The Undiscovered

By Sandy Neumann

Chapter Eight

Will followed Angel's horse up the mountainside. The land was green as far as the eye could see, with little lakes scattered about in the valleys. The highest mountain tops had snow gleaming on them from the sunlight.

Angel and Will had rode a little ways north, going into the more mountainous region. Angel remembered this place with her eyes closed. It was the one place her father would take her to and point out all of Scotland to her. Its beauty was beyond words.

They would spend hours just sitting atop the mountain, listening to the birds sing and her father's stories. The place was so peaceful, she felt like she were in heaven. She wanted to go there again to feel her father's presence and feel that inner peace and joy that the majesty of it all.

As they neared the top of the mountain, Will was in awe of the view he had. He had never seen a view more beautiful in his life. They were surrounded by green mountains and down below were lakes echoing the blue sky. They could see forever, so it seemed. The mid-afternoon sun was just warm enough to keep them from getting cold at such a high altitude.

They dismounted from their horses, letting the horses graze and walked near the cliff. "Isn't this the most amazing view you have ever seen," Angel asked Will, seeing his eyes wide in awe. "Yes, it is," he said, gazing out onto the land.

"This place reminds me of my father. He would take me here and tell me stories. I have always been able to picture this place in my head. I was really hoping we could get married up here, with all the beauty it beholds," Angel said to Will, her eyes pleading with him. "I never even thoughts of gettin' married here in Scotland. I always thoughts I woulds be gettin' married in Sherwood," Will said to her.

"I know, but I want my grandmother to see us marry. Plus this spot to me makes me feel so close to my parents. I would feel like they were there with me. We could always have another ceremony in Sherwood. I just want a small thing here with our friends and my grandmother and all of nature. Please is that so wrong," Angel pleaded with him, tears almost coming to her eyes.

"Angel, my luv, don't gets upset. I have no objections to gettin' married here. And the ider of havin' another thing in Sherwood woulds be great! I thinks we should do it," Will smiled at her, his dimples showing fully.

Angel jumped into his open arms and hugged him tightly. "Will, you are the most amazing man I've ever known and I'm so glad I'm gonna be your wife! I wouldn't have it any other way," Angel said, giving him a kiss on his full lips.

"Remembers, I'd do anything for yous," Will said, then gave her a passionate kiss.

Angel stood by his side, staring out at Scotland. The sun was getting lower in the sky. "We better get going before the sun sets," Angel said. They mounted back on their horses and made their way down the mountainside.

When they arrived back at the hut, Robin and the others were waiting on them. "Tuck says you have somethin' to tell us," Little John said to Will. Will gave Tuck an evil grin. "So Tuck thinks wes 'ave somethin' to tell yous, well 'e's bloody right," Will exclaimed, winking at Tuck. "Rob, I finally popped the question to Angel. And guess wot she said yes," Will beamed, his eyes looking lovingly at Angel. "Angel, is that true? You said yes! Oh I'm so happy for you two," Marion said, running up to Angel to give her a big hug.

"Well, well, well. So you finally got your chance to ask her. It's about time," Robin said, giving Will a half grin. "That's fabulous news," Little John shouted, coming up to Will and giving him a big bear hug. "Get off me, you big oaf," Will shouted laughingly, squirming in Little John's arms.

Robin gave Angel a hug and a kiss on the cheek, congratulating her. "I'm so glad that you have finally found true happiness, Angel. You deserve it more that anybody I know," Robin whispered in Angel's ear as he hugged her. "Thank you," she mouthed back to him as he let go of her.

Angel went over by Will's side and put her arm around him. "We also have already decided where we are going to ger married," Angel told them. "Actually, wes are gonna get married twice, once here in Scotland, and then anothers in Sherwood with all me fellow outlaws," Will grinned.

"Angel, is that true? You are going to be married here, just for me to be at your wedding. I'm so happy. Where are you gonna get married," Angelina said to her Granddaughter.

"At Heaven's peak, where father always took me. I showed Will today. He said it was perfect," Angel smiled. "It's beautiful up there. I thinks you can see alls of Scotland from there," Will said.

"it sounds like we have to start planning a wedding, then," Robin said, smiling to the others.

A few days had passed and all the wedding plans were being put into motion. Angelina still had her wedding dress from when she got married. It was a simple white dress with a lacey overlay. The dress was a perfect fit for Angel. Angel gladly accepted to wear her grandmother's wedding dress on her wedding day.

Marion and Angel had gone into town to find a veil for Angel to wear. She wanted something new for that. They went to the marketplace and found a woman selling scarves and other pieces. Angel picked up a scarf that was all sheer and white. It had little flowers embroidered into it. It was just what Angel was looking for. They paid for the soon to be veil and went back to Angelina's place.

