The Vampires of Sherwood
By Paddy
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Chapter Two

Robin woke up again a few hours later. Again he was in this one dark room, here

he had been before. He felt a pain on his neck and when his fingers touched it, he felt those two small wounds, which appeared to be caused by a bite. Robin laid his head back against the wall. Then he tried to remember what happened before everything became black around him.

These eyes. This pair of gray eyes coming towards him. Then the second pair. And then, at last this terribly aching pain in his throat. He remembered one of the two 'things' around him said something. "You did a good job." What job? Robin couldn't remember anything about a job, he had done. Then his thoughts went back to his friends. Little John, Marion and Tuck were probably to busied to miss him. For all the other members of the compound it was only usual, when he wasn't there for a few days.

His only real hope now was Marion. But then he remembered her talking about a certain Tom. Who was Tom? Tom Finnegan? No, he was much too old for Marion. In fact he was an old man of 62. Okay, it was not Tom Finnegan. But who else? He couldn't remember another Tom in the compound. Maybe a guy from the village? But Marion should have known, that it's not allowed to show outsiders the way to the compound. There was always the danger that there were Prince John's spies among them. Suddenly Robin's thoughts were disturbed by the sound of an opening door.

"Who is there?" Robin asked. No answer.

"Okay, how long do you want to go on with this game. You know I'm not really in the right mood for playing stupid, silly games with a bunch of ... of ... whatever you may be." "You have no choice," the voice from the darkness said.

"No choice? For what," Matthew asked.

"You are ours. You are our slave, our property. You have no will anymore," the voice laughed. It was not Victor's.

"I don't think so, " Robin said coldly.

"Oh, seems as if I had forgotten one thing to mention. And you don't think anymore."

"Nice thought," Robin smirked.

"Okay, come on now outlaw. You'll have to do something for us."

"I won't do anything for you."

"You will. Believe me, you will," he laughed. Then those gray eyes gazed at him again. He couldn't resist them. Robin just stared into them and then right through them.

"Tell me what to do, master," Robin said in a monotone voice.

"Ahh, good boy. Follow me. We'll tell you what to do."

"Yes master."

*** One hour later, in a village near Sherwood ***

"Hey, René, bring more ale!" the man at the table in the corner of the small inn shouted. He was still young, long sable brown hair, handsome figure, armed with sword and bow. The young woman grabbed one of the mugs and took it over to the man.

"Here you are," she said.

"Go, you've done your job," he said.

"A little thank you would have been enough," she said angrily, turned around on her heels and left the man. But she kept a close eye on him. Somehow she had a feeling that she had met this guy once before. And she already knew, who he was. Twenty minutes later, he left the inn. René followed him. She wanted to find out what he was going to do. The man didn't seem to realize her. He mounted and ride back into the forest. René took her own horse and followed him. It was a dark night in the forest an she was a bit afraid of what was probably coming up to her. When she couldn't see him anymore, she dismounted and hid behind a tree. She stared out into the night but couldn't see anything. Suddenly someone grabbed her from behind. It was him."Why do you follow me?"

"I didn't follow you."

"So, why are you here then?"

"I wanted to visit someone."

"Oh really. And who is this certain someone? Listen, I tell you something. You'd better go now. If you won't, you could get into real danger."

"Okay, okay, I go." René jumped up from the ground, mounted and let her horse ran as if the devil himself would have been behind them.

"I like it when women do, what they are told," the stranger grinned.

René was almost out of the forest when she heard a scream coming through the forest, straight from the place where she had left this stranger. She frowned and knew what she had to do. Next time one of the villagers of Sherwood would come, she would surely tell him, what has happened.

The next day, Marion and Tuck came into the village. As soon as René heard of their arrival, she went out to look for them. Soon she found them near the small village church.

"Friar Tuck?" she asked him from behind.

"Yes, that would be me. Do you have a problem?" he asked her friendly.

"Yes I do have one and maybe you do have one too. May we talk in secret?" she pleaded with him. Tuck let out a sigh.

"Okay, if it is of so huge importance. Let's go into the church."

She nodded her head yes and followed him. Once inside the church, Tuck turned around and looked directly in to her eyes.

"Okay then, what's wrong?"

"I think your friend Robin Hood has killed someone."

"Are you mad? Robin would never do something like that."

"Okay, maybe not. But he has disappeared some time ago, hasn't he."

"Yes. Why do you know?" he asked her.

"Because yesterday night, he was in our inn here in the village and drank some ale before he headed out into the forest. I followed him, but he discovered me. I had to flee, but I could hear a scream coming out from the forests. And it was late at night and none else was in the forest, I'm sure. So what would you think, if you were me?"

Tuck didn't answer for a while.

"I think we'll have to tell Marion. This sounds really serious."

"Okay, I'll go to find her."

"Yes, and then bring her here to the church. Tuck didn't believe, that she had lied. She just had no reason to. So he sat down on one of the banks and thought about the situation until René and Marion came back. Marion entered the church with an angry face.

"I can't believe, what I'm hearing. I guess you're crazy, little lady."

"First of all, I'm not little and I'm not a lady. And I think that you should better listen to what I've got to say, because it is nothing else than the truth."

"Tuck, what do you think?"

"Have you Robin ever seen before, René?"

"Yes, this was some weeks ago in another village, a few miles away from here.

This was just at the time when you had another struggle with Prince John and he held a speech in the inn. The two of you together with Little John were also there. Don't you remember?"

"I guess, that she's telling the truth, Marion." Tuck said.

"Yes, I think you're right. So this would mean then, that Robin has killed someone."


"But Robin would never kill anybody, without a good reason."

