The Wizard of Time

By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Two

As the Doctor emerged from the Tardis, he saw four armed figures waiting for him. There was a tall man, with long fair hair, and gentle blue eyes. He surmised this to be Little John. Next to him was a short heavy-set man. Donning the clothes of a monk, The Doctor immediately knew this man to be Friar Tuck. A woman was also there. Her beauty was eternal, her curly brown hair haloed a face, that was accentuated by the most gorgeous blue eyes he had every seen. He was confused, however; as he found this woman dressed as a warrior. In her hands, she carried a sword. The Doctor hoped this was the fair maid Marion.

The Doctors bright eyes lit up in joy, as he spied the man he knew to be the leader of the group, standing bravely in front of his band. He knew this man must be the legendary outlaw - Robin Hood.

His dark eyes were penetrating, focusing on his task. His long brown hair fell to his shoulders. He did indeed sport a goatee, as the legend foretold. In his face was a determination, that the Doctor knew said but one thing - this man was a true hero! Leela pulled out her knife, when she saw that the Doctor was being threatened. "Leela put it away." The Doctor gently said, "We come in peace!"

He then spread his hands out, to show he had no weapons. He tried to give them his most gracious smile. Robin eyed the tall stranger with suspicion, nodding his head toward him he asked.

"Are you cold?" The Doctor was taken aback. "No." the Doctor answered.

"Then why are you wearing that scarf?" Robin pointed at it with his sword tip. The Doctor looked down and chuckled.

"It was a present from a dear friend." The laugh was warm and friendly. Robin slowly put his sword down. "You don’t seem like a evil wizard." He gently remarked.

"The Doctor is a good man!" Leela countered. Robin shoved his sword in its sheath on his back. Crossing his arms over his chest, he warmly smiled. "I can see that."

He then motioned the others to put down their weapons. "So you are The Doctor and Leela. We are pleased to meet you, I am Robin Hood."

He then extended his hand out to the Doctor. The Doctor warmly shook his hand. "I am very glad to meet you. You don’t know it, but you’re one of my heroes!"

Robin returned the Doctors warm greeting, "I thank you Doctor, but what brings you to Sherwood Forest? Are you a good wizard?" The Doctor chuckled at this common mistake. Whenever he landed in a primitive era, they always rationalized his advanced science for magic. "There are no such things as wizards, they are mythical beings. Magic does not exist, I am just a humble scientist."

With this said Tuck enthused. "So am I."

"Well from one scientist to another, I have to say - I’m very glad to meet you." The Doctor vigorously pumped Tucks hand, laughing warmly. Tuck returned his greeting, just as enthusiastically.

Leela tried to remain alert for dangers, the Doctor always seemed to trust those they met in their travels. Leela, however, knew better, she didn’t trust anyone…but the Doctor. The Doctor quickly went to Marion. Taking her hand in his, he gently kissed it. Robin stayed close by, keeping a close eye on this new Wizard.

"Marion Fitzwalter, you are far more beautiful than any description that has been given of you!" Marion blushed a deep pink. She giggled, as she noticed the uncomfortable look on Robin’s face, clearing his throat he asked. "What brings you here Doctor? " The Doctor whirled around, the most sincere look flowed across his face.

"Why I’ve come here to help you, Robin Hood."

Robin was taken aback, "Help me, in what way Doctor?"

The Doctor started pacing the grounds, he was trying to think of an easy way to explain to Robin where he came from. He found, in his past experience, that the best way was to tell the truth.

"I’ll not lie to you Robin Hood, I only hope that you will be able to understand what I am about to tell you." Taking in a deep breath, he then began his explanation.

"Leela and I are not of this time period, you see we come from the future - your future. I go through time looking for places that need my, lets say - expertise. Twenty one years from now, there was suppose to be an important signing by King John."

Robins brows knit in anger, "John is the Prince! Richard is the King."

The Doctor waved him to silence. "Please, I beg of you, let me finish. In the future, there was to be a King John. But something terrible happened, for there was never a King John, there was a King Robert!" The Doctor locked eyes with Robins as he said. "This King, at one time was known as Robert of Locksley."

