The Wizard of Time

By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Four

**Later, in Sir Guys Castle **

"Please! No more!" Robin moaned out.

Sir Guy sneered at the Master. "Why do you do this to him?"

The Master grinned widely, "Because I cannot deny a condemned man - his last meal."

Robin was pushing a full plate of food away from him. As he realized what the Master had said, he pulled it back.

"Well in that case, I’ll have seconds." He found he was in a wrestling match, as Sir Guy grabbed the other end, "No Robin. I think you’ve had your fill." They both tugged on the plate, until Robin let loose first, He let out a taunting laugh, as Sir Guy flew back a few steps, the plate of food crushed on his chest. Sir Guy slammed the empty plate on the table, brushing the food off his clothes, he angrily declared. "No more food for you!"

Robin sat down on his chair with a plop, angrily crossing his arms over his chest, he started tilting his chair back and forth. He searched around the room he was held in, trying to gauge his chances of escaping. Guy had at least twenty men surrounding the hall.

Robin decided to wait, until a chance arose to escape.

The Master walked over to where Robin was sitting. He began to examine him more closely. "Yes," He purred, "Yours is an excellent body."

A dimple grin greeted the Master, "Why thank you. Just good eating and a little exercise does the trick."

The Master lashed out, grabbing Robin by the hair. "I won’t keep the long hair though." He snarled, as he malevolently twisted it in his grip, "I’ll cut it off, once I take this body for my own!" He then roughly released Robin’s hair.

Robin rubbed the sore spot left on his head. He threw his captor an angry look. The Master ignored it, reaching out he grabbed Robin by the chin, "But I will keep the goatee. I have always thought I looked dashing in a goatee!"

Robin pulled himself out of the Masters grip, this only sparked another round of maniacal laughter. Robin noticed that this evil man seemed to enjoy laughing, A LOT. He was either a very happy man, or someone that he had to be very careful around.

"What do you mean to do to Robin?" Sir Guy asked.

"I told you, you simpleton. I am going to take his body for my own."

Robin quickly stood up at this statement, "I’m sorry, but it happens to be occupied at the moment!" The Master gaze back Robin, the look so cold, it froze him on the spot, "Not for long." He coldly replied. Robin swallowed hard, this crazed maniac was serious. Robin plopped back down in the chair.

"You haven’t told me who you are." Robin quietly asked.

"I believe I shall. A condemned mans last wish?" He bowed his head, in respect to Robin,

"If you insist." Robin returned the bow.

"I am called the Master. I’m an old enemy of The Doctor."

"You know The Doctor?" Robin asked.

"We come from the same world."

"Then you are a Time Lord." The Master nodded his head. "So the Doctor informed you of who we are."

"No." Robin proudly said, "Olwyn did."

The Master let out an evil hiss, "Who is this Olwyn? Another Time Lord." "A Wizard Master, he li…" Sir Guy’s answer was cut short, as the Master ordered him to be quiet.

Sir Guy immediately became stone still. Robin stared up at him. His mouth was frozen in mid word. Taking a small piece of fruit, he threw it at Guy. Sir Guy remained frozen.

"What did you do to him?" Robin asked.

"He has a weak mind." The Master snarled, "He is merely under my spell! But you Robin Hood!" He pointed a bony finger at Robin, to stress his point. "You on the contrary, have a very strong mind. You have resisted my attempts to control you during the whole meal." Robin craftily smiled at the Master. "Yes, I did feel your presence, pressing in my mind."

"But my attempts failed Robin Hood. I do believe I have chosen well for my next body" the maniacal laughter returned. Robin gulped hard, this was getting serious.

As the Master began to loose interest in teasing Robin, he resumed his search around the room, looking for any form of egress. His eyes lit up as he spied something out of the ordinary.

"Sir Guy, did you buy a new Tapestry?" Hearing his name called; Guy turned and looked to where Robin was pointing.

"Oh yes." He blandly said, "I brought it from a rug maker."

"Did you go to Baristow?" Robin asked. Guy nodded at this "Yes, Baristow, they make wonderful rugs there." A small knowing smile parted Robin’s lips.

"Enough of this chit chat." The Master roared, "I believe it’s time we went to meet the Doctor."

"Oh, is he here?" Robin innocently asked.

"Not yet, but he soon will be. I want him here, to see me destroy the Legend of Robin Hood!" He roared out, before The Master began another round of malevolent laugher, Robin beat him to it. As he continued to laugh, the master was at first, startled, he then joined him.

"Yes Robin Hood," He chuckled, "I do believe that I will enjoy thousands of years using your body," Robin stopped laughing at this statement, the master continued with his laughter. With a snap his fingers, two guards appeared by Robin’s side, they grabbed him by the arms and dragged him out of the hall. The Master followed, with Sir Guy in tow.

Using a spyglass, he had hidden away in one of his pockets, The Doctor was searching for a place that Marion had told him of. They had managed to arrive at Sir Guys castle unnoticed. The Doctor spied the place that Marion informed him of, it was perfect. Folding the spyglass, he shoved it back in his pocket. Turning to Leela, he handed a small vial to her; saying, "Now, you know what to do Leela. You must be able to hit your mark."

"Do not worry Doctor," She assured him, "You know you can trust me." The Doctor smiled warmly, "Of course I can."

Leela quietly moved over to where the Doctor had instructed her, Little John trailed behind her. "What do you have planned, Doctor?" Tuck asked.

"The four of you, are to sneak in the way that Marion had informed us." Tuck nodded to this, "And what about you Doctor?"

