Forever Young

By Diana

Chapter 3

Zoe watched as the outlaws made their way down the hallway. They stopped when they realized Robin was no longer with them. Friar Tuck and Little John continued downstairs to get a fire going to warm the castle. The others walked back and saw Robin staring into an empty room.

"That's Robin's room," MacGregor whispered to the others.

Everyone went to Robin. He was leaning on the open door, still fighting back tears. The room was in shambles. Cobwebs were everywhere. Furniture was broken, and clothes were ripped and thrown all around. Robin went into the room. The book he was reading when the castle was attacked was still lying under the window. Bending over he picked up several small pieces of metal.

"Why?", he cried.

"What's that?", Diana asked.

"It's my ring with the family crest," Robin explained

"Look what I found," Jenny exclaimed picking up a gift-wrapped box.

Robin took the box and walked over to Marion. "It's a little late, but Happy Birthday."

Marion opened the box. Inside was a doe-skin saddlebag. "Father told me your parents were getting you a horse for your sixteenth birthday. I had this made for you. I shot the deer myself."

"Oh you shouldn't have," Marion said with excitement.

"Not anuvver mushy moment," Will shouted out.

"Oh shut up!," Jenny and Diana said together.

MacGregor spoke to the group. "I think we should go downstairs. The fire should be ready now. We have to get warm and dry. The rain is letting up. Maybe we can go outside and try to find something to eat."

"Then we get some sleep," Marion added, "Diana and Jenny can stay with me."

"I'll keep Robin company," MacGregor said.

"That means I get the room wiv Tuck and John. I wonder ‘oo's gonna take the blanket first," Will chuckled. Just then Little John and Tuck came back.

"The fire is set. Why don't you come downstairs?," Tuck told them.

"Now all we need is something to eat," Little John chimed in.

As they made their way downstairs, Diana turned to Jenny.

"This is quite an adventure isn't it?" Jenny looked concerned. "I wonder if we'll ever get back to our time."

By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter 3b

As they walked down the stairs, they didn’t notice the small mouse hiding behind the banisters stay. For if they did, they would have been surprised at the glowing blackness of the eyes. Zoe gazed up from the floor, changing into a mouse; she was able to view the others. She scampered down the stairs; heading to where Tuck and Little John had prepared a place to stay for the night.

There was a roaring fire blazing in a large sitting room. MacGregor led Robin to the fire, sitting him on the floor, he sat next to him. "I’m sorry you’ve had to live though this again Lad." Andrew softly said. Sitting next to the young Robin, his eyes grew just as sad, for he too had to relive the death of his good friend.

"Was it quick Master MacGregor?" Robin whispered, finding it hard to say the words.

"Your father died in battle son, he was brave to the end."

Robin silently nodded his head, pretending to yawn; he reached up to wipe a tear from his eye. MacGregor placed his hand around the boy, consoling him.

"Curses!" Zoe squeaked, as she watched the elder man and boy from her place of concealment. She had managed to erase Robin’s love for Marion, only to replace it by his compassion for his old trainer.

"We’re goin’ out to try and get somethin’ fo’ supper," Will declared, Wipping his eyes with his sleeve, Robin jumped up. "Please," He beseeched, "I want to help."

"That’s a great idea," Andrew MacGregor declared, "I have never seen a better Bowman than Robin."

"Well if ‘e is goin’, then I’m stayin’" Will moved over to the warm, dry fireplace.

"Very well Will, you stay with the women, while we go out to and catch supper." Robin ran to the doorway, opening it he realized that night would soon be falling. Little John, Friar Tuck and Master MacGregor were making their way to where they had the horses tied. The rain still fell, though not as hard, He lifted his hood for protection from the rain, Robin scampered to the horses, he knew they had to hurry, if they wanted to catch something large enough for all. When the sun set, all the larger prey would be to difficult to hunt in the dark. As the door slammed shut, Will plopped down near where Diana and Jenny were sitting, they were moving their hands near the warm flames.

"So laydees, ‘ow do you like your stay in Sherwood?" Letting out a warm chuckled he added, "And are you dazzled yet by the great Will Scarlet?"

"Oh boy!" Diana rolled her eyes, "You remind me of my brother."

"Oh is ‘e as ‘andsome as me?" Will batted his eyelashes. Diana giggled in her hand; "Actually he would say he was more handsome."

A frown came to Will’s expressive eyes, "And wot do you think luv?" He turned to Jenny, asking her opinion. "I could listen to you talk all day." She sighed, Will’s frown washed away, to be replaced by the biggest grin.

"Well now luv, that’s me favorite thin’ to do."

"Jenny, you don’t know what you’ve done," Marion sat down next to Diana, "Once you get Will started, the only way to stop him is to stuff a rag down his throat." Marion pantomimed shoving a rag down Will’s throat, a maddened look of glee moving across her face.

"Marion my dear, you cut me to the quick." A mock look of shock on his handsome face.

"I think she hit the nail on the head," Diana added, she joined Marion in stuffing the imaginary sock down Will’s throat.

"Well, if you laydees don’t want the true..." Marion opened her mouth to say something, Will immediately motioned with his hand for her to be silent…" THE True story!" Will shot back, "Then I think I’ll just sit over there," Feigning his ego was hurt, Will walked across the room, plopping himself in a dusty, old chair, he gazed up at an old painting of one of Robin’s ancestors. He totally ignored the presence of the three ladies. Jenny looked at the forlorn Will, then at her friends.

"Heck, I’ll never get this chance again," She cursed under her breath. Standing up, she hurried over to where Will silently sat.

"I’d love to hear your stories Will," She shyly said. Will observed the young girl that stood before him more carefully.

""Ow old did you say you were Luv?" He eyed her suspiciously.

"I’m eighteen!" She proudly declared.

"Well now, you’re nearly a full grown woman." Jenny nearly fainted at the dimpled grin Will gave her.

"Sit down then lass, and I’ll tells you ‘ow Robin ‘ood and I met."

Jenny sat on the dusty, carpet, her eyes wide in wonder as she heard a real outlaw of Sherwood tell how he met Robin Hood.

As he weaved his tale Zoe scampered out of the hallway, and under the main door, her small mouse shape stood in the courtyard. Quickly changing into a hawk, she flew up into the air, searching for Robin Hood and his friends. Her main target now was to be Andrew MacGregor.

End of Chapter Three

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