The Undiscovered

By Sandy Neumann

Chapter Six

The next morning Marion and Angel woke up to the sounds and smells of breakfast cooking. Angelina had woken up a couple hours before and already gathered freshly laid eggs from the chickens coop behind the hut. She was preparing eggs for all her guests. "Good morning," she said, seeing the two younger women waking up. "Good morning to you, too," Marion said, standing up to stretch. Angel walked over to her grandmother and gave her a peck in the cheek. "You remind me so much of Dad," Angel sadly smiled. "Dear, try not to think about them in death. Think of them living amongst the clouds with all the angels," Angelina smiled lovingly at her granddaughter. "I try grandma, really I do," Angel said.

"Hey Angel! Care to come outside with me and wake up the guys," Marion said, peeking out the door. "Sure! We'll be back," Angel said, smiling at Angelina.

Marion and Angel walked over to the wagons. All the guys were still sleeping. Little John and Tuck each slept in a wagon. Robin and Will slept on the ground, all wrapped up in blankets. Angel and Marion grinned at each other.

Marion walked over to Will and whispered in his ear. "Oh Honey! Wake up." She ran her hands through his hair. Will grinned, his eyes still closed. "Oh baby! I luvs it when you do thats." Marion started laughing. Will's eyes flew open as he jumped up.

"Marion, wot the bloody 'ell are you doin'," Will yelled out, running his hands through his hair. Marion continued laughing.

Meanwhile, Angel sat next to Robin. "Robin, it's time to wake up, honey," Angel whispered, then blew in his ear. "What the...," Robin said as he jerked his head up. Angel sat next to him, grinning with a devilish little sparkle in her green eyes. Robin just gave Angel a sly look. He could see Marion over by Will, laughing her head off. "I think you two are having too much fun," Robin said, grinning as his two dimples popped out.

Little John and Tuck woke up at the commotion. "What are you two ladies up to," Tuck asked. "We are just here to let you know that Angelina is making breakfast, so you better get up," Marion said, innocently, as she walked over to Robin.

"So, did you like your wake-up call," Marion grinned at Robin. "Oh yes! I enjoyed it very much. I need to start the day that way everyday," Robin teased,

with a half grin. Marion gave him a slap on his arm.

Will came over to Angel. "Whys didn't you do that? Seeing Marion scared me," Will said laughing. Marion gave Will and evil glance.

Angelina yelled out from the hut that breakfast was ready. They all walked over to the hut and ate breakfast. They told Angelina all about their journey there. They also filled her in on how Angel came to join the group of Outlaws. Angelina wanted to learn more about this Lord Langton. The others offered to clean up everything, while Angel and her grandmother walked over to the lake to talk alone.

Angelina wanted to learn about her granddaughter's life. She could see pain in her eyes whenever the name Lord Langton was brought up. Angelina could see that Angel wasn't looking forward to rehashing her tale. "My dear, why don't you just let me see it," Angelina said, lovingly looking into Angel's eyes. Angel nodded her head okay and closed her eyes, awaiting Angelina to place her hands on her head. Angelina placed her thin, frail hands on Angel's head. Angel remembered all of her painful thoughts and events in her time spent at Langton's castle.

Some time had passed before Angelina gently puled her hands away from her granddaughter's head. She looked at Angel with a deep sadness. "I had no idea that you have suffered so much," the old woman said. Angel opened her eyes, a tear ran down her face. "I don't like thinking about it much anymore. I like to feel that I've grown past those events. Will has helped me so much with his ongoing support,"

Angel said, the emotion clearly written on her face. "Then he knows," Angelina asked. "Yes, he does and he's been beyond wonderful about it. He also saw what happened when the powers emerged. I'm not even sure what happened," she sighed. "Then perhaps I should ask him to join us and tell me what he saw happen to you. I need to know how strong your control and power is," Angelina said. "ill go get him then," Angel said, standing up and heading towards the hut.

Will was clowning around with Little John by the table when he saw Angel come in. He could see the serious look on her face. "Are you okay," He asked her, worried something had happened. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just want you to join us for a little while. Is that okay," Angel asked him. "Sures, anything for you," he replied, following her out the door. He stopped her momentarily outside the door. "Are you sures your okay," his brown eyes showing great concern. He could tell she had been crying. "Will, really I'll be fine. I just let grandma know about what happened at Langton's castle when I lived there. That's all," Angel said, giving him a little smile. "Oh, I thinks I see now. I just could see that yous been cryin'. You know I can't stands that," he smiled at her with concern. "I know and that's one of the many reasons I love you," she smiled back at him.

They walked over to Angelina, hand in hand. Angelina smiled as she saw the love between the two of them. It filled up her heart so to see her granddaughter happy now.

"Will, Angel tells me that you witnessed her powers in action. Can you please describe what you saw to me," Angelina asked.

"Um, well, right, it were right sort of scary seein' 'er like she were.

'er eyes were right eerie. They almost glowed, right, I guess you could say. The chuffin' torch fell at Lord Langton's feet and set 'im on fire. I just thought it somehow rolled on the floor near 'im, but then I seen his 'orrifyin' 'ave a look at Angel. 'e were scared to deaff of 'er, right, excuse the pun! I were even scared once I seen her eyes. She didn't move, but she 'ad an evil grin and started laughin' too, right, like that. It seemed to me like she were possessed," Will said, holding Angel's hand tight in his. He looked at her now and still couldn't believe it was her with that look. She looked so innocent and sweet now. Not like then. She was different.

