The Curse Of 
Locksley Castle

By Virgina Cavazos

Chapter Four

"What is it you want?" Robin asked.

Richard/John began to pace about the room. He stopped, and stared at Marion. "That's a fine wench you have there, little brother. Very lovely." Richard/John gave a look that made Marion shudder. She looked to Robin for support.

"Robin, aren't you going to say anything."

Robin thought about it. "That he has good taste?"

Richard/John roared at Robin's joke. Reaching his long arms out for Marion, he snarled, "Come here wench, it's been a long time since I've tasted a woman's lips."

As he tried to grab her, she whipped out a dagger and nicked Richard/John on the hand. Richard/John sucked on the small wound Marion had just made. He shook his index finger at her, as if scolding a child. "So, the wench has teeth."

"Yes!" Hissed Marion. "And I'm not afraid to bite."

Richard let out a lustful growl, "Oh, how I miss the mortal life. Eh, Martyn?"

Martyn/Tuck was staring lustfully at Marion, he slowly licked his lips, as his eyes roved up and down her body. Seeing this foreign look on Tucks innocent face, she realized this was the first time in her life, she was actually afraid of Tuck.

Richard/John turned his attention to Martyn/Tuck. As they were talking about what they planned on doing with this fine wench. Robin motioned with his head, for Marion to make her way toward the doors; leading out of the large room. As he backed up, he picked up a broken chair leg.

"Well now," said Richard/Little John rubbing his palms together in glee. "We can pick up where we left off. Eh, Martyn?"

Martyn giggled. "Yes, Richard. We have to finish it. "

Looking up at Richard, he asked, "But do you think it will still work?"

"Of course it will. I have the promise of a Druid priest. After three hundred years, we can finally end this! With a living Locksley present, we will succeed." The two then turned their attention back to Robin and Marion.

"Quickly, Marion!" Robin cried, as he rushed her through the doors. He slammed them shut, jamming the chair leg in the handles. Robin knew it would only give them a few precious seconds of a head start. Running into the hallway, Marion close at his heels, he searched around for a place to hide. He saw a small door at the bottom of the staircase. As he made his way toward it, he was suddenly flung back into the battle he had previously been in.

"Not now!" he cried out in anger.

Spinning around, he yelled out, "Marion, I'm trapped in this until it plays out. You have to find a place to hide. If I'm taken, you're my only hope."

As he said this, he didn't realize that Marion was standing right in front of him. She knew he was right, though. She was his only hope if he were captured. She ran toward the door by the staircase. Hiding behind a broken column, she held her breath, as she waited. She heard a crash, and saw Richard/John and Martyn/Tuck start to pour out of the small room.

Meanwhile, Robin was repeating the scene he had been in previously. Richard, again gave him a sword, and the soldier once again tried to fight him. Quickly, Robin threw the sword at the man, as he yelled out.

"I don't have time for this!" Robin looked so enraged, the soldier was startled and fled. Whirling around this time, he was prepared for Richard. "Quickly! Hit me!" Robin said, frantically.

Richard gave him an amused grin, "Happy to oblige, little brother."

As he was slapped, Robin hoped he would return to the present. He steadied himself, ready for anything. As his vision came back, Richard/John and Martyn/Tuck were upon him. He quickly was able to fend off Martyn/Tuck, using a few blows across the face to knock his back. Richard/John, however, would be more difficult.

Richard/John let out an unbelieving laugh, "You fool! You could never beat me, little brother." He tried to hit Robin with a roundhouse.

Robin expertly dodged the blow, and laid him back with a high kick. He gave Richard/John his patented half grin, "You've never beaten me BIG brother, and incidentally, I'm not your little brother. My name is Robin!" He backhanded Richard/John. "Robin Hood! Remember that!"

Robin then pushed him back again, with a high kick to the chest. Richard/John staggered, trying to catch his breath. Unfortunately for Robin, he recovered quickly. "I'll remember that, Robin Hood." He said sarcastically. "But you forgot one thing."

Robin tried to catch his breath. "What is that?" he panted, as he was struck from behind. Faintly, he heard Martyn/Tuck say, "Me!"

As his vision slowly returned, Robin felt his hands going numb. Looking down he saw his wrists were now tied in front of him. Two sets of arms roughly brought him to his feet.

"Now then, where were we?" Richard/John asked. "Oh yes, we need to pick up where we left off. Come young Locksley, your destiny awaits you." He giggled, in a maddened way.

Marion had to back into her hiding place, as they dragged Robin towards the small door. They swept past her without noticing her. Quietly, she followed after them, following their torch light. She tried to stay hidden, in the darkness of the shadows. They were making their way deeper into the ancient castle. Everything was a shambles. It took some time to make their way to where they were going. Slowly, they finally reached the room they were looking for.

As they stood near a closed door, Richard/John handed Robin over to Martyn/Tuck. "Watch him while I open the door." He then stood in front of the door, chanting something that sounded like ancient Celtic to Marion. After a few minutes, the door slowly opened. Richard/John then helped Martyn/Tuck pull Robin forward.

They stood in the doorway, staring into the room. It had been left the way it was that fateful day, when Gregory had come in and stopped them so many years ago. This was where they had died. Martyn/Tuck went in first and lit some torches. He cringed when he saw the two skeletons crumpled in the corner of the room. He knew that was all that was left of Richard and himself. They hadn't even had a proper burial. Martyn/Tuck went back to the entrance to help bring Robin in.

