Cat’woman VS Robin
By Lisa Prusok

Chapter Three

Robin blinked at her. He didn’t feel any differently toward her. He smiled, "I guess you missed a couple of spell casting practices too?"

"You shut up! Love spells are not my strong suit. Plus, I’m only getting started," she hissed.

"Yeah okay. I wait right here for you," he chuckled.

Orrxuda was really getting tired of him. Maybe he wasn’t worth it. But she would give it one more try. She put the dagger down and got a candle and a small piece of charcoal from the hearth. Taking both back to Robin’s side, she put them down. With both of her hands she grabbed on to Robin’s wide leather belt. Pulling up, she slid the laces to the side.

"Hey! What do you think you’re doing? This is getting a little bit personal do you think?" He struggled with his bonds even harder.

"That’s it! I told you to shut up!" she said as she walked away from the alter.

"Right, and that is supposed to keep me quiet. Look, I don’t know what you’re planning on doing, but what ever it is I..." his words were stopped by the gag that she had just placed over his mouth. She tied it tightly at the back of his neck. His struggles did not stop her, they only made her smile wider.

"There, now I can continue," she said as she walked back to his side.

Robin really was truly helpless how. He usually could talk his way in or out of anything, but without a voice, he was sunk.

Orrxuda went back to what she was doing. She picked up the dagger and cut the laces to his belt. Pulling it away from his stomach, she tossed it over to the other side of his body.

With an evil grin she put her face close to his, "I like this a lot better."

The only thing Robin could do was give her the dirtiest look he could muster.

"What? No snappy come-back. No cute quips," she laughed.

Along with his dirty look, he flared his nostrils at her. It wasn’t much, but then again he didn’t have much to work with.

Now this was her brand of fun. Toying with him, she took the tip of the blade and placed it against his cheek.

Robin closed his eyes at the touch of the cold steel against his face.

"Don’t worry Robin. I would not dare mar your handsome face," she laughed coldly as she let the blade slide down to his throat.

He was not having fun at all. Where was all of his help? He didn’t remember the last time he was in such a predicament. Robin could feel the sharp tip of the blade as it bit into his throat. Luckily, or unluckily, it moved on.

Orrxuda slowly moved the blade of the dagger down the V in his tunic to the first lace cross.

Robin raised his head to see what she was doing.

When she saw him looking, she took the blade and sliced through the lace.

Robin couldn’t watch. He let his head fall back on the alter stone.

She continued down to the next and the next until she had cut his tunic open. Pulling the material from his upper torso, she gasped at the sight of him. "Oh my, but you are well put together aren’t you?"

Robin closed his eyes and shook his head from side to side. He wanted to leave. This was just embarrassing.

"You know Robin I did have a purpose in mind when I did this. It wasn’t just for fun, although it was more fun that I could ever have imagined."

Robin could only glare at her.

"Now you must understand that this also has a purpose. But with the way you look, I’m going to have fun again," she smiled as she placed her flat palm on his left breast.

He could hear her whisper something as her hand began to smooth across his chest and down his stomach in a large circle. When she completed the circle he saw her pick up the charcoal. Then she began to draw on his chest with it. He could not see what she drew. As if in answer to his silent question, Orrxuda spoke.

"This is a pentagram, that is a star to you. It will help in strengthening and binding the spell that I am about to invoke."

Robin rolled his eyes and thought, "Great! Now I’m getting witch lessons."

Once again she picked up the dagger and held it over his stomach with the blade down. "I call on the elements and the guardians. Dark Mother Cerridwen, Lady spin your circle bright, weave your web of dark and light, earth, air, fire and water. Binds us as one. The power of the universe joins with me to expand and enhance my connection to thee. With the greater evil, I ask that this be done. So be it. And so it is!" She placed the dagger on his bare stomach and picked up the candle. With her mind, she lit the wick. The candle burned brightly as she held it over his stomach. It seemed to dance as she moved it up his body.

Robin watched in horror as she tipped the candle on its side. The hot wax dripped on his bare chest. Each drop stung as it dried on his skin.

There was now a drop on wax at each point of the pentagram. She put the candle down and picked up the dagger from his stomach. With small circular motions, she moved up his chest and then down his right arm to his wrist. His wrist and hand hung just over the edge of the alter. She cut his leather wrist band from his arm.

Orrxuda held the dagger over his wrist. "With your blood I bind us together. The archetypal realm awaits first contact. Your vital energy of body and spirit resides like a coiled serpent. I will drink your blood to unleash its power."

Robin was not going to allow this. He had to do something. Anything!

She held the dagger on the large blue veins of his wrist. Orrxuda made ready to just nick his skin when Robin jerked his wrist out of her grip! The knife plunged into his flesh! The blade went all the way through his wrist and out the other side!

Robin gasped in pain and made a muffled cry of anguish as the blade went through his arm.

"What have you done? You fool! I was only going to take enough for the spell that binded us together!" she screamed at him. "Now look what you’ve done!"

