The Healers Gift
By Lisa Winge

The cry of the baby woke Jacobi. He felt Elizabeth start to get up and he laid a restraining hand on her arm

" Ill get her." he said.

Jacobi got up and looked in the cradle to see the face of his 1-month-old daughter. As he picked her up, he remembered the day she was born.......


He turned at the sound of his name. Robin, Marion, Little John, Tuck, and Kemal all came in to view. A smile came across his face at seen them. He shook each of their hands and got a kiss from Marion.

" Happy Anniversary! " Marion said, producing a bundle from behind her back.

" You didn’t have to Marion...." Jacobi started.

" Its from all of us, Jacobi. " said Tuck.

" I think it will be something the two of you will need in the near future." said Kemal.

" Well what are you waiting for? " asked Little John impatiently.

" Little John your so impatient. " kidded Robin, " Maybe Elizabeth should be here to, to open it? "

" Yes, maybe she should be."

They all turned around to see Elizabeth. There was no doubt that she was pregnant. She was huge and was the first to admit it to everyone.

She looked up at the blond giant, grabbed him by the chin, and kissed him soundly. Little John blushed a beautiful shade of crimson as all laughed around him. She gave each a kiss and a hug, then turned to her husband.

" Well ya gonna open it up or what? " she asked him.

" I thought you would want to..." he started, then saw the look on her face.

" Yes dear. " was all he said, then started to open it. Elizabeth used her arms as the table while he opened it up. Inside was some small clothing.

Jacobi held it up and cracked a grin.

" I don’t think I can fit into this." and looked at his wife.

" Don’t look at me! I can't fit in cloths from 2 months ago! " They all started to laugh.

Taking the small nightgown, Elizabeth held it up, then laid it on her belly.

" Ahh, perfect fit."

Everyone agreed. They started for the house when Elizabeth stopped dead in her tracks. One hand on her belly, while the other grabbed Jacobi's arm. He knew the signs. She had been having labor pains for the last couple of days now, but this was the worst he had seen yet.

He shoved the package at Robin, who took it immediately, and went to work on his wife, telling her to breath when it looked like she wasn’t. She had prepared him for this time, taking him to births and even teaching him how to deliver a child, which he had on several occasions.

The others watched him in surprise. They were not aware of his teaching. Elizabeth's breath got easier and she gave them all a reassuring grin. It wasn’t until then, that they noticed the puddle forming at her feet.

" Well this is it. Water broke." she gave them an apologetic look as Jacobi helped her in the house.

They stayed with her through the night as her labor progressed. Jacobi was by her side the whole time, to the surprise of Tuck.

" You should leave. Birthing is no place for a man."

" I’m staying. She made sure I was prepared for this." he held out a hand to show everyone that it was shaking. " Tho I'm quite nervous."

He gave a halfhearted laugh and went back to his wife. Jacobi and Robin were on each side of her, holding her hands and encouraging her to, when she gave the last push.

" It's a girl!!" shouted Tuck.

Jacobi kissed his wife and looked at the little girl in Tucks hand, got to his feet and passed out.

Elizabeth didn't know weather to laugh or be worried. She decided on laughter and broke out. Kemal and Little John went and picked up her unconscious husband and took him outside to get some air. She watched them leave then felt something. Everyone had their backs turned to her when she announced:

" Uh...guys! Its not over yet!" as another contraction hit her.

Tuck turned to her and felt her belly. Sure enough, there was another baby on the way. Robin and Marion did their best to help out. 15 minutes later Jacobi ran into the house fully revived and looking at his wife in disbelief. He took over, as Marion went to bath his daughter.

It took another 15 minutes of labor before Tuck announced:

" It's a boy!!" proudly showing both mother and father their son.

This time, tho a little light headed, Jacobi watched as Tuck cut the umbilical cord and wrapped the boy up in a blanket. He took the boy to Marion and brought his daughter to him.

" Hold your daughter Jacobi." Tuck held his daughter out to him.

" N-no. I might hurt her." He was hesitant.

" You will do fine. You see how I'm holding her? Just make sure her head is cradled."

Jacobi was still hesitant, looking slight worried and scared. Elizabeth's hand on his arm was all the encouragement he needed. Tuck laid the little girl in his arms. He looked down on her as his tears flowed down his face. He looked at Elizabeth and kissed her gently on her forehead. He looked down at his daughter again.