Robin would have laughed at this statement, if not for the seriousness in the Doctors eyes. Now Robin started pacing nervously up and down the road. He tried to digest what the Doctor had said. The others had a hard time understanding The Doctors explanation. Robin, however - due to his association with the Wizard Olwyn; understood a little of what the Doctor was saying.

"So…you have been to a possible future, where I was the King?" The Doctor vigorously nodded his head. "Yes! That’s right Robin Hood. I’m glad you understand. In the future, you killed Prince John and took his throne. But this is only a possible future. I have come here to try to prevent this."

"Then you are a Wizard!" Robin said again.

"In a way I am." The Doctor relinquished, "I guess you can call me a Wizard of time." Robin nodded at this. The Doctor now looked at Robin in a different light. He realized that there was more to this man, than he first had supposed.

Suddenly Robin had a faraway look in his eyes, they glazed over, he seemed to be in a trance. Just as quickly, they became clear. Looking at the Doctor, he half grinned; as he said. "Olwyn has told me to bring the Time Lord to him. Is that you?"

Now it was the Doctor’s turn to be taken aback. "How did you know I am a Time Lord?"

Robin chuckled warmly, "Olwyn told me."

"Olwyn?" The Doctor asked, genuinely interested; as to the identity of this man that knew that he was a Time Lord.

"Yes, a mythical being." Raising his right eyebrow, he added, "But this one talks!"

The Doctor grinned widely, his eyes curving in curiosity, "I have to meet this mythical being!"

"Well then, come along!" Robin ran up to his horse, grabbing the pommel of his saddle, he pulled himself up.

"We have extra mounts, due to the courtesy of the Lord Griffith." Robin pointed to a large man tied up in the middle of the road. The Doctor laughed uproariously, "I see you are up to your old tricks. Steeling from the rich, and giving to the poor!"

Robin brought the bag of coins out, and threw it up in the air. Catching it, he said. "This money will feed a very needy family. I think that is far better than buying a rug for a room, that no one will use. Don’t you?" He looked at the Doctor for approval.

"Oh I quite agree. I have never been one for extravagances! Have I Leela?"

"No Doctor." Leela agreed, as she worriedly eyed the horses. Pointing to them, she asked, "You want me to go on that beast? Why can’t we use the Tardis?"

"What is a Tar-des?" Robin asked.

The Doctor went to the Tardis patting it on her door, he said. "This is the Tardis. It stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space." Getting a blank look from all, including Leela, he quickly added, "It’s what my people travel in."

Nodding to this, Robin rode his horse up to the Tardis and examined it more carefully. He knocked on it’s sides with his knuckles. "Its hard, like a sword. Do all Tar-deses look like this?"

The Doctor let out a merry chuckle. "My heavens no. They should change, to blend in with the local environment. She actually should be looking like a tree right now. But many years ago, the old girl became stuck in this shape. She’s been like this for so long, I’ve grown used to her. Never thought to fix her."

Robin slowly nodded, as he said, "I see."

"I don’t think you do." The Doctor said with a small smile. "But I do appreciate the gesture." Turning to Leela, The Doctor answered her previous question. "Leela, unless Robin can give me a time and space co-ordinates - the Tardis is useless. We’ll have to use the horses to see this wizard."

Closing the door of the Tardis, he locked it with a small key, that hung on a chain, around his neck. "Will your Tar-des be safe?" Tuck asked.

"Oh yes," The Doctor said, as he tucked the key under his shirt. "I doubt if anyone could move her. Unless someone has invented a fork lift." Robin looked at Tuck and mouthed ‘Fork Lift?’ Tuck just shrugged his shoulders.

Eyeing the horses, The Doctor picked the best looking one. Expertly mounting the horse, he exclaimed, "I love to ride. Its good for the liver."

Leela remained on the ground. All could see her face was full of fear. Little John stepped up to her. "My name is Little John." He shyly said.