Angelina looked at Angel with concern. "It seems that all the pain you had suffered at the hands of this man seemed to manifest inside you causing the powers to come out much stronger in you. I doubt anything that bad would ever occur again in you, but if it does you have to learn control," Angelina said. "But I was in control, I mean it stopped when necessary, didn't I Will," Angel looked to Will for an answer. Will nodded his head, then turned to Angelina.

"She did stop when the 'ire seemed it 'ight spread," Will said. "Then perhaps you do have control over it. I may have to test it with you to see for sure," Angelina said. Will looked at her with worry. "Don't be worried for her, Will. I will take good care of her. She is all I have left in my family and I want a chance to know her before I am too old and die. I will not jeopardize that chance," the old woman smiled at him. Will felt a bit better hearing her words of encouragement.

"I think we shall test your powers using the lake," Angelina said. Angel just looked at her wide eyed and wondered what she meant. She would soon find out.

"What is it that you want me to do, Grandmother" Angel asked, looking curiously at Angelina. Angelina smiled at her granddaughter. "Don't worry my dear. It's nothing that serious, just a little test. I just want to see if you are able to use your powers without the influence of anything," she reassured her granddaughter.

Angelina motioned for Angel to stand up next to her. Will stood off to their side, watching ever so carefully their every move. "Angel, I want you to move the water with your mind. Make the water dance inside your mind. Picture it spraying up into the air and crashing back down with a large splash," Angelina said. Angel looked at her grandmother a little strange, then shrugged her shoulders and closed her eyes.

Angel began to picture the water from the lake spraying up towards the sky, then coming back down into itself in a big splash. "Angel, feel the water, feel it dancing. You need to feel it happening, just like you felt that man burning," Angelina said. The water laid still and glassy.

Will was getting a little antsy watching and waiting for something to happen. He was beginning to think the old woman was crazy. Then he saw the water in the lake start to ripple. The ripples turned to waves. The waves started crashing into each other, causing water to spray upward. He looked at the lake with amazement. Then he looked to Angel.

Angel had started to feel the water, become the water almost. She started waving her arms around, motioning like the water had been. It was as if she was

conducting the water dance. The water was now spraying into the air, big droplets splashing back down, causing more ripples. The lake looked as if it were alive, dancing in joy. Shots of water shooting high up into the air, then to come back down in a raining shower over the lake.

Angelina was laughing in joy, seeing the beauty and power of her granddaughter. She was a strong one. Will stood in awe looking back and forth between Angel and the lake. He, too, began laughing at the beauty of it all.

The others from inside heard the laughter and the waves mingle and came out to see what was happening. They looked in wonder at the waltzing waters in the lake. The sprays of water often caught the sunlight and sparkled in brilliant colors of the rainbow. It was magnificent.

They looked at Angel to see her arms waving in the same motion that the water came alive. Her eyes now opened to see the beauty she had created. She still kept the waters dancing as she looked upon her power's creation. She felt a life inside her that didn't seem possible. She felt so alive, knowing that she could create such beauty. She felt the water splashing against her face. The waltzing waters became so vigorous that the water started splashing on the land, near them. The water was cool and refreshing.

Angelina told her granddaughter to slowly stop the dancing waters. Angel nodded her head and started waving her arms in a slower, more calming motion. The lake started to subside, returning to its calm state. Soon it was like glass again. Angel had her arms at her sides.

"That was incredible," Will said, glowing as he looked at Angel. "You did all that," Tuck asked Angel. Angel nodded her head yes, a huge smile on her face. She felt so exhilarated inside. All of them looked at her in awe.

"Your control is well developed already. I am very proud of you my dear," Angelina beamed at her granddaughter.

"But wots 'bout her eyes turnin' different color befor, that didn't 'appen this time," Will asked Angelina while moving closer to Angel. "Yes, I do remember you mentioning that. Perhaps it was because it was born out of hate and anger. I believe that happened to me too, but then never again. I think it only happens the first time they come of use," Angelina mused.

"So the powers are that anything I put my heart and soul into happening will happen," Angel queried her grandmother.

"Well, anything that is of nature. See like the fire, now the water," she told her, spreading her arms out to the land.

"So are you saying I could make it rain, if I wanted too," Angel was till a little confused by it all.

"Rain from the lake, like you almost had it going. You cannot simply create it. It must already be there. Like you said that there was a torch in the room. The fire was already there, you just used it your advantage. Now do you understand," Angelina said, smiling at Angel. "Yes, I believe I do," Angel nodded and smiled back at her grandmother.

The others were all listening with much interest and amazement at what their friend could now do. Will was happy to know that her gifts were of natural things and that she would have full control over all of it. He put his arm around her waist and gave her a little kiss on the cheek.

"What was that for," Angel asked him, her eyes sparkling in the sunlight. "Just 'cause I'm so 'appy your still me Angel," he grinned, his two dimples popping out. Angel blushed being that she was in front of everyone when he said that. She was still not used to having that kind of loving attention in public.

Angelina smiled at Will. "Will, I think we need to have a private talk," she said, waving him to come with her. Will looked at her, seeing her friendly intentions and followed her.

Angel wasn't sure what her grandmother was up to, but knew it to be good. Angel walked off with Robin and the others back to the hut to clean things up.

End of Chapter Six

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