"That's right. But maybe he had a good reason." Tuck said thoughtfully.

"Or maybe he is under the spell of vampires," René finally said.

"Vampires? Oh come on, how old are you?" Marion laughed.

"No, there has always been the rumor among the villagers that there is an old castle hidden deep in the forests of Sherwood. The old say, that vampires would live there. Many years ago, there disappeared many of the villagers. A few days later they only found them dead. And everyone of them had two small wounds on their throats near the vein."

"Okay, but this were only rumors. Nothing else. Do you really think, that there are vampires in Sherwood? I mean, we know the forest almost better, than our own home and should have really known about any castles out there." Marion said.

"Well, this might be. But this castle has disappeared from the people's minds many years ago. You'll never know." René said.

"Anyways, I'm really concerned now. We should probably better search for Robin." Tuck said.

"Okay, then let's get back to the camp and inform Little John. René, I think you should probably come with us." Marion said.

*** The next night in a castle in Sherwood ***

"Cal, bring our little servant. I want to talk to him." Victor said.

"Of course, master," Cal said and went to get Robin.

"He has done a good job, don't you think so, Regina?" Victor asked the lady vampire. "He sure did. We've been waiting for his death for a long time. And now, we didn't even have to make our own hands dirty with his blood."

"Yes, but Laurence was really a good old man."

"But he came to close. And that's why he had to die," Regina said coldly.

"Regina, don't drink too much of Robin's sweet blood. We do still need him, don't forget that."

"Okay, okay. I think I can keep myself under control."

"Shhhhhh, quiet now. He's coming." Victor hissed.

"Ahh, here comes our dear Robin Hood. How do you feel, right after killing an old helpless man," he grinned evilly

"Killing an old man?" Robin said unbelievingly.

"Oh, don't you remember? Last night in the forest you killed and old man of eighty years. Really a good job, Robin of the Hood. Just think of it, what the people will say, once they've found out? I'm sure they will like the idea, that they've supported a murder. I feel so sorry for you, Robin," Regina laughed. Robin kept very quiet. "Why am I here," he finally asked them.

"Because we want to destroy you and your friends. And I promise, that we will."

They threw Robin back into his cell. This time he could even see something. In one corner of the small room was a torch on the wall. But in that moment he really didn't care if there was light in the cell or not. Were the vampires really telling him the truth? Had he really killed an old helpless man. Robin couldn't believe that. He wanted to get out of that hell of that castle.

The control, that the vampires had over him, scared him almost to death. This absolute power, they had over him, gave him the creeps. But he couldn't find any way to escape, to get out of the hell, he was in. He wished Marion would have been there, to comfort him. The loneliness and fear that filled all of his thoughts now, was too terrible and made him even more afraid. This time it was different. He had never had problems with fighting against Prince John and his man, because he had himself under control. But the vampires were more powerful enemies, than Prince John was and Robin couldn't do anything against them.

*** Back in the compound ***

"Little John!" Marion yelled, while they rushed into the camp in Sherwood

Forest. The strong, tall blond man ran towards them.

"What's wrong, Marion?" he yelled back at her. "We have news about Robin!" "Did you find him? And who is this little lady?"

"Be careful, John, she doesn't like it to be called a 'little lady'," Tuck told him, while he dismounted.

"I'm René and I know where you can probably find your friend."

"I think we should better go to Robin's hut, to talk about everything," Tuck suggested. The others nodded their heads in agreement. They went over to Robin's hut, where nobody would disturb them. René and Marion sat down on Robin's bed.

Friar Tuck and Little John stood in another corner of the hut. "Okay, would you tell me now, where we can find Robin?" Little John asked the others.

"Listen Little John," René started. "This might sound a little bit crazy to you, but you must believe me, it is the truth." Little John watched Marion and Tuck suspiciously. Marion nodded hear head to show René that she could tell her story. René told Little John, about her meeting with Robin first in the inn of her village and then later in the forest. She also told him, that he didn't act, as if he was all by himself. Then René started with the vampire stuff. She had hardly said anything about it, as Little John started to burst out in a laughter.

"Hey, listen to her. You don't know yet what she is gonna tell you," Marion said angrily.

"Oh, come on now. You don't really believe that yourselves. Everyone knows that vampires are just a fiction to scare children," he laughed.

"No, they do exist. I've seen them," René finally said.

"And where? Probably in your sick fantasies?"

René was irritated now. "I thought you wanted to help your friend. And now, that there is someone who could help you, you say that this all had only sprung out of my fantasy?"

"John, behave now and listen to her. We think that she really tells the truth,"

Tuck admonished him.

"Okay," Little John, said in a half loud voice.

René finished her story. And while she had been telling, Little John's face became white. Somehow he knew that René was telling the truth.

"Okay, and what are we going to do now?" Tuck asked. Marion and Tuck shrugged their shoulders.

"I'd suggest, we first try to find their castle. And once we have found it, we'll have found Robin," René said.

"I think we have no choice," Marion said. Tuck and John could only nod their heads in agreement.

"Okay, then I think we should pack our things and go," John said. The four of them headed out of Robin's hut.

"Okay, René, you come with me. Little John, Tuck, we'll meet at the stables in half an hour. Oh and John, would check, if we still have a better horse for René?" Marion asked him.

"Will do."

"Okay, then see you then." She grabbed René on her arm and headed with her towards her own hut.

Half an hour later, they met at the stables.

"I've found a better horse for René," Little John proudly announced. Behind him was a black stallion waiting.

"He looks very strong," René said a little bit afraid.

"And he sure is," Little John said.

"Okay, then let's get going!" Tuck said. They all mounted and rode out of the camp.

End of Chapter Two

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