The Wizard of Time

By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Five

Marion’s face was twisted in hate, as she shouted out to the Doctor, "Why did you have Leela kill him?"

Kneeling by his side, The Doctor quickly opened Robins tunic. Ignoring her anger, he brushed her back, as he started to open the sonic screwdriver.

"He’s not really dead Marion." The Doctor began to explain, as he tore his sonic screwdriver apart, "His hearts just been stopped. You see the Master is a very powerful man. Even in his weakened state, he is capable of many evil acts. I had to trick him into believing that Robin Hood was dead." Giving her a reassuring smile he said, "My Dear, Leela used the Digitalis that I gave her on the thorns."

"The foxglove." Tuck shouted out in revelation.

"Yes Friar. Digitalis can stop the heart. Now all I need to do, is give it a jump-start. Of course knowing your world doesn’t have a defribulator I’ll have to use the power supply from my sonic screwdriver."

Marion nervously gazed at Robin, he lay so still, his long sable hair fanned out on the ground, haloing his handsome face. She had never seen a more handsome man in her life. Quietly she allowed the Doctor to work on the only man she loved, she had to have faith in his words. She silently she said a prayer, hoping that someone else was listening, and he would help the Doctor bring Robin back to life.

The Doctor started pounding hard on Robins chest. Little John seeing this tried to stop him. Leela threw herself between the Doctor. "No Little John. Trust the Doctor. He knows what he is doing." Little John fought to hold himself back. It was difficult seeing Robin in this condition.

The Doctor tried to alleviate Little Johns fears, "A little CPR to help get the heart going." He explained, as he continued pushing down on Robins Chest, a small frown pursed his lips. The CPR wasn’t working! He had to use the sonic screwdriver to revive the unconscious outlaw.

"Leela, give me the leather sheath for your knife." Leela un-strapped the empty sheath, handing it to the doctor. He shoved the electronic screwdriver in the sheath and placed it on Robins chest. "This will protect him from any burns.’ He softly said, steeling himself he cried out, "No time like the present."

The Doctor pressed down on the button that activated the screwdriver, with its wiring exposed, he was able to give Robin an electric jolt to his heart.

Even though the screwdriver was wrapped in leather, the Doctor still felt the large jolt from his screwdriver. Robins body jerked suddenly. Marion let out a gasp. She prayed harder, as she saw Robin come to life.

"Is he alive now Doctor?" She asked, her heart threatening to leap from her chest. The Doctor listened to his chest, still no beating. Stealing himself, he gave Robin a second jolt. This one threw the Doctor up in the air, he landed a few feet from Robin. Leela ran to him to help him up. "Doctor you cannot take much more of this." She pleaded with him.

"I have to Leela." The Doctor insisted, stumbling back to where Robin lay, "Robin Hood is a very important man to England. He can not die. Not if I have something to say about it."

Brushing his curls from his ear, he listened again to Robins chest. All was silent, the Doctor’s eyes closed in relief, he heard a weak beat within the noble outlaws chest. After a few seconds, the beating became stronger. Robin slowly began to open his eyes. Little John rushed over to help him up.

"What happened?" He asked clutching his chest. For some reason, it was very sore.

"You died!" Marion giggled out in joy.

"Really," He frowned, "I feel pretty good, for a dead man."

The Doctor warmly chuckled, "I think you look very good for a dead man. Don’t you Leela?" Leela grinned widely, "Yes I do!"

"Well Done, Doctor," Tuck declared, as he examined Robin, he seemed to be all right, just a little bruised on the chest.

The Doctor approached the other guards. "I’m not done yet Tuck, I have to try to revive the guards now!" The Doctor kneeled down to examine the guards. Leela nervously cleared her throat, as she coughed out in a small voice, "That will not work Doctor."

The Doctor slowly looked up at her, his eyes narrowing in anger as he asked in a deadly voice, "Why not Leela?"

"Because I used real Janus thorns on the guards." The Doctor immediately jumped up, storming towards Leela. Little John ran to block the Doctor from reaching her.

"Leela, what have I told you about using those thorns to kill!" The Doctor jumped back and forth, trying to get to Leela, but Little John protectively kept him from reaching her, She cried out in her defense.

