The Wizard of Time

By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter One

Leela squatted up against a tree, as she played with her knife in the dirt. Throwing it at some ants crawling on the ground. Looking up, she saw the Doctor walking about. He kept looking at a clearing, and checking his watch.

Leela let out a heavy sigh, "I thought you said we were going to see something very important?" She yelled at the Doctor.

The Doctor turned, his long-flowing, colorful woolen scarf flew in the air as he walked to her. Taking his hat off, he shoved it in one of his many pockets of his knee length coat. "I don’t understand it Leela! This place should be teaming with Lords and Barons!"

Leela squinted up at the Doctor, "Are you sure we are in the right time Doctor?" Walking in a large circle, he threw his hands in the air in frustration. "Of course I’m sure. Everything is right! Surrey, England, The south bank of the Thames on the plains of Runneymede. The time period is June 15th, 1215! " Whirling around, Leela noticed he was becoming more agitated.

"This is the most important date in your ancestors history! The signing of the Magna Carter!! The birth of Democracy!" The Doctor raised his hands higher in the air, to put more emphasis on Democracy. He kept them up there in hopes that something might happen, but nothing did. Dropping them down in surrender, he strided over to Leela and said in a concerned voice. "Something is very wrong here!"

Leela let out a scoffing laugh, "There must be, if no one has come to here! Doctor I want to go." Leela whined, "I really don’t care to see the birth of this - Democracy. Whatever that is." She mumbled under her breath. She was startled as The Doctor squatted in front of her. Pointing his finger at her, his eyes narrowed as he said in a no-nonsense voice, "Leela, what you don’t understand; is this is a monumental event that occurred in your ancestors history! Don’t you realize, if this event doesn’t transpire? The consequences could be devastating to the future of this planet! Why without Democracy, there is no freedom of expression. No freedom means no progress, no progress means that your people might never exist. You might cease to exist! " Leela swallowed hard as he said this. Feeling her body, she gave him a curious look, she didn’t feel like she was ceasing to exist.

The Doctor stood up and searched around the empty meadow, his face was a mask of uneasiness "Something is wrong here Leela. As a Time Lord I have to find out what it is, and right it!" He said with a nod of his head. Hearing a sound coming down the road, he noticed a man pulling a cart, laden with pots and pans, coming their way. It rattled loudly as it approached the Doctor and Leela.

Leela stood up, squinting her eyes in the sun she gave the doctor a quizzical look, "Doctor," She gently asked, "I thought you said your tribe does not do that anymore?"

The Doctor answered her, as he walked towards the advancing man. "Perhaps not my people, Leela, but I still uphold those ideals!"

The little man saw the Doctor advancing towards him, noting how strangely dressed he was, he tried his best to ignore him. The Doctor gave the man his most friendly smile! Bringing his hand out, he greeting him.

"How do you do my good man, I’m the Doctor! I was wondering if you might be able to help me?"

The man stared up at the Doctor’s grinning face, he did have a most infectious smile. There was something about the tall man that told him that there was nothing to fear from him - but the woman, he did not trust the woman, she carried a large and dangerous knife on her person.

Wiping his hand on his grungy pants, he cautiously put his hand out. The Doctor shook it vigorously. "Pleased to meet you Mr. ...?"

"I am called Ian sir. Just call me Ian!" His voice shook as the Doctor pumped his appendage vigorously.

"Well I’m pleased to meet you Ian! I need to ask you some questions, if you don’t mind."

Ian eyed the Doctor up and down, he decided he would help out this strange fellow. "Well, I’ll tries to answer as best I can."

"That’s all that anyone can do, isn’t it!" The Doctor jovially answered.

Ian was growing to like the Doctors smile, returning it he laughed out, "Yes, I guess there is."

"Now then," The Doctor began as he placed his hand on the man’s shoulder. "I was wondering why there is no one here to sign the Magna Carter."

Ian jolly looked changed to puzzlement, "The Magna Carter?" he asked.

"Yes, King John should be here signing it." Ian cocked his head from side to side. "King John?" He softly asked.

The Doctor was starting to get peeved. "You keep answering me with a question. Let me put it this way. Do you know where King John is?"

Ian let out a merry chuckle, "You’re not from around here are you?"

"Well, no," The Doctor quickly replied, "I come from a far off land."

"Very far!" Leela added. The Doctor threw her a scolding look.

"I don’t know what you were told in your land, but Prince John was never crowned King. He was assassinated Twenty one years ago."

This time the Doctor looked puzzled. "You say he died in 1194? "

"Yes!" Ian replied, happy to finally say something that the Doctor understood. In a hushed voice the Doctor asked, "Then who is the King now?"

"Why King Robert, of course." The Doctor didn’t recall a King Robert. "Do know what his name was before he was King?"

Ian proudly stated, "Of course I do, I pride myself on keeping up with things. His name was Robert of Locksley."

The Doctors hand dropped from Ian’s shoulder. "Robin Hood?" He whispered out.

