The Wizard of Time

By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Three

As the Doctor entered the second cave, he saw a tall man standing near a cauldron. His white hair hung playfully in his face, his bright blue eyes sparkled with an agelessness.

"Good to see you again Doctor,’ His deep voice boomed.

"Have we met before?" The Doctor asked.

A cryptic smile blossomed on the wizards face, "We have met now...and we will meet again." Robin leaned over, and whispered to The Doctor. "Sometimes he answers questions in riddles."

The Doctor gave him an angry look. "Well I pride myself on solving riddles."

Olwyn walked over to a small chair, sitting down; he pointed to another vacant chair. He motioned the Doctor to sit. The Doctor grinned widely, nodding his head in thanks. Brushing his coat off, he pulled the coat tails back, sitting down with a plop. Digging into one of his voluminous pockets, he pulled out a small brown bag. Opening it he pulled out a small, colorful-object, he jovially asked Olwyn, "Would you like a jelly baby?"

Olwyn eyed the small confection. Seeing his hesitation, the Doctor popped one into his mouth, and started eating it. A look of rapture, washed across the Doctors face, as he consumed the sweet, Olwyn took the one originally offered. Opening his mouth, he popped it in the same way the doctor did. Slowly chewing his face was at first blank. As he continued to chew, his eyes grew wide in admiration. "These are very good!" Olwyn exclaimed. The Doctor’s ever-present grin grew wider, "I always judge a man, by how much he likes Jelly babies"

Handing the bag to Olwyn, he informed him, "You may have the whole bag. I have plenty, back at the Tardis." Olwyn took the bag without hesitation, stuffing it into one of his long sleeves.

"Now then Doctor, I suppose we should discuss the reason for you being here." Nodding towards the Sherwood Outlaw, he stated, "Robin!"

The Doctor nodded his head in agreement. "Yes, he is in grave danger. I don’t know when, or how; but he will soon be in dire trouble, and we must find some way of preventing it."

Robin glanced from the Doctor to Olwyn. Clearing his throat, he said." I think I should be included in this conversation."

The Doctor looked up at Robin. "A bit headstrong wouldn’t you say?" He turned to Olwyn, giving him a wink. Robin was surprised to see his mentor returning the wink, "Most heroes are."

The Doctor looked back at Robin, scrutinizing him from head to toe he agreed, "Yes I suppose they are. "

Robin whirled around on his heels, stalking away he grumbled. "I don’t have to stay here and get insulted. I’ll wait outside, until the two of you decide my fate." Robin left the cave in a huff.

The Doctor watched him leave the cave, "Yes very headstrong." He whispered. Marion and Tuck stayed behind, wanting to know how the two wizards were going to help Robin.

* * *

Robin stormed out of the cavern, only to see his good friend, Little John, and Leela talking. Stopping, he stared at them, they spoke animatedly, as if they were old friends. A small smile parted Robin’s lips, he was happy for his friend. Little John was always so shy, but with this Leela, he seemed more open.

Deciding to leave the couple alone, he walked up to where he left his horse. Busing himself, he decided to check the strapping on his saddle, making sure it was on tight. He was startled as he heard a twig snap behind him. It was the last thing he heard, before a beam of light hit him, and he lost consciousness.

Little John and Leela saw the flash of light, they saw the beam hit Robin. His body immediately fell to the ground. They leaped up, running towards him, to assist him. They skidded to a stop, as several men emerged from the forest. One of them, Little John immediately recognized, Sir Guy!

Both jumped back a few steps, as a small man slunk from out of the forest. To Leela, he looked like a walking-dead man. He wore a long black cloak, with a hood pulled over his head. His face was a skull, with yellowed skin pulled over it. His eyes, however; were alive with evil.

"Well, well, what have we here?" It hissed.

Leela immediately had her knife in hand. "Put that away." The thing ordered her. Pulling out a small silver cylinder, he moved a small dial on it. This was the same weapon, that was used on Robin. Aiming the device at a tree, a red beam of light shot out. As it hit the tree, it exploded into a million splinters. The thing let out an evil snicker, at the devices destruction.’

"It’s like what Sam used." Little John whispered to himself.

"Now then," the thing hissed, addressing Leela, "You will put your weapon away, I don’t want to kill you…yet." Leela quickly sheathed her knife.

"See Guy!" The abhorrence taunted him, "What did I tell you? Find the Doctor, and you will find Robin Hood. "

Guy motioned for some of his men to pick up the still form of Robin. Little Johns heart leaped in fright, as he saw them lift Robin’s limp body from the forest floor. Holding onto his shoulders and legs, they carried him into the forest. The Thing then called for their attention.

"Listen to me, for I will only tell you once! Inform the Doctor, that when next he sees the Master; he will be looking at the Trickster."

Leela looked puzzled at his statement, evil laugher poured out of the man, "He will know what that means. Goodbye for now."

Continuing with his laugher, they all began to slowly back up - disappearing into the forest.

Little John attempted to follow after them, but Leela held him back. "We have to save Robin." Little moaned out, fighting off the woman warrior, she held on tightly to the distressed giant. "Please Leela," he beseeched her, "Sir Guy will kill him."

"No Little John." Leela’s hunter instincts told her, if they tried to rescue Robin Hood themselves, they would be killed instantly. Not a good condition to be in, if they wanted to save Robin Hood.

"Little John, listen to me, we must go get the Doctor. You can not help your friend now, only he would be able to think of a way of saving him."

Little John gave her a look of anguish, his expressive blue eyes were torn in torment. "But I can’t desert him," He pleaded with her.

Grabbing him by the face, she stared deeply into his eyes, "I promise, you will not Little John, but we must get the Doctor. For only he will know what to do."

