The Healers Gift
By Lisa Winge

Chapter 6

Kathryn was seriously angry. Nicholas watched his sister fume and stayed out of her way as she paced. It had been two hours since the Amazons forcible took their weapons. Rupert and he gave theirs up willingly. Kathryn did not.

" Give me your weapons Kathryn." said Virginia, who they found out was the Amazon General.

" I most certainly will not. You have no right to take them away and definitely no reason." After years of sparing with their sister, the brothers could see her battle stance, the Amazons didn't.

" This is by order of the Queen..."

" Damn the Queen. I will not give up my weapons."

The brothers moved quickly and silently out of the way when they saw Virginia's face. Not giving up her weapons were one thing, damning the queen was another. Virginia motioned to two Amazons and they came after Kathryn. They each grabbed one of her arms, in effort to hold her. Kathryn would not have it. She stomped the foot of one Amazon and kicked the shin of the other. When they didn't let go, Kathryn kicked one in the stomach, and backed kicked the other in the face.

Virginia then motioned to two more Amazons. They both rushed Kathryn at the same time, trying to pin her down. Kathryn punched the one on the right in the face, breaking her nose and backhanded the other on the cheek. By this time, the other two had recovered and drew their swords. Kathryn did also.

" WAIT! " they all stopped at the sound of Virginia's voice. " No weapons. The queen would hang us if we did harm to her."

" Oh a sporting chance. How thoughtful." Kathryn said and put her sword back in the scabbard.

The two Amazons went after her, again grabbing her arms. Kathryn did a back flip, breaking free of their grasp and then took an arm and flipped the two. The other two came at her again, and Kathryn kicked them both in the face. Virginia, though irritated, had to commend the girl on her fighting. She was quite good and would make a great Amazon.

" ENOUGH!! " Everyone stopped and looked at Eleanor, who was standing at the top of the stairs. " Kathryn, give Virginia your weapons."

Kathryn stood tall. " No."

She had been focused on Eleanor that she didn't see that more Amazons had come in. She was jumped from behind by six Amazons, who pinned her to the floor. They searched her body, her kicking and screaming all the time, for her weapons, then picked her up bodily and threw her in the dining room. The boys were escorted in after her and the doors shut quickly.

The two boys’s now sat at the other end of the dining room watching their father, who was playing with the twins and equally blind of the situation they were in.

"Why did they lock us in here? " Nicholas asked, looking even more worried then his older brother.

" Before they put me in here, I saw them taking all of the Queens baggage out. Maybe she’s leaving and just doesn't want the twins to know? " Offered Rupert. " I don't see why else they would lock us in here."

" I don't either, but if they wanted to leave quietly, they could have done it without locking us in here and taking our weapons away. I feel slightly naked with out my sword. " Kathryn said, still pacing and still angry.

" Fathers no help. " Rupert said, gesturing to their father. He was sitting on the floor playing with the twins, ignoring his three children. Kathryn had tried to talk to him after breakfast, but he waived her off with a hand and smiled as his grandchildren came in the room to play.

" If you think of it, I really don't blame him for ignoring the problem or us for that matter right now. " said Nicholas, looking at the surprised faces of his older siblings.

" What do you mean? " Rupert asked, puzzled.

" He's gotten his first born back. " he said, indicating Jacob and Ellie.

He was about to go farther when they heard the door unlock and the servants came in with dinner. They set the platters of food, plates, silverware and glasses on the table and with out a word, turned and left, the door shutting and locking behind them.


After the doors shut behind the Tyne children, Eleanor looked at Virginia with a grin.

" She would make a formable Amazon. She could even take your place."

" I know." said Virginia. " That’s what scares me."

" Is everything set? "

" Yes, but we did have one problem."

" What is that?" Eleanor asked.

" The arrow that was meant for Jacobi missed him." Eleanor's eyebrow's went up." We accidentally hit Diana instead." Virginia cringed.

" Oh heaven forbid! You did only wound her right? " Virginia shook her head yes. " Richard would have my head if anything happened to his favorite cook."

" I know. It was really an accident though. When Jacobi ducked, Diana was standing right behind him."

