The Healers Gift
By Lisa Winge

Chapter 8

" First off, " Andrew started, looking at Jacobi. " Your name is Andrew Jacob Tyne. You are my first born and. " he said, pointing to Robin. " cousin to Robert there. We are part of the Huntington line, but my grandfather changed to Tyne when he married Katrina and in honor of the man he loved so much." He stopped, letting everyone take in what he said. He looked at Jacobi, as if he was telling the story to him and not everyone else.

" You were about three and your mother pregnant with Kathryn when Eleanor came with the boys for a visit. I was still young, about twenty-two or so and still brash and full of myself. We were all good friends and Eleanor just loved it here, still does I guess, for she comes once a year to torment me. "

He paused and took a deep breath. " It had been a beautiful day out. Perfect for fishing, so the Richard, John and I, went out to do some fishing. We were having a contest on who would catch the most fish. John was actually winning over Richard, which I thought was good for the lad. It is hard to live up to Richard. He's more full of himself then I was. " Andrew said, chuckling. Everyone laughed right with him.

" We were having so much fun, we didn't notice the storm approaching till it was too late. The wind came up so suddenly, that the mast hit Richard in the head, knocking him unconscious and in to the water. I immediately dove over and swam after him. John brought the boat about and helped me pull Richard in. We got him in as fast as the storm would allow and got Richard back here, to the castle. Eleanor was furious when she saw him. Richard spent several day's with a fever. He came out of it all right, even joking about it. "

He paused again to regain his breath. Everyone watched him patiently and waited for him to continue. " Richard forgave me for what happened, owing it to the accident it was. Eleanor on the other hand has never forgiven me."

Looking at Jacobi again. " We didn't even notice you were missing till the nurse came with a letter in her hand. Eleanor took you out of spite, saying she would return you when I had suffered enough and when I had learned my lesson. The news caused Agnes to go in to labor and Kathryn was born the next day. " He said, giving his daughter a kiss, then looking at the boys. " We were so afraid that it would happen again, that we didn’t want to have more children. It took her ten years before she would have Rupert and then Nicholas". He gave each boy a smile.

" Why wasn't I returned?" Jacobi asked.

" That, I'm afraid, you will have to ask the Queen. " Andrew looked apologetic at Jacobi. " Can you ever forgive me?"

Jacobi looked at his father. He stood up and waked over to the man he had always wanted to know. Andrew stood, after handing his grandchildren over to Little John and Kemal. Jacobi looked at Andrew, then over to his younger siblings. He then proceeded to do a UN-Jacobi thing, something that still shocked Robin. He put his arms around the man and said. " Of course I forgive you. You’re my father.". He buried his head in Andrew's shoulder and cried. Andrew put his arms around his newly found son and wept with him.

Kathryn, Rupert, and Nicholas, slowly made their way to the two and in seeing his sister and brothers, pulled them into the embrace. Robin motioned everyone away from the family, letting them get aquatinted.

" You know, a few years ago, Jacobi would have killed Andrew. " said Marion.

" I know." Robin said, giving her a hug.

The next day, Diana was moved from the inn, to the Castle. She, of course, let everyone know how unhappy she was with them.

" Why didn't you wait for me? "

" Now love, you had just been shot and we couldn't wait...." Little John tried to explain.

" Oh please! I am an Amazon and tough as nails. You could have waited for me..." she kept berating Little John, who in turn was loving every bit of it.

Jacobi and Andrew were inseparable. They took long walks in the garden with the children and talked inaccessibly. Kathryn, Rupert, and Nicholas would join them from time to time to get to know Jacobi and who he was.

" Jacob.." Andrew started.

" Father please. I have been called Jacobi for so long, I know no other name. Please call me that. " Jacobi asked.

Andrew smiled at his son. " All right. Do you know why you named yourself Jacobi? "

Jacobi shook his head no. " Its because when you were young, I told you, you could be anything you wanted to be. You would go around the castle saying " Jacob be this, or Jacob be that". You used to say it so fast, that it would come out as Jacobi. Someone must have herd you say it and took it to be your name." He said, laughing.

Robin, Marion, Tuck, and Kemal stayed for another week, making sure Diana was well, then left for Sherwood.

" Good trip, Cousin. " Jacobi said, shaking Robin's hand.

" I'm going to have to get used to that, Cousin." Said Robin.

" Oh and I'm sure you will let everyone know in Sherwood, that I am? "

" Well of course I will. I'll just say that we never mentioned it because of your "jaded" past. " The two laughed and hugged.

" Good trip, fair Marion." Jacobi gave her a hug and kiss.

He then went to Kemal. " Thank you. "

" No problem my friend and remember..." he paused. " If you need a baby sitter..."

" Don't call you? " Jacobi and Kemal said at the same time, laughing.

Elizabeth in turn gave everyone a hug and kiss. " Do you think Sherwood can handle one of its healers gone for a time?" she asked Tuck.

" I'm sure Sherwood can handle it. For a time that is. " He gave her a giant hug. " Now don't be gone too long."

