Cathexis For Cat
By Lisa Prusok
Chapter Four

Robin stepped up to Cat so their bodies were touching. He gently caressed her cheek with one hand while the other slid around to the small of her back. He pulled her tightly to him.

Cat’s body heat shot up. The feel of his strong, solid body against hers was almost more than she could have asked for. She had hugged him before, but this was way different. Cat stared into the deep brown pools of his eyes. Almost inaudibly she said, "Oh my goodness."

Robin looked her deep in her eyes. Then he looked to her wanting lips. He whispered, "Just relax and breath."

Cat closed her eyes and tilted her face to his. The suspense was killing her. Her wait was rewarded by the feel of his breath in front of her mouth. It was hot and sweet as it came closer. Even now she felt her knees trying to buckle.

By this time a small crowd had gathered. Marion had motioned for silence and added a wink.

Robin felt her body shaking. He knew the time was right. He slipped his hand from her cheek to cradle the back of her head. As he moved his hand he let his fingers intertwine in her hair. Robin felt her heart beating faster against his chest. He was pleased that he was having the right effect on her.

Cat felt his hand move to the back of her head. She didn’t know how much more she could take. Suddenly there was a slight pull forward by his hands. She felt the softest skin just lightly brush her lips. His hot breath was directly over her mouth. Cat could not hold back a brief cry of pleasure as his lips pressed onto hers fully.

Robin knew exactly what he was doing. He was giving her the full ‘two lip treatment’ as Marion called it. Robin kissed Cat long and deep. He did not feel the love he felt for Marion. But all of the mechanics were there.

Cat was now in a place she had never been before, nirvana. It was the best place in the whole world. Her every sense was alive and at their full height. Although her hearing was of no use now. All she heard was a white noise in her head. A light dizziness now floated there as well. She swore she could hear birds singing a sweet song along with the tinkling of a brook. Or was it beautiful bells. She didn’t care.

Robin began to ease her out of the kiss slowly. He lightened his touch just slightly. Then pulled his lips very slowly away from hers.

Cat felt the pressure of his hands and mouth decrease. Part of her was so disappointed. While another part was glad that it was through because her body had gone into over load. It was at its limit and needed the break.

Robin gently pulled completely away from her lips. He tried to release his embrace, but her body was almost dead weight in them. Robin looked over Cat to Marion and smiled. He said softly, "Like that?"

Marion nodded in approval.

Robin looked down at Cat’s face. She still had her eyes closed and was in the same position he had just left her. "Cat are you all right?" he asked a little concerned.

Cat only heard the sound of a baritone dove cooing in her ear.

The large crowd that now had gathered saw her reaction to their leader. They all began to clap and cheer. That was the Robin Hood of the legends. That was their hero.

The clapping brought Cat back to reality. She opened her eyes and saw Robin looking at her.

"Are you okay?" he asked again.

Trying to regain her composure a little, "Oh fine. I’m just fine. Thank you. Everything is just fine. Yes, fine. Never better," she fluttered.

Robin released her from his arms, "Is that what you had in mind?"

Marion was ready. Cat fell right back into her arms as Robin let go. Marion tried to hold her, but Cat’s knees buckled and she landed on her rear end with a plop.

Robin tried to catch her, but missed. He leaned down to help her up. "Are you all right?"

Cat began to brush off her dress, "Oh fine. I’m just fine. Thank you. Everything is just fine. Yes, fine. Never better."

Marion had a broad smile on her face as she looked at her man.

Robin saw Marion’s face. He rolled his eyes and walked away as Cat continued her monologue.

"Yes everything is wonderful. I’m just fine and dandy. No worries here. Just fine. Couldn’t be more fine..."

Marion laughed.

Yes, it was just another day in the life of Robin Hood.

The End

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