" Where did the arrow hit her? " Eleanor asked.

" In the fleshy part of the shoulder."

Eleanor looked shocked at Virginia. Diana was not very tall. The fleshy part of her shoulder would reach Jacobi about mid-chest, Eleanor wanted him to be wounded, not killed. The shot would have assuredly hit Jacobi in the heart. Eleanor's heart skipped a beat. She didn't like Jacobi, but she also didn't want to see him killed.

" Who fired the arrow? " Virginia did not like the look on Eleanor’s face, nor the sound of her voice.

" Minn, your majesty." Virginia said quietly.

Eleanor motioned to one of the Amazons. " Bring Minn to me."

" Yes your majesty."

" She said she was aiming for his side and when everyone ducked, she just fired, hoping to hit him, or anyone. I have punished her thoroughly."

" I will see if the punishment is enough. I had strict orders that Jacobi was to be left alive."

Two Amazons came back with a body between them. Minn had been beaten and by the look of her arm, it had been broken and left to fester. Even if it did heal, she would never draw a bow again.

" Take her to Serena. Make sure the bone is set and that she is seen to. I wanted her punished, but not this bad." she said, leveling a stern gaze at Virginia. " Maybe you should be replaced. You've become to hard in your old age, Virginia. Too hard."

She left Virginia to oversee Minn's care and went back to her rooms. Virginia watched Eleanor's back and knew that not only was her title in jeopardy, but her life.


Elizabeth rubbed her temples. Little John, awake from the drugs, sat next to Diana, holding her hand and watching her. He had awakened, to the surprise of Jacobi and Elizabeth an hour ago. True to the drugs affect, he had awakened with a terrific headache. Jacobi had given him the headache medicine and he was looking better then he had, sitting a little more alert and not looking so green.

It had been a couple of hours sense Robin, Marion and Kemal told them what happened. They had seen the assassins go behind the barn and in trying to sneak up on them, were snuck upon, running into a full Amazon guard, Caroline, and Virginia. Without a word, they were disarmed, trussed up, and left behind the barn. No one said a word, nor would answer any questions. It had taken them yelling at the top of their lungs for the innkeeper to come out and cut them loose.

Elizabeth had known that her so-called Amazon Leader status wasn't valid by Amazon standards and knew someone would let the two of them out of their cells as soon as they had left London. The news had not been that much of a surprise to her as it had been to the rest.

Jacobi, at hearing this, let off a few colorful expletives. When calmed down, they all decided, Little John or no Little John, they would end this today.

They had gotten all the details ironed out when the innkeepers wife came down looking distressed and saying that Little John was up and had just thrown up in one of her favorite potted plants.

Jacobi raced upstairs to take care of Little John while Elizabeth thanked the innkeepers wife for all her help and started up after him. She couldn't help but start to laugh when she heard the innkeeper wife say, " That poor plant will never be the same now after this! It was one of my favorites! "

They were now waiting for Little John to be able to stand without assistance to leave, leaving Tuck behind to watch Diana with the innkeepers wife helping him.

She looked at Little John and smiled. " She’s not going to wake up no matter how hard you stair at her, Little John. "

Little John looked at Elizabeth and smiled. " I know. I just want her to be all right is all. "

" She is just fine and will survive." she said, putting a hand on his shoulder. " How are you doing?"

" Well lets see. " he said, standing and shaking his head. " Right as rain! "

" Good, then we can get going. " she said, taking one last look at Diana to make sure she was comfortable.

Little John bent over and kissed Diana's forehead, then stood there looking at her. " Remember when I asked you what it felt like to love so much? " he asked looking at Elizabeth.

" Yes I do. I think it was after the wedding wasn't it?" she said.

" Yep. I now have my answer. " He said looking at Diana one last time, before going out the door.

Robin, Marion, Kemal, and Jacobi were waiting with the horses when the two emerged from the inn. Elizabeth went to her husbands arms and gratefully accepted an encouraging hug and kiss from him before taking the reins of her horse and mounting it.

They set off towards Tyne Manor. All silently praying that the twins were still there and were well.

End of Chapter Six

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