" Ellie. We will call you Ellie after your grandmother. "

This made Elizabeth proud as she listened to her husband declares his love for his daughter. Little John came over with Jacobi's son in his arms. The boy was so tiny in the giants arms, Jacobi almost didn't know John had him. Little John laid the boy in Jacobi's other arm. He looked from his son to his daughter with great pride.

" Jacob." Elizabeth said weakly, " He will be Jacob. After his father."

She looked at Jacobi with tears in her eyes.

" Jacob." as the boy fussed in his arms...........

Jacobi was brought out of his reverie when he heard another cry.

" Coming Jacob." and went to get his son. Ellie was in her mothers arms being fed and he knew Jacob had to wait his turn. The two sat on their bed, with their children, blissfully unaware of the outside world.

Chapter 1

" Jacob NO!!

It was too late though as Little John watched the entire contents of the mud filled bowl being dumped over Ellie's head. Ellie, in true amazon form, balled up her fist and punched her brother in the face. The two-year-olds were getting the best of the giant. He kept wondering how their parents kept watch over them.

He looked over at Kemal and gave him an evil look.

" You could help out a little more here you know. "

" But its far more fun watching you try to keep them out of trouble! " said Kemal between fits of laughter.

Little John gave him an even nastier look and Kemal went over and picked up Ellie while John took care of Jacob. It seemed that this was a normal occurrence in the household. Sitting by the door was a was basin that was perfect for a two year old. Kemal stripped off Ellie's clothing and set her in the tub. It was a hot summer day, so the cool water he used wasn’t going to hurt her. He bathed the little girl, making sure the all the mud was gone, then dried her, and dressed her.

" Didn't you know what you were going to get in to when you agreed to baby-sit?" He asked Little John.

" That’s why I asked you to come with me! I knew I would need help." he said, giving

Kemal a wicked grin. " How do they do it? "

Kemal just laughed at him. Jacobi and Elizabeth had gone into town for some supplies and needed a baby sitter for the twins. " Uncle Johnny " had volunteered for the job and " Uncle 'Mal " decided the giant would need some help, so he went with him. He had to admit, they were quite a hand full.

He was just setting Ellie down when he noticed Little John falling. He started to run to see what was wrong with the him when he felt a stinging in his neck. He turned around in time to see a slight red headed Amazon, before everything went black.


Kemal awoke some hours later in the cottage. He could hear someone crying and tried to get up. It was difficult and his head throbbed when he did.

" Drink this. "

It was Tuck handing him a cup. He gratefully drank. His mouth was very dry. When he could finally look around, he saw Little John at the table, his head in his hands. Robin came over to him.

" What happened? "

" I don’t quite know. I was just finished bathing Ellie and when I turned around, I saw Little

John falling. I went to see what was wrong......" he shook his head some, " and I felt this prick in my neck......I’m sorry, I don't remember much after that. What happened? " He knew something was missing, but couldn't remember what.

" Someone took the twins." said Jacobi, tears streaking his face. He had his wife tightly in his arms, rocking back and forth. She was the one Kemal had herd crying.

They had come home, with Robin, Marion and Tuck in tow, to find Kemal and Little John on the ground passed out and the twins no where in sight. The parents searched frantically around the house, looking in every hiding place they knew of, to no avail. Elizabeth had gotten so frantic that Tuck had to douse her with some strong medicine. She was calmer, but still crying.

" Do you remember anything else? "

" I don't remember a thing. " said Little John, " I was sitting there watching Jacob and I felt a couple of stings in my neck. I went to slap them.......that’s it. I don’t remember anything else. "

The hopeless sound in Little Johns voice was more then the others could handle. Tuck put a comforting hand on his shoulder, then came over to Kemal with something in his hand.

" We found these in your neck." in his palm were 4 darts. " They used 3 on Little John and 1 on you."

Kemal looked over at Jacobi and Elizabeth. They hand laid down and now were fast asleep.

" Well I don’t think were going to get anything done tonight. Why don’t we get some sleep and start fresh in the morning. I might remember something then."

Knowing that he was right, they helped Little John on the floor and wrapped him up in a blanket. Kemal let Marion have the extra bed and wet to sleep next to the gentle giant, who was already asleep. His head barely hit the ground before he fell into a dreamless sleep.

End of Chapter One

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