"But I only wanted to diminish their numbers Doctor!" She pleaded with him. The Doctor was livid, he tried to push Little John out of the way as he said, "Leela I have always..." The Doctor was interrupted, as he heard Robin softly ask, "Where is the Master and Guy?"

"He ran into the castle." Tuck pointed to where they entered the castle.

"We must hurry." Robin stumbled towards the Castle, his voice thick with urgency, "I know where they’re going."

"But how can we catch up to them in time?" The Doctor asked. Robin gave him a sly wink, "I know a short cut. Quickly this way."

"We’ll talk about this later." The Doctor scolded Leela, she rolled her eyes in exasperation, another lecture. Little John ran to catch up to Robin, handing him his Bow and quiver, along with his sword. As Robin ran into the castle, he clutched his chest, his face twisted in pain. "What did you do to me? " He moaned out.

"The Doctor was using a Chest Pounding Remedy." Little John explained, "He called it CPR!"

Robin tried to rub the deep ache he felt in his chest, "I think the remedy was worse than the disease!"

The Master was just entering the large banquet room. He clutched the Harmonic calibrator tightly to his chest, this was a treasure beyond measure. Finally, he had a way for him to get off this miserable little planet. Taking his key out from his shirt, he walked towards a large, hanging tapestry. Raising his hand to unlock the door, he let out a gasp of pain, as an arrow suddenly flew by and pinned The Masters sleeve on the wall. As The Master tried to pull the arrow out, another flew by, and pinned the other sleeve. The Master tugged on the arrows, but was unable to pull them out of the wall. Hearing a mocking - Malicious laughter, echoing in the room, the Master cursed out. "Robin Hood!"

Throwing his head back, the hood fell to reveal a face, that by all standards would be found in the grave of a long dead man. "GUARDS!!!" The living skull screamed out.

"Very Good Robin," The Doctor praised Robin on mimicking the Masters Laughter to perfection. They were running to where the Master was restrained. "I always wanted to do that," He chuckled.

The room was beginning to fill with Sir Guys guards. Robin quickly threw his bow and quiver aside and pulled out his sword from it’s sheath. Disarming the first man he met, he threw the guards sword to the Doctor, he deftly caught it, gazing at it, a puzzled look crossing his face.

"Doctor, do you know how to use that?" Robin asked, as he held off another attacker.

"Know how to use this?" The Doctor scoffed, he never liked using weapons, but swordplay was a different matter. "My dear boy, I taught D’Artagnan how to fight with a sword."

Robin jumped up, and high kicked a guard back. Landing back on his feet, he parried against another. "D’Artagnan? Is he good?" Robin huffed, as he faced another guard.

To prove his point, the Doctor dueled against two men. With a flourish of his blade, he was able to disarm both men. Frightened of the Doctors prowess with the blade, they ran out of the room, not wanting to face an expert swordsman. A large satisfied smile creased the Doctors face, as he said. "Very!"

Robin returned The Doctors smile, giving him a quick nod he laughed out, "Then I think this should be fun!"

Robin worked his way towards the Master. He noticed that Sir Guy was trying to pull the arrows out that had pinned The Master. The Master screamed for Guy to duck as Robin came upon them. Guy raised his sword and began to defend himself.

At the far side of the large hallway, Marion and Tuck was busy trying to keep more Guards from entering the room.

Leela was having the time of her life, this was when she was in her element. She grabbed some steak knifes left from the meal, and began throwing them at the guards. They let out a yipe, and howl as she threw them at delicate places. As she searched around for more knives, she heard Little John yell out, "Duck!"

With her hunter reflexes, she quickly fell flat on the floor. She felt a breeze, as a large table flew over her head, and flattened two guards that were about to attack her from behind. Leela stood up, to see Little John waving to her. She thanked him for his assistance, and returned to the battle.

Robin tried his best to defend himself against Sir Guy. He was an excellent swordsman in his own right. Robin was always the better swordsman, but he was still weakened from his battle with death. He was finding it difficult holding Sir Guy’s attacks back. As he saw a man coming to him from the side, Robin ran towards a large column, that stood in the center of the room. The man thrust his sword at Robin. Robin ran up the column, executing a back flip in the air, to land behind the guard.