The Doctor’s bright blue eyes smiled back, taking out his hat from his pocket, he shoved it on his head of curls. "I need to keep an appointment with the Master."

"You’re just going to walk right in?" Marion was taken aback by the Doctors bravado.

"Well of course I am my dear, The Master is waiting for me. I hate to disappoint him." The Doctor then boldly walked towards the large castle. His long legs carried him quickly through the front gates. Marion and Tuck shrugged their shoulders at the Doctors boldness. They headed to where Little John and Leela were waiting.

As the Doctor entered the large open courtyard, he wasn’t surprised to find the Master waiting for him. Robin Hood was standing next to him. Two guards were holding him fast. A tall man with dark hair, was standing next to the Master. From the look in the mans eyes, he could see that he was under the Masters spell. Stopping a few yards from the small group, the Doctor let out a warm laugh,

"It is good to see you again Robin Hood, I hope the Master has treated you well?’

"Can’t complain." Robin calmly replied, "Did you have a nice trip here?" Robin asked. "Can’t complain." The Doctor quickly answered.

"Enough!" Roared the Master.

"Are all your people this short tempered?" Robin asked the Doctor.

"Oh no. They are actually very apathetic. Some hibernate for years, before even saying a how do you do. "

"Doctor!" The Master roared out, "Lets talk about why you are here."

"Of course Master, your taking over Robin Hoods body, But you know, I think you would rather have this."

The Doctor pulled out the device that Olwyn had given him. The Master let out a gasp of shock.

"How did you know I needed a Harmonic calibrator?"

"Well - I thought, now why would you have stayed here for 21 years, if you had a working Tardis? Then I realized that when you last you left Galifrey, in your haste, you probably took the first Tardis available. And we all know that a Tardis must be in sync with its Time Lord, to function properly." Giving the Master a sad smile he gently said, "It must have been very difficult, getting your Tardis here; without it being in sync with you."

The Master let out a mournful groan, "You do not know the agony I was in just to come here. But now my Tardis problems are solved Doctor, thanks to you, and as for my regeneration problems?"

"That was why you took Robin Hood, without the calibrator, you needed someone of noble blood." The Doctor said, happy with himself for solving this riddle.

"Very clever Doctor," The Master praised the Doctor for solving this mystery. "By taking over his body. I would have made myself a very powerful man. Robin Hood already had the people behind him. Once I killed Prince John, and King Richard, I would have taken the throne for myself. If I was going to be stuck on this miserable planet, I was at least going to be the ruler of the most powerful nation in this time period. But now this has all changed, with the appearance of the Harmonic Calibrator. "

"Then you will leave this world, if I give it to you?" The Doctor asked.

"Of course Doctor." The Master gave the Doctor his most innocent smile. The Doctor knew, this was when the Master was at his worst. He had to be careful where he stepped from now on.

"Then release Robin Hood, Master, and the Calibrator will be yours." As the Master snapped his fingers, Sir Guy pulled his sword out; and pointed to one of The Doctors hearts.

"I believe I will take the calibrator and Robins body." The Master laughed in triumph.

"I’m sorry Master, but I can’t let that happen." The Doctor said in a threatening voice.

"Oh really Doctor?" The Master chuckled, "And how do you propose to stop me." The Doctor glanced behind the Master. He could see that Leela was now in position.

"Master, did I ever tell you about my latest companion?" The Master sneered. "You’ve never told me about any of your companions!"

"Oh dear, maybe I should start now. You see, there were these two school teachers..."

"I don’t want to hear about your companions!" the master roared.

"I believe you would like to hear about my present one. Her name is Leela. You see, her people lived on a very primitive planet, and on this planet was a plant called a Janus. Have you heard of it?"

The Masters temper was growing short. The Doctor, seeing this - enjoyed taking his time. "Well I see you haven’t, it is really a very dangerous plant. It grows a very nasty thorn. If it scratches you - even in the slightest touch, you will be dead in seconds." The Master walked behind Sir Guy and stood on the other side of Robin. "And why have you told me this?"

"Because," The Doctor sadly stated, "As much and I hate to say this, I would rather see Robin Hood dead; than have the freedom of this world taken away by you!"

The Doctor then gave the signal for Leela, that now was her chance to save Robin Hood. He touched his finger to his nose, seeing the signal, she used her deadly Janus thorns on the guards, and Robin Hood. Each thorn hit its mark. The two guards and Robin fell to the ground. The Master gazed in shock, at the three still figures. Each had a thorn imbedded in their neck.

The Master squatted next to one of the guards. Pulling the thorn out, he smelled it. Throwing it to the side, his eyes narrowed with anger. "You fool! You damn fool! What you don’t realize, is that I really didn’t need him." Standing up he patted Sir Guy on the back, as he wickedly chuckled, "You see, I had a back up plan."

Sir Guy pushed the point of his sword on The Doctors chest. The Master brought his hand out to the Doctor. "The harmonic calibrator, if you please Doctor."

The Doctor slowly placed the device in the Masters hand. Clutching it hungrily to his chest, another round of malicious laughter rang throughout the courtyard, as he quickly went back into the castle, with Sir Guy close behind.

As they were leaving, Marion, Tuck, Little John and Leela were running up to Robins body. Little John had Robins sword, bow and quiver in hand. Marion rushed to Robins body. She kneeled by his side, listening for any sign of life. She felt no heart beat, Robin Hood was Dead!

End of Chapter Four

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