Daydream Believer

Katie Heege

Chapter Three

Sean, who was riding along side of Robin became worried, "How will we know which side of the castle to look at? The castle is huge, and will take us forever to search.

"It’s a trap, the wall with the most guards is the one we check out." Robin and the gang arrived at the castle. Robin took to the trees, to get an aerial view. Marion crept through the trees to check out the two walls, and Sean and Little John checked the other side.

Marion was near the North wall. "One, two, three... five guards. This isn’t the place." She slowly moved through the bush keeping a careful eye on the ground where she walked and another on the soldiers. Robin moved through the trees like a squirrel, almost without a sound.

He kept an eye on Marion, just in case a soldier got too close. John and Sean were checking out the gate on the East wall, there was an over abundance there, but no windows to underground cells. "Must be the South." John whispered. Sean and Little John climbed a tree near the South and waited for Robin. Marion jetted for the West wall, found a tree and climbed. "Two, four, six, eight..." She counted about thirteen guards all centered near a small window. "So here’s the party!" Robin who wasn’t far away saw the guards and went to get Sean and John who were sitting on a branch. "Robin there are fourteen guards down there, right near a window."

"You’re kidding?" Robin looked down and counted "...twelve, thirteen, fourteen. That’s not good."

"Why not Robin, we’ve taken down more than that at one time." John said

"Well, have we ever taken down 27 at one time?"

"Where’s the rest?" Sean asked

"The West wall, Marion found them."

"So we’ll take down these guards and then get the others."

"No, we’ll have to do it at the same time. If we don’t the other guards will come running."

"Well, why don’t we do it one at a time, three will fight, and the fourth will go find Tuck."

"I don’t know Sean, 27 of them three of us, not very good odds."

"Couldn’t we get more men Robin?"

"I suppose, but it’ll take too much time. We need the cover of night." Marion showed up.

"What is this? Male bonding? Tuck is in there!" Robin reminded himself of what Olwyn had given him.

"I’ll be right back." He jumped out of the tree and ran to his horse, in the saddlebag was the cloak, a few daggers, and an apple. He grabbed the saddlebag and tied it around his waist. He hooked his sheath to his belt, hung his quiver on his shoulder, and picked up his bow. Robin chuckled, "I’m a deadly weapon."

Off he went back into the tree.

Robin sat himself next to Little John. "So what’s the plan Robin?" He thought for a moment.

He knew that the cloak wouldn’t last that long, he had to choose when he would wear it. Going in or coming out. He drew a deep breath and pictured his plan.

"Listen, I’ll go in by myself."

"Robin your crazy, you can’t do that!" Marion protested.

"She’s right, it’s a trap!" Sean yelled.

"No, wait, I have a magic..."

"Oh great, magic. We’re in the clear now!" Marion whispered sarcastically.

"If you’ll let me continue. I have a magic cloak. Olwyn says that it will make me sorta invisible,

I guess. It’s only downfall is that it doesn’t last very long. While I’m in there, you guys will have to get rid of the guards one by one." Robin pulled out the apple from the saddlebag.

"What’s that for?" Marion asked.

"I’m hungry."

The guard arouse and shook his head. He grunted quietly and stood up. He felt horribly dizzy and grunted louder.

He looked at the cell door, which wasn’t supposed to be open, The guard rushed in and looked furiously for the Friar.

All he saw was a half-naked Barkley drowsily mumbling nonsense words. The guard bellowed a loud wail and went off searching for Tuck.

Robin jumped out of the tree and into the bushes below. "Well, here goes nothing." He slipped on the black cloak and ran to the gate. No one noticed him. "I like this thing." He took the cloak off hoping to save a little magic for later.

He snuck around corners and doorways and stairwells. He finally made it to the prison level of the castle. As he walked slowly, cautiously through the chamber he noticed a man jogging toward him. Robin quickly and quietly flew into a corner and slipped on his cloak.

"Robin?" Tuck whispered. "Robin is that you? Where are you?" Tuck was in Barkley’s uniform, but you could see his usual duds sticking out underneath. Tuck went on trying to find his way out.