Robin did not really hear her. He could feel the warm liquid coating his wrist and hand. He again made a muffled cry as he felt searing pain when she pulled the dagger from his wrist.

Orrxuda was furious with him. She pulled the gag from his mouth and roughly grabbed his face in her hands. "I will not be denied your Divine energy. I will have your power. The only thing that you have done is denied me your body," she seethed at him. "But I will have one last taste of you before you go." Sinking her mouth down onto his now pale lips, she took one last long drink of him.

Robin felt sick to his stomach. His skin felt cold, so cold. He barely heard the words that Orrxuda spoke to him. The white noise in his head was louder. Robin did feel the hot, moist mouth cover his, but he did not have the strength to do anything about it. His breathing now came in rasps. He closed his eyes because he did not have the energy to keep them open any longer. The darkness enveloped him.

Orrxuda ended the kiss with a little remorse. It was such a waste of a perfect body. Now she had little time to invoke the spell to take his soul.

She began, "I whisper of the darkest hour, followed by no dawn. I sigh of blindness, barren, bent, the Undead and Unborn. I weave the great black spider’s spell in caverns underground. Clothed in loss and long-gone lives, I haunt the barrow-mound. I am coal and I am bone, gray drizzle on cold stone. Come to me in your despair, naked, broken and alone. I cackle, mock and turn my back, I jab you with my claw. Now clasp to your skin my hackles dire...I throw wide the bright door."

At her last word the wind began to blow in the underground cave. Her hair and dress were swept off to her side by the ever increasing gale. The ground began to shake slightly as thunder was heard. Orrxuda lifted her arms in the air to welcome his power, his soul, his Divine energy into her body.

Suddenly lightning struck just barely missing her. She heard someone clearing their throat at the entrance to the cave.

"Hey Witch! You forgot the first rule of order. Do what ye will, but harm ye none!" the voice said cold and hard.

Orrxuda turned and was shocked to see Catrina!

The bleeding from Robin’s wrist rapidly became a flood. He seemed to be floating. It was an odd sensation. Some how he left his body and could see it lying on the alter stone. There was a huge pool of blood forming under his right hand. He felt himself smile as he saw Catrina standing at the entrance to the cave. She looked fierce as she stood up to Orrxuda. The pride and love he felt for her was wonderful. Robin began to float higher and higher. Somehow he went through solid rock and was now in the fresh air. The land unfolded before him as he rose into the sky. It was breath-taking. The land that he loved, his England. The blue sky turned darker as he ascended.

Then he felt embraced by a loving and oddly familiar presence that told him it wasn’t yet time for him to come home, and that he needed to return because he still had work to do.

He was shown some images of what lay ahead for him, although they were vague and seemed almost like looking through air. As he was preparing to go back - assuming that he was actually going back - he could see his body, but by now it looked no bigger than a grain of sand. Floating out in space, he felt as if he were the size of infinity itself, and he asked the obvious question: "How will I get back in that body? I won’t fit?"

In an instant he was magnetically drawn down into his body. All thought ceased. Only blackness was present in Robin Hood’s mind.

"Why if it isn’t the little wench. I am surprised. I didn’t think you had it in you."

"That’s right Witch, I’m back! And I am not very happy. You have ticked off the wrong person this time."

"Don’t try my patience. You will regret it," Orrxuda told her coldly.

"That’s what I’m best at. You have no power here. Be gone before you regret it," Cat told her smiling.

Orrxuda had had enough. It was time to be rid of this pest. She had to get back to her spell before Robin breathed his last breath. Unfortunately she had not been able to complete it. She had been rudely interrupted.

Raising her arm, she sent a red bolt at Cat.

Cat raised her palm and the bolt bounced off of it. Cat had to do this quickly for Robin’s sake. She gathered all of her strength, energy, compassion and most of all her love for Robin inside of her. With a lightning move, she whipped her arm up and blasted a white bolt at Orrxuda. It hit her dead in the chest.

Orrxuda felt the bolt hit her and she screamed as she felt herself explode in a blinding light! As the light disappeared, so did she. Her singed dress fell to the floor.

Cat ran over to Robin. Cat felt for a pulse on his throat. It was just barely there. It was so weak she almost missed it. Quickly she wrapped a strip of cloth around the wound on his wrist. With almost no thought, she used her magic to break the shackles on his wrists and legs. She bent his right elbow to hold his wounded wrist in the air.

With another cloth and a bit of her spit, she wiped the pentagram from his chest. Cat pulled Robin’s upper body to her chest and she held him tightly against her.

Cat closed her eyes and spoke, "In my rage, despair, and darkness, I call upon the guardians, my guides, God and Goddess. Goddess Freya, Goddess of love and healing, take this burden from his heart, body, mind, and spirit. I release his pain freely and willingly. I ask that he be guided back to the light and that this be done immediately for the greater good and for the good of Robin Hood."

