The Undiscovered

By Sandy Neumann

Chapter Seven

Angelina stopped a few yards away at some large rocks by the lakeshore. She gently sat down on one of the rocks and motioned for Will to sit by her. Will obliged and sat next to her on the rock. "Will, do you love my granddaughter," Angelina asked, grinning, already knowing the answer. "Whys of course I do. Whys do you ask," Will inquired, his eyes showing off his curiosity. Angelina politely laughed. "Because I'm just wondering why you are taking so long to ask her to marry you," she smiled. Will turned a little red with her response. "Well, I's been wantin' to, but things keep happenin'. But 'ows did you know 'bout that," Will wondered, his brown eyes squinting mischievously.

"Will, I just know by the way you look at her. You look at her as your eternal partner in life. I think it's time you ask her. She needs to know her future with you is solid. It is, isn't it," Angelina asked him. "Yes, of course it is! I just wants the moment to be perfect," Will responded, getting slightly annoyed at her questions.

"I think the moment is right now," Angelina smiled at him. Will thought about this for awhile. It really was great between them. They were both really happy right now. They were in this beautifully unique setting. Plus she was around some family right now. Why not ask her now.

"Alrights!! I will ask 'er. Just don't rush a guy likes me into stuff, okay," he grinned, his brown eyes sparkling. Angelina patted Will on the back and said, "I'm gonna like having you as a member of my family," she told him, her blue eyes showing her delight. "I thinks I'm gonna like yous too," Will smiled, his dimples showing fully.

They both stood up. Angelina hugged the handsome, young man. They broke their embrace and headed back to the hut.

Back in the hut, Robin and the others were helping clean the dishes and the room. Robin told the others that he would like to go exploring around the area. They might as well enjoy the time they have there and see all that they can, before they head back to Sherwood. Tuck said he wanted to stay behind and see if he could talk with Angelina about any special healing methods the Scots may have or that she knows of. Angel didn't say anything. She was waiting for Will to come back with her grandmother and find out what she said to him.

Will waltzed into the hut, a big grin on his face. Angel gave him a suspicious look and walked up to greet him. "I'm afraid to ask what she said to you," Angel grinned at him. "Oh, yous have nothin' to worries about, right, my luv, nothin'," he winked at her. Angel knew he was up to something and this something was brought on by the talk he had with her grandmother.

She watched her grandmother walk up behind Will. She eyed her

grandmother with that same suspicious eye she gave to Will. Angelina smiled at her granddaughter's expression and walked right by her with a wink.

Alright, Angel thought to herself, too much winking going on. "I'm gonna go outside for a bit, ok," Angel said, walking past Will out the door. Will smiled at Angelina and followed after Angel.

Angel was standing next to the lake, gazing out at the water that she had full of life not too long before. Will slowly crept up behind her and then threw his arms around her, startling her. "Will! You crazy man, don't do that," she scolded him. "But I likes to sneak up on people," he grinned, moving to stand in front of her. His eyes were full of mischief. Angel began to feel that same way. She eyed the lake behind him, then suddenly she pushed him with all her might backwards, causing him to fall into the lake.

Will yelled out at her. "Wotcha do thats fo'," he said, standing in the shallow water. Angel just was cracking up laughing at him. Will ran up to her and pulled her in with him. "Will," she exclaimed as she pulled her head out of the water. They started splashing each other, goofing off. They were both so happy at this moment. Will felt that this was the moment to ask her.

"Angel, there has been somethin' on my mind for a longs time that I's been wantin' to tells you. I thinks there is no betters time than the present," Will said.

They stood in the shallow part of the water. They both were dripping wet, but Will didn't care. He thought Angel looked so beautiful with her hair all wet and hanging down her back in wet curls. The water droplets on her face glistened from the midday sun. She looked like the Angel she was to him.

Will took a deep breath and held her hands in his. "Angel, will you marries me," Will said, his brown eyes full of love. Angel was stunned. She stood before him, staring unbelievingly into his eyes. She couldn't believe he was finally asking her to marry him. She had always dreamed of this moment, never thinking it would come true.

"YES," she exclaimed, then gave him a huge hug. They embraced for a couple of minutes before anything more was spoke.

"I was hopin' you'd say that," Will grinned at her. "Did you ever doubt that I wouldn't? I've dreamed of this moment for so long, but water wasn't involved," she laughed. Will joined her in the laughter.

They both kissed each other on the lips, holding onto the moment forever. Will led Angel out of the water and they walked to the hut to pass on the wonderful news.

"What happened to you two," Friar Tuck asked Will and Angel.

"We gots in this bloody fight and threw each other in the water," Will said, winking at Angel. Angel played along. "Yeah, can you believe that this jerk asked me to marry him," Angel said, trying to keep a serious look on her face. Tuck's eyes opened wide. "He did what," he exclaimed, staring at Will with disbelief. Angelina started shaking her head, seeing the happy couple playing a game on their friend.

"He asked me to marry him," Angel said again, this time allowing her joy to show. "And can you believe she actually said yes," Will proclaimed, his brown eyes twinkling. Tuck realized that they were fooling around with him, but he didn't care. He was so happy to hear the news. He went to the both of them and gave them congratulatory hugs. "Oh, I can't wait for Robin, Marion, and Little John to hear. They are gonna be so thrilled," Tuck said, his blue eyes bright with happiness for his friends.

"Where are they," Will asked Tuck, seeing the rest of the group missing. "They went off to see some of the area. They wanted to explore around here while they could," Tuck said.

"Talking about exploring, there is a place I want to show you, Will," Angel said to him. "Where's that," Will asked. "Come, let's get our horses and I'll show you where," Angel smiled at him.

Will was curious about why she wanted to show him someplace there in Scotland. She had said she hardly remembered her time living in Scotland. This place must have been something special.

"If Rob and the others gets back befores we do, don't tells them the news. I wants to break it to them," Will grinned, as he headed out the door after Angel. Tuck just smiled at Angelina, seeing her glowing face. He knew that her talk to Will must have triggered him finally getting the question out. He knew Will was planning on asking Angel to marry him, but he never actually thought he would go through with it. Will was always full of surprises.

End of Chapter Seven

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