Robin was so surprised to see Tuck, that he was speechless, "Tuck got out on his own?!" he said to himself. Robin got out of the corner, as he looked up Robin was greeted by two guards. Robin smiled and started to walk off when one of the guards tapped him on the shoulder. Robin froze, turned slowly and said, "You-- you can see me?" The guards became a bit confused by the comment but nodded. "Ah, well then, here I have a gift for you." He took off the cloak and threw it on the guards heads. "And this too."

He punched each guard in the stomach and ran toward the stairwell. As he ran he yanked out his sword know that it would come in handy.

"Well, I guess we should get started." Marion suggested. "How shall we do this." Sean and Little John though for a moment and came to the same conclusion. They smiled and turned to look at Marion who was conjuring up her own plan. She looked up at two smirks. Marion immediately knew what they were thinking and sighed. "We know you don’t like it, Marion, but you’ll only have to go it a few times."

Sean said encouraging her. "Yeah, besides, you have nicer legs." John said jokingly. The three of them climbed down from the tree and hid in the bushes. (Which they have doing a lot of lately) Marion found a solider wondering away from the others. She emerged from the leaves displaying her, well, uh, her talents.

"It must get rather lonely out here, all night, by yourself, huh soldier?" The guard’s jaw dropped, and as expected, he followed the curvaceous damsel into the brush. Unfortunately he wouldn’t remember much of the encounter, Marion gave him a good concussion, and she took his uniform.

Two other unlucky servicemen were lured into the bushes to only find themselves unclad in the morn. Our heroes, dressed as guards got rid of most of the other annoyances. The remaining guardsmen were fast asleep.

"Wait! Don’t harm him!" A tubby soldier warned. "The Prince want’s him alive, and well. It’s better to torture a prisoner that way, I’ll take him."

The two guards behind Robin stopped their pursuit. "Go on, back to your posts." The guards nodded and turned away. The pudgy head guard helped Robin up the stairs and into the candlelight. "Robin, are you all right?"

"I’m fine Tuck. We need to get outta here, fast."

"Yes of course."

As they turned, the two saw an undesired site. "Well done guard. I’ll take him." Prince John pulled Robin closer to him. "Remember when I told you what I would torment you if, uh, when I got a hold on you?"


"Well, I thought of a few more ways to cause you such a great pain, that your screams for mercy would be heard over all the oceans and lands. Every person on earth will hear your blood curdling howls." Robin just smirked. "Well, I hope you remember them." Robin drew his sword and made perfect contact with the side of the Prince’s head with the hilt. "Today’s just not a good day to die." He and Tuck split before any one showed, but being the man he is, Robin slipped a few rings off Prince John’s hand.

Marion paced back and forth, worried about Robin and Tuck. "They’re in there to long." Little John put a friendly hand on her shoulder. "Robin’s fine, you know he and Tuck will come out of there without a scratch." Marion looked up, way up, at John. She gave him a nervous smile and nodded. "I suppose your right."

John went to sit down next to Sean who was sleeping along with the few guards that were left unharmed. Marion’s eyes surveyed the area. Once she was satisfied with the surrounding area she followed a tree up to the sky. She gazed at the twinkles in the midnight heavens. She remembered a time when living in the forest was a dream...

"What do you think the stars are made of?" A small voice came from the girl lying in the grass.

"My mom told me, before she died, that they are the people who passed away, looking down on us, watching us." The girl turned her head to look at the boy next to her.

"The voices you hear inside you, telling you wrong from right, she said that’s them." The boy pointed to a star in the sky. "Mom is right there, the bright bluish one."

It was quiet for a moment. "What do you think Marion?" She looked back in the sky and thought. "I don’t know Robin. I think that there in the sky, there are other little earth’s, with other people."

"That would be, well, weird."

"How do you know there isn’t?"

"I don’t, I didn’t mean that you were wrong, I just meant, well, that it’s weird."

"I like your new look Tuck."

"Do you? I don’t know, I don’t think that the color compliments my eyes well." Tuck and Robin joked around as they ran closer to their destination. They wondered through the faintly lit hallways dodging sleepy soldiers and guardsmen. They thought they were home free until...

"Gentlemen, leaving so soon?" The ridged face of Sir Henri appeared in the blackness.

