The Vampires of Sherwood
By Paddy
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Chapter Three

Robin was sitting on the cold ground of his cell, still thinking of what he had done under the vampire's spell. Then again steps came towards his cell. Oh no, not again, Robin thought. But this time it was Victor himself to get Robin. He came into the cell, his gray eyes glowing of all the hate that had made him what he was.

He was a very old vampire, about 400 years old. His home country was Spain. This was the country, where he had become a vampire. Before he became is own master, not that long ago, he "worked" for the sovereign of Madrid. That sovereign wasn't a real 'fan' of ethnic minorities.

And so Victor was the right man for him, or better the right vampire. He was young and wanted to taste life. And this taste was the taste of red blood. It didn't matter to him, if it was right or wrong what he was doing. His order was to suck out the liquid of life out of every Jewish being he could find. He didn't care who he killed. And so he did what he was told to do. But the best thing was, that he was paid for his service to the sovereign.

But one day he saw the wife of the sovereign. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. And he wanted her to be his. One night, when the sovereign was already sleeping, Victor sneaked into his room and killed him, by drinking his blood. Then he went over to the bedroom of the sovereign's wife. She was sleeping, when he leaned down over her and pulled his fangs into her pulsating vein inside of her throat. Then he cut off one of his own veins and let her taste his own blood.

That's how Regina was born to her life after death. Victor and Regina had to flee. First they stayed a couple of months in Paris, where they found a huge group of vampires. Both were taught everything what they had to know about being a true, a cruel vampire. Then they left Paris again and went over to the Alsace and stayed just couple of days in Strasbourg.

There were almost no vampires and the less who actually had been there, were good enough to be their pupils. So they went on on their search for other vampires. It finally brought them to Augsburg. They found many vampires there, but they wanted to stay on their own. They just didn't accept any newcomers. And so they finally came to Cornwall, from where they went up into the Sherwood Forest.

Victor and Regina found that old castle, deep hidden in the woods of the Sherwood. They were sure, that they couldn't be discovered there.

One day, a villager from outside the Sherwood found their hiding place. He managed to escape from them and of course he told anybody he met, about what he had seen. Vampires. From that day on, they had to be more carefully.

Now they flew up to Scotland every night to get what they needed - blood. But over the centuries they became careless again and so they couldn't find any danger by taking Robin Hood prisoner. Actually they didn't knew that there were still Marion, Friar Tuck, and Little John.

That night, Victor wanted to send Robin out into the villages again. But this time for the last time. In his opinion Regina had way too much fun with Robin. He already had an idea, how to keep Robin away from Regina. He wanted to keep Robin for two more nights at the castle, but then he had different plans with him. Now he was standing in front of his slave.

"Okay now, prince of thieves. It's time for you to go now. There are many treasures waiting in the villages for us. You go now and get them," Victor told him in a monotone voice, while he kept on staring into Robin's eyes.

"Yes, master," Robin said.

"Then go now."

Robin stood up from the cold ground and headed down to the castle-yard, where a horse as black as the night was waiting for him. He mounted and left the vampire castle. Regina and Victor were watching him leaving from one of the large windows.

"What do you plan with him. We can't keep him here forever," she asked him.

"Oh, you'll find out about that soon," he grinned mischievously.

*** Somewhere in Sherwood Forest ***

"I think we should stay here for the night," Marion suggested. "We've been on the horses' backs the whole day through. It's time for us to get some rest."

Nearby they found a place that looked good to them. They made a small fire and made themselves comfortable around it on their blankets.

"How can we find that castle now?" Tuck asked.

"I don't know why, but I have a strange feeling, that it is somewhere north-west from here. Maybe we should give it a try and search there for it," René said.

"We can talk about that tomorrow. Let's get some sleep now," Marion said. The others nodded their heads in agreement.

The next day they got up very early. They broke their camp down and went on with their search for the castle. René took the part of the leader. Evening had already broken, when René suddenly told them to stop. She could see something through the trees.

"Look over there. This could be the castle," she whispered.