As he slowly nodded his head, she grabbed him by his arm, dragging him into the wizards cave. Little John turned his head, to give one last look into the forest. He prayed that he would see Robin running back to them, but that prayer wasn’t answered, letting out a small sigh, he whispered, "I’ll save you Robin, if it’s the last thing I do." Finding himself at the caves entrance, he entered it with Leela.

Both gasped out in fright as they saw the large dragon. Taking his arm in hers, Leela confidently said, "We can do this together." Little John gripped her arm tightly, closing their eyes, they walked through the dragon - together.

As they entered the second cave, Leela searched for the Doctor, she saw him speaking to a tall man, that looked to her like a shaman.

"Doctor!" Leela cried out, "A dead man was just here!" The Doctor brows knit in puzzlement. "A dead man Leela?" he asked.

"Yes Doctor," She nodded her head.

"And he took Robin Hood." Little John quickly added. The Doctor jumped out of his seat, striding over to where the two agitated couple was standing, he calmly asked, "Leela, what did this dead have to say?"

"He said, to tell the Doctor, that when next he sees the Master, he will be looking at the Trickster." Scratching her head in confusion she added, "He said you would know what it means Doctor."

The Doctors face suddenly went pale. "Yes I do." He softly whispered.

Marion pleaded with the Doctor, "What does it mean? Who is this Master? Will he hurt Robin?"

The Doctor replied, in a quiet tone. "What this means is that Robin Hood is in graver danger that I had originally thought!"

"What kind of danger, Doctor?" Tuck asked.

"Tuck, the Master is an old adversary of mine. We’ve fought many battles in Time and Space, but he is now in a weakened condition. He’s at the end of his twelfth regeneration.

You see, we both come from a world called Galifrey. Those of our world can live for a very long time, some for thousands of years. Our bodies, however, are worn out long before then. Our ancestors were able to have us born, with the ability to regenerate our old body, into a new one. But even a Time Lord is not immortal, as some think. By the time of our twelfth regeneration, we loose that special ability. The Master used up all of his regeneration’s, due to his many travels in Time and space.

He now needs a fresh body, to renew his regeneration’s. A strong, young, healthy, body, that he will take over as his own." The Doctor looked gravely at Marion’s concerned face. "My dear Lady Marion, In my time The trickster is another name for Robin Hood. The Master fully intends to claim Robins body for his own, and restart his regeneration’s, to cheat death, and continue his wretched life."

The Doctor nervously paced the room, talking to himself as he walked back and forth. "Why didn’t I see it before? I should have known Robin Hood would not have turned against the people. It was the Master in Robins body. But why did he stay all those years? Why didn’t he leave in his Tardis?"

Tuck turned to Leela, "I don’t know what he is talking about."

"Neither do I," she whispered back, "But he does, and that is what is important."

"First we must find out where he is taking Robin." The Doctor declared.

"That’s easy, to Sir Guys Castle." Little John replied.

"Are you sure man?" Little John vigorously nodded his head. "Sir Guy was there. His castle is not far from here. That’s the only place he could safely guard Robin."

The Doctor nodded at this conjecture. "Does anyone here know this place?"

"I do." Marion offered, "Robin and I played there when we were children."

"Good!" The Doctor rubbed his hands in glee, a twinkle in his eyes. Leela knew what that look meant, grinning widely she said, "You have a plan!"

The Doctor slapped Little John on the back. "Of course I have a plan. I always have a plan. The trick is finding a way to implement it. Friar Tuck!" The Doctor called out.

"Yes Doctor." Tuck answered.

"Do you have any Digitalis?" Tuck’s eyes scrunched in deep thought. "Digitalis?" He sung out.

"Yes, lets see, another name for it is Foxglove. Do you know where there is some?" As Tuck was about to answer, Olwyn called out. "I have some here Doctor."

He reached up to a small shelf, that stood over his desk, searching through the small glass bottles that lined the shelf, he pulled down a blue one. "It is in a pure form Doctor. You must be careful!" Clutching the small bottle, the Doctor grinned widely, tapping his nose, he said, "Don’t worry Olwyn, I know what I’m doing." He gingerly placed it in his pocket.

Taking out his sonic screwdriver, he checked the power settings. Mumbling that it should be sufficient, he declared. "Let’s be off!" He then started walking toward the exit.

"Doctor!" Olwyn called out. "Yes?" The Doctor answered, whirling around. Olwyn went to his desk, opening a drawer, he pulled a small, round, object out. Handing it to the Doctor, he calmly stated, "You will be needing this later."

The Doctor stared at the object that lay in his palm, his face lit up as he recognized it. "How, in the seven ringed moons of Osiran, did you get this?" Olwyn, taped his nose with his finger, taping the Doctors nose, he chuckled. "You gave it to me."

Moving his arm across in a sweeping motion, Olwyn then, promptly disappeared in a hail of gold and silver sparkles. The Doctor let out a bark of a laugh, "I guess there are Wizards after all." He then spun on his heels, and walked out.

"Show off!" Marion said, as she snapped her fingers in the air, where Olwyn dissapeared. Following the Doctor, the others walked in her wake. Exiting the cavern, they headed towards where the horses were tethered. As the last one left the cave entrance, it disappeared in a flash. The Doctor strode to his mount, gripping the pommel of the saddle, he leaped on his stead. Grabbing the reins, he shouted out, "Well let’s go. We need to catch up with the Master, before he tries to take over Robin’s body."

Leela mounted one of the horses on her own. Little John, already on his ride; rode next to her. Marion slowly mounted hers, saying in a worried tone, "I hope they aren’t torturing Robin."

Leaving the others in silence at this statement, the small band then rode off to Sir Guys castle.

End of Chapter Three

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