Cat could feel him breathing a little more easily, but it was not enough. "The spark of passion glows, his field is poised for growth, as the knowledge of the past brings him into the future. I say to reopen his flow to the universe. I call on the power of creation and reconnect him to it with ease. His energy grows, his power glows, life and light are with him. I say he reemerge for the greater good in a current of abundance. So be it. And so it is!"

Cat felt Robin stir against her body. She eased him back down on the alter. Pulling some cowslip from a small pouch that she wore at her waist, she got some water and mixed it up. Cat hopped up on the alter to sit next to him. She slipped her hand around the back of his neck and lifted his head.

"Robin wake up."

Robin couldn’t believe the voice that he heard. His eyes slowly opened and he was greeted by the nicest face he could imagine.

"Drink this," she ordered him.

Robin propped himself up on his elbow and took the cup. He drank a small amount, but was surprised by how bad it tasted. "Ugh! This is awful!"

"Sorry about that. There was no time to doctor it up. You have to drink the whole thing," she told him as she reached behind his neck to untie the gag that he still wore.

Robin did as he was told. When he was finished he noticed the cloth around his right wrist. Pulling it away, he revealed his skin. It was covered with blood, but he could not find the cut. Robin looked at Cat with great confusion on his face.

Catrina was busy dusting off her dress and rearranging the pleats so they looked nice.

"Cat. How?"

She looked up. Seeing the look on his face, "It was magic," she told him plainly.

"Well no kidding. Would you please elaborate for me."

"Oh sure. No problem. You see, healing transcends linear time. It can occur in an instant with the right conditions. I just invoked several spells to make your body heal and bring you back. Plus the fact that you have Divine energy did not hurt. Divine energy is the power of the human spirit to catalyze a healing process so that it can reclaim the life force. It also gives you an inner tranquillity. The liquid I gave you was cowslip. It is a herb that is sacred to the Goddness Freya. It’s used to treat wounds."

"Wow! You did all of that?"

"Sure it was easy," she said then she got a shocked look on her face.

"What’s wrong?" he asked concerned.

"I can’t believe that I just said that."

"I can. Hey. What happened to Orrxuda?"

Cat looked down at her hands sheepishly, "I blew her up," she told him in a small voice.

"You blew her up?" A smile began on Robin’s face and it just kept getting bigger. Robin reached out and pulled Catrina to him. He hugged her tightly, "Cat you are the greatest. I am so proud of you I can’t even tell you how much. You are a certified sorceress now."

Cat was a bit surprised by his actions. It only took her a split second to sink completely into him and hug him back.

After a few moments, Robin released her from his hug. He looked into her eyes and saw his Cat there. There was only kindness and love in those eyes. He took a hold of her chin, "It’s so nice to have my Cat back with me. I missed you."

Cat blushed three shades of red. She was so flattered that she was speechless.

"Can you get us out of here?" Robin asked as he let her chin go.

Cat hadn’t heard his question. She just stared into his deep brown eyes and let out a big sigh. He had just become even more perfect to her.

"Cat!" Robin raised his voice.

She shook her head slightly and came back to the present. "Yes?"

Robin laughed at her, "Can you get us out of here?"

"Yes I can."

Cat hopped down from the alter.

Robin swung his long legs over the edge and stood up. When he stood his belt remained on the alter and his tunic front flew open. He looked down at his bare torso. Then he noticed the drops of wax that were still on his chest. He started picking them off, "I don’t suppose you would have anything that would fix my tunic?"

Cat stood back and looked at his magnificent body, "Even if I did, I wouldn’t give it to you."

Robin looked up from what he was doing, "Why..." he didn’t even have to finish the question. He saw the look on her face and just rolled his eyes. "What is it with women and my chest?" he asked innocently.

It was Cat’s turn to roll her eyes, "Oh Robin, are we going to go through that again?"

"Well I..."

"Come on, let’s get out of here. Some times you ask the dumbest questions," she told him laughing.

Robin didn’t have time for a come back because they were shrouded in a halo of light and disappeared.

Just as the outlaw trio got to the perimeter of Count Lanis’ land, there was a bright light before them. They turned their faces from the light. When it had dissipated, Robin and Catrina had appeared. Jumping down from their horses, they ran to the two.

"Is everything all right?" Little John asked.

Robin beamed, "Everything is just fine Little John. Thanks to Cat," he said hugging her to his side.

Marion crossed her arms in front of her, "So. What happened here?" she said eyeing his open tunic.

Robin laughed, "Nothing that Cat couldn’t handle."

Cat looked up at Robin once again with adoring eyes.

"Let’s go home," Robin said as he guided Catrina by his side.

Marion was left standing there with her mouth open as she watched Robin and Cat walk by her.

"Come on Marion. I’ll tell you all about it on the way," Robin said.

That got Marion moving. She was sure that where Cat was involved, it would be quite a story.

The End.

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