"I am called Leela. I am of the Sevateem." She proudly declared, Little John continued to stare at her. Clearing his throat, he said, "If you want, you can ride with me. I won’t let you fall, I promise." Leela examined the big man more carefully. He had a most innocent look, his blue eyes were soft and gentle. Smiling up at him, as she said. "I am not afraid, It’s just I have never rode on such a beast."

Little John took her by the hand, leading her to his horse. "Come on, I’ll show you how." Placing his large hands on her hips, he gently lifted Leela up and placed her on his horse. Jumping up behind her, he held the reins of the horse tightly in his hands.

"Let’s go then." Robin called out, "Olwyn is waiting." Kicking his heels in the horses flanks, Robin rode off. The Doctor trailing after, his long colorful scarf billowing in the wind. Marion, Tuck and Little John with Leela brought up the rear.

As they rode down a little used road, Leela was at first afraid of the ride. She had never ridden on any animal before. With Little John protectively holding her steady, she was soon enjoying herself. She laughed aloud, laying her head back to rest on Little Johns chest, as the wind blew in her hair. Blushing slightly, Little John made sure that she was in no danger of falling off. The ride lasted at least an hours time. They stopped in a small clearing. Robin jumped off his mount first, followed by the Doctor. The others also dismounted, Little John attempted to help Leela off, but she jumped down on her own. She thanked him for the ride. Little John gently replied, "Your welcome."

Robin walked about the clearing, he searched around the bushes and the tress. "Olwyn are you here?" he called out.

The Doctor came up from behind, leaning over, he whispered in Robin’s ear, "Don’t you know where he is?"

Robin let out a warm chuckle, "Sometimes, I think Olwyn doesn’t know where he is."

With that said, smoke began to rise out of the forest floor. A small clearing began to appear in the middle of the smoke. Robin started walking towards it. "This way Doctor." Robin called out, as he walked into the smoke and suddenly disappeared. The Doctor quickly followed him. Marion and Tuck was close to his heels. Leela ran to catch up with the Doctor, as she passed though the smoke she let out a gasp of shock, as she saw a huge, green, flame-breathing DRAGON!.

Pulling out her dagger, she went into a protective stance. The Doctor chuckled gaily. "Very clever. It looks real, but of course, it’s not. There are no such things as dragons."

"Are you sure Doctor?" Robin asked, as he raised his right eyebrow. "Just like there are no Wizards?" Robin gave the doctor a quick wink, as he walked right through the dragon, and into a small cave opening; on the other side.

The Doctor looked smugly at Leela. "See I told you, no such things as dragons." Leela however, was still not convinced. "If you don’t mind Doctor. I think I will stay with the horses and Little John." She began to slowly back up towards the exit.

"Suit yourself, Great Warrior!" He called out. Facing the Dragon, he stared up at it, he could swear he felt heat coming from the flames, that poured out of her mouth. Robin poked his head back in the cavern, "Coming Doctor?"

Closing his eyes, the Doctor muttered to himself, "It’s only an illusion," He repeated this over in his head, as he walked through the dragon.

Opening his eyes, he found himself staring at a small opening to a second cavern, grinning from ear to ear, he called back to Leela, "See, it was only an illusion,"

"You can talk to your wizard Doctor, I will stay by the horses, I feel safer with them then that!" She pointed towards the large Dragon.

"Suit yourself Leela, I want to meet this Wizard!" Marion and Tuck gave Leela a sympathetic smile, as they followed the Doctor in. It took them many visits before they trusted walking through Olwyn’s watchdog.

Leela backed out of the cavern, putting her knife away; she walked to where Little John was sitting, holding onto his horses reins. She sat on the ground, next to him, taking out her knife and honing stone, she began to sharpen her blade.

At first they were silent, the scraping of the blade was the only sound heard. Clearing his throat Little John stuttered out, "I...I…I don’t like that dragon either."

Leela sidled closer to him, smiling warmly. They began to talk of hunting, and tracking. It did not take them long to realize that they both had a lot in common. Little John silently wished, that Robin and the Doctor took their time coming back.

End of Chapter Two

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