Forever Young

By Diana

Chapter 4

Diana looked over her shoulder. Jenny was sitting with Will, listening to every word he said. "She'll be there for hours," laughed Marion. "Will LOVES to talk."

"Tell me about Robin Hood," Diana said to Marion.

"How do you know about us?" Marion asked. "You said you were from 800 years in the future."

"Robin Hood is part of history and literature. People of all ages read stories about your adventures in Sherwood Forest, but I want to hear about the real Robin Hood." Diana told her.

Diana and Marion talked while walking around the room. A painting on the wall caught Diana's eyes. She went over, and using her sleeve she wiped away layers of dust. The picture was a woman with long wavy sable brown hair and big brown eyes. "Who's that? She's beautiful!", Diana exclaimed.

"That's Robin's mother," Marion replied.

"Now I know where he gets his good looks," Diana giggled.

"You should see him now, or how he should look today," Marion added.. He has a spark in his eyes, goatee, and shoulder-length hair. He's probably the most handsome man in England." Marion sighed as she thought of Robin. Then she looked at Diana "Do you want to see more of the castle as we talk? I think I remember my way around."

"We can see if there are any pots and dishes for whatever they bring back. I don't think it's going to be McDonald's" Diana chuckled.

"What?", Marion looked puzzled.

"Never mind," Diana smiled. "Let's just go to the kitchen."

Zoe was flying through the forest looking for Robin and his friends. She spotted them as they were tracking a pair of bunnies. Robin and MacGregor both gripped their bows and reached for an arrow. At the same time, they fired, hitting their targets. Little John and Tuck went to retrieve the night's dinner.

"Did you notice how the similarity in the way Robin and Andrew used the bow?", Tuck said to Little John.

"Yes, you can tell Robin was a good student," Little John responded. The four outlaws then climbed on their horses and headed back to the castle with their prey. Zoe landed in a tree. Changing into a snake, she slithered down the trunk, and over to MacGregor's horse. Frightened, the horse reared back, and MacGregor lost his balance. Falling, he hit his head on a rock.

"Master MacGregor," Robin shouted. The three jumped from their horses, and ran to MacGregor.

"Let me try to do what I can," Tuck said. "Little John, you stay with Robin."

While Tuck was going through his bag of medicines looking for something that might wake up MacGregor, Robin looked at Little John.

"Why do they call you Little John? You're much taller than me."

"You named me that. My real name is John Little," he started to explain.

MacGregor opened his eyes and looked at Tuck. "What happened, Friar?"

"We were returning to the castle after hunting when your horse got scared and threw you off. Robin will be so glad you're alright."

"Who?" MacGregor inquired

"Robin Hood, Robert of Locksley, your pupil." Tuck looked worried. He pointed over to where Little John and Robin were talking.

"I know no one by that name. I'm currently training guards and soldiers for Sir Guy of Gisbourne," MacGregor stated. "Is he the boy with Little John?"

Looking at MacGregor, Tuck said, "Just lay still for a while, I'll be right back" He ran over to Little John and Robin. "We got a problem," was all he could say.

By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter 4b

"Great!" Will grumped, as they began to cook the meal. "Now we ‘ave two without their memories, I think this thin’ is catchin’!"

Tuck and Little John hushed Will with an angered look. It took them some time to talk MacGregor into coming back with them. He insisted that he needed to go to the Gisbourne castle, not the Locksley castle.

Diana and Jenny were trying to console Robin, he sat, forlornly, in a small chair, in a dark corner. All his loved ones now were taken away from him.

"Robin, you must be strong," Diana told him.

"Yes, the future of England rests on you," Saying this Jenny began to giggle, "God, I sound like an old Robin Hood movie!"

"What is a Robin Hood movie?" Robin softly asked.

"For that matter, what is a Robin Hood?" All heard MacGregor exclaim. He sat with his arms crossed in a high standing wooden chair. His anger increasing with each passing second.

"We need a way to break this spell," Tuck conferred with the three outlaws.