"Looks like the right home for vampires. Do you know how many of them live there?" Tuck asked René.

"The old in our village said that there would live three of them. I don't remember their names, but the two older ones are told to be really dangerous and the other one is supposed to be a servant."

"We should better go right in," Little John said.

"No!" Marion said. "We should better wait what will happen tonight."

René nodded her head in agreement. "We don't know the inside of the castle. We could camp here," she suggested.

*** Hours later in the castle ***

"There is someone out in the forest near the castle," Victor told Regina.

"What do you think they are doing here?" she asked him.

"I don't know, but maybe they have come to search for Robin Hood. Maybe they know them."

"Can't you do something to stop them?"

"Sure, I can!" he grinned mischievously. "But listen, I've got a surprise for you? Do you want to play some nice games with our guest? I know that you'd love to drink from him," he smiled at her.

"Victor, that would be great! Can I get him right away?"

"Just wait a little bit longer. You'll get him soon, I promise." He gave her a kiss on her pale cheek. She just kept on smiling at him. Victor grinned. He had different plans with Robin. He wouldn't allow her to kill him, just to taste from his blood. Victor went down to Robin's cell. He found him asleep.

"Tired from the events of the last night?" he said out loud. Robin opened his eyes.

"Maybe I am. But you know, this is a time when normal people are sleeping."

"I'm sorry that I have to break your well deserved sleep now, but I need you now."

"What for? Shall I kill old men again? Or steal the poor people's less habits?"

"No, much better!" Victor laughed evilly. "Stand up now. We don't have much time." Victor brought Robin up into the huge hall, where Regina was already impatiently waiting for them. She gazed lustfully at Robin's throat.

"I think I leave you two better alone now," Victor grinned at Regina. She nodded her head in excitement.

"Okay, then have fun with him." With it said, Victor left the hall. But he didn't close the door completely. As soon as he was out of the hall, he turned himself into a little nice bat and flew back into the hall, unseen by Regina who was to busied with Robin. Slowly she went towards him, knowing, that he wouldn't be able to escape from her. But this was, what he wanted the most, to get away from this ancient vampire lady who just wanted one thing from him, his blood.

The vampire fangs started to grow in her mouth. He could see them, as she opened it. Her grip on his shoulders was hard and painful for Robin. His only wish was, that time would stop right now, but it didn't. Slowly her face came down to his throat. She pulled his hair aside and pushed her long fangs through his flesh. She groaned out when she tasted the sweetness of his blood. But she couldn't enjoy herself very long. Victor had been sitting in one of the windows, waiting for the right moment to stop her.

"Enough!" he yelled. Regina turned around in surprise. She hadn't expected Victor being in the hall with her. Victor rushed over to Robin, grabbed him underarms and together with him he flew out of the hall. Robin was weak. That loss of blood had given him the rest. The exhaustion was too big now. Robin was not sleeping he was unconscious and had no idea where Victor was taking him to. Victor flew down to the castle-yard with Robin, where a horse was waiting for them. He pulled Robin up on the horses back and then he mounted himself. The guys who were somewhere hidden in the woods of the Sherwood were no danger. Victor had put a spell on them. They were all sleeping. Now his way led him to Nottingham.

Robin didn't awake the whole ride through. He only woke up again, when they had arrived in Nottingham at Prince John's castle. But actually he didn't notice where they really were. Victor pushed the weak Robin over his shoulders and told a guard to bring him to Prince John. He said, that he had a little present for him. The guard was afraid of that huge man with his pale skin and black clothes.

He nodded his head yes and signed him to follow him. The prince was very angry, because he was disturbed so late in the night. And Lady Claudia was also angry. She still thought that Prince John was a great lover. Prince John met Victor in the throne hall.

"What do you stranger want from me so late at night?" he asked him, not able to hide the anger in his voice.

"My lord, I think here is someone you've been searching for, for a very long time. Truth to tell, this is Robin Hood, the prince of thieves." Prince John's face lightened.

"Robin Hood?" he smiled.

