The Purple Rose

By Verenize Bernal Curiel

CHAPTER II "The Vengeance"

The sun had not yet peaked its rays out when all were already risen, ready for the attack. Sir Frederick was in the hut that Robin had assigned him to pass the night. From the folds of his clothes he took out a tiny flask that contained purple liquid. He carefully wet the knife’s edge, careful not to touch it. He hid it in a leather case and went out to meet with the group.

"Remember," Reaffirmed Robin, who had tied his hair in the nape "If anything happens to anyone, we should separate to return here. Above all we must preserve lives of the camp’s people." He approached Marion and he separated her from the group." I know you hate when I tell you what you have to do..." He said to the girl who looked at him with intensity.

"Yes, I already know. Although I would like it you trusted that I could take care to myself, but if you want to listen, I am going to be careful and I won't confront Guy. I ask myself sometimes, can it be that are you a little jealous?" She said maliciously.

"Of course not" He responded smiling "It is only that I don't want that anything wrong to happen you…neither a scratch, do you understand?

"I understand well, but you promise me you will also take care."

"I will" Robin added walking toward his horse" Ah..., and Marion." She turned her head toward him" When not alone a little jealous, in reality... much" Then he rode his horse and left the camp. Marion smiled widely, straining to leave her mouth.

It was the way they had thought it would be; there were more than 50 soldiers in the cortege. Sir Guy of Gisborn went to the front. The Sheriff of Nottingham mounted beside the carriage of the Prince. Robin Hood’s men were placed behind the last soldiers, and they slowly disposed them one by one with such dexterity, that the men in the front didn't realize it. The hermit left from between the shrubs pleading with Sir Guy to stop.

"Leave the road you begger," Guy shouted.

"I only want charity my Lord."

I said leave or else, I will make you a prisoner for stopping to Prince John’s pass" Guy said proudly "Remove that man from the road" He ordered one of soldiers.

In the confusion, the Sherwood men enclosed the cortege. An arrow flew right in the window of Prince John provoking a howl of fright.

"It is a pleasure see you again your Highness" Robin said appearing from between the trees.

Little John began to battle against the soldiers, the same as Marion, Tuck and the others. The horrified Prince John left from the carriage. He was immediately enclosed by his soldiers, protecting his honor.

"Idiots… How is it possible for this ambush?" He shouted, as if driven mad "If this is your fault Sheriff; you will pay it with your life!"

Robin and his friends began an exhausted fight with the soldiers, who were being eliminated or taken out of combat.

"Pleasure seeing you Guy" Marion said putting her sword in his throat in a act of disrespect for him.

The Sheriff approached Prince John toiling in defending him, but Little John was advancing and intercepted him on the road. Robin was skilled with his sword and he suddenly met opposite of the afraid Prince.

"Detain the fight your Highness, of you don’t want my sword to detain your life." Robin threatened subjecting it to the Princes neck. The Sheriff succeeded in avoiding John who was seen attacked by several soldiers. In the confusion the Sheriff settled before the Prince and Robin.

"Flee now while you can, outlaw" The Sheriff advised.

"Well, I believe that I am the one who has the control my Lord. You will have more care in the election of his soldiers, I can see they needed to be in better physical condition, and they could also be mistaken for a lady" Robin said laughing. The Sheriff looked at Guy with Marion’s sword on his throat.

"Stop!" The Prince ordered "What is that you want?

"In reality nothing that you could not produce yourself your Highness. I want you to open Nottingham cellars doors so that the village people could take provisions for the winter. Provisions that they have worked hard for, and that you have snatched from them."

"How generous you are Locksley" The Sheriff added "But nobility that governs this country also needs to feed, or else who will make the decisions that give us the liberty and the honor?"

"Liberty? Honor?" The old hermit shouted as he appeared behind them."This nobility that you speak of, doesn't do more than bring misfortune, poverty and peoples death."

"Who is that old man?" The Sheriff asked with scorn.

"Do you not recognize me my Lord? I could not have forgotten you since you killed my son-in-law and you took advantage of my daughter" The face of the Sheriff turned pale upon remembering the man, he took out the prepared knife, his hate was fanned against the Sheriff of Nottingham, fanned by his anger. The Sheriff used force to deviate Frederick’s hand. The knife flew, scratching Prince John’s arm and it found refuge at the cost of Robin’s body. Frederick was knocked in his head from a soldier and fell unconscious to the floor. The battle began again.

Robin removed the knife; the injury was not very profound. He left Prince John to support his companions in the fight. Guy was soon where Prince John stood, to protect him. Marion and John picked up Sir Frederick and mounted a horse. Robin gave the sign to return to the camp. They barely had an opportunity of escaping.

While Robin mounted, he gripped his hand against the injury to avoid the bled, but in that moment he was more concerned for his friend.

"Will he be fine?" He asked Tuck.

"I hope so, he is an older man. Trust. I will attend to him as soon as we arrive. Are you okay?" He asked Robin upon seeing blood in his clothes.

"It is not anything. Only a scratch."

"I will also attend to you in the camp" He said in warning tone.

Robin felt a hot puncture in the injury and a momentary sickness. It felt cold.

End of Chapter Two

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