Robin, Little John, and Tuck helped Will with his special surprise for Angel. Angelina also helped them get the outfit correct. She said it would be an honor for her future grandson-in-law to wear her family's colors.

********************* The day had come. Robin, Little John, Marion, and Angelina all helped the couple to get ready. Friar Tuck was going to preside over the ceremony. He was so happy that he was finally able to marry off one of his favorite outlaw couples. He only wished Robin and Marion would be doing the same soon.

Angelina and Marion helped get Angel ready inside the hut. They piled her hair on top of her head, placing little purple and white wild flowers in her curls on top. The dress flowed as she walked, with the lace overlay following behind it. Her sheer white veil was long and actually dragged down on the ground behind her as she walked. Her face was beaming with joy as finished getting ready. "I have never seen a more beautiful bride," Angelina gushed at her granddaughter. Angel hugged her grandmother. "Thank you so much for all your help. I am so glad I got a chance to see you and that you can be a part of the most important day in my life," Angel said to her grandmother, her green eyes glowing in the love she had for her.

"I'm just so glad you found me and I was able to help you," Angelina returned the loving look.

Will and the guys had already gone to the Heavens' Peak. They brought their stuff up their with them, not wanting Angel and Will to see each other before the wedding. Will couldn't believe he was going through with this. "I can't believe that I'm wearin' this getup," Will laughed as he looked down at himself. "But Will, remember you are doing this for Angel's sake," Robin reminded his friend. "I know, right, but if the bloomin' lads in Sherwood could spot me now, I'd never live it down. I will wear me normal kit wen we do this again in Sherwood," Will smirked at the others.

Robin was going to be his best man, while Little John stood by. Just as Marion was going to be Angel's bride's maid, while Angelina walked her granddaughter up to the cliffside wedding.

The day was bright and sunny. The temperature was perfect for them. The day seemed to be made just for them.

Will was growing impatient waiting for the ladies to arrive. Then he saw the horses coming. He stood tall and proud as he waited to see Angel's expression at what he wore. Marion and Angelina rode in front of Angel, hiding her from view for as long as possible. When they got down from their horses, Will could see her. She was radiant. She glowed of purity in her wedding dress. Will just stood in awe as she got off the horse. Their eyes met, each one thinking how the other looked breath taking.

Angel's face grew into a huge smile as she now saw Will dressed in her family's tartan. She let out a small giggle seeing his skinny legs exposed from the kilt. Will could see her giggle and turned a beet red. Angel straightened her face out as Angelina wrapped her arm around her granddaughter's.

Marion wore a pale blue, long flowing dress. She walked out in front of Angel and Angelina, holding a bouquet of wild flowers in her hands. Robin's eyes shined on with love looking at his beautiful Marion. He wished at that moment that it was him marrying her here today. What was he waiting for, he asked himself as she neared him. Marion blew Robin a small kiss as she took her place.

Angelina was so proud of her granddaughter. Her face was already becoming wet with tears of joy pouring down. Angel just kept her eyes locked on Will. Will's brown eyes glistened with bliss as his Angel walked up to him. He took her hands from Angelina as she turned face to face with him. Angelina stood

besides Marion, wiping her eyes with a handkerchief as she looked on at the couple.

Will's eyes became so tender now, just looking at the beauty before him that he loved so much and was finally going to promise the rest of his life to.

Angel's smile grew bigger and bigger as she waited for Friar Tuck to begin. As the Friar began the wedding, Will and Angel almost didn't hear his words. They were so lost in each other that they almost missed their cue.

Will took Angel's veil and lifted it off her face. She smiled at him as he looked into her loving eyes. "I, Will, take you Angel ter be me lorfully wedded wife. I will charish you forever. Yor my luv and me life. I will forever protect you and keep from 'arm till death us do part," Will said with a big dimpled smile on his face.

"I, Angel, take you Will, to be my lawfully wedded husband. You are my savior and my love. You took me from hell and brought me here to heaven, where my parents can see me in all the exultation that you have given me. I will always be there at your side, till death us do part," Angel said as her eyes glistened from the tears of happiness she began to cry.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife," Friar Tuck announced to the small group. "You may kiss the bride," Tuck concluded with a giant smile on his face.

Will gently pulled Angel closer to him and then they kissed each other for a long moment, but with meaning that lasted forever.

Will and Angel turned to their friends and shouted out in joy. All the others hugged and kissed them, congratulating them on finally getting married. Will and Angel embraced each other for a long time, finally having all the pieces of their life fall into perfect place. They looked out over the mountains and lakes.

All the beauty of the world around them didn't even seem to matter at that moment. All that matter was they were finally together, forever.

Robin and Marion watched them as their love for each other was now declared before God and all of heaven. They turned at the same moment to each other and gave that knowing look. It was to be their turn next!


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