"Exactly, your highness." Robin was laying on the floor, not able to say a word, as much as he wanted to. He was sure that he was under Victor's spell.

"Then you'll get the reward, you deserve!" Prince John said.

"Guard, bring this stranger to Barkley. He shall give him the reward. Any you guard, put this man behind bars. I'll get to see him tomorrow in the morning." Prince John headed back into his quarters. With a evil smile on his face he laid down beside Lady Claudia.

"My dearest, Robin Hood is mine, finally!" he grinned evilly.

*** The next morning in Sherwood Forest ***

René woke the others up. Finally she got it. She had tried to awake them the whole night through, but they just didn't wake up. Marion was the first of them who woke up.

"René, did we sleep the whole night through?"

"I'm afraid you did," René said quietly. "I think you've been under Victor's spell." As soon as she had said it, she'd rather had bitten in her tongue.

"Who is Victor? René, I think you know more than you've told us," Marion glanced at her. Now Little John and Friar Tuck were also awake?

"What does she know, that we don't know" the friar asked, while he rubbed his eyes.

"I think you want to tell us something, don't you" Marion said.

"I know the vampires that are living in this castle?"

"Excuse me?" Marion shouted. "How comes that?" Marion wasn't sure if she had heard right.

"It's true. I am a vampire myself," René said quietly.

"You are what? So comes, that the sun doesn't harm you?" Marion asked her angrily.

"I'm different. I don't even drink blood, well at least no human. I don't know why I am what I am. The only thing I know is, that I have all skills that other vampires have too. But somehow the sunlight can't harm me."

"So why couldn't you free us of the spell of this ... Victor?" Little John asked.

"He is too strong for me. He is much older than me. Even the other vampire,

Regina cannot do anything against his spells."

"I don't want to break your nice conversation, but don't you think that we better should try to find Robin now? René, how can we get into that castle?"

Friar Tuck now said.

"Robin isn't there anymore. Victor has brought him to Nottingham."

"You seem to know everything. Why do you know that?"

"Although I'm not as strong as Victor I can still read his mind," René said.

"Then I think we should better go to Nottingham and save Robin," Little John yelled. They all stood up from the ground and packed their few things together and put them in their saddle bags. As soon as they had finished, they were on their way to Nottingham.

*** *** ***

Robin slowly opened his eyes. He found himself in a cell. But this one was different from the other one he had been held captive in. It had a small window.

From outside he could hear laughing guards. This meant that he was in another castle now. But where? He was sure that he would find out about that soon enough.

Truth to tell, he had no idea how right he was. Only one hour later four guards came and told him, that somebody would really like to see him. Someone? Robin couldn't get on his feet himself. He was still weak from that great loss of blood last night. He couldn't remember anything, of what had happened the night before. Two of the guards took him underarms and helped him stand up. They led him up some dark narrow stairways. When they finally arrived in the throne hall, Robin knew all too well, where he was.

"Robin Hood! Welcome in my castle!" Prince John smiled evilly at him.

"Thanks. How comes that I deserve such an honor?" Robin smirked.

"Awww, believe me, you deserve it." Since Robin's arrival at the castle, Prince

John had only dreamed of what bad things he could do to Robin. He was thinking of tortures nobody could think of. And of course he looked for the best way, to kill the outlaw. But Prince John wouldn't have been Prince John, if he had kept his plans in secret for long. He played with his hair, as he told Robin about the things he wanted to do with him.

"A little bit of stretching, burning, cooking oil, lashes! Ah, this sounds like fun to me," Prince John sighed.

"Sounds like fun to me too," Robin said coldly. The prince became angry.

"You'll change your opinion about that soon, I promise!" he snarled.

"Really? I don't think so," Robin was still not impressed.

"Okay, you want it! Guard, call the dungeon keeper. He may take him to our dearest Mr. Evil. Maybe the torturer can teach him some respect. And tell him, he better does his job well. I'll check that." The guard nodded his head. He grabbed Robin roughly underarms and pulled him out of the throne hall.

End of Chapter Three

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