were just a young girl, I did try to help you, but no one would listen to me."

"No one came to my aid!" She shouted out, Little John pointed to a black bat, that fluttered above them. Its red eyes glowed brightly, as the room was beginning to become engulfed in flames. This, however, was a magic fire, it would only burn inside of the room. Zoe did not want the castle to burn down, with her spurning beloved inside.

"I did try to help you Zoe, but I was a novice then. The other Friars would not listen to me!" Tuck pleaded with her, "I was sent away from my order that day, because I refused to hide the truth of what was done to you."

"You lie!" Zoe flew around the room, her screeching voice becoming so loud, that Tuck and Little John had to cover their ears. "No one would help me that day, no one cared for me, I learned long ago. I have no friends, if I want something, I take it."

Her body changed in the air to a small mouse, falling on the floor, she scuttered to a small hole. "And I now wish to take Robin Hood, see you in hell Friar!" Zoe shouted out, as she ran through the hole.

"We have to do something to put this fire out," Tuck shouted out to Little John, as the flames moved closer to them. They tried batting it out with a tapestry, but it only burned in their hands. After several failures, Tuck cried out, "We’re not going to be able to put them out Little John, if only we can find a place where the flames can’t harm us."

Little John began to search around the room. His bright blue eyes glowed in joy, as he found the only place that would protect them from the flames. Pointing to it, both men ran to the fireplace. Using the poker to pull the flaming logs out, they both ran into the chimney. With Friar Tuck going first, they slowly began to climb up the sooty chimney, towards the top of the castle, and away from the magic flames.

* * *

"Damn!" MacGregor cursed out, as a spectral sword lashed out at him, nicking his arm. "That hurt!" He hissed.

Marion brought her sword up, holding back a blow from another spectral image. She was trying to fend off a ghost that was very handy with the sword. As she fought with him, she noticed he was dressed as one of the Princes guards.

"I don’t believe they realize they are dead," Marion grunted, as she was pushed back to a wall. Raising her foot, she tried to push the ghost away. The swords were real, but the rest of the spirit was not. Her foot only passed through the ghostly image, she shivered at the cold touch of the apparition.

"How are we going to fight then off, if we can’t touch them?"

"Perhaps we can touch them in a different way," Andrew MacGregor called out to her. He was staring at the two spirits he was fighting. He recognized one of them as a man that fought along his side, when he was the captain of Prince Johns guards.

"Stevens," MacGregor called out, "Don’t you recognize me?"

The ghost on his right side, ceased his fighting, as his name was called. "It’s me Stevens, Andrew MacGregor!"

The spirits eyes flew wide, as he recognized his old captain. "Back men, they are not the enemy." The ghostly Stevens ordered his men.

The spirit that Marion was fighting had its swords tip near her neck. As it prepared to plunge it into her, he heard the call to halt by their superior. Releasing Marion, he flew back to the other two spirits. Andrew MacGregor ran to help Marion up.

"Stevens was always very loyal to his duties. It broke my heart to see him killed, when they stormed Locksley castle." MacGregor informed Marion. When he was sure she was all right. He turned to address his former men.

As he stepped up to them, they stood straight, at attention.

"We have been waiting for orders to leave, Captain MacGregor." Stevens said, with a crisp salute.

"I think you have to order them to go home Andrew," Marion gently said, "Perhaps that will allow them to rest?"

MacGregor stood at attention before his spectral men. Giving them a salute he said in a commanding voice, "The three of you are hereby relieved of your duties here." Giving them a warm smile, he added, "Now go home, its time you all rested."

The three men returned MacGregor’s salute, mirroring his smile, they began to fade from his site, "Thank you Captain MacGregor. I can’t wait to go home to my Susie," he said, and then they were gone. Their swords clattered on the cold, stone floor.

"Do you think there are other spirits around?" Marion asked MacGregor. Hefting his blade, his steely blue eyes gazed at the door that led out. "I pray there are not, for if there are, then Robin and that girl are in dire trouble."

End of Chapter Five

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