" I won't. Right now, the Tynes need Jacobi around almost as much as Jacobi needs them. I promise, we will be back for the wedding. " She said, looking over at Little John, who was fussing over Diana. She, in turn, slapping his hands away in frustration. The two laughed at them. Diana would be staying another month or so, to make sure she was ride ready and Little John for moral support and to make sure Diana stayed out of trouble.

" Has he even asked her yet? " asked Kemal.

" No, but if he doesn't soon, I'm sure Diana will be doing the asking! " Marion said, causing everyone to laugh. They all knew that Diana would.

The bid the riders a speedy and safe return to Sherwood and then watched them ride away.

A month later, Diana and Little John left, but not before finding out that Elizabeth was pregnant again.

" Congratulations!" Diana said, giving Elizabeth and Jacobi a hug.

" It must be that Sherwood air. " Joked Elizabeth as she gave Diana and Little John a hug and kiss, and watched them ride away.

" It must be!" Diana said, laughing and giving Elizabeth another hug." You had better be at my wedding". She whispered in her ear." I want you to sing for us."

" Don't worry old friend, I will." she said, and watched to the ride off.


As the months passed, Ellie and Jacob marveled in the fact that Mommy's tummy kept getting bigger and bigger and when they poked it, it would poke back. Andrew watched, amazed and after a bit of coaxing, touched Elizabeth's growing midriff. Afterwards, he would touch it at least twice a day. Once in the morning, once at night as if bidding the baby good morning and good night.

Spring came and so did the baby. The labor went well and the Inn keepers wife acted as midwife. In their room, surrounded by everyone they loved, Katrina Agnes was born. Jacobi, this time, didn't pass out. The other Tyne men were not so lucky and had to be treated for bumps from the fall.

A month later, when Elizabeth assured everyone that she and the baby were fine and ready, they all headed to Sherwood for Diana's and Little John's wedding. Diana, in true Amazon form, had enough of Little John's reluctance and had asked him to marry her.

Robin, Marion, Little John, and Kemal all met them at the outskirts of Sherwood and escorted them in. Tuck and Diana met them in camp with hugs and welcomes from all.

That night, Little John held the baby, who Jacob and Ellie nicknamed Katia.

" Just think Little John. " Marion said. " By this time next year, you could be holding one of your own."

Kemal grabbed the baby as the blond giant fell. " Marriage is the only thing John can handle for now. Not babies!!"

Two days later, Little John and Diana were married underneath a blossoming apple tree. Elizabeth sang Diana and Robin, who acted as guardian, down the isle and Tuck, who presided over every wedding in Sherwood, married the two. Tuck could not keep a dry eye as he married his best friend to the woman everyone in camp had come to love and respect.

Later, at the wedding feast, they gave each other their wedding presents. Diana gave Little John a new, ornate staff made of oak and Little John replaced Diana's worn cooking pot with a new one. She loved it.

Everyone sang, drank and danced their way to the honeymoon hut, where the two newlyweds would be sequestered for the next month. Jacobi remembered his time with Elizabeth and gave her a kiss and hug. Little John looked at his wife, kissed her and picked her up and to the shouts of everyone in the camp, went in to the cottage.

Jacobi and Elizabeth started walking back to camp, when they spotted Robin. He was watching Marion with Jacob and Ellie, who were dancing their way back to camp.

" Well cousin, " Jacobi said, giving Robin a pat on the back. " When do you think the next wedding will be and who will it be?"

Robin looked at Marion and Jacobi followed his gaze. The two watched her play with

Ellie and Jacob, laughing, singing and dancing. Jacobi smiled at his Cousin. " You have to ask her first cousin. "

Robin looked at him and then back to Marion. " I know, I know."


Andrew, Kathryn, Rupert, and Nicholas watched the festivities with fascination. They had never seen such a display of affection at a wedding before. Everyone they could see, hugged, kissed, and laughed.

" Father? " Andrew looked at his daughter. With her hair crowned with flower, she looked lovely. " Do you think Jacobi will ever tell us his past?"

" I don’t know. Maybe with time he will." Andrew said, watching Jacobi with the baby.

" I'm sure he will tell us when he is ready and not till them. I wonder if Elizabeth even knows about his past." he said, watching her come towards him.

" Come on you bumps! Dance! " She said, taking Andrews hands, leading him out to dance.


Jacobi looked down at his daughters face. The baby was quite content in her fathers arms. He looked up and laughed as he watched his wife and father dance. Andrew, though not saying it outright, wanted to know and had asked about Jacobi's past. Jacobi had avoided telling Andrew, and even Elizabeth about it. His past was something he didn't want to remember. It had been brutal. The training he had endured to become a murder was something he didn't want to remember.

He looked down at the sleeping form of Katia. Would she want to know in the future? Should he tell her, and Jacobi and Ellie the truth? Would it be too painful? He came out of his revere when he felt Elizabeth touch his shoulder.

" Wanna dance stranger? " she asked him with a smile.

" I would love to." and handed over his daughter to her grandfather.

Later, he said to himself. I will think about it later.

The End

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