Kicking the man from behind, he hit him on the back of the head; with the pommel of his sword. With this threat handled, he returned in defending himself against Guys attacks.

The Doctor was slowly working his way towards the Master, Robin had proved to be much quicker. As he dueled on, his arm was starting to ache. It had been a long time since he had to defend himself in such a primitive way.

Marion, noticing that the Doctor was tiring; tried to reach the Master first. As she came upon him, his eyes locked on hers, staring deep into her eyes. He said in a hypnotic voice.

"Marion…Come here please." Marion’s fingers released her sword, dropping it to the ground, she moved towards the Master. Her beautiful face was a blank mask.

"Take the arrows out, Marion." The Master gently ordered her. She grabbed one of the arrows and started working it out.

Robin was tiring fast, Sir Guy could feel the tide of battle flowing his way. He stepped up his attack against Robin. As Robin began to feel that the battle would be lost, he saw Marion attempting to take the arrows out, that held the Master fast to the wall.

He knew by the look on her face, that she was now under the Masters power. Seeing Marion in this condition, gave him renewed strength in his duel against Sir Guy. He pressed into the attack against Guy. Their swords rang as his thrusts and parries were more urgent. Guy soon realized that he was now losing this duel, he then decided to do what all villains did in a dire situation. He turned and ran!

Robin ran to Marion and the Master, meeting the Doctor on the way. As they reached her, Marion had managed to loosen the last arrow. The Master immediately grabbed Marion by the neck, whirling her around; he held her tightly in front of him, using her body as a shield.

"Let her go!" Robin snarled, as the only woman he loved, was being threatened.

"No Robin, go back." The Doctor warned him, "He can kill Marion in a instant."

"Listen to him!" the Master chuckled. His emancipated hand began to squeeze harder on Marion’s throat. Marion just stared blankly ahead, unaware of the danger she was in. Robin let his sword’s point hit the ground.

"So what happens now?" Robin asked, his voice sounding so lost. He looked to the Doctor for an answer.

"What happens Robin Hood? Why I win!" The Master cried out, as he began another round of malicious laughter. Pulling Marion tighter to him he snarled out, "You will now come with me Robin Hood. I still need a healthy body, and with the Harmonic Calibrator I can start a new life."

"No Master, I cannot allow that." The Doctor took a step closer to The Master.

"Oh really?" He laughed out, "And how do you propose to stop me Doctor? I now hold all the cards."

"Ah, but you’ve missed a very important one Master." The Doctor took another step closer. Robin stayed at his heels.

"And what is that?" The Master hissed, Marion was choking, as the Master’s grip on her neck intensified.

"The Joker!" The Doctor shouted out, pointing to his left side. The Master was startled as Olwyn suddenly appeared on his right side. He was momentarily shocked to see a living Magician standing before him. As quickly as he appeared, Olwyn disappeared.

As the Master was distracted by Olwyn’s appearance, Robin took full advantage, of the distraction his mentor created. He ran to The Master, grabbing Marion by her arm, he swung her around, throwing her into the protective arms of Little John.

While Robin rescued Marion, The Doctor attempted to grab the Harmonic Calibrator from the Master The Master immediately pulled out his laser.

"Back off everyone. Back off!" The Doctor hissed a warning to all. He was able to see that The Master had the laser on a deadly setting.

"You win this time Doctor." The master chuckled. "I’ll leave you now, with the Harmonic Calibrator. You can keep your precious Robin Hood. I’ll find another way to begin my regeneration’s. You can rest assure of that." Pulling his hood back over his skull, he respectfully bowed his head to the Doctor, "Till we meet again Doctor."

The Master used his key on the tapestry, that hung on the wall. It miraculously opened up, gazing in, Robin was able to make out a wondrous site. He saw different colored lights flickering on and off, on a large pedestal, that sat in the middle of a stark white room.

Keeping the laser trained on the large group he stepped inside the tapestry. The Doctor moved the others back, as the tapestry closed up. A large groaning sound was heard, there was a small thump and the tapestry disappeared from the wall.

With the Master gone, Marion returned to normal. Robin ran to her, clutching her shoulders he gently asked, "Are you all right?"

Marion rubbed her eyes. She looked up at him, his soft brown eyes were glassy. He unashamedly, did not hide the concern he held for her. "I think so." She sighed out.