"That was what he went by in his youth, but now he is King Robert. And the most despicable King that was ever on the throne of England!" Ian spat on the ground, his face twisted in anger. The Doctor began pacing back and forth, mumbling to himself, as his agitation with the news grew stronger.

"This can’t be THE Robin Hood, he stood for justice. He fought for the poor, raged a campaign against Prince John. I can not believe he took the throne for himself."

Halting in his tracks, his head turned to stare at the perplexed English man. Walking back to Ian, he placed his hands on his shoulders and gently asked. "When did Robert of Locksley take the throne?" Ian answered quickly

"Why 21 years ago. After he assassinated Prince John!" The Doctors face flushed white. Something was wrong, terribly wrong. "What of King Richard?" The Doctor asked the man. Wiping his mouth with his sleeve Ian replied, "Poor King Richard, ended up dying in a prison in France. King Robert refused to pay the ransom asked for him."

The Doctors blue eyes grew dark given this fact, "I thank you for the information Ian." The Doctor said in a hushed voice.

"Why your very welcome Doctor, but you be careful as you walk in the woods. The Kings men are always about; looking for a ways to tax a man." Letting out a tired sigh, he picked up his cart and went on. "I miss the days when King Robert was a good man. Don’t rightly know what happened to him. I wish I could finds out." Ian then walked on down the road, his cart clattering as he pulled it out of sight.
Leela looked up at the Doctor with concern, He seemed to be thinking about something. She had been with him long enough to know not to interrupt him when he was in deep thought. Suddenly he whirled around, a decision silently made, he headed in the direction of the Tardis.

"Come on Leela, we’re going on a little trip!" Leela ran after him, shouting out, "Where are we going Doctor?"

He called back. "To Sherwood Forest, 1194. "

Leela just rolled her eyes in frustration, was she never to leave this planet!

Sherwood Forest, May 29, 1194

A jolly laugh left Robins lips, as the Lord was beginning to turn a beet red. Little John had left him tied-upside down from a tree. The Lords gold coins were spilling out on the ground.

"Well, well - what have we here?" Robin chuckled, "I though you said you didn’t have any money with you Lord Griffith." Robin squatted down and started picking up the fallen coins. "This money should come in very handy, in helping a poor farmer that I know." Robin’s warm voice said.

Lord Griffith turned a deeper crimson. "I’ll get you for this Robin Hood," he roared out, "I’ll tell Prince John about what you did."

Slowly standing up, Robin pulled out a dagger from the small sheath that hung at his hip. Throwing it from handle, to tip, he began to spin the point in the palm of his hand. Giving the Lord a half grin, and a wink, he flipped the blade to the handle, pressing the point against the Lords bare chest, he said in a threatening tone. "Then you can also tell Prince John, that I will not rest until the people of England are all treated fairly. "

Jingling the small bag that held the fallen coins, he added, "Until then; I’ll just make sure that some of his riches are evenly distributed!"

"That’s stealing!! " The man bellowed. Robin smiled wide, his brown eyes twinkling in mischief.

"You may call it stealing, I call it helping out those; that can’t help themselves! Come on Little John lets go, I’m sure there are other lords, waiting to view your prowess with knots," Robin chuckled, as he headed to where the horses were waiting.

Tuck and Marion were already mounted, the grins on their faces grew wide in amusement, as they saw the Lord now turn a dark blue,

"Wait! You’re not going to leave me hanging here?!" The rotund Lord screamed out. Whirling around, Robin pulled out an arrow from his quiver, drawing his bow back, he let it go. It flew in the air, cutting the string that held the Lord from the tree branch. There was a snap, and then he crashed to the ground - with a grunt and a groan.

"Never let it be said that Robin Hood was a unfair man," The handsome outlaw nodded, satisfied at a job well done.

As he began mounting his horse, a strange groaning sound permeated the still forest. The horses, feeling something was not right, started bolting. Marion and Tuck were forced into dismounting, all tried to calm their mounts down. Searching around, they tried to find where the noise was coming from. It was Robin, who spotted something large, begin to appear in the middle of the road.

A strange blue box was starting to materialize in front of them. Some powerful sorcery was at hand. Robin drew his sword out, ready to defend himself, and his friends, encase the Wizard that produced this box proved to be evil.

There was a final thumping sound, and the box became solid. The four outlaws waited silently. The only sound was their heavy breathing. Even the Lord was silent.

Robin jumped back, as a door opened. A tall man was emerging from the box. A long colorful scarf snaked around his neck, and dragged on the forest floor. His clothes were foreign to the Sherwood outlaw’s eyes. The Strangers head was full of light brown curls, and his blue eyes were very expressive. There seemed to be a playfulness about them.

After the man emerged, a woman quickly slunk out of the box. She wore a short dress made of skins. Her look at the waiting outlaws was more predatory. Seeing Robin and his companions with their weapons drawn, she instantly pulled out her own deadly looking dagger. The tall man ordered the woman, "Leela, put it away. We come in peace!"

He then spread his hands out to show he was genuine.

End of Chapter One

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