"But how?" Little John Whispered.

Andrew MacGregor jumped up from his chair, "Kind sirs, if you please, I have no time to sit idly by, there is to much to do."

"You should slow down," Little John called out, "You’re not a young man anymore."

As Little John said this Tuck snapped his fingers, crying out, "That’s it!"

"What’s it?" Little John asked the friar, as he rubbed the back of his head with a look of confusion on his face.

Reaching up Tuck grabbed the back of his head, "Little John, you are a genius!" Releasing it, he ran out of the room.

"I think I might ‘ave somethin’ to say abouts that." Will snickered.

Jenny laughed at Wills joke, leaving Diana and Robin, she walked up to where the others were in conference.

"I feel so alone now." Robin quietly said to Diana. "What has happened to me, did not seem as bad, with Master MacGregor by my side, but now that he does not remember me. I only have four adult strangers that say they are my friends."

"I know how you feel," Diana said, "When with adults, you sometimes feel alone, they just don’t understand us."

Robin looked up, to see a smiling Diana gazing back at her, "I guess you do understand." He grinned back, not noticing a small mouse running under his chair. Zoe settled under the chair, listening to Robin lament about his teacher not remembering him. Her plan was working perfectly, he was alone now, PERFECT for what she had planned. Now she only had to mold the young Robin Hoods mind. As Robin was about to tell Diana of his run-in with adults, he heard a voice inside his head, softly whispering.

"Show her the castle,"

"Would you like to see more of the castle?" He asked her.

At First Diana hesitated, until she heard a whisper in her head, "Go with him."

"I’d love to," Diana gushed, taking her hand, he placed his finger on his lips - warning her to be quiet, glancing at the adults, they both grinned widely, as they snuck out of the room.

A few minutes after they left the room, Tuck ran in room, carrying a large mirror, a large grin planted on his rotund face. He took no notice of a small mouse running out of the room before he closed the door. No one heard the spell uttered, or saw the blue light that encompassed everyone in the room.

Quickly going to where MacGregor was sitting, Tuck placed the mirror directly in Front of him. "Look into this Master MacGregor, and tell me that you still need to go to Gisbourne castle."

Andrew MacGregor gazed into the large mirror that Tuck held. He was aghast to find an old man staring back at him.

"What is this?" He angrily retorted, "Who is that man?" He pointed towards the mirror. Little John quickly stepped next to MacGregor, as well as Marion.

"You see MacGregor," Marion said, as she pointed to the mirror. "There we are, and that older man you see in the mirror is you."

Little John grabbed him by the shoulders, shaking him violently. "You have to remember Master MacGregor. Locksley Castle, Robert of Locksley, his father murdered as you tried to protect the castle!"

MacGregor shook the blonde giant off, he stepped up to the mirror. His hand reaching up, to touch the glass. Stroking the wrinkles on an ancient face that was reflected back at him. His head cocking from side to side, a half smile on his face. "That old man is me?" He at first questioned, as he continued to stare at the silvered glass, the evil spell that Zoe placed on him was broken. The memories of his time in Locksley castle, training Robin to be a knight, the storming of the castle. All flooded back to him, "Robin," he whispered, "How could I have forgotten you?"

Searching around the room, he wanted to apologize to his apprentice. He was shocked to find that the small chair he sat on was empty, and Robin was missing, along with the one of the girls from the future. "They have to be somewhere in the castle!" Marion reasoned, "With night fallen, they wouldn’t leave the castle."

"We must find the lad," MacGregor cried out.

"Let’s split up," Will offered, "That way we can cover more ground, this ‘ere is a very big castle."

All agreed, they would separate into three groups, Tuck and Little John, Marion and MacGregor, and Will and Jenny.

Castle Locksley was a very large castle, but the spell Zoe placed on it, would lead the others on a wild chase. When she was done with them, they would either be crazed, or dead. Either way didn’t matter to her, as long as she ended up with the handsome Robin Hood in her arms. All, in all her plan was working out perfectly.

End of Chapter Four

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