"Oh, you know, I’d hate to steal and run but..." Robin sneered. He motioned to Tuck to stay back.

"Well, we’re not done with you my dear Robin. Well, I’m not to say the least." Henri flashed a smile. Sure of himself, Henri took he sword from its resting-place and lunged at Robin. With an easy step to the side Robin missed the tip of Henri’s sword. "I think I told this to Little John," Robin started. They fought with a fury, the impact of the two swords created such a clang, Robin really couldn’t hear what he was saying. "...I know * every *..." He paused to concentrate on the opposing sword. "...Move you make."

Sir Henri stopped at those words. "Do you now?" Robin smiled and stared into Henri’s eyes. Robin didn’t just see Henri’s bloodshot blue eyes, he saw Henri’s soul.

"Well the Robin, did you know I would do this?" Robin and Henri simultaneously dropped their swords. "I’m afraid so." Robin laughed, as Henri looked bewitched.

"What’s wrong? See a ghost." Henri lifted a finger and barely whispered, "You read minds?!" Robin picked up his sword and pointed it at Henri’s throat. "No,"

Robin said in a quiet voice. "I don’t. I read eyes. Tuck, shall we?" He started to walk off. "Wait Robin, I want what rightfully belongs to me." Robin turned and looked at him.

"Henri, you have more treasures than you know what to do with." Robin said with a strong even voice. "The people in villages and hamlets don’t even have enough to feed themselves."

Robin’s voice became impassioned, but he spoke quietly, "They are famished, diseased, most of them don’t have the energy to smile, they don’t have the * need * to smile. You and others like you live in velvet and goose feathers keeping your eyes away from the window, so you can’t see the pain and suffering caused by * you *." Robin couldn’t help but chuckle.

"The sad part is, Sir Henri, is that you * know * what caused it, and you * know * that you can help fix it." Robin paused, he knew what he was going to say, but he wanted to make sure

Henri digested * every * word. Now is voice became enraged. "But you are too pompous and arrogant to admit that I am right, and the rich lords and ladies are wrong." Henri stood flabbergasted.

Tuck and Robin walked away.

Little John and Sean sat on the ground snoring quietly. Marion was going to say something but decided to let them be. She was going to go inside and look for Robin herself. He was in there way too long. Marion crept quietly in toward the gate opening (Which was hard to do in the huge guard’s uniform). She could hear someone mumbling something, but couldn’t see who it was.

"Shh, there’s a guard right there Tuck, careful." Robin crept slithered toward Marion with his sword in hand. "Robin! Your all right!" Robin looked a bit puzzled. "Marion?" Tuck giggled as

Marion wrapped her arms around Robin, his arms in the air, still a little confused. He slowly brought his arms down and hugged her. "You were worried about me?" "Yes, of course, you were gone forever."

"Uhh, Marion, I’m fine."

"I see that." Their arms were still around each other. Tuck waddled out of Barkley’s clothes and walked outside.

Marion’s head rested on Robin’s chest. He smiled and kissed her head. She looked up and gazed into his eyes, deep brown, smiling, beautiful. He looked down at her as well. They slowly moved closer together, their minds flooded with words left unsaid for what felt like centuries. Their lips brushed against each other, so close, but yet so far. "Hey Robin!" Tuck called from outside "We could use some help here!"

The guards had struggled to wake up, and now the ten or so that weren’t killed were ready to kill. Marion and Robin looked at each other and smiled. "Shall we?" Marion asked "Let’s." The two went off.

"Nice to see you two again." Little John yelled as he pulled two guards from his shoulders. "Nice to get back to business." Robin and the gang fought with the guards there were four left. As Robin raised his sword to get rid of another one he heard a voice. "Stop! Guards let him go! Let them all go." From a window high above the ground a silhouette appeared. Sir Henri raised his hand and directed the guards away. Robin looked up and smiled. He bowed and turned to his friends. "Well, I guess we’re done."

Marion glanced up at the stars. She knew one-day things would be right.

Robin glanced at Marion, he too knew one day things would be right.

Sean, Little John, and Tuck watched Marion and Robin, they knew that one-day things would be right.


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