"At least let me know why you're doing this." Robin pleaded with them.

"For our clan," Martyn/Tuck replied, most nobly.

Robin noticed Richard had a suspicious look on his face when Martyn said this. There was something more here, something he had to figure out.

Richard/John, noticing the accusing look on Robins face returned it with a sweet smile. "Of course, this is for our clan. I was told by a Druid Priest of a spell that would make our family invincible. We would become unbeatable. No Norman would dare to challenge us. Our clan would become immortal. Normans will curse the Locksley name, for it will become a symbol for all those who oppress Saxons. All we needed to do, was sacrifice a clan member; who is pure of heart, one who fights with his soul. I can see that Matthew gave you that virtue, but don't fear, little brother. I was told the spell would also bring you back to life. The scripture has assured us you would live again."

They then dragged Robin to a carved, stone altar that was centered in the room. Using Little John's strength, Richard picked Robin up as if he were a babe, and placed him on the altar. Hanging the medallion around Robin’s neck, they began to tie him down on the altar. As Robin was first placed on the altar, he felt the strange feeling of going in the past.

As his vision cleared, he saw the living Richard unfurl the scroll and start to read from it. The medallion began to glow over Robin's heart, and he felt a squeezing begin in his chest. It felt as if his heart was slowly being crushed! In the present, Richard/John centered the medallion on Robin, making sure it was over his heart.

Martyn/Tuck backed off. He knew what needed to be done. He waited for Richard to act first. Richard moved closer, standing next to the altar. He paused, preparing himself for what he was about to do.

Marion numbly gazed into the room. What was she going to do? She had to try something. Blindly she ran in.

Pulling her dagger out, she hoped perhaps a little of Tuck and John remained. She charged Richard/John first. Seeing her coming, he feinted left. She lunged and missed. Martyn/Tuck slapped her arm with the rosary Tuck kept wrapped around his wrist. Stinging, it made Marion drop her dagger. Richard/John quickly picked it up. He had an evil look on his face that Marion would not have thought possible, coming from Little John.

Martyn/Tuck grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back. "Foolish woman," Richard/John spat out. "You think you can stop me! I have waited over three hundred years for this moment! Nothing will stop me from getting what I want."

A thought suddenly came to her, it was caused by something Little John said. All was not what it seemed. Richard/John said in a taunting voice, "It is to late to save Robin Hood. He will die, so I can become immortal!"

This statement now grounded her thoughts. She knew what she had to say now to save her beloved.

In the past Richard, was halfway through the scroll. He gazed down at his youngest brother, "I'm sorry, Matthew. But it is for the good of the family. Remember, family is everything. With this power, we will become invincible. I will become invincible." Leaning over he whispered so that only Robin could hear, "Once that happens, I will be the true head of the Locksley clan, not you dear brother. Soon there will be no one left alive, that will stop me." He then resumed reading the scripture on the scroll, Robin moaned out in agony, as the pain grew to a higher intensity in his chest.

Marion stared at Robin, he looked to be in pain, his face was twisted in agony. She had to hurry, before it was to late. "Wait," she cried out, "At least hear me out."

"Why should I listen to you?" Richard/John snarled in return.

"Because you are not aware of one important thing. If you kill Robin, you will be killing the last of the Locksleys."

Martyn\Tuck gasped out, startled by her statement,. "What do you mean, the last of the Locksleys?"

At least Robin was no longer being threatened. She grasped at this, hoping to stall them longer. "Robin is the last of the Locksleys. If he dies, the name of Locksley dies with him."

Richard answered fiercely. "You lie, woman. The Locksley clan was assured a long and prosperous life. I know there are more out there. We are strong, we will survive forever."

"I tell you, I'm not lying. Robin is the only surviving heir of the Locksleys. Look, if its immortality you're looking for, then you don't have to kill Robin to get it! Robin has done great good since his land and title were taken from him."

Richard/John ignored her as he continued to read the scroll, but she heard Martyn/Tuck whisper, "Go on."

Marion's thoughts raced as she tried to plead her case. "What Robin has done in the past years will insure that in the centuries following, the name of Locksley will be remembered as someone who stands for justice. I know for hundreds . . . perhaps thousands of years from now, Robin will be remembered for what he has done for England. Is that not a way of achieving immortality? To have your name spoken throughout the centuries? Robin has achieved that already. There is no need to do this! Please, I beg of you, let him go!"

Martyn looked up at brother, "What do you think Richard?"

"She lies. I know there are other male Locksleys. I was told we would survive for untold centuries. It was promised to me."

Giving her a sneer, he now turned his attention back to Robin. Marion noticed Martyn giving her a sad look. This gave Marion a small glimmer of hope.

"Please," Marion pleaded, as she tried to appeal to Martyn, "Look into Tuck's soul. You'll know I'm not lying. Your brother is the one who's lying."

Martyn/Tuck paused for a moment. His thought racing at the new found information. He recalled all that his brother had told him, all that his other brothers told him. His benign face lit up with a look of revelation.

"Stay here, and I promise you won't get hurt," he whispered softly. "I'll see what I can do." He gave her a reassuring smile, as he walked over, to stand across from Richard/John.

Richard/John squatted down, placing his mouth near Robins ear, he whispered to him, "Soon, you will help me to get what was promised to me. I will at last be the head of the Locksley clan." Standing up, he slowly began to read from the scroll.

End of Chapter Four

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