Robin nodded at this, later; he would make sure she was all Right. For now he had to make sure that the Master was truly gone, as he was about to ask the Doctor this, he found a curious look on his expressive face.

"What’s wrong Doctor?" Robin asked.

"How did you know?" The bewildered Doctor asked

"Know what?" Robin was now as bewildered as the Doctor.

"How did you know, they would come back here?" A half grin greeted the Doctor, as he began to explain his reasoning. "You said that Tar-deses change to blend with their environment. When I learned that the Master was a Time Lord. I though that he might have one of these - Tar-deses. The tapestry hanging on the wall was just a little to fancy for Sir Guys taste.

Besides, I asked him if he brought it from Baristow. I was recently in Baristow. They no longer make tapestries. With the heavy taxes laden by Prince John, the people there could no longer afford to produce them."

The Doctor smiled broadly, as he draped his arm on Robin’s shoulder. Walking out of the hallway, they headed back to the horses.

"I guess you did understand what I said before." Giving Robin a quick wink he said, "There is more to you Robin Hood than I had previously thought."

Tapping his finger on his nose, Robin chuckled out. "And to you too, Doctor."

A small group of outlaws was sadly waiting outside of the Tardis. The Doctor always found it hard to say his good-byes.

"Well I must say, that the legends don’t do you justice Robin Hood. You are a true hero." Robin blushed a deep red, having been called a hero again.

"Doctor," Robin quietly asked, "What is the definition of a hero?"

The Doctor grinned widely as he said, "Why someone who is willing to give his life to help others." Dropping his head, Robin’s long sable hair obscured his eyes, lifting it slowly, the curtain of hair began to part, his brown eyes sparkling in mischief as he said, "Sounds familiar."

This time The Doctor blushed a deep red, "Coming from the outlaw of Sherwood, I consider it a great compliment."

Robin respectfully bowed slightly from the waist. "I thank you for coming to my aid Doctor."

The Doctor gladly returned the bow "Your very welcome, Robin Hood."

Pulling out his key he called out "Lets go Leela, we have other Hero’s to save." Opening the door, The Doctor rushed into the Tardis.

Leela was saying her good-byes to Little John. Standing on tiptoe, she reached up to him. Little John bowed down and Leela gave him a small peck on the cheek.
"I thank you for saving me back there Little John. I know my tribe would gladly accept you as a warrior of the Sevateem. I was proud to fight alongside you."

"And I you." Little John said in a hushed voice. Taking her necklace off, Little John bowed his head down, as she placed it around his neck.

"Something to remember me by." She whispered.

"I’ll never take it off." Little John choked.

Leela then ran to the Tardis, giving Little John a parting look, she closed the door. A groaning sound was heard to ring in the silent forest. The blue box slowly started to disappear. With a soft thump, it was gone. Robin and his band wearily went to their horses.

"A nice man." Marion remarked.

"Really?" Robin asked.

Marion noticed the Outlaw of Sherwood, giving her a green-eyed look. She angrily placed her hands on her hips, "Robin Hood, are you jealous?"

Robin let out a skeptical laugh, "Jealous? Me? Of course not." Jumping up on his horse, his dark eyes softened as he sighed, "I did think Leela looked nice in those skins." Giving Marion his most innocent look he asked her, "Think you would be able to make a dress just like hers?"

Robin found he had to duck, as a large stone was aimed at his head. "Marion, is that any way to treat a hero?" He gasped out in mock surprise.

Another stone headed his way. Spurring his horse on he snickered, "I think I’ll head back to camp."

"I’ll hero you Robin Hood!" She raised her fist in anger, "You’d better run Robin Hood, because if I get a hold of you!" Marion yelled out, as she leaped on her horse, ridding after the fleeing outlaw.

As the last of the outlaws rode off into Sherwood, a malicious laugher could be heard cackling in the forest. One of the trees began to dematerialize, a groaning was heard, and then a soft thud as it dissapeared from the ancient land.

A cool breeze blew through the trees, Olwyn stood alone in the forest. Staring at where the Doctors Tardis disappeared. He grinned widely as he said, "I’ll see you again Doctor. Until then, good travels!" With a sweep